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The training center completion process was simple.


1. Theory education and practical education


2. Month-end evaluation


3. Checking the rank and receiving a badge of ability.


After learning the basic magic, you can take the test, fill up your graduation score, and receive a badge of ability.


The test, and therefore the monthly evaluation, is a score-accumulating system.


If you take the exam every month and accumulate 1000 points, you will be eligible for graduation.


‘Because I can collect all 1,000 points at once… Let’s work hard and go home quickly!’


I will graduate in a month and get out of here!


“This time, I’m going to figure out the attributes of the power that Princess has. You know that people with ability possess both holy and magical powers, right?”




Burning with passion for learning, I answered cheerfully.


“If you cast the basic magic flame, you can check the attributes of power.”


Teacher Bella lit a small white flame at her fingertips.


“It’s white, isn’t it? It’s because I’m a person with a higher level of holy power than magical power.”


“Whoaa. Yes.”


“Since the core has been opened, the princess can do it too. Now, try to cast this flame.”


Bella opened the book like a customized Kumong teacher.


Hundreds of magic formulas were included in the textbooks for the training center.


‘Ugh, it’s complicated.’


I was freaking out to see the bookshelf being turned over.


The magic formula varied in appearance from a simple shape with a straight line to a complex graph shape.


It was necessary to memorize all of these things for the people with power to do magic—.


“Do you see this?”


Bella pointed to the magic formula with a dot on the very first page.


“It’s a flame magic formula. After drawing this in your head, you have to apply it with mana.”


Bella lowered her eyebrows and smiled pitifully.


“The flame formula is easy, but you can’t cast it by just memorizing the ceremony. You need to know how to apply it with your mana, but I can’t help you with this.”


I nodded.


Bella flustered, probably misunderstanding my expression.


“Honestly, memorizing a formula isn’t difficult if you have time. Most of the powerful people get stuck at the stage when trying to apply it with mana. So it’s okay if you don’t succeed today.”


Control it with mana—.


‘I don’t have to do that.’


I am a person who doesn’t need to use mana or memorize magic formulas.


I can use vitality instead of mana, and I can do anything ‘as I think’ even if I don’t draw a magic formula in my head—.


‘Well, that’s the kind of body I am.’


Will it work? I pretended to concentrate and thought lightly in my head.


‘I’ll have to try using a flame or something…’


Even before I’ve finished thinking.


A white flame broke out at the fingertips.


‘Oh my.’


Bella covered her mouth and was surprised.


“Oh, my! Amazing! How can you succeed in one try? As expected, you’re Rubinstein!”


“S, succeed?”


“Yes, princess. Princess is a person with a holy power type.”


Bella flipped through the chart she brought with her.


At a glance, it was my information. Bella filled in the blank next to the attributes.


Lilith Rubinstein


Estimated rank: Class 1


Attribute: Holy Power


I looked again at the flame on my fingertips.


‘Wow, that’s amazing. The ability to achieve everything in an instant as you think, as expected—’


The Emperor, who is a Primera, is not limited when he uses this surreal power.


Although there is a restriction that it consumes life force, he can just do whatever comes to mind.


It means that it is possible to use abilities other than magic that can’t be defined by magic formula.


For example,


‘You can brainwash people like puppets and use them.’


That kind of mental ability is also the same.


“Oh, my. There’s already one person over there who succeeded.”


I looked back at Bella’s words.


While everyone was having a hard time, only Cheshire was lighting a black flame.


‘Well, for the main character, this is a piece of cake.’


A powerful person with 100% magic power who is not under Primera’s control.


Cheshire would have been able to use his powers before the Emperor opened his core.


Of course, Cheshire didn’t know his power until my Dad taught him.




I smiled and raised my thumb at Cheshire when I made eye contact with him.




10 minute break.


Cheshire met Gerard in the toilet in the training room building.


‘What is this guy doing?’


Cheshire, who was standing in front of the urinal, was puzzled.


All seven urinals were empty, but he couldn’t understand Gerard’s intention to stand next to him while doing his business.




‘Why did he come here in the first place?’


All the buildings in the training center had separate toilets for aristocrats and toilets for commoners.


Why the hell did he find this shabby place after leaving a fancy and neat aristocratic bathroom?


“Are you taking your class well?”


Gerard spoke with a harmless laugh.


Cheshire narrowed his brows slightly.




“Not you, Lilith.”




“How is it? Isn’t it difficult?”


The two finally faced each other.


‘He has been trying to pick a fight.’


Cheshire quickly realized Gerard’s inner feelings and answered.


“Yeah. She’s good.”


“Did you say you were a commoner? Do you know which of your parents was with power?”


“I don’t know.”


“Hmm. Is that so?”


Their heads turned to the front again.


“You must have had a pretty hard life. I never talked to the commoners, but sometimes when I see them… they make me feel uncomfortable.”




“Should I say that they’re very stubborn? It’s a gutter life, but the will to live is really strong. Well, but sometimes it looks great.”


Ahaha, laughing Gerard added, tilting his head slightly toward Cheshire.


“Persistent, I mean? I think you’ll do well too.”


Gerard straightened his head again.


“I was supposed to be friends with Lilith.”




“Aren’t you jealous?”




Gerard, who straightened his clothes first, laughed again.


Even though he didn’t avoid anything, Cheshire didn’t like Gerard’s smile from the beginning for some reason.


That’s why he answered what he could just ignore.


“It’s up to her to make friends, so why should I be jealous?”


“Oh, really? But your expression look amazing right now. Do you know that?”




“You look very angry from the restaurant in the morning. Look at that eyes, now.”


Gerrard raised the tail of his eyes with his hand.


“…Like this?”




“Haha, because it’s so funny.”


Gerard put his chin and hand on Cheshire’s shoulder and said in his ear.


“Perhaps, did you think you were going to be anything?”




“Because she’s good to you, it felt like you were her only friend, right? A lot of commoners who play with nobles have that kind of misunderstanding.”


Gerard, who laughed, went to the washbasin and opened the faucet.


“Lilith, um, like all girls… she seems to like pretty things. That’s why she’s talking to you.”


Let’s ignore it. Cheshire thought as he straightened his clothes.


Isn’t that what Bruce says whenever he has a chance?


Lilith is interested in him because of his handsome face.


It wasn’t exactly wrong.


‘Well, yeah. I guess so…’


At first, they met only once in an alleyway of Capital.


They hadn’t even talked to each other, and he was rude to Lilith, who was the first to offer her hand.


Nevertheless, Lilith found him, saved him, and even said ‘I like you’ after seeing his face just twice.


There is only one answer to explain why she were so desperate when she doesn’t know anything about him.



“But you’re so handsome…”


“Hi! Hyaa, your face is shining again today. It’s too bright.”


“Why? Is it burdensome because I keep staring at you? But it’s human nature to look at something cool…”



In the meantime, it even came to mind. Lilith’s habit of living with sweetness almost every day.


“Don’t get hurt later, and it’s better to keep your distance first. I’m saying this for you.”


Gerard smiled brightly as he gave advice.


On the surface, it looked like an angel.


It was a rare handsome face, so maybe Lilith liked that smile too.


“Then, I’ll go first.”


Gerard walked past Cheshire.


“I don’t want to.”




When Cheshire snapped a word, Gerrard turned around.


“Who are you to ask me keep my distance? Mind your own business.”


Cheshire’s mind was always as peaceful as the calm sea.


He have never been bothered by someone ignoring or saying harsh things.


Why? Because he used to it.


So, at this moment.


“I was there before you.”




Cheshire was very surprised at the fact that his mouth, which was out of control of his brain, moved alone.


But apart from his surprise, his mouth kept moving.


“I was her friends before you.”


Cheshire approached Gerrard.






“I’ll be right next to her until she says she doesn’t like me.”


Gerard’s smiled faded. Cheshire brought his face closer to him as if mocking.


“As you said, I only learned persistent things while living in the sewer.”




“Once I hold it.”


Cheshire folded his fingers in turn and clenched them tightly.


“I’m confident that I won’t miss it until I die.”




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