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* * *


At that time


Rico was reading Lilith’s letter from the sibling Jetty and Jun.


How did she know the cycle of having to give his sister medicine? 


It was a letter that came with the next amount of Salvacion in time.



[Mr. Rico Rico!


It’s my first time writing a letter while sending an antidote to Sisters.


How’s the person who needed this medicine now? Is she feeling much better? 


I hope she gets better…


Can you send me a reply letter to see if she’s okay? 


If it’s troublesome, just give me one ○ (circle)


↓ Draw it here]


Rico smiled at the cute request.


[Oh! And I have a question…


Do you know Baron Joseph Luttman?


He’s an aristocrat who originally lived in the Capital, and I think Rico would know. 


I don’t know where he is now, so please let me know if you know where he is.


But in order to trade, do I need to provide information…? 


Hmmm, I’ll be back with a bigger one soon.


Stay healthy until then☺♡♡]


Rico’s eyes suddenly got sharp as he read and reread her crooked handwriting with a light smile.


Do you know Baron Joseph Luttman?


Joseph Luttman?


His splendid modifier was active in the Capital till roughly two years ago.


‘Political genius.’


The eye to read the flow of power, a skill to select talented people, propaganda, agitation, and ploys—.


He was a very clever man whose political capabilities surpassed that of aristocrats with deep bones in the political world. 


‘How on earth do you know and find a person who disappeared two years ago?’


What is the kid really doing?


Rico decided to stop speculating about Lilith’s identity. 


“Hey, Rico! Let’s have a drink!” 




Thick forearms put a black beer glass on the table. 


It was Billy, a guild member of <Red Hawk>. 


Rico smiled and tilted his beer mug. 


“You worked hard yesterday.” 


“Good job. After the first time in a while, I gave the bad guys true education, and the 10-year-old congestion was relieved… Haha, by the way.” 


Billy’s eyes lit up with anticipation.


“Did you make a choice? To the Duke of Rubinstein?”


“I don’t know.”


Rico gave a vague answer.


“You don’t know? Didn’t you ask us to protect the princess in order to contact the Duke?” 


“Rather than that, I got some help from that Lady. I haven’t met the Duke in person, so I don’t know what he’s like.” 


“Hey, don’t talk. It fit perfectly! The goodness of people, from the look on their eyes, was beyond my expectations!”


“Is that so?” 


“Honestly, there was no place like the Rubinstein family. Isn’t it God’s sign that the Duke came back this time?” 


The Red Hawk was looking for it. 


He is the one who can revolutionize a rotting empire.


But it wasn’t easy.


Because it was something that only powerful people who were not stained by ugly power could do. 


It was Rico and <Red Hawk> who hated rotten nobles and people with power—.


Ironically, in order to draw even the sword of revolution, the subject had to be an aristocrat in power.


“Are there any other places that don’t get dusty after being shaken off?”


“That’s right.”


In fact, Rico had been looking at Rubinstein for a long time.


Even though they said they were second in power only to the imperial family, Billy said that they were a good family without a corner.


In the midst of that—.


‘I was honestly surprised. Because the princess came to see me first.’


He wondered if this was really a God’s sign. 


“But it will be difficult.”


Billy clicked his tongue as he tipped the beer glass.


“They look like good people, but they don’t seem to be greedy.” 




“It goes without saying about their ability, but how can a revolution be achieved only with military force? There is no connection with the political world after being away for 7 years.”


Rico nodded his head.


Enoch Rubinstein’s position in politics now was like a newborn baby.


Not only did hen’t have a connection with the central aristocrats, but he was away for a long time, and it would be difficult to read the flow of power. 


To awaken such Enoch Rubinstein in a short time—.


‘Wait. Don’t tell me.’


Rico opened up Lilith’s letter again.


Do you know Baron Joseph Luttman?


What is the reason Lilith is looking for Joseph at this time?


Joseph Luttman was the machinator Enoch Rubinstein most needed right now. 


‘There must have an intention. It’s not like this mysterious girl is trying to find Joseph and play house.’ 


Rico clicked his tongue as he guessed at Lilith’s intentions. 


‘What is the identity of this little Lady? No way, could it be the second round of life?’ 


Rico immediately prepared his reply to Lilith. 


It was in Rico’s palm, the future of Joseph Luttman that Lilith was curious about.


* * *


Uncle Billy, who competed with my dad for Princess Lara shoes, was a member of the <Red Hawk> guild?


I was surprised by their skill and opened my mouth.


‘I, I really couldn’t have imagined it.’


In <Red Hawk>, each member of the guild was like a specially trained spy. 


Well. It’s not for nothing that Rico has a tight grip on the Capital situation. 


‘As expected, it’s a good thing that I quickly teamed up with Rico.’


I nodded.


“Anyway, there was an order from the boss to intervene after watching until the very end if something goes wrong with the Lady, because we can’t get caught by the Duke.” 


“I see. Please tell the boss thank you.”


“Hoho, I will.”


“By the way, Lady!”


Jun clapped her hands and hugged me hastily. 




“We don’t have time! You have to dress up the prettiest in the world today!” 


* * *


My Aunt had a tea party.


The distinguished Ladies of the central noble family came, and their young daughters and sons were also invited.


Perhaps my Aunt was thinking about letting me hang out with aristocratic peers. 


‘The original was a men’s novel, so there were no social gathering episodes….’


I shook my head and clenched my fists tight out of worry.


This is not a novel but a reality!


I am the daughter of Duke Rubinstein!


World peace is up to Dad and Cheshire, and I have my own work to do. 


‘I’ll show off the dignity befitting a great aristocratic family, and I’ll take care of the social world!’


I’m the main character’s!




I snorted and strengthened my will, but Jetty and Jun let out exclamations.


“Oh, no way.” 


“W, would you like to look in the mirror?”


It seemed that the dress was finished.


‘Ugh, is this me?’


I went to the full-length mirror in the room and stood in front of it while moving my body around. 


A blue headband with hexagonal diamonds on my shoulder-length wavy hair. 


A white and blue lace dress that fits my face as white as a sugar doll.


From white socks that reach up to the calf to blue enamel shoes—.


‘T, this is the best! As expected, I am the main character’s daughter!’


A character with a lot of confidence!


Pointing to the mirror, which is not at all boring to look at, I put my face closer.


It was pretty, even though my nostrils were wide open with excitement.


This, this…Can’t Princess Lara show her business card? 


“You’re the best, my Lady.”


“Ha. I burned it up….” 


The exhausted sisters crouched down like old men in the back and muttered. 




I put my hand on my cheek and blinked because I didn’t lose my baby fat and felt a little chubby.


“Kyaaa! Our Lady is the best! So cute!” 


“Crazy! The doll is moving!”


“Oh, that’s a little….” 


What I liked the most was that I looked more mature than usual.


‘If I put on a little makeup, I’d look more mature and pretty.’


I stared up at the tall dressing table.


The makeup my Aunt gave me was always ready, but I didn’t wear any today.


It was because the Sisters said it was too early to put on makeup. 


“But can’t I really wear makeup? Princess Lara has red lips…” 


“No, Lady. You’re pretty right now, If you decorate your lips for no reason, it doesn’t suit you.” 


“Right. Cosmetics are still toxic to a Lady’s skin.”


The two were determined.


“Oh, it’s too late. Young Master Teo asked me to call him when you’re ready.”


“My lady, please wait. I’ll bring the Young Master soon.” 




Jetty and Jun left the room and I stayed alone and looked in the mirror again.


‘As expected, something is lacking.’


And I looked up at the high dressing table.


‘…J, just once! If it’s strange, just remove it!’


In the end, I couldn’t resist, so I dragged the chair over to the dressing table, put it in front of it, and climbed up one step at a time.


There are so many types, so I had to open and check each cosmetic one by one.


‘Is this like eyeliner?’


When I traced a makeup tool that looked like a pencil on the back of my hand, it was clear that it was for eye makeup.


Carefully, I began to draw over my eyes.


‘This is my first time putting on makeup….’


It’s embarrassing to say, but even in my previous life, where I lived for 25 years, I had never worn makeup. 




It was because I was busy studying.


I only remember walking around the university campus wearing thick glasses and carrying heavy books, writing a lot of papers.


Maybe that’s why I was more greedy for makeup.


‘This must be lipstick!’


After I was done with my eye makeup, I picked up a lip makeup tool and put it on my lips.


“I, it’s difficult…?” 


I found it harder than I thought to make it look good along the lipline, but I didn’t give up. 


‘Is it pretty?’


I was confused.


I didn’t think I was prettier than when I was bare-faced, but—.


‘Still, I think I’ve definitely become more mature.’


I was quite satisfied because I was only used to hearing that I was cute.




Knock knock. I heard a knock.


“…I heard you woke up. Are you inside? Can I go in?”


It was Cheshire’s voice.


I jumped down from the chair and looked in the full-length mirror again to check the fit of my clothes.


‘I, it’s fine, right? That’s not bad, right?’


Although the size of my lips, which seemed to be twice as large as usual, bothered me a little—.


Still, it seemed to be quite seductive(?).


I replied nervously.


“Ung, come in!”



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