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* * * 


“Cheshire, Cheshire, Cheshire!” 


I ran to Cheshire, who disappeared during break and returned to the training room late. 


“Where have you been?”




“Aha! Now, this!”


I held out a piece of paper.


It’s just Cheshire and me who completed the basic education in 30 minutes—.


‘A career path wish paper!’




Estimated Rank: Class 6


Attribute: Magic Power






Class Attribute: 


After figuring out the attributes, the people with power had to choose their own career path, just like choosing a department at a university.


As a result, the content of the classes to be taught has changed.


“Write it quickly, quickly!”


Cheshire held a pen and filled in the blanks without hesitation as I urged him.




Estimated Rank: Class 6


Attribute: Magic Power


Major: Martial Arts (Sword)


Class: Offensive


Class Attribute: Fire


Seeing that he wasn’t even thinking about it, it seemed that Dad had given Cheshire a word in advance. 


Pick like this.


I wrote magic only in the ‘major’ column and then copied the Cheshire as it was.


“You, what are you doing?”




“Did you follow me?”


“Ah, ung!”



“Why? That way, we can have a class together.”


Cheshire looked at me.


Embarrassed by the stare, I hesitated for some reason.


“…Why? Do I bother you?”






“I like it.”




Do you like it? Getting a class together? 


I pondered over Cheshire’s words and suddenly felt embarrassed. Then I twisted my body and poked his side.




Should I throw it while I’m at it?


“Would you like to do our end-of-month evaluation together? They say we need four members.” 






“Mhm. I was going to ask you to do it together.”


Cheshire added confidently.


“You want to go home soon. I’ll pass it in one go.”




Would you give me a ride to the group assignment bus?


The supporting actor was moved by the main character’s remark that he would openly give free rides.


“R, really?” 


“Ung. I’ll hold on to your share. You don’t have to do anything.” 


The end-of-month evaluation is a test to collect points by hunting monsters made with fantasy magic in a virtual field.


Even if Cheshire didn’t help me, I thought I’d do it by myself somehow, but—.


The main character!


That Cheshire who was like a ferocious stray cat!


He even pretends to be a bus driver and treats me special!


‘Have I become a special friend to Cheshire?’


How could I not be impressed?


“Ah, Cheshire!”


Embarrassed, I hugged Cheshire by the waist. 


‘I’ll be thrown again!’


Sometimes, Cheshire would pull me away whenever we clung to each other as if it was awkward. 


Still—I know he feels burdened with skinship, but I must express this emotion! 




We clung to each other for a long time, but for some reason, Cheshire put up with it for quite a while. 


I looked up to see what it was and saw another stare.




Then, instead of throwing me away, did he quietly put his arms around me and hug me?





I was surprised by how he hugged me like twin brothers and patted me on the back. 


What is this? Am I lucky today?


“…Let’s get out of here quickly. Together.”


Cheshire said so.


Like me, Cheshire also seemed tired of this small abusive society.


After only two days of admission.


I said, rubbing my face in Cheshire’s arms.


“Hehe, yes! I like anything with you!”


* * *


Even though it claims to be a K-military, since they are children, the daily routine at the training center was not as strict as expected. 


After one class, a break of 1 hour was given until the next class.


“You’re amazing, Lilith!”


“No matter how fast it is, it takes a week to complete basic education!” 


“How on earth did you do it in one day?”


While walking around the school grounds of the training center full of spring sunlight with my roommates. 


The children’s fuss made my ears tingle.


Basic education could be completed by memorizing and casting 5 basic magic formulas—.


‘I could do it with just my brain, so why did it take a week?’


I tried to answer like that, but I swallowed it because I was afraid I might look shameless. 


They say it doesn’t matter if I don’t memorize the formulas, but even if I had to memorize it, I would have passed it in one day. 


The basic magic formula was very simple, such as one dot, three dots, and a straight line.


Of course, Cheshire passed the basic training in 30 minutes just like me.


“Lilith, can you show me your certificate?”


Alicia asked with anticipated eyes.


I nodded willingly and showed the long paper ticket stuffed around my wrist.


Lilith Rubinstein (Class 1)/ Attribute: Holy Power/ Major: Magic/ Class: Attack / Class Attribute: Fire 




“Oh my, oh my!” 


“Wow! M.A.F is only for those with the strongest abilities!” 


The three of them stomped their feet in place and made a fuss.


Michelle’s ‘M.A.F’ seemed to be an abbreviation for magic, attack, and fire.


‘Well, I was just copying Cheshire’s.’


It must have been an elite course.




I stopped walking and listened to my friends’ praise until their mouths were dry.


“Huh, what is that?! So cute!” 


Is that a baby? I saw a boy playing with a ball on the lawn.


Indigo hair tied in the shape of an apple top and sparkling blue eyes.

He was small for our age.


“Ah, is that Kyle?”




“Ung! Were you surprised at how young he looked? He’s five years old!”


Alicia told me.


“How did the five year old come in already? Doesn’t early admission start from the age of seven?”


“His mother is a researcher here.”




“He’s not educated yet, he’s just living with his own mother at her residence.”


“I see. But his name tag is red.”


A red name tag popped out of her white entrance uniform.


“Isn’t the rank of his mother and father quite high if it’s red?”


“That’s right!”


Alicia was also red.


She thrust her chest forward and said proudly.


“When both parents are Quarto, or one is Quarto and the other is Dos!”


Then she pointed to Kyle and whispered to me.


“That kid’s mother is Dos.” 


“Oh, I see.”

I’m listening with interest.



Suddenly, a loud cry was heard.


Kyle, who had been playing ball by himself until recently, was crying sadly.


For some reason, someone was stealing Kyle’s ball, which had rolled over, and was threatening him.


‘Phew, is it that kid again?’


It’s a familiar face.


It was Bruce, the bully of the Cheshire room.


I sighed and approached him.




“Baby, don’t cry. This sister will bring you the ball.”


I soothed Kyle, who was covered in tears and runny nose, and approached Bruce.


Bruce was taken aback.


“Give it to me.”


“U, ung.” 


Long words were not necessary.


Bruce immediately shut his mouth and passed the ball to me.


“W, whaaa!”

“Don’t cry. This sister brought the ball. Here.” 




He must have been very sad. When the ball was brought back, Kyle couldn’t stop crying.


At that time.




Someone came running.


A woman in a white gown with light blonde hair tied into one.


She was a researcher.


“My son. What’s the matter? Why are you crying? What happened?”




As soon as the woman hugged him, Kyle cried sadly in her arms. 


‘That person must be his mother.’


Kyle cried and pointed at me.


“Bawll! Toowk mine! (Ball! She took mine!)


As I was holding the ball, I was startled.


“Oh no! I didn’t take this…!” 


When I turned around, the damn Bruce had already disappeared.


“Ahaha. Baby, this sister didn’t take it from you. This…” 


I was taken aback and stopped trying to explain. 


‘Why is her expression like that?’


The woman’s face was pale.


A surprised face for some reason. The woman opened her mouth small and stared blankly at me.


“Hey, here’s the ball.”


I approached the woman and handed her the ball.


Then I suddenly found out.


[Researcher, Selena Rudendorf]


For a moment, my mind went blank.


And I remembered what Oscar, the Lord of the Wizard Tower, said.


“…Do you want to go and see your mother?”


“…Marchioness Selena Rudendorf. She was a recognized wizard, but she retired five years ago and is now a researcher at a training center for people with power.”


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