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Jem closed her eyes and wiped the juice dripping down her chin.


“I, I, I’m sorry!”


I was shocked, so I looked for a tissue and gave it to her.


“I’m okay. Are you okay? Did you choke?”


“You were a girl?”


When asked immediately in excitement, Jem frowned.


“Of course, I’m a girl because I’m in the same room as you. What do you mean boy? I just cut my long hair because it was cumbersome.”


“Wow, no I mean, wow.” 


“Are you a fool? Don’t tell me, did you really think I was a boy until now?”


“I knew you were a girl! I didn’t know that…!”


It was Jemian Traha!


But to my surprise, Jem was Jemian Traha—.


‘Does this make sense?’


「A height approaching two meters, a muscular body, and hair shining red under the sun.


Watching the commoner mercenary leader, the red wild dog Jemian Traha, subdue the demon beasts in the lead with one gauntlet, his men became full of fighting spirit.」 


I pulled both cheeks and opened my mouth wide.


It’s not because I’m a human full of prejudice. Anyone who has read the novel will certainly not be able to think of it as a woman when they see the portrayal of Jemian Traha.


A height approaching two meters and a muscular body, just how on earth—.


‘Author, there is a problem.’


I concluded so.


The sarcastic voice of the unknown writer seemed to sound like a hallucination.


“Ahaha, I never said she was a man?” —just like that. 


‘Author, why is your description so unkind…?’


At this point, I can only say that she wrote it on purpose to fool me, who will be reincarnated in the book. 


‘How many times have I been stabbed in the back of the head now?’


The main character even rebelled because of his daughter, but they didn’t even mention the name ‘Lilith’.


If they had written it, I would have noticed the fact that ‘James Brown = Enoch Rubinstein’.


Also, if it continues like this, Oscar, the Lord of the Wizard Tower, will continue to be suspicious. 


I’m sure there’s something about me in the original work, but it’s not described, so can I find out?


“Ugh, the author is really strange…” 




I wanted to cry, but I made up my mind and carefully looked at Jem gain. 


At first glance, no one would know if it was a woman with red hair cut short like a man’s.


There, as expected from the hopeful genius even since she was young. Even at the age of 11, she is much taller than her peers and has broad shoulders. 


The martial arts with the pure physical. 


“Jem, have you been paid for two years so far?”


“Ah, ung.”


Jem’s ears turned red, and she bowed her head, perhaps because she was embarrassed that she was being paid.


“You always get zero points on the theory test, right?


“Uh-huh… No, why are you talking about that all of a sudden!”


“Still, you’re good at martial arts.” 


“Right! I beat all those stupid aristocrats!”


Jem sticks out her chest as if proud. I just stared at Jem.


Perhaps misunderstanding my gaze, Jem blushed and bit her lips.


“Theory…, do you think anyone wants to fail? The teachers always ignore me when I ask something I don’t know. There is no one to tell me what to do alone.”


“I see…”


“That’s why I can’t memorize magic formulas, so I can’t use any magic, so no one wants to have a monthly evaluation with me.”


“I see, then….” 


I patted Jem on the shoulder as if to comfort her. 


The monthly evaluation is held every month, but not everyone could take the test because four people had to be in a group.


1st in practice, 1st in theory.


Jem, who can’t use magic at all and can only use her body. 


There would be no children who would put her in the same group.


‘Tsk tsk. You don’t know how great Jamion Traha is.’


Me, Cheshire, and Jem.


I smiled sinisterly as I imagined the members of the end-of-month evaluation team who had already gathered three Av*ngers.


“Don’t worry, Jem. I will help you.”




“Let’s do the monthly evaluation with me.”


“W, what? Really? But I failed in theory….” 


“Don’t worry about that either.”


I wrapped my short arm around Jem’s shoulder.


Jem, who swallowed saliva, leaned over so I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.


“Trust me. I’m a 9th level in tutoring. The kid I taught went to the Department of Mathematics Education at Soul University.”


“…What is that?” 


“No, you don’t have to know. Anyway.”


I spoke to Jem with affection.


“It’s a special training from today!”


* * *


In the afternoon, there was finally the first practical training.


I walked arm-in-arm with Jem and headed for the auditorium.


There were so many kids in the auditorium because people from different majors often shared practical skills.


“I need to be educated there….” 


[Martial Arts department – Hand-to-hand combats] 


Jem muttered, pointing to a sign standing at a distance.


I nodded and tried to untie my arms, but Jem grabbed my arms tightly for some reason.


“…I’ll go when class starts, well.”


“Ahaha! Okay! Let’s play with me more!”


While I was chatting with Jem, someone touched my shoulder from behind.


It was Cheshire.


“Oh! Cheshire, are you here?”


Cheshire nodded, glanced at Jem, and spoke to me.


“The kid you were looking for, the Jemian Traha, wasn’t there. Are you sure about the martial arts department?”


“Huh? You were looking for me?” 


Jem’s eyes widened. Cheshire looked at her. 


I scratched my head between the two.


“Mmhm. Cheshire, I found it. I was mistaken. Jem was a girl, not a boy. She was even my roommate.”


It’s dark under the lamp—.


“Why did you look for me?”


I patted the surprised Jem’s arm and wrapped it around.


“I just heard rumors. There is a poor friend who is first in practice but last in theory….” 


“What? Am I that famous?”


“It’s okay, Jem. Don’t be upset. You decided to take special training from me anyway.”


I grabbed Jem’s and Chesier’s hands and pulled them into the middle. 


“Say hello to each other. Let’s get along well together.”


A relationship that started at a training center!


The best comrades, Cheshire and Jemian!


“It’s Jemian Traha.”


“…It’s Cheshire.”


“Huh? Is that all?”




“O, oh, okay.” 


I was proud to see the still awkward scene of the two shaking hands.


Later, the two of them will beat the monster together, set up camp during the subjugation, and share the back legs of the wild boar. 


How impressive it is to be working on the original work step by step, like putting together a puzzle!


“Guys, let’s take a monthly evaluation together. I need four, so let’s think about one more.”


“H, huh?”


Jem was surprised.




“No, that… Are you going to be okay?”


“About what?” 


Jem looked sorry.


“Usually, the kids with the highest nameplate color form a group together. Since everyone avoids white, there is a rule that requires one white person to be included, but….” 


Jem glanced at Cheshire’s white name tag. 


“I didn’t know you had a friend who was originally going to be with you. Well, I’m fine. Just do it with him and look for the rest with high name tags.” 


Monthly evaluation is a virtual field hunt for monster illusions.


Naturally, the choice of group members was very important.


The better the ability of the group members, the higher the score, and the faster the graduation will be.


Everyone wanted to team up with children with high name tags.


“No, Jem.”




I held back my laughter and shook my head.


‘One is a first-class person who doesn’t know the real strength yet, and one person is a person who can chew on the rank!’


I’m not accepting it as a group member as if I’m being generous, but I’m thinking of taking the bus for group assignments.


Swallowing the words, I held Jem’s hand.


“It doesn’t matter. Let’s get the other one as a friend with a white name tag. That way, white name tag friends can graduate quickly too.” 


“A, are you serious? What kind of gold takes three white nametag people—” 


“Mmhm. Of course, I’m serious.” 


Jem, unaware of my insidious intentions, looked moved because she thought I was giving her a ride on the bus. 


“Lilith! I’ll do my best. So that you don’t suffer alone!”


“Phew. What do you mean suffer.” 


Hoho, you and Cheshire will carry it.


“Cheshire, is it okay for you to take the test with Jem?”


“It doesn’t matter with me.” 


Jem cut in excitedly.


“L, let’s do our best, Cheshire!”




It’s so heart-warming.


“Lilith, I am really confident!  I’ve never been to the monthly evaluation field yet, but I will never harm you!”


Jem opened the cloth bag slung over her shoulder and pulled something out.


It was a gauntlet.


Her main weapon covered the back of her hand to her elbow.


I opened my mouth as I watched Jem wearing gauntlets on both arms.


“Hey, that’s cool….” 




Jem smiled proudly as I admired it.


Not only Jem but Cheshire also carries the wonderful wooden swords given here.


“Both of you are cool….” 


Unlike the children of the magic department, the children of the martial arts department all had weapons. 


This is because martial arts majors are taught how to put mana into weapons such as swords, gauntlets, spears, and bows. 


So, it’s like my Dad dancing with a sword, but he does it with a poker.


“You have a weapon too….” 


Seeing my envious expression, Jem laughed again. 


“You’re from magic department. You don’t need a weapon.”


“No. I have it too.” 




I laughed and put the bear bag I was carrying behind me forward.


Then, I took out my weapon that I had prepared and raised it into the air.


“Ta-da! Look at this!”


It doesn’t matter if I don’t have it, but I brought it for a grand effect.


“It’s Princess Lara!”


—Cheshire’s gift, Princess Lara Magic Stick!


“Ah, why on earth did you bring that?”


Cheshire covered his eyes with his hands as if he was embarrassed.


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Comments (4)

  1. I’d be embarrassed too Cheshire….. Imagining a grown ass 32 y/o woman doing all this shit is the only bad part about this novel. Why tf did the author make her transmigrate?!? He could’ve made her a regressor so at the very least there wouldn’t be any second hand embarrassment….

    1. Idk about the author’s gender, so i apologize for writing “he”. Instead, please read it as “they”

    2. she’s less a 32 y/o woman and more a 7 year old girl with the memories and knowledge (without the maturity) of an adult