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Among the embarrassed faces, Dad stood up leisurely.


Then he pulled out Joseph’s money pack and placed his own on top of it.


“I want to buy your time with this. Give it to me.”




Joseph was staying at an inn near the gambling house.


He guided us to his accommodation, gave us a chair and sat down with Dad.


“As I promised, you pulled me out of the gambling house, so I’ll listen to you. Who sent you?”


“I’ll tell you that later.”


“Well, yes, let’s hear your business first. But it would be a waste of time. I have no intention of going back to the Capital and I have no intention of getting back into the fight that fills the self-interest of the high-ranking.”


Joseph looked at Dad with a gloomy but sharp gaze.


Joseph Lüttman. 


He was in a humble position for an aristocrat, but he had a great reputation nonetheless.


It was because he was smart. 


As a machinator of the powerful people, he lived a decent life. 


“Looks like there were more people besides me looking for the Baron.” 


“Yes, it was. This country has many wars, and the game of power changes constantly depending on the majors. When I was young, I made a living by reading the flow. While parasitizing on those in power.” 


Joseph mocked himself. 


It was a good talent, but—.


The skill of the Joseph I knew was greater than that.


He has eyes that read the flow of power faster than anyone else.


He sorted through public opinion campaigns, agitation, and even the talented people Dad needed.


“But I realized that it was all useless. In the past, I was eager to fill my stomach by giving advice to high-ranking people….” 


He had a past where he lost his daughter and wife in a power struggle.


“…Really, everything was useless.” 


Joseph looked at me as I sat on Dad’s lap and muttered bitterly. 


‘The reason why he decided to help Dad in the original work is probably because of the similar pain. Dad lost his daughter too.’ 


When our eyes met, Joseph’s smiling face looked very sad. 


“I understand the meaning of the Baron. The reason I came is, sorry, not different from what you guessed. I would like to receive your help.”


“Okay, what. Go back. I am tired now.”


“I didn’t intend to stay long anyway. I will stay for two days. Meantime.”


Dad added, looking straight at Joseph with clear eyes.


“Please listen to me.”


* * *


The conversation between the two continued for a long time until the sun was getting longer.


I was drawing on the ground with a branch on the inn’s first floor.


“What are you doing?”




It was Joseph. His cheeks had become slender in half a day because of how much Dad tormented him.


“I was drawing. Did you finish talking with Dad?”


“No. I ran out to get some fresh air because there was no sign of it ending.”


“I see. My Dad is nice, right?”


“Hmm? What do you mean?”


Joseph added with a chuckle.


“He was a crazy person.”

I laughed out loud.


Joseph sat next to me. He looked at a picture of three people drawn on the soil and asked.


“Is this your family? The small one in the middle is you, and your father and mother next to you?”


“No. Me in the middle, Dad on the left, and Uncle on the right.”






Joseph laughed like it was absurd.


“Baby, did your father make you do this? Are you going to make me feel weak?”


“No, it’s not.”


“What do you mean no? Even when we playing poker earlier, you acted as your father told you to.” 


“It’s true that I acted… but Dad didn’t make me do that. It was Dad’s first time playing poker today. I told him this and that.” 




I chuckled. 


“Uncle’s card has to be good, so you want to win because it’s a flush. But Dad’s four card has appeared since the beginning.” 


Joseph’s eyes widened as he looked at me while talking softly.


“…That hard-to-come-out card came up in the beginning? But both of you didn’t show any facial expressions?”


“Ung, if we’re happy because the good card came out, Uncle would have noticed and didn’t go all-in, right? In poker, a poker face is very important.”




Joseph, who was embarrassed, soon smiled bitterly and patted my head.


“You are a very smart kid.”




“I wish you had been born into a decent family. What can a commoner use if they’re smart? What a pity.”


“Are you not going back to Capital, Uncle?”




“Why? Didn’t you like what Dad said?”


“Do you know what your father said to me?”


“No, I don’t know. It’s just… I know Dad said he wanted to be friends with you.”


“Well, I see. This may be offensive, but your father is really out of his mind.”


Joseph stuck out his tongue.


“It wasn’t what I expected. I thought it was sent by a noble man who wanted to take me with him.”


Let’s rebel!


Give me strength!


Well, he would have said something like that. A smart Joseph would have been terrified, of course.


It must have felt like talking to a crazy fire moth.






“I don’t know who your master is, but it’s completely unrealistic. Tell your father. Stop meddling in their affairs. It could put you in danger too.”


“Dad can do it. I believe in my Dad.”




For some reason, Joseph didn’t answer.


I stopped drawing and looked back at him and was surprised.


Joseph’s red eyes were filled with tears.


“U, uncle? Are you crying?”




“Why? Don’t cry.”


Joseph shook his head.


“I’m sorry. I suddenly thought of my daughter. My daughter used to say exactly same thing as you.” 




“Baby, I. You know what? It’s Uncle’s fault… I lost my whole family.”




“The world of the powerful people is scary. I lost my wife and daughter as punishment for helping them.” 




“I regret it so much now. Why did I live like that… My poor daughter…One more day, I’ll be looking at her face. I should’ve stayed with her. Like a fool, I don’t know what’s important….” 






Joseph sobbed sadly.


I didn’t know what to do, but I just held his hand tightly.


“I’m not a powerful father… and I was born into a poor family… So, if I’m going to make sure my daughter will be well, I’m going to… I thought I was on the right path….” 




“No. It wasn’t… That’s not what my daughter, my wife, hoped for… A husband who is always by her side, a loving father…Yeah, something like that, they would have hoped for something like that….” 


Joseph cried like a child for a long time.


Every time our eyes met, the quiet crying got louder, as if he was seeing his daughter in me. 


I carefully held his hand and comforted him when he finally calmed down.


“You know… Uncle’s family…  they’re probably praying for you to be happy in the sky.”


Joseph stared at me blankly.


“You play cards and smoke every day… Then your daughter won’t like it.”


“Yes, I suppose so.”


Joseph chuckled.


“If I were Uncle’s daughter. I want to pray every day. Do what Dad wants to do, don’t get sick, be happy.” 




“And after living a long, healthy life, when Dad comes to heaven later, I will meet him!” 


I laughed and cheered. 




Joseph stared blankly at me.


I got up and gently hugged his shoulder, which looked very small.


“I can tell. I also want my Dad to always be happy. That’s why I think your daughter also wants you to be happy.”




“Don’t get sick and be happy, Uncle. You can smoke a little.”


Joseph closed his eyes gently.


After holding back the tears, he smiled and hugged me.


“…Yes, thank you.”


* * *


Two days passed.


The day when the father and daughter go back to the Capital.


James asked Joseph, who was escorting the two to the Valterac Temple, where the warp gate is located.


“Have you changed your mind?”


“Yes, it hasn’t changed.”


Hearing all the nonsense about rebelling, Joseph felt like he was going crazy. 


After taking a few steps, James asked again.


“Hasn’t that changed now?”


“This guy, it hasn’t been a minute since you asked!” 


He listened to this crazy man for two days because of his daughter, Lilith.


He had a lot of fun talking with Lilith, eating, and playing with her.


“Uncle, I’ll give you this.”


“What is it?”


What Lilith gave him was a small stuffed rabbit.


“It’s something I cherish… Uncle will keep it and give it to Ella when you meet her later!”


“Huh, really.” 


I was about to cry again.


Joseph took the doll and stroked Lilith’s head.


“Can’t you change your mind when seeing my cute daughter?”


“You’re noisy, really.” 


Joseph glanced annoyedly at James.


“Anyway, the warp gate would not be available to anyone from a tolerable family. It seems that the position of your master is quite good, right?”


James just laughed.


‘He’s not stupid, but why doesn’t he know how to live so comfortably? A square stone is a perfect match.’


Joseph clicked his tongue inwardly as he looked at him as brightly as ever.


Then he thought.


‘Once you prepare for a rebellion, you must recruit the local Lords first. Unlike the central government, there are many people who have antipathy toward the imperial family, so it is not difficult to appease them. All it takes is time and money.’


He thought again.


‘The problem is the middle class. The top class should be skipped, and the middle-class key figures should be caught. He has to contact the neutral Wizard Tower as well. In addition…” 


Joseph, who was thinking, burst out laughing at the absurdity.


Is it an occupational habit? 


Or did he just lose his mind from hearing James’ bullshit?


Why is he drawing this ridiculous picture?


‘If a family with enough power to keep the imperial family in check doesn’t add their strength to the drawing, it wouldn’t even be possible to try.’


Even so, he continued to wonder if it was also an occupational habit. 


‘But, well, if you had a dream….’


Who would it be? 


‘The only place that immediately comes to mind is Rubinstein. But does that old man want to fight like crazy at that age? It’s not gonna work. What about the son of that family? …Right, he has been out, right? That crazy guy.’


Joseph smiled broadly and marked an X on his head.


Rebellion Success Chance 0%.


Absolutely XX.


“You really don’t change your mind….” 




In a firm answer, James, standing in front of the warp gate, scratched his head.


Seeing that appearance somehow pitiful, Joseph said with a sigh.


“There’s no chance, but, well, if I’m a little crazy and change my mind someday, I’ll go find you.”


“I’m grateful for that word.” 


“Tell me where to go. Who is the owner of your house who is in delusion? 


James smiled and hugged Lilith.


At the same time, his appearance changed.




It was gorgeous silver hair.


Blue eyes that shone brightly.


Joseph’s mouth fell open.


‘What, it’s people with power? No, then, not a minion, but the mad noble himself?’ 


Enoch said to Joseph, who was surprised.


“I’ll be waiting for you to change your mind. Come to the Duke of Rubinstein family.”


“Uncle, bye bye!”

Then, he crossed the warp gate without a chance to catch it.


“N, no…” 


Just what is this? 


Joseph’s mouth slowly opened as he grasped the situation.


“What just happened…?” 



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