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“…Yeah. I’ll bring it.”


However, unlike the momentum, the answer was unexpectedly gentle.


‘It’s difficult.’


Cheshire glanced at Rom, who was trembling.


He didn’t have a particular choice.


If he keeps holding on, they’ll take their anger out on Rom.




Bruce, who was nervous, laughed.


“This punk, it will be like that a long time ago! Don’t get confused with Brother Gerard’s, bring it right away!”


Cheshire left the room.


Children with white name tags were busily carrying bread in their arms.


‘It’s amazing. Here.’


It was the same impression as Lilith.


“C, Cheshire!”


Then someone called.


It was Rom that followed.


“L, let’s go together. Y, you don’t know where the restaurant is.”




Rom said, taking the lead slightly.


“I, I’m telling you for your sake, b, but, don’t talk back to Bruce as much as you can. When he get angry, he often raise his hand—” 


“Why are you stuttering like that?”


“Ugh! I, I’m sorry. I, it must be uncomfortable to hear. O, originally, it wasn’t like this… A, after c, coming here, s, suddenly I became like this….” 


Did he have trouble with his speech? 


Cheshire let out a long sigh.


“T, this is the restaurant. Y, you can stand in line over there and get a snack.”


Three serving outlets.


There were also three kinds of snacks.


Puffy rye bread, cream bread, and macarons were wrapped one by one and piled up like a mountain.


Cheshire, who was about to stand in line, hesitated.




For some reason, Lilith was stomping her feet alone in the distance.


“Ahhh, Cheshire!”


Soon after, Lilith found Cheshire and ran to him, waving her hand. The eyes of the children poured out all at once.


“I knew you would come, you!”


Lilith sighed loudly.


“Now, the bread… No, did you come to get your roommates instead of snacks?”


“No. I was just hungry, so I came to get my share.”




Lilith screamed.


Then Rom suddenly intervened.


“T, that’s right.” 




“H, hello. I, I’m Rom. I’m in the same room as Cheshire. I, It’s true that w, we came to get snacks instead o, of our roommates. T, they ask Cheshire to….” 


Cheshire smiled at Rom, who seemed to have been waiting. 


He thought he was just a timid commoner, but he was quite tactful.


He must have sensed that Lilith would be his lifeline.


“Thanks for letting me know, Rom.” 


Liris, who answered, followed Cheshire.


“You’re not going to be a snack carrier all the time here, are you? Don’t do as you’re told. Never do it.”


“I’m here to get my share.”


“Ugh, it’s frustrating!”




Cheshire noticed the surroundings and whispered in Lilith’s ear.


“Don’t pretend to know me.”




“It’s not very good for you.”


“What do you think I’ll answer?”


“You’ll say no.”


“Yes, that’s right.”


“It will be one month. Hang in there. I don’t want to be noisy. It’ll be a nuisance to you if you get into an accident here.”




Lilith smiled and clapped her hands.


“My dad will really, really like it when he hears it! It feels so good to hear Cheshire even delivers snacks so they don’t bother me~! Don’t you think so? Right?”


“Don’t be sarcastic.” 


He doesn’t even get angry. He doesn’t even make it look like he’s upset. 


Cheshire’s consistent answer made Lilith grit her teeth.


“You, come here.”


Lilith suddenly grabbed Cheshire’s hand and headed somewhere.


It was a distribution area for macarons.


It seems to be the most popular snack, but there were no children in line in front of the macaron serving area for some reason.


‘Ah, don’t tell me?’


The curious Cheshire recalled Bruce’s words. 


“…Don’t get confused with Brother Gerard’s, bring it right away!”


Gerard. A gold name tag. 


There seemed to be a difference in the type of snacks served.


‘It’s really amazing.’


Cheshire wields his tongue. 


“Rom, how many kids are in your room?”


“Uh, huh? F, five…” 


When Rom answered, Lilith took five macarons. 


“W, we c, can’t eat this….” 


“It’s okay. I was told I could take several of these.”


“Uh-huh, t, thank you…” 


“Rom, go and pass this to the kids in your room and tell them.”


“W, what?” 


“It was given to me by Lilith Rubinstein. Say my name.”


Lilith pointed at Cheshire.


“If you see him delivering bread in the future, tell him I will go to his room myself. Then…” 


Lilith added while making a scary face and pretending to break her fist.


“…Something very, very big is about to happen.”




“I, I will!”


Cheshire, who was trying to stop him, frowned at Rom, who answered without hesitation.


Lilith grabbed Rom’s hand, shook it up and down, and smiled broadly.


“Thanks, Rom! It’s fortunate that Cheshire has a friend who doesn’t feel stuffy!”


Rom lowered his eyes shyly.




Dinner time.


I arrived at the restaurant with my roommates.


It is a rule for children who share the same room to eat together.




The crowded restaurant scene was a spectacle.


‘It’s amazing.’


How many times have I thought about this?


Children with colored nameplates. So, the nobles sat in their seats without lifting a finger.


Only white nameplates stood in line at the food outlet, receiving four or five plates and carrying them away.


“Huh, annoying.”


Alicia, who was standing in line next to me, pretended to cry.


“The other rooms are all brought by commoners, but only us!”


The white name tag in our room, Jem, was a commoner with a temper.


They said she has never been obedient to children’s demands. 


Unlike the kids in other rooms, the kids in our room were quieter and didn’t bother Jem, who was often angry.


‘I wish Cheshire’s personality resembles only half of Jem’s.’ 


First, I saw Jem eating alone after being served.


“H, hey! You, take for the kids in that room too!” 


At that time, an aristocratic boy sitting at a nearby table ordered a commoner in his room.


Then, a commoner child ran up to me. 


“Sit down! I’ll bring you guys too!” 


I looked over there.


Instead, the aristocratic child who ordered me to receive the tray winked at me when our eyes met.


I think the gentleman at the table over there sent it—.


‘It’s ridiculous.’


I laughed and shook my head.


“No, that’s fine. I will take it myself.”




The commoner child was perplexed.


“Lilith, let’s just go and sit. What is this?”


“Alicia is right. Hmm, we don’t know, but it’s ridiculous that you receive the tray yourself.” 


Alicia and Michelle said in turn.


“I don’t want to.”


I answered firmly.


“My hands and feet are fine, so why should I ask someone else to take my meal? I will do it myself.”




“Are you guys just going to sit down?”


“N, no!” 


“Uh-huh, me too!”


“I, I will take it too….” 


Even though it was clear that they didn’t want to go, the roommates had no choice but to follow.


‘It’s really suffocating here.’


Even my roommates, who receive food directly after me, only follow me because my name tag is gold.


They didn’t take it directly because they thought this was wrong. 




The moment we just finished take the distribution of the food. 


At the serving table right next to me, I saw Cheshire, who had just finished taking distribution the food. 


In his hand, he was holding three trays in a precarious position.


Two trays were in Rom’s hands behind him.


“Ah, blood pressure….” 


I put my plate down on the food tray, making a loud noise.


“Don’t do it.”


Cheshire spoke quietly. 


“Why? What do you think I’m going to do?”


“Don’t make a fuss. Right now, even the aristocratic kids are watching.” 


“Is that so? Okay. But you, the plate looks too heavy. I will help you!”


“Never mind.”


“I can hold one for you.”




I turned around, holding one of the food plates piled up in Cheshire’s left hand.




Cheshire’s sigh was heard from behind.


I asked Rom.


“Where are your seats?”


“T, t, there.” 


“Let’s go.” 


“U, ung!” 


Rom said, taking the lead slightly.


“Y, you know. I, I was going to talk to B, Bruce as you ordered earlier, but C, Cheshire stopped me, so I couldn’t speak.” 


“I think so.”


“I, I’m sorry.” 


“Ey, it’s okay. It’s not your fault, right?” 


“T, t, thank you. Y, you’re really nice….” 


“Is it here?”


“Oh, uh-huh.” 


I stood at the table where Cheshire’s roommates had gathered. 


‘Bruce Chambers.’


I read the red nameplate.


“Hi, Bruce.”


“H, huh?”


Bruce flustered and jumped up from his seat. 


Then he blushed and twitched, reaching out his hand to shake hands. 


“Nice to meet you, Lilith. My name is Bruce Chambers.”


“Ung. I brought your plate.”


I ignored the outstretched hand and put the tray in front of Bruce with a loud voice.


“Ung? Why did you….” 


I grabbed Bruce’s wrist and turned it around.


“Does your wrist hurt? Is it broken?”




“Then why don’t you take your meal with your hands?” 




“If your wrist doesn’t hurt, take it yourself from now on. The same goes for snacks. Don’t make them do it.”


I pointed to Cheshire and Rom in the back.


Bruce, who was staring blankly at me, tilted his head.


“Uh, Lilith? Maybe you don’t know because it’s your first day at the training center… Originally, the white name tag does all of these things.”


“Is there a rule like that?”


“No, not the rules. Uhm, everyone just does it.”


“Aha! Do you have to follow the words of the guys whose nameplates have a better color?” 


“That’s right.” 


“I see. Then.” 


I laughed and then hardened my face. 


Then I lifted my collar and showed a gold name tag on my chest.


“Are you going to listen to me?”



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