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“Phew. What if Uncle Joseph doesn’t come?”


As soon as I came to the Capital, I was worried in my Dad’s arms.


Judging from Joseph’s stubborn reaction, it seemed that it wouldn’t be easy. 


“Then there’s nothing I can do, well.”


Unlike me, who worried a lot, my Dad was carefree.


It really doesn’t matter if Joseph comes or not, but the way he even hums—.


“Why are you so calm, Dad? You went far to pick up your friend and couldn’t bring him!”




Dad walked along with light steps as if he were going to fly, then stopped and stared at me.


“I’m curious, what is my daughter so worried about?”




“You always talk as if we’d be in big trouble if Joseph didn’t come. You know why Dad wanted to be friends with Uncle Joseph?”


I was startled.


Dad looked as gentle as ever. He even tilted his head as if he was really curious.


But I could read it.


The suspicion under it, was sharper and sharper than everyone else—.


The eyes of ‘the main character’!


‘Oops, I was so sloppy in front of the quick-witted main character.’


I made an excuse quickly.


“Am I a fool? I know everything. Uncle Joseph even gave me a rough idea. Well, I heard that Uncle Joseph needs to help Dad with Dad’s work?”


There was silence.




I was so nervous that I couldn’t help but swallow my saliva.


“That’s right.”


Dad smiled and walked again.


“I’m going to start a business so that my princess can eat delicious food and wear pretty clothes and live happily!”


“Ung, I see.”


Business: Organized and sustained management of a certain business with a certain purpose and plan. Or that thing. 


Yeah, well. That’s what Dad says.


If rebellion is a business, then it is a business.


I nodded with blurry eyes.


“I hope the princess doesn’t worry.”




“It’s okay if Uncle Joseph doesn’t come here. If he’s not here, Dad can think about it again.”


Dad kissed me on the cheek.


“So my princess doesn’t have to worry about it. Dad is the best. You know, right? Dad is good at everything.”


“Ung. Okay.”


I nodded and thought.


Yes, even if the original work has changed a little, the fact that this is the novel’s world remains the same, and Dad is the main character who beats all of them with something called buffs. 


It would have been difficult if it was a stupid villain or a black curtain, but—. (T/n : usually used for someone who controlling everything from behind such as enemy boss that was hidden stuff.)


‘Oh, Dad is right. I did enough. Now, I just have to hide my true identity and secretly help Dad to take the easy way from time to time.’ 


I clung to my father’s neck, feeling much more comfortable.


“That’s right!’


However, Dad stopped a few steps further and was stunned.


“Oh my gosh! What’s wrong with you?”


“My princess’s birthday present!”


“Ey, it’s okay. I don’t need a present. My birthday is next year too, right?”


“There’s no such thing. It’s the first birthday I’ve ever taken care of since moving to the Capital. Dad is sorry. I had no idea.”


“I told you it’s okay.”


“We have to hurry up and prepare a present for the princess’s birthday!”


“It’s okay. I have as many dresses and shoes as I can~. My closet is going to burst.”




Dad flicked his index finger.


“Not like that. I’m~ going to give my princess what you really wanted, you know?”


“Hmm, what is it?”


Dad grinned. Somehow it was a sly smile.




The only daughter of the Duke of Rubinstein.


The only heir to the family.


The Duke’s residence was buzzing with preparations for Lilith Rubinstein’s first birthday since she came to the Capital. 


Nordic and Ordia, who were inspecting the luxuriously decorated mansion one by one, were out in the garden. 


“Wouldn’t the gift prepared by father be too much?” 


“Not at all. There’s no such thing as a gift for a kid who has fun riding a horse. Your gift is needlessly flashy and meaningless.” 


“Oh my, father?”


Ordia retorted.


“It’s Princess Rubinstein’s birthday. Everyone laughs at me when I say we’re having a small family party at the town house. Even if it’s a present, Lilith shouldn’t be discouraged.”


The banquets of the nobles were a means of boosting their power and position.


It’s Lilith’s birthday since she comes to the Capital.


Nordic and Ordia, of course, intended to hold a luxurious banquet at the manor villa and invite nobles, but—.


“The child doesn’t like it. What should I do?”


Lilith stubbornly refused, saying that she wanted to spend it only with her family, and they failed.


“That’s why they had to bring something big, even if it’s a present. Because Lilith still lacks the realization that she has become a nobleman. Well, there aren’t even 50 dresses in the closet, but I hear she have a lot of dress to wear—”


Ordia, who was talking, noticed something and stopped.


Nordic followed and was astonished. 


“W, what is he doing?”


Thick timbers piled up like a mountain on one side of the garden.


Tang, tang—!


The midday sun fell coolly over the topless man.


Ordia closed her eyes tightly.


“Oh, my. Enoch. He’s crazy.” 


Yeah, it was Enoch.


He wiped off the sweat from time to time and with a joyful look—.


“T, that punk, ugh—”


—he was hammering!


“Oh my, father! What should I do!”


Holding the back of the neck and supporting the staggering Nordic, Ordia spilled Enoch in the distance.


Right next to him, Rem, who was at a loss for what to do, spotted the two and came running in contemplation.


“B, big Lord. Lady Ordia.”


“Butler! What the hell is he doing?”


“Well, that’s… The young Lord is making a birthday present for the Lady.”


“What is he making! No, rather than that, shouldn’t he just ask carpenters to do it!”


“Why didn’t I tell him that…”


Rem cried as he supported Nordic together.


“When the Lady was in the South, she really really wanted to have it, and he said he had to make it with his own hands…” 








In addition, Nordic, whose blood pressure rose, stumbled.


Whatever it is!


Is it true that the Duke is hammering without a shirt—.


His blood pressure went up even more when servants who were busy passing by saw Enoch and stopped once in surprise. 


“You puuuunk!” 


Nordic’s roar could be heard.


* * *


“Cheshire! Stop there~?!”


“Don’t follow me!”


Lilith, dressed in the full set of Princess Lala’s gift from the twin, was chasing Cheshire. 


‘I’ll give you a present and flowers later in the evening.’


Cheshire swallowed a sigh as he looked at an Aristata flower he had just bought. 


He was good at hiding it, but when he bought this flower, the movement line almost caught up with him. 


‘Birthday party… It’s not a place for me.’ 


The family decided to gather modestly and light candles on the cake, but it was by no means a modest place for Cheshire.


Enoch and Ordia, even if the twins are like that—.




Isn’t Lilith’s grandfather and the elder of this house also coming? 


“His name is Cheshire. He’s smart and handsome, right?”


On Cheshire’s second day at this house, Enoch took his hand and led him to Nordic to say hello.


“… Since we decided to take you, until you go out on your own, you are also a member of our family. Do your best in your education.”


The conversation ends there.


After that, Cheshire had never spoken to Nordic.


Perhaps the reason why Nordic doesn’t give a glance is because he doesn’t like Cheshire.


Of course, he’s not going to let an illegitimate child from someone else’s family, whose parents he doesn’t even know, live with him.


But Lilith won’t be able to understand how Nordic feels while watching Cheshire—.




Cheshire ran to the back of the walled stable. There were empty trough boxes stacked up like stairs.


Cheshire quickly stepped on it and jumped over the wall.


“Ack! You fool!”


She can’t follow him up here, right? He could hear Lilith’s mournful scream.


“…Sorry. I’ll go to your room later in the evening.”






Cheshire was surprised to hear a groan from over the wall.


No way, is she trying to follow him? 


“Are you crazy?”


Lilith, who had climbed the box with her tiny body whimpering, was barely hanging over her wall.


“It’s dangerous!”


“W, why… Ack!”




Lilith screamed while sitting on top of the narrow wall.


“Why are you avoiding me! Don’t you want to wish me a happy birthday? Let’s eat cake together!”


“Okay. I got it, so stay where you are. Hold it well so that you doesn’t fall off. I’ll go back in.” 


That moment.




Lilith’s small body tilted. Surprised, Cheshire quickly approached and opened his arms.


“I, I’m falling… Argh!”






Fortunately, Lilith fell into Cheshire’s arms. 


It’s…really a relief. 






Except for the lips of two children who met exquisitely.


* * *


…What is this?


The situation where the male lead and my lips touch as we cross the wall—.


What on earth is this…? 


Wasn’t the reason why there was no romance in the original work that the writer was old-fashioned? 


Did she know it would get so childish when she put in a clumsy romance she wasn’t sure about?


I was surprised and thought about such a nonsensical thought for a short moment, then slowly parted my lips.




I swallowed dry saliva.


Cheshire’s face was clearly hardened. 


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  1. ….isn’t she just eight years old 💀. i get that cheshire is also a kid but isnt it a little early for them to be sharing a kiss???