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‘Don’t tell me, are you going to give me a ride because I said I’ve never ridden a horse before?’


It seemed that way.


Holding me in his arms, Grandfather started walking in the riding arena next to the stable.


“W, whoa.”


One round, two rounds— as if he was trying to give me time to adjust to riding a horse for the first time, Grandfather slowly picked up the pace. 


‘My butt doesn’t hurt at all? It’s not up and down either!’


I heard from Cheshire that his butt is hurt. 


For some reason, I felt as comfortable as sitting on a soft mattress and didn’t shake.


‘Aren’t I more talented than I thought to ride this well?’


“The saddle was enchanted for a while, so it was easy to ride. If you want to ride alone later, you have to adapt to getting tired of your posture.”


…Well, of course, it is.


Could it be that I am a horse-riding genius?! Grandfather told me in a calm voice as if he knew the granddaughter who was getting ahead of herself.


“That’s what it was. Thank you. Hehe…”


I was excited. Horseback riding was more fun than I thought.


Grandfather, who had been circling the riding course for a while, turned the reins and headed behind the mansion.


The back of the mansion was connected to a low mountain. The horse entered the gently sloping promenade and picked up speed little by little.




Along with the cool dawn breeze, I saw a beautiful view of the mansion along the gradually rising altitude.


My heart was pounding.


“G, Grandpa! I can see the whole town over there!”


The taller structure quickly gained sight of the distant Capital.


The Imperial Palace stands tall and splendidly in the center.


A sacred and magnificent white temple.


From townhouses of aristocrats that are as stylish as works of art to commercial districts with large and small buildings close to each other—.


“So beautiful!!” 


Grandfather stopped his horse for me, who was busy taking in the beautiful view. 


I waited like that for a long time in the cool breeze before asking.


“Grandfather, weren’t you coming back tomorrow with Dad?”


“The dinner event attended by the nobles was yesterday. Today is the day of the official comeback ceremony. But what’s the point of having to stay there until today?”


Grandfather clicked his tongue and added.


“It’s not that bad to have to see my son’s face again for more than half a day, which I see every day at home. So I came back.”


“I see.”


I turned around and peeked at my Grandfather and laughed.


Even if he said that the Grandfather’s face showed an affection that couldn’t be hidden.


“Why are you laughing?”


“Grandfather’s expression looks good. So I like it, too.”


“You think my expression looks good?”


“Yeah. Are you still happy that Dad is back? You’ve been wanting to see him for a while.”


“…Not at all. I felt comfortable because there was no one who was bothering me.” 


“Ah, really? When I was in Xenon, Dad often said he missed Grandfather.” 




“He’s sorry he couldn’t even tell you he was leaving… He was sad because Grandfather will worry a lot.” 


When I asked once, “Dad, do you have a dad?” I remembered what my Dad said while thinking of my Grandfather. 


“I’m sad even if I’m a little away from my Dad… But Dad was separated from Grandfather for a long time…I thought that he would be very sad, miss you, and miss you again.”


While I was talking, I looked up at Grandfather again.


“So, I begged my Dad to go back to the Capital. I know why Dad kept trying to hide…But if he go to the Capital, he can meet Grandfather and Aunt….” 


“Is that so?” 


Grandfather smiled and stroked my hair.


“I know that Dad and Grandfather were separated for a long time because of me. I’m sorry….” 


“The word sorry is stuck in your mouth. It was your father who caused the accident, but why do you always say sorry?” 


“But it’s all because of me…. The fact that Dad left here, again, again… And now he have to go to the battlefield again because of me.”


I lowered my gaze. I could feel my grandfather hardening.


“Dad doesn’t want to start a bad war that harasses people from other countries…But he might end up doing it because of me, right?”


“My dear, Lilith.”


“Grandfather, I’m really fine. So, Grandpa, tell Dad not to go to a bad war. Okay?” 


Grandfather looked at me for a long time without knowing what was on his mind and sighed.


“It may still be difficult for you, but life in the world doesn’t always go as you want. If you gain something, you lose something, and if you want to keep something, you have to throw something away.”




“Your father never hesitated to lose or give up. When he was young, he stopped me several times from going to the Emperor and making ridiculous demands to abolish the class system.”


It was just like Dad. I laughed even when I was feeling down.


“However, in the end, he complied and lived with his temper. It was because of me. Because he thought it was reasonable not to go against his parent’s wishes.”




“It won’t be any different this time. At the moment of choice, he always threw away his faith. He endured for me, his father, and now for you, his daughter…He will make the choice that will make you the happiest.”


Even Grandfather knew.


To make me live not as a soldier but as an ordinary noble Lady— Dad had picked up the sword and was ready to fight against his beliefs.


“I feel so sorry for you to live in a world like this. Not being able to listen to your request.”


Grandfather put his hand on top of my head and added. 


“Me too, if you have to cross the line every day…I just can’t seem to see it. Your father must have a worse heart than I do.” 




“I can only hope that one day the world will change.”


Grandfather was silent after that.


The morning breeze was colder than before.


* * *


Pavilion Imperial Palace.


Enoch stood in a solemn atmosphere and took in the splendid ceremony with his eyes.


The end of the hallway in the ceremony was covered with a red carpet. 


A dazzling golden throne.


The Emperor, who was young and healthy and had not changed in seven years, sat in the seat of power.


Enoch slowly started walking toward the throne.


On the day of the return ceremony, which was quietly prepared according to Enoch’s will, only a few familiar faces were present.


The Emperor, Nicholas von Pavilion.


And the Paladins who got down on their knees before him.


Enoch stood tall in the middle of them and looked up at the emperor.


“Enoch Rubinstein, servant of the great Primera, greet the sun of the Pavilion.”


“It’s nice to see you back. Great sword of the Empire, my loyal subject.”


The Emperor came down from his seat with a beautiful face and a friendly smile.


“It is an indescribable joy to see my servant again, who came back after a long wandering to devote himself to the Empire.”


“I apologize for worrying you.”


What would I do if I asked my loyal servant about his past mistakes? I just want you to hold your sword again, according to my will, for the Paladin’s duty of peace.”




Enoch, who swallowed ridicule, knelt before the Emperor and bowed down.


“Everything according to the will of the great Primera.”


* * *


Emperor’s room.


The Emperor, who was looking at the map on the wall, turned around.


“Why don’t you bring your daughter? I was looking forward to seeing her today.”


A slight crack appeared on the face of Enoch, who was sitting like a stone statue.


At that small change, the Emperor swallowed a laugh inwardly. 


“Since she is of Rubinstein’s blood, there’s no need to test her abilities. How happy I am to have one more talented person willing to shed blood for the Empire.”


Enoch clenched his fists. He mentioned his daughter’s conscription as soon as he saw him—. 


Even reading the anger beyond the expressionless face, the Emperor simply smiled.


“Come here, will you?”


Slowly rising Enoch approached the emperor’s side and saw something like him.


A map of an empire that almost swallowed up the continent.


The Emperor swept away the cloth covering something next to it.




At that small change, the emperor swallowed a laugh inwardly.


“Since he is of Rubinstein’s blood, there’s no need to test his abilities. How happy I am to have one more talented person willing to shed blood for the Empire.”


Enoch clenched his fists. The first thing I said when I saw it was about my daughter’s conscription… .


Even reading the anger beyond the expressionless face, the emperor simply smiled.


“Would you like to come over here?”


Slowly rising Enoch approached the emperor’s side and saw something like him.


A map of an empire that almost swallowed up the continent.


The emperor swept away the cloth covering something next to it.


“… … !”


Enoch’s eyes widened.


It was a portrait of his dead comrade.


“Are there many familiar faces? How can I not honor the ancestors who willingly sacrificed themselves for the empire?”


A terrible shock came over Enoch.


There were many moments of recovering the corpses of comrades who cried and laughed together.


A terrible memory that remains unfading no matter how much time passes.


“I am sad too. It’s for the well-being of the Empire, but it’s pushing my subjects to death.”




“War is cruel. No one can be sure of life or death in the midst of an inferno.” 


As he scanned the portraits of his comrades one by one, Enoch’s breathing became rough.


As he scanned the portraits of his comrades one by one, Enoch’s breathing became rough.


“Nevertheless, this country, for the sake of my people, must not stop.”


“Your Majesty.”


“Yes, Enoch.”


The emperor responded kindly.


“Is there anything you want to say?”


There was a sharp edge in the voice that guessed the bad intention.


It was obvious why the Emperor had brought out the horrors of war in Enoch’s memory.


“Will it turn off if I blow it or will it explode if I hold it? Isn’t it a waste of time just to watch it?”




“How could you send a daughter like that to death?”


Enoch gently closed his eyes.


The Emperor watched him and placed his hand on his shoulder affectionately.


“In my heart, I just want your daughter to grow up in peace. I wants to make things easier with my power. But, you know.”




“You’re not the only parent. A lot of parents in the land will complain of unfairness. Who wants to send their child to war?”


The Emperor’s children were no exception.


The same is true of Lilith.


Rubinstein’s lineage, and both parents are of the highest rank, Dos.


Her daughter had an unavoidable duty to be a high-ranking person even without verification.


“But you have power. The power to protect your daughter. If you say that you will bear the duty of your child instead, it is a power that no one can express dissatisfaction.”


A snakelike voice penetrated Enoch’s ears.


“There has always been a war where you and I didn’t agree since a long time ago.”


A meaningless war of aggression marked only by a beastly desire to conquer, just to expand the land.


“You’ve always said that it’s useless to command the continent, but I don’t know.”




“Everything is for my precious imperial people. I’m going to make this empire more powerful, and I’m going to make it impossible for anyone to overcome.”


“Are you preparing for an invasion?”


Enoch asked with a feeling of tightness in his throat.


He was anticipating what demands the Emperor would make using his daughter as an excuse.


He also vowed to give the Emperor a leash for his daughter.


But, nevertheless.


The moment he had to turn away from his beliefs driven to the edge of the cliff was terribly painful.


“Yeah. You’ve always been the same, but this time I’m expecting a different answer. Just like the empire of 7 years ago is different now…” 


“Because you will be different too.”


The Emperor laughed meanly and whispered in Enoch’s ear.


“Because now, you’re a father.” 


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