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Enoch quickly came to his senses and caught the host trying to clean up the stage and go down.




“What is it?”


“What do you mean? I don’t have my daughter.” 




The host glanced up on the stage and shrugged his shoulders. 


“What do you mean you don’t have your daughter? Wasn’t she in there?” 


“Are you kidding me? You’ve been watching me all along?”


“Well, I don’t know what your daughter looks like, do I?”


Enoch was speechless as he spoke with his eyes wide open.


“Will you let this go?”




When the host turned to leave and tried to shake Enoch’s hand off, Enoch grabbed him by the collar.


“Don’t play around and bring my daughter.”


“Huh. Is this person crazy? You lost your daughter somewhere else and is here to vent your anger.”




“Hey, Guard! guard!”


As the host gestured into the air and signaled, the two young men overpowered Enoch and clung to him.


What kind of situation is this?


The conversation he had with Axion instantly came to mind in Enoch’s bewildered mind.


“It’s more like kidnapping than disappearance. The technique is bold. After all, commoners cannot be protected by the law even if they report a crime every day.”


“Kidnapping kids without noticing the security guard?”


“It’s been a while since the security guard become a little name only. In the seven years you’ve been gone, moths have eaten more here.” 


In the same capital, nobles and commoners lived completely different lives.


The common people’s space is literally a lawless zone itself. 


Enoch smiled disappointedly and slowly looked around.


Some of the participants who had not yet left were trembling in the commotion.


Apparently, they watched the whole absurd situation.


Even so, he was just relieved that the children were safe, knowing the reality that the law couldn’t protect them.




If they’re a commoner and a people with power person—.


There was nothing that could be done in this situation.


Like a blind man who just woke up and watched their daughter disappear, no one could pursue the criminals who seem to have stolen their daughter.


‘It’s still there. This damn country.’


Enoch burst out laughing and approached the host as he walked away.


The guards reached out to stop him, but—.




Crack. The arm turned with the sound of a broken bone.


The host hesitated as Enoch, who had overpowered two guards at once with an expressionless face, approached.


“H, hey. What are you doing? Huh? Call the security guard? Uh? What is this…!” 


The host, who was grabbed by the collar again, slipped his neck.


Enoch asked again in a sharp voice.


“My daughter, where is she?”


“I don’t know—!” 


At that moment. 


Enoch gritted his teeth at this and ran his hand through his messy hair.


From the tips, the hair was dyed silver.


At the same time, his blue eyes flashed.


“Where is she?”




The host’s mouth opened slowly.


‘You’re a man with power….’


He instinctively realized.


He might die if he let him ask three times.


“I, I’m sorry. I, I, I will tell you.”


* * *


Problem! Could the daughter of the self-proclaimed strongest man in the world, Munchkin, be kidnapped? 


The answer is yes!


‘This is how it works.’


A dark and narrow room.


I was stuck in a cage like a small animal.


It was a place where, as I was getting ready for the last game behind the stage, I was suddenly carried in a bag.


Who would have imagined


To openly kidnap a child in the middle of a capital with dozens of eyes watching. 


‘Will Cheshire be okay? Because he’s with Dad.’




“Look at this brat. She doesn’t even cry.”


The man who was watching me with interest as I sat quietly while hugging my knees said.


The man’s left eye was marked with a long vertical knife mark.


“Hey, aren’t you scared?”


The man pulled out his tongue and licked the dagger he was holding from bottom to top.


Whoa, it’s disgusting. Perhaps he wanted me to be scared.


“I’m scared… Please send me home.”


“Puahahaha! I can’t, I can’t.” 


The man tapped the cage where I was trapped with a knife.


“You can’t go home any more.”


“W, why?” 


“You will live elsewhere. But don’t be too resentful. The day will come when you will thank me.”


After saying that, the man lit a cigarette, pulled a wad of bills out of his pocket, and started counting.


“I will send you to a place that is much bigger and nicer than the house you live in now. The nobles will give you delicious food and treat you with lots of love, so don’t be sad.”


…So you’re a human trafficker. It seemed that they were kidnapping the children of the commoners and selling them to nobles at a high price. 


‘Then, is this man also the culprit behind the missing child case Uncle Axion was investigating?’


There was a high probability of that.


Is it possible to be kidnapped and imprisoned so openly?


‘Yes, it is possible here….’


Under normal circumstances, parents would call the security guard and say that their child had suddenly disappeared.


The security guard will then arrest and investigate those who may be involved. 




The commoner of this mad country can hardly expect such general measures. 


‘In this crazy worldview, the position of the people without power, that is to say the commoner, is exactly that.’ 


Two stray cats quarreled, and one attacked the other and stole the kitten.


In that situation, there is no chance that the security guard will call in these two stray cats to mediate, or the two stray cats who have failed to reach an amicable agreement will go to court and have a trial. 


That’s exactly how it works.


‘Phew. If I were a real commoner’s daughter, I wouldn’t have had a safe way out of here, would I?’


That fact gave me goosebumps again. 


“Hey, Craig!”


Then someone broke through the door and came in.


A folded chin and a tummy of distraction.  


“We don’t have time! We have to run!”


“Why, what is it?”


“I heard that the commander of the Paladin has appeared. The commoner people’s residential area is so noisy these days, so they must be thinking of arresting us directly.”


“What? You mean the Duke of Libre?”


That man, Craig frowned.


“Yeah. Why the hell does a Duke care about this? Doesn’t he has anything to do?” 


“That’s what I’m saying. Oh, this is annoying. I need to hand this over to Viscount Blyman. I mean, we’ll get another 10 million Terr.” 


Craig looked at me and bit his lip.


“No, we don’t have time. When are you going to the Viscount’s house? Since your face has been sold, let’s leave here until it calms down. I’ve contact the ship, so let’s go to the port right away.”


What? Smuggling?


My Dad would come to rescue me soon anyway, so I thought it best just to wait patiently and not get hurt.


If these guys with fire in their tails tried to sneak me out before Dad came, it would be a big problem.


“I-I… Mister!” 


In desperation, I grabbed the iron bars.


“What about that kid, then?”


Craig asked, and a fat man hurriedly packing his things looked at me. 


“Wow, she looks so pretty, isn’t she? It’s a waste to kill or throw it away, so let’s get on the boat together. We can go and sell her, well.” 




What can 7-year-old baby Lilith do to buy time here and now?


…What could be done? Let’s beg.


“Can you just let me go?”


“What? Why should I?”


“You’ll have to let me go. Because of my Dad…!” 


After trying to sell Dad’s name, I hesitated. 


Let’s stay still.


What if I say I’m Enoch Rubinstein’s daughter here?


I don’t know if they’ll believe it, but it was a problem if they did.


A situation where my face has already been exposed. Those who dared to touch the aristocracy had no way to survive. 


Even if they release me without any injuries, they will die unconditionally! 


And they will know that very well—.


‘If they want to save their lives, they’d rather kill me without letting mice or birds know, or try to kidnap me by hiding it unconditionally, right?’ 


“What? What is your Dad?”


Craig giggled at me with my mouth shut.


“M, my Dad…” 


“What is it?”


“…He is a very, very scary person.”




I felt like crying.


‘Dad, when are you coming?’


The 7-year-old girl was so helpless that all she could do was wait for her Dad.


I shivered as I saw the two men hurriedly packing their bags in preparation for sneaking out. 


‘What if they really run away before Dad arrives?’


Why can’t my father, the world’s strongest and the main character, save me? I thought about it. 


However, when I saw the situation where my Dad was running out of time without even having time to come to rescue me—.


‘I, I’m scared to death. What should I do.’


My heart was pounding and I felt like crying.


I kept my mouth shut and wiped the corners of my eyes.


“Hey! If you’re done packing, let’s hurry up and go! Go out quietly through the back door!”


When the fat man shouted, Craig picked up the cage as if it were a carrier. 


“W, wait a minute! Mister…” 


It was then.


“This surprises me, f*ck…” 


The fat man, who was packing his luggage first, stopped sharply, spouting curses.


There was someone who stood in the way of a man.


“What is this b*stard?” 


It was Dad.


The moment my eyes met with my Dad from afar.


I burst into tears.




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