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Bruce opened his mouth with a stupid look on his face.


“From now on, you bring it on your own and eat it. Meals and snacks.”


“W, what?”


“If you broke your arm, I’ll let you off the hook asking your friends. So if you don’t want to move, come to my room! Your wrist…”


I put my hands in the air, pretended to break something, and added.


“…I’ll break it for you!”


At those words, the noisy surroundings became quiet as if cold water had been poured on them.


Bruce’s face gradually turned pale.


“T, there are a lot of kids here, but it’s too much… This is a matter of course. Everyone says that….”


“Uh-huh, so what? Can’t you see the color of my name tag?”


I added, tilting my head cheekily.


“No way~? Are you saying you don’t want to hear me?”


“N, no…”




Then someone’s laughter broke the quiet atmosphere.


A boy was sitting at the same table.


‘It’s gold.’


The color of the name tag first caught my eye, and then I saw the name.


‘G, Gerard Schmidt?’


My head spun rapidly.


The youngest son of the Duke Schmidt family.


He was a person who later became a Paladin and joined under my Dad. 


For reference, this is my standard villain.


Because I expected him to hate Cheshire. 




Gerard laughed so hard that tears came out of the corners of his eyes, and I couldn’t understand what he found so funny. 


Then he looked at me.


He smiled, but his light purple hair, dark purple eyes, and clear skin gave a very beautiful appearance.


As expected, the world view where beauty is upgraded according to the proportion. 


“It’s fun.”


“B, brother. What should I do?” 


“What do you mean what should I do?” 


Seeing Bruce whining, Gerard shrugged his shoulders. 


“You have to listen.”


“H, huh?”


“Listen to her, Bruce.” 




“Go and get the plate yourself.”


Even as he spoke, Gerard didn’t take his eyes off me.


The odd smile on his face didn’t look like a kid his age. 


“Ha, haa….”


Eventually, Bruce trudged his way to the dining area.


Gerard kept looking at me, and I met his gaze without losing.




That evening.


The time before bedtime


Climbing up to the second floor of the bed, I pulled the blanket over my head and unfolded the “gift” Rico had given me. 


Rico’s gift was very useful.


Information on some of the noble children currently in the training center to keep in mind.


Gerard Schmidt was number one among them.


‘I read Rico’s letter in advance, so I knew he was in a training center….’


However, I never thought he was Cheshire’s roommate.


‘Cheshire was entered 2 years earlier than the original!’


So, if it were the original story, Gerard and Cheshire would have had different jockeys, so there would be no meeting now.




‘Related characters are somehow connected even if the original story changes a little. As soon as my Dad came to the Capital, he found Cheshire like a ghost.’


The probability of the original work was truly terrifying.


[Gerard Schmidt


The youngest son of the family that Duke Schmidt cherishes.


Since he entered March this year, he must be in class 1026 like the Lady. 


However, unlike class 1026, which is mostly 9 years old, he’s 11 years old. 


Duke Schmidt made a deal with the imperial family so that he could be admitted two years later.


After he graduates from the training center, he will be recruited as a child soldier, so he wants to keep him in his arms as much as possible. 


For reference, the eldest son and second son who were above Gerard Schmidt were killed in battle.] 


Gerard, who became a Paladin in the original story, greatly admired my Dad. 


Is that why? He felt inferior and jealous of Cheshire, my Dad’s adopted son, who was better at everything than him.


Every time he goes to war with Cheshire, he breaks the rules, and no matter how many times he does this, he runs into danger.


For reference—.


A large-scale monster subjugation battle in the original story volume 2, which swallowed hard sweet potatoes without water.  


Do you know the reason why our brother Leon died there?


‘It’s because of this brat!’


「…Dealing with magic beasts was always difficult for Cheshire. It was because the strength was the same. 


More than half of Cheshire’s attacks were stopped by the magic beasts, and they couldn’t even change the speed of time in a place where their power was strong.


“The subjugation ends here. The damage is severe on our side now, and the terrain is unfavorable because it is rough inside.”


“If you’re scared, the Magic Swordsman Corps will retreat.” 


Gerard Schmidt was sarcastic about Cheshire’s decision. It was a disagreement that had already happened dozens of times during the subjugation period. 


“Don’t you know that if you can’t subdue all of them, everything is in vain? All the hard work you’ve done so far will be in vain. I’ll take care of the major, so quit being cowardly.”


“Is your major more important than the lives of your subordinates? I won’t stop you if there is even the slightest chance of success. But, at this rate, it’s useless death.” 


“Then watch over me. Whether they are killed or whether a hero is born.”


“Sir Gerard!”


Gerard led the Paladins and left first. Watching them, Leon Antrace approached Cheshire, who had a bad taste of it.


“Hey, that brat really doesn’t listen. Is there anything scary?  Rather than that, whatever you say, he’s trying to do the opposite, right? Is he a green frog or what?” 




“What should I do? I should go, right?”


They alone will never be able to succeed in subjugation. At least, to reduce the damage, the Magic Swordsman had to move.


In the end, Cheshire went ahead with the subjugation and regretted the choice that day. 




A defeat close to annihilation.


Can they survive? Even survival is uncertain.


“Cheshire! Damn it, it’s dangerous!”


When he looked back at Leon’s voice which had fallen like thunder from behind, it was already too late. 




“A, argh…” 



The hideous beast’s arm penetrated Leon’s body, which blocked Cheshire.


The moment Leon, who had turned white, looked back at Cheshire and opened his mouth—.


“Ches… Ugh!”」




Swallowing my screams inwardly, I slammed the poor pillow.


After that, the beast’s arm that had entered came out again, and he vomited blood—.


The description doesn’t fit the whole age, so for my mental health, let’s stop thinking about it.


“Brother… Uh…” 


I clenched my teeth and rolled up the blanket tightly.


Save our Leon.


The second volume of the original book is still a long way off, but I don’t know what will change because I’ve already touched on this and that.


Also, the biggest problem.


Gerard Schmidt, this guy.


‘I can’t believe he’s on our side….’


In other words, it may be a villain from Cheshire’s point of view, but he’s an ally from the revolutionary army’s point of view. 


‘Even if I hate him, I can’t do anything about him.’


Of the 5 Duke families in the empire, 3 families joined my Dad’s rebellion. 


It was the twin brothers’ Antrace, Uncle Axion’s Livre, and this Schmidt. 


‘It’s obvious that he delayed the admission for two years because he didn’t want to see his precious son suffering. Gerard’s father must be nervous about the compulsory military service.’


He lost two of his sons on the battlefield. 


It was obvious how much Duke Schmidt would value the youngest, Gerard. 


‘But what if it’s on our side! He was my least favorite guy!’


Gerard is really— was worse than most villain extras.


Because of this child, how many times did he swallow sweet potatoes that he didn’t even need to eat?


I pondered for a long time.


‘Haa, it can’t be helped. Even if I don’t like it, Schmidt is a tremendous force and an ally.’


And after making a decision, I closed Riko’s letter.


Gerard is now eleven years old.


He is still young, though.


Couldn’t he have been bad from the start?


That’s why—.


‘From now on, let’s give him mental training and raise him to be kind.’


* * *


The next day at 7 am.


Breakfast time.


The children were eating and chatting with their roommates.


Cheshire was also there.


Of course, there were roommates, but they didn’t even include the commoners in the conversation. 


“B, brother! You must be Dos, right? I envy you.” 


“I don’t know. You should check it out.”


When Bruce talked to the young Gerard, Gerard only answered dryly with a unique expression with a slight smile.


“It has been said that Dos hasn’t come out for several years, but this time there will be two! It’s really great.”


There are two gold name tags out of class 1026.


The color of the name tag was a pre-arrangement of the expected child’s class according to the parent’s class.


The two Dos Bruce was talking about were Gerard and Lilith.


“Oh, here you are.”


“Here it comes….” 


Bruce and his pawn Simon glanced at the entrance to the restaurant.


Cheshire slightly raised his eyes.


Lilith and her roommates.


Lilith was noticed just by walking around. Even now, everyone in the restaurant was watching her.


“But why does she take the tray with her own hands?”


Bruce muttered at the sight of Lilith lined up.


“I understand that she’s going around because she like Cheshire’s face… but I don’t really know anything else. Why is she like that?”


Bruce, who was puzzled, was suddenly startled. Lilith, who received her food, was approaching.


“W, what? Is she coming here?”


It really was. Lilith came and stood by the table.


Bruce was perplexed.


“I-I didn’t order Cheshire today!”


“Is that so? Good job.”


Lilith replied roughly as if she had no business with Bruce.


Then she stood still, stared at Gerrard, and put something down next to his plate.


It was the juice from breakfast.




Gerard raised his head.


Lilith smiled softly.






What is this? All the children around them stared at the two curiously.


Gerard, who had been staring at Lilith, smiled brightly and nodded his head.


“Thank you.” 


“Ung. Enjoy your meal!”


Then Lilith turned her body around as if she had no business anymore.


The place where Lilith left.


She was all gaping.


“What is this! D, did she like Brother?” 


“I wonder if she want to be friends with Brother?”


Bruce and Simon chattered.


Then, suddenly, Gerard looked at Cheshire. Their gazes met in midair.




Gerard, who smiled, grabbed a juice and waved it at Cheshire.


‘What do you want me to do?’


Weird guy. 


Cheshire immediately looked away and focused on eating again. 


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