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Axion stood in front of the warp gate with his cape flapping as if he didn’t want to hear any more of the silly comments. 


“Don’t delay and let’s go right away.”


My dad kept looking at me with a big smile like he wasn’t shy at all. 


“My baby. Kiss. Um.”


“Stophh itt.” 


As I watched the Paladin uncles passing through the gate one after another, I pushed my dad’s lips, who kept kissing me. Meanwhile, we passed the warp gate. 




And I was amazed to instantly experience the magic of unfolding a completely different space. 


High ceilings.


Sacred murals.


Magnificent pillars.


And each of the priests’ holy faces showed surprise.


‘M, magic is the best, really.’


It was the gatehouse to the capital’s Temple of Pavil. 


“Sir Enoch.”


The white-haired grandpa in the middle of the priests stepped forward.


“You really are back.”


“It’s been a while, High Priest.”


When my dad returned, the high priest’s grandpa and all the young priests standing behind him looked surprised. And the existence of me, the daughter of Enoch Rubinstein, in my dad’s arms. 


“May the blessings of Primera be with you.” 


The high priest, who looked at me blankly, said hello and hurriedly moved away. Then my dad swung past them as if there was nothing else to see. The bewildered priests followed behind my dad like subordinates. 


“Excuse me… Sir Enoch, are you going home right away?”


“Shouldn’t the return ceremony be held casually?” 


“We were informed that you might come back, so we prepared it….” 


Dad turned around before leaving the door.


“Aren’t there going to be a return ceremony at the imperial family anyway? I’ll see you then. Today’s trip is long and I’m worried that my daughter will be tired.”


The priests, who had only looked at me briefly before, then looked at me directly. 


It was all an interesting look. Well, that’s understandable.


Enoch Rubinstein suddenly disappeared and returned seven years later with his daughter, who had disappeared with him seven years ago. So perhaps, for the time being, it was clear that everyone, not just the temple, would pay attention to me. 


As a quick-witted child, I politely put my hands together toward the priests and then said the greeting I learned right away.


“May the blessings of Primera be with you….”


The priests were astonished and moved.


“Ooh, thank you!”


“May the blessing of Primera be with the princess as well!”


* * *


As soon as I left the temple in the middle of the capital, I was right in the middle of the city. 


“W, whoa…” 


After spending my entire life in a small village in the southern mountains, the scenery of the Capital Pavil was a fresh shock.


“There are so many people.”


Stone buildings that are tall and stylish are stacked next to each other. And it was crowded with people dressed in various outfits. Even well-managed famous horses who move beautifully across the city pulling colorful carriages—.


“Baby, see you later.”


“Lilith. take care.” 


“Ung. Goodbye, uncles.”


It’s time for officials to leave work after completing their duties. I waved to Philip and Ben, who greeted me separately. 


“Don’t go anywhere else and go home right away.” 


“How long do you think it will take us to get to Capital? Hurry up.” 


Axion returns with disapproving eyes at my dad, who is waving his hand as if annoyed—. Finally, my dad and I were the only ones left in the busy Capital.


“Uhm, princess.”




“Are you really not going to ride a carriage?”




“You have to walk for 15 minutes to get home? Your legs will hurt, should I hug you?” 


“Phew, dad. Dad kept carrying me around, so I forgot how to walk. Now I want to walk. Let’s walk. I want to see the Capital.” 


“Yeah, of course. Can you tell me right away if your leg hurts instead?”




I grabbed my dad’s hand and started walking through the city in the late afternoon. 


‘Now, it’s just the beginning. Let’s be alert.’


I had a very big accident that made it impossible for the original work to begin before it even began, so I had to pick up the pieces. 


‘I have to proceed with the original no matter what. So the first thing to do is….’


“Hello, Paladin. The glory and grace of Primera….” 




“Thank you all the time. Primera’s high….” 




…Right, I should have just taken a carriage. I tried to think while walking, but the annoying and tiring situation had repeated about 10 times already.  No matter where they are from, nobles and commoners bow down to my dad. 


It was because of my dad’s blue cloak, which symbolized the ‘Dos’ class. 


‘I knew it, but it’s too much. What kind of country is this? Why are you kneeling down on the street and saying hello?’


It was crazy.


But if it weren’t for a novel with a worldview that broke people’s sense of human rights—.


‘The main character would not have caused a revolution, nor would I have used it as the subject of a dissertation.’


I began to think again, pressing my temples with my tiny fingers.


‘So the first thing I have to do is…!’


Find another main character, Cheshire, and let him meet my Dad. 


Because my dad can’t change this deeply rooted evil empire on his own. Because Cheshire’s help was vital.


Then, Cheshire Rubinstein.


Who is he?

1. Class, Dos.

2. The Captain of the Swordsman Knights of the ‘Dos Magic Swordsman Knight.’

3. Magic Swordsman, Swordmaster, and Rubinstein’s Young Master.

4. In terms of setting, the strongest two-top worldview along with Enoch Rubinstein.

5. Slow blow fist. 

6. Originally, he was abused as an illegitimate child of a certain noble family, and by chance, he caught Enoch Rubinstein’s eye and was adopted as an adopted child. 

‘The problem is how to make the reason look like it happened by chance!’


The first encounter between my dad and Cheshire is unknown because it doesn’t appear in the novel. But since his daughter is still alive, it’s likely that my dad won’t be interested in Cheshire anymore. Therefore, it’s my job to set up a meeting between the two.


‘It’s like looking for a needle in the desert.’


I feel despair as I look around the overpopulated city.






It was weird because it was quiet, and my dad’s eyes looked elsewhere.


It was a dark alley across the street.


“What’s wrong? What is there?” 


Dad looked down at me for a moment, smiled, and moved on.


“It’s nothing. Let’s go.”




I, the quick-witted child, caught my dad to stop.


“What happened there?” 


“No, just. It seemed like there was a fight. Anyway, we don’t have to worry about it because the security guard is on patrol. Let’s go, princess.”


“Who fights over there? Shouldn’t we stop it?” 


“That’s true, but our princess shouldn’t be in danger for no reason.”




I was speechless. Because the Enoch Rubinstein I know is not one who would have overlooked this situation.


‘I am the problem, I am the problem. Phew.’


I realized that I was a big problem for the main character’s sense of justice. 


“Don’t do that and let’s check it. Ung? Dad’s so strong, it’ll be fine.” 


“Is that so?” 


He felt uneasy, as expected, so my dad quickly grabbed my hand and headed to the alley. 


And the moment I entered.




I shut my mouth at the unexpected sight. 


If it was this novel, I thought it was obvious that those in power were harassing those without power—.


However, surprisingly, it was children. To be exact, children who were middle school students were mercilessly beating one elementary school student.


“Y, you what are you doing!” 


The five kids all turned around at the same time.


I shouted in anger. 


“T, this punk!” 


The silence fell for a moment. My dad, who was about to intervene, looked down at me with wide eyes.




It was a little uncomfortable for a 7-year-old girl to say. 


“K, knight? Hello. The glory and grace of Primera….”




The boy in the middle saw my dad’s blue cape and immediately fell on his stomach in shame.


“What are you doing?”


“Ah! I’m sorry if I made a fuss. Because that commoner doesn’t say hello—”


“D, do you beat someone for not saying hello? And even kids?”


The kid got angry and looked at me blankly and said. 


“Uh… Priest? But I’m an Octava though?” (*Octava: 4th rank among the 6 powerful ranks)




I was so dumbfounded.


“…No, if you people with power, can you beat people like this?” 






The silence fell again.


The children just stared at each other.


‘Can we beat him? Of course, we can beat him.’


I laughed.


In this terrible view of the world, this happens all the time. If that commoner really didn’t greet them, the one at fault is, sadly, the commoner. A situation in which a group did violence, but the people who did it were not guilty at all. It was because they were people with power and noble.


Dad stepped forward on my behalf when I was speechless.


“Don’t make a fuss and go.”


“Y, yes!” 


“The glory and grace of Primera—!” 




“Ah, yes!”


There’s nothing my dad can do either.


It’s like grabbing a random person and asking, “Why are you breathing?” As if there was nothing to say—.


It was definitely a crime, but it was just a situation like breathing.


‘A real revolution is urgently needed, dad.’


It was very bitter to feel the reality of this dark worldview.


“The capital is a really great place to live….”


As I mumbled sarcastically, my dad knelt down in front of me. Then, he touched my cheek with a dark expression and opened his mouth.


“Princess, you know.”


“Oh, wait!”


I remembered the kid who was beaten.


I hurriedly ran.


“Are you okay? uh, whoa! Blood—“ 


The boy got up without a fuss and used his hand to wipe his mouth, which had been hit. Then he looked at me with an expressionless face.


Beautiful red eyes.


But his eyes were empty, like a person whose life had no meaning.


‘I, is this the kind of eyes that can come out at this age?’


I sighed and looked through the priest’s uniform I was wearing to wipe off the blood first. I had the rabbit handkerchief that my dad had bought me.


“Excuse me, you know. Let’s start with the blood here—ah!” 




As I put the handkerchief to the boy’s mouth, he hit my hand hard with his hand. I grabbed the back of my hand and stared blankly at the boy. There was no expression on his face, but I could tell what mental state he was in.


It looks like a cat with its fur standing up and on guard—.


“S, sorry…Sorry for the sudden touch. I’ll leave it here.”


I carefully placed the handkerchief on the boy’s thigh. He didn’t move and just stared at me. I was looking at a boy like that and suddenly.




It wasn’t until later that I was surprised by his overall appearance. 


It was strange. 


‘I feel sorry to think about this when I saw a child who was just getting hit, but—’


I think he looks handsome? 


Once you see it, you will never forget it. I wondered if it was even possible to make such a clear impression at such a young age. And even—.


‘Black hair, red eyes.’


I stumbled while covering my mouth, fell backward, and fell on my buttocks. 




I looked back at my dad’s startled voice. Likewise, I see the amazingly handsome face of my dad. I remembered the strict rule I had promised not to forget.


‘There is no such thing as a handsome extra.’


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