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“When I went out on to play last time! I said it was pretty, and Theo bought it for me.”




When Dad asked, Theo flinched.


It was a bit expensive—.


“Aunt, this was really expensive…I really wanted to have it, so I ask him. Please don’t scold brother.”

“Oh, no. Baby. No.”


Aunt gave me a hug and wiped her wet eyes as if she was just glad that Theo’s seizure was over.


“Sister, I’m going to call the priest and check on Theo’s condition.”


“Yes? It’s a disease you know. Why is the priest?”


“I think the reason for the frequent seizures is because of that pendant. It’s not just jewelry, it’s the core of the beast.”


“What, what?


Aunt was surprised.


Theo was also puzzled and looked down at the pendant in his hand.


For some reason, Dad’s strange gaze was not at the pendant but at me—.


‘Phew, it’s a success anyway. As expected, the main character never eats sweet potatoes.’  (t/n: it’s like a frustrating situation.) 


I was very fortunate to have my Dad again.  




That afternoon, the priests visited the Duke of Rubinstein.


And…a way to offset the rare disease ‘mana collided’, which has taken the lives of people with abilities for centuries, has been discovered.


“It seems to have calmed down the crash by temporarily increasing the magic power level inside the body.”


Ordia, who was impatient, grabbed the forearm of the muttering priest looking at the pendant. 


“Then, if he carries this around, our Theo will no longer have seizures?” 


“Yes, madam. As you know, mana collided occurs in those with abilities whose holy and magical powers in their bodies are exactly 50/50. In most cases, either one or the other has a slightly stronger dominant.” 


The standard for classifying swordsmen into paladins and magic swordsmen was to follow the power of the more dominant side.


However, Theo was a person with power with a 50/50 ratio, which was said to be rare. 


“It seems that the demonic energy dwelling in the demon beast’s core has increased the magical power level of the Young Master, so the two powers have stopped colliding.” 


“…Is that possible? He’s been going through years, and that’s the only cure he’s got?”


When Nordic, who was standing there as nervously as Ordia, asked, the priest nodded.


“Yes. We never thought that external demonic energy could affect us in this way, but for now, it seems like an alternative that couldn’t be better.” 


“Oh, my God… My baby, now…”




Enoch helped Ordia when she fell down with her mouth closed.


At the sight of relief, the priest smiled.


“However, since the levels of holy power and magical power become equal again, it would be better to obtain and carry the monster’s core like this until a fundamental cure is found. Then there will be no more seizures.”


“Ah, how can it be… Thank you, thank you very much…” 


“No. Rather, we want to say thank you. Mana collided is an incurable disease that has always been a headache in our temple treatment department…” 


The priest looked at Enoch and added.


“Wasn’t it the Duke who contacted it? How did you find out about getting rid of the Mana Collided with the core of the demonic beast?”


When the priest asked in amazement, Enoch hesitated.


It was something he hadn’t even thought about.


Not only was the magical power possessed by the demonic beasts different from that of humans, but he also didn’t know that the external magical power could respond to the internal magical power.




Enoch rolled his daughter’s name in his mouth for a moment. 


“It was a coincidence. My daughter had this as a toy. When my daughter approached him, my nephew’s condition improved.”


“Ah, I see. Wouldn’t such a coincidence be God’s answer? It seems that Mrs. Antrace’s prayer reached God.” 


“Me too, I think so too. I can’t express my feelings in words right now. These days, there are only things I am really grateful for. Enoch has returned… And Lilith, the small baby… Our Theo…” 


Ordia cries in her father’s arms as Nordic comes up to her to comfort her.


After putting away their big worries, their expression was more peaceful than ever. 


Among them, only Enoch had strange eyes.




His daughter said she didn’t know what it was and just keep it because it looked pretty.


However—to say that, it was a little strange to see her taking out the pendant from her bag as if she had been waiting. 


And even when she sees Theo, who is having a seizure, she runs off without a trace of surprise.


‘Was it really just a coincidence?’


Enoch’s eyes narrowed in thought.


* * *


That afternoon, Cheshire was snooping in front of Theo’s room.


It is said that Theo suffered from a rare congenital disease and that seizures like this were a monthly event.


‘What kind of disease is it so severe?’


He wondered if he was getting better, but didn’t have the courage to knock on Theo’s door.


‘No. What a useless worry for a commoner who lives on his own.’


Cheshire turned around.


It was then.


“Hey, hey, hey!” 




It was Leon and Lilith. Ordia and her servants were next to them.


“Are you here to see Theo?”


“Cheshire, Brother Theo is better now and sleeping!” 


“Ah, yeah.” 


Cheshire answered and glanced at Ordia, who was standing next to them. 


Duke’s sister—.


The beautiful Lady, dressed in fine clothes, was full of dignity.


“So you’re Cheshire. Enoch brought you here.” 




Cheshire was embarrassed.


They told him about the adults Enoch was living with at the duchy, but he had sworn to avoid running into them as much as possible.


He doesn’t know about Enoch, but the other adults certainly wouldn’t be happy with him.


“I heard you helped Theo until the servants arrived. I heard it from Leon. thank you.”


Can she say that he did something to help?


He only held his arms and legs that tried to hurt himself because he couldn’t stand the pain.


“Oh my.” 


Cheshire was taken aback for a moment. Ordia’s face, who slightly bent at the knees, came closer. 


“You’re hurt.”


After he heard that, the bottom of his chin and the area around his neck started to feel cold. It was a scratch from Theo’s fingernails when he was holding him.


“I’m fine…” 


“Treat the child.”


“Yes, Lady Ordia.”


The servants bowed their heads.


Cheshire was puzzled.


There was no contempt for himself as a commoner, and their smiling face was filled with kindness.


‘As expected, everyone in this family is a little strange.’


It was a mysterious attitude as someone with a flowing attitude of an aristocrat in every tone and gesture.


“Aunt, aunt!”


Lilith, who was watching Cheshire’s expression, smiled and held Ordia’s hand. 


“I hear apple puree is served for dessert today. Can we have dinner together later?”


“Oh my, it’s a request from our cutie, so what’s so difficult about that? Let’s go.”


“Daddy and Cheshire too!”


Lilith took Cheshire’s hand.


“Hey, what about me!”


“Of course, brother should eat with me too!”


Leon, whose expression quickly brightened, hugged Lilith. 


Ordia, who was happy to see that, clapped her hands.


“The weather is cool even in the evening, so how about setting a table outside?”


“Wow, great!”


As he listened closely to their friendly conversation, like a family, Cheshire met Lilith’s eyes. 


Looking at Lilith’s smiling face, it’s like—.


His chest tickled slightly.


It was a feeling he had never felt before.


* * *


Since then, the time has passed.


Even though it had already been four days, the Duke’s residence was still in a festive mood.


After finding a solution for Theo’s rare illness, which had plagued him his whole life.


I also heard that the Duke of Antrace, that is to say, my uncle would be returning to the Islands soon.


‘To think that a person from the central aristocracy had abandoned his family and was on an expedition to another country…’


It is a fact that I found out later, but my uncle, who loves his son very much, was traveling all over the country to find a cure for Theo.


Fortunately, my uncle could now make a full comeback into the family, and my Aunt and twins were delighted with that fact. 


Whoo. It was all thanks to me.


“Haa, that’s nice…” 


I lay down in the sunny garden and looked up at Theo sitting next to me.






Theo, who had been laughing at me, lay down with me. Theo has stuck by my side since that day.


“Lilith, you say it’s your birthday soon?”



“What should I buy for you?”


“It’s okay. It’s the best gift for me that my brother is all better and not sick anymore.”


“Ah, Lilith…” 




“Phew, you’re playing. Really.”


Again today, Leon poured cold water on the touching brother and sister atmosphere.


“Cheshire, where did that punk go?”




Speaking of which, it is said that the tiger would come, but Cheshire suddenly appeared from behind, wiping his sweat with a towel around his neck.




I rushed to Cheshire with the water bottle I had prepared.


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