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She sold you, her daughter. 


For her son.


Reflecting on Oscar’s words, I tried to pretend to be calm.


‘I see.’


Due to the nature of my Dad, he wouldn’t have taken the child he had with her and run away without the mother knowing.


It seems that he informed my mother of his whereabouts. Although he didn’t expect my mother to reveal it to the Emperor in the future. 


‘Then the beginning of this tragedy was not because of anyone else, but mother?’


I was kidnapped in the original.


Then I was moved to a training center.


After the rank was confirmed, I must have been imprisoned.


‘He said mother was working at a training center. So, that means she knew everything.’


The entire process of being kidnapped without knowing anything, being separated from Dad, rank revealed, and being imprisoned in the Imperial Family—. 


In other words, the mother in the original story knew and was watching, but she pretended not to know and kept her mouth shut. 


‘…This is a bit shocking.’


It was shocking to find out that my own mother and no one else had contributed to my tragic life, which was the tragedy of all tragedies.


“Whoa, whoa.”


“You’re shocked this time, right?”


“Yes… A little bit.”


When I answered, Oscar stared at me with strange eyes for some reason.


“After going to the training center, come right into the Wizard Tower. With the authority of this body, I will hire you early.” 


“Huh… Why would I? I don’t want to.”


“What? Why?”


Feeling depressed, I absentmindedly scribbled a pen on the paper.


“I want to stay home with my Dad. So what am I doing there?”


“If you don’t come into the Wizard Tower, you have to roll into the battlefield. There’s no such thing as a child. Even child soldiers go to subdue demon beasts with a hundred teeth.” 


“Still, I won’t go. I don’t want to be separated from my Dad.”


“So there’s something you believe in.”


Oscar laughed.


“Why, because your father told you not to do anything? He said he would let you live like a princess who doesn’t even lift a hand?” 




“You can’t enjoy such luxury without a price. Just as your mother sold you to protect her son.”


Oscar added, pushing my forehead with his index finger.


“So does your father. He may consider going to war as a result of you living like a princess.”




“You know your father is a scary man. Even the Emperor couldn’t tell him to leave the battlefield on his own. Especially… a war of aggression. Your father opposed everything. But.” 


Oscar, who stopped talking, laughed. 


“He has a daughter now? Maybe now the Emperor wants to take off his clothes and dance. It’s easy to threaten him with you.”




“You want your father to be weak and not be able to make a sound in front of the Emperor? He will go kill people who didn’t do anything wrong, but are you okay with that?”


It can’t be. It would have to be as long as I wasn’t in the top 3 ranks, who are obligated to draft, and I’ve already made preparations for that. 


However, I became curious about Oscar’s intentions as if he was trying to help me.


‘Are you saying that you’re the No. 1 character who’s a nerd who doesn’t really know what’s inside? Judging from the way he speaks, he doesn’t seem to like the Emperor.’


So why in the original story…


Why did he stubbornly refuse even when Dad asked him to contribute to the revolution?


I opened my eyes wide and recalled the end of the original story. 


The final destination for Dad and Cheshire, who succeeded in the revolt, was the Imperial Palace.


It was because they had to cut the head of the tyrannical Emperor who had been a dictatorship in the evil empire.


When the rebels arrived at the Palace.


Surprisingly, next to the Emperor was Oscar, the Lord of the Wizard Tower.


‘I thought Oscar was on the Emperor’s side after seeing that.’


Oddly enough, Oscar only watched as the Emperor’s throat was cut.


Ah, the Lord of the Wizard Tower! While doing so, the Emperor stretched out his hand to ask for help, but he didn’t even look at him. 


That’s what Oscar came up with.


‘It was after I, the final villain, appeared, maybe?’


I thought he was dead, but he was actually being brainwashed. 


The last bastion hid by the villainous Emperor. So to speak, he was on the Emperor’s side and Dad’s opponent against his will.


Cheshire tried to kill me on behalf of my panicked Dad, but Oscar stopped Cheshire at that time.


Strangely, Oscar, who had never overused his power, fought against Cheshire, throwing up blood at the end.


Anyway, I thought he was an enemy because he was on the side of the villain in the confrontation between the protagonist and the villains—.


‘I’m getting confused. Then why did he protect me and watch me when the Emperor died?’


I frowned in thought.


Oscar chuckled and rubbed my forehead.


“Straighten your face. You’ll get wrinkles.”


“Whoa, it’s hard.”




“Lord of the Wizard Tower. I don’t know what the hell you are thinking.” 




Oscar grabbed his stomach and laughed. 


What’s funny? I stared and pouted at Oscar, who had tears in the corners of his eyes and a smile.


“Why are you so nice to me?”


It’s like the fact that he desperately protected me in the original story.


And now, like the promise of scouting me to the Wizard Tower so that I won’t be drafted. 


Even though he was an unknown person, I wondered why he was kind to me. 


‘No way, is he has something to me?”


Maybe pink or something like that?


It didn’t appear in the original, so I had no idea.


I wanted to grab Oscar by the collar, shake him off, and ask him why he would protect me in the future.


“Because I love you?”




It’s really pink? Oscar added, bursting into laughter as he watched me open my mouth.


“I love geniuses. I.”


“Ah, you surprise me!” 


Oscar just banged his desk and laughed when he saw me sweeping my chest.


“Ahaha! Aww, I’m going crazy, really. Are you surprised?”


“Yeah, a little. I almost misunderstood! We can’t do it because the age difference is too big!”




How can you make fun of people? 


“Aha, hey…”




Oscar wiped tears from the corners of his eyes and chinned out of the window.


“They’re fighting.”




Looking back, I saw two boys entangled in the garden on the first floor.


Cheshire and—.




Cheshire, who was lying underneath, was being punched one-sidedly by Leon. 


“That, that’s what happened!”


I was startled and ran out.

* * *


Lilith, who ran out on her short legs, was visible through the window.


Oscar smiled as he watched Lilith.


“I like the age difference.”


A moment of affection flashed through his eyes looking at Lilith.


For some reason, it seems like it’s been a long time—.


“Her inside is really old. She’s also good at acting.”


* * *




As I screamed and ran, Leon, who had been punching Cheshire in the face, suddenly raised his head.


“What are you doing now!”



“Move! Let Cheshire go!”


Leon gritted his teeth and looked at the Cheshire under him, then stood up.


“A, are you okay?” 


I rushed to Cheshire. His lips were chapped as he sat up.


The wound that was barely healed—.


“Just why!” 


The trauma of being assaulted would still be there, but the day after I saved him, he got hit again.


I promised him I wouldn’t let anyone hit him.


“Why did you hit him! Why!”


I cried out, looking back at Leon.


He didn’t answer, just glared at Cheshire like he was going to kill him.


“Say it! Why did you hit him!!”


“Don’t be friends with him.”




“Don’t do it. Because he’s a bad guy.”


“What do you mean?”


“That kid—!” 


Leon was about to say something, but he kept his mouth shut.


“Anyway, listen to me. Don’t play with this guy. I don’t like that he’s being arrogant when he’s a commoner.”




Is this really what I heard right now? Leon talked about being a commoner, really?


Even if everyone in the world ignored Cheshire and looked down on him, it shouldn’t have been Leon.


He’s annoyed on the outside, but behind the scenes, wasn’t he a cool older brother who went around scolding people who cursed at Cheshire?


‘Why is this happening?’


Unlike the original, I realized that something was wrong with their relationship.


What’s wrong? Where did it go wrong?


Was it my fault for getting Cheshire a little faster?


No, leaving all of that—.


I’m disappointed in Leon.


“Am I not a commoner?”




“Since I was born, I have lived thinking that I am a commoner. If I wasn’t Dad’s daughter, my brother wouldn’t even talk to me.”


“Hey, it’s not like that…” 


“When I lived in Xenon, I had commoner friends. Aunt Susan and Uncle Joe were commoners. Everyone was nice and I miss them even now.”




“Just because I became an aristocrat, it’s not that I won’t go out and make friends. Cheshire is my friend. So don’t hit or ignore him.” 


I hung on to my tears and looked straight at Leon and said,


Leon looked at me and laughed. His eyes were also slightly red.






“Are you closer to him than me? Do you like him better?”


The childish question of a twelve-year-old made me lose my will to fight.


Right. Leon is still young. 


So it wasn’t easy even though I had to understand.


“I liked my brother better, but I don’t know anymore. Because I hate people who use violence the most in the world.”


I spoke coldly to Leon, who seemed to be angry. I don’t know if I can fix Leon’s habit with these words.




Leon blinked with his eyes wide open as if shocked.


Then, he clenched his teeth and trembled for a long time, and soon turned around and ran away.


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Comments (5)

  1. Thank you for the hard work! Whoa, while reading the first part I also start to think that maybe Oscar like Lilith in romance term until I remember their age difference (I think he is 17? Based on the math question from before).

    But then, that second part, especially the part ‘For some reason, it seems like it’s been a long time—.’ appear, I was like ‘Whoa whoa whoa!!’ 😮😮😮😮

    Maybe Oscar one day will know about the original story (which I assume it (maybe) actually Lilith’s past life)? Can’t wait to know but I know it’ll took really a long time 😂

    And Leon, I think Leon feels like Lilith stolen by Chesire while he really fond of Lilith since Lilith can accept his hobby of catching bugs and all. Natural for children for that age although still not right to rely on violence. Wish Leon and Chesire will accept each other anytime soon

  2. its probably not cheshires fault, but i feel like he probably provoked leon in some way

  3. Oscar The Creep 🤮 Maybe he’s somehow involved with her reincarnation/past life but right now it’s just creepy!

  4. My man Oscar……. Please don’t do this brother….