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“I should brag about the gift you gave me!”


“Haa. You don’t need to….” 


It’s true that I don’t need it for a magic major.


But as I said, I brought it for a grand effect. 


“That’s not it again. Come on, look. Can’t you see those envious eyes?”


I held my pink wand higher.


Some of the girls who recognized Princess Lara’s wand were like, “Wow.” and exclaimed. 


“Hihi. Guys, have a good class. See you later.”




“Ung, see you later!”

Cheshire and Jem went to their respective class areas, and I also headed to the place where the [Magic Department] sign was set up.


As I approached, several of the children gathered there whispered.


“She’s a special entrant who came the other day. Why is she already listening to the practice?”


“She wouldn’t have completed basic education already. Could it be that they just let it through?”


“Aha, I guess so. But Rubinstein is like that, but that boy from earlier is a commoner.” 


“Then that kid must be a genius.”


They were whispering quietly, but I heard everything. 


I became an idiot and gold spoon who suddenly passed the basic education with my back–.


‘Ha, should I show my skills?’


I quietly gnashed my teeth.


Soon after, a researcher in charge of practical skills from the Magic Department came and class began. 


Today’s practical class was simple.


Light a candle.


Twenty plump candles were lined up at the ready.


It would be very easy to flick a match and light the wick, but it’s difficult with magic.


‘Flame’ to light a fire.


‘Casting’ to set a specific location.


This is because you have to draw two magic formulas in your head and use mana to cast them.


It was naturally difficult to light up as many as 20 candles at the same time.


“Sophia Turner. Three.”


The researcher recorded the children’s grades on the chart.


When the three came out, exclamations broke out among the children.


It was the best record.


A girl named Sophia Turner returned to her seat proudly.




The researcher, who had been flipping through the charts with a nonchalant expression, suddenly smiled.


“Princess Lilith Rubinstein?”


“Ah, yes.”


The children made dissatisfied faces at the attitude of the other researcher.


I heard some whispers like, “It’s discrimination.”, “She doesn’t even get a basic education.”


I ignored the voices and left, standing in front of the first candle and holding out Princess Lara’s wand.


‘I guess I was more interested than I thought.’


I thought of a way to light a fire in a flashy way.


I aimed my wand and lit the first wick.


Then, I walked slowly to the side.




Twenty candles were lit one after another.




“Wow, o, oh my…!”

“What, what is that?”


When the kids sitting close together turned around, their eyes widened.  




I laughed inwardly.


“L, Lilith Rubinstein. Twenty. You are really amazing, Princess!”


The researcher put my grades on the chart and made a fuss.


The murmur of voices stopped, and the auditorium became quiet as if cold water had been poured on it.


Even the children from the gymnastics club who were far away were looking this way in surprise.


At that time,


Clap, clap, clap.


A heavy applause was heard.


Everyone’s heads turned toward the auditorium entrance.


‘What, what is it? Why are you coming out of there?’


I rubbed my eyes.




It was the Emperor.


“Huh! We meet the great Primera!”


“We meet the great Primera!”


The embarrassed researchers bowed to the Emperor, and the children bowed in unison. 


‘No, the Emperor isn’t some kind of back alley market merchant, so why is he wandering around everywhere? Are you free?’


I was sarcastic to myself.


Of course, if he uses the warp gate once in his own house, he will arrive at the training camp.


‘Looks like he’s here for a performance again.’


The Emperor came to me in the middle of the silence that made everyone hold their breath.


How can a person be so transparent?


“As expected, Rubinstein. That’s great, princess.”


“I’m flattered!”


“There is nothing to be humble about. If you are a person of great ability, you also need an attitude that recognizes your superiority.”


What is he talking about? Talking about teaching good things. 


“Come here.”


The Emperor hugged me again with a soft smile.


Then he asked the researcher, who was lowering his head.


“How is the princess learning speed?”


“It’s very excellent. She completed the basic education in one day yesterday and entered the theory education immediately. She got first place in practical skills today.”


“That’s amazing.” 


The Emperor patted me on the head.


I could see the disgusting desire in his eyes, even though he seemed very sweet.


“At this rate, she will be able to receive her rank at the end of next month.”


“It should be possible.”


The Emperor seemed to want me to graduate quickly with a badge of ability. 


Only then will he be branded me as a conscription target, and he will be able to hold on to my Dad’s leash and shake it.


‘Yeah, I’m sorry, but it won’t work the way you think.’


I also have been waiting for the day to receive the badge.


Because I really want to see the expression of the Emperor, who will be horribly distorted when he sees my completely unexpected rank.


“But this doesn’t suit you very well.”


The Emperor frowned at my wand.


Then, with a snap, he grabbed my hand that was holding the magic wand.


Then, at that moment.




The fake jewels on the magic wand began to twist and change.


The crude jewel model was instantly crafted and glistened beautifully.




“I, it’s cool…” 


It wasn’t just the appearance that made it plausible.


The red model was changed to a real ruby, and the transparent model to a real diamond.


An ability that is comparable to alchemy.


It was impossible with simple magic, and Primera Emperor could do it.


“It suits you a bit now.”


The Emperor laughed.


Everyone was staring at me as I was hugged by the Emperor with open mouths and envious faces.


‘I want to hit you, really.’


I answered cautiously, paying attention not to mix my inner feelings with the words that came out.


“Thank you!”


‘Why are you making a fuss by upgrading our Cheshire gifts, you XXX! XXXX!’


* * *


“Now, look. This magic formula is in the shape of a square, right? But one side is 3. Then, will the area of the entire magic formula be square?”


“Three times three? Then 9.”


“Ding dong deng! You’re really good. So now you can use this square-shaped magic from here to here with an area of 9?”


“Wow, I got it!”


Customized one-on-one math tutoring that started that evening.


Jem and I sat side by side on the bed and studied multiplication for a while.


“Why are you doing that to her?” 


Alicia, who was watching, puffed out her cheeks.


“Do you care”


Jem accepted right away.


“Y, you!”

“Don’t fight, don’t fight.”


I gave Jem the multiplication tables I had written and got up.


“The teachers won’t teach Jem. I’m trying to help her.”


“Hmph. You are so nice, Lilith.”


“Haha. Me? I don’t know.” 


Innocent Alicia. You don’t even know my insidious mind thinking of taking a bus to pick out talented people—.


I shrugged my shoulders, climbed up to the bed and began to pack my bags.


I’ll just get ready for class tomorrow.


‘Oh, right! The bracelet Oscar gave me.’


While packing my bag, I found a forgotten gift from Oscar.


The red heart-shaped crystal on the pearl chain was childish looking at it again—.


‘Hmm, but since it’s a gift, should I use it?’


I chuckled and put the bracelet on my right wrist.


“By the way, Lilith! I heard you were really great during your practice today. Rumors have spread.”


“Oh, right! We didn’t see it because we didn’t have training today.” 


Alicia and Diane, who were on the second floor across from my bed, made a fuss as if they remembered.


“Ahem. That’s it, well.”


“Hmph, I want to see it too. We’re all healers, so Lilith and us don’t overlap a single class.” 


Michelle grumbled on the first floor.


“Hehe. Then should I show you?”


“Wow, now?”


“Yes, show me! I want to see it!”


When I looked at the children’s sparkling eyes, the DNA of the seed of interest inside me raised its head again.


“Hmm, what can I show you?”






A heart-shaped flame was drawn in the air.




“I, it’s amazing! Really!” 


“So cool!”

I sniffed my nose


Then all of a sudden.


‘Eh. What is this?’


Oscar’s bracelet.


On top of the heart-shaped crystal, an unprecedented letter was engraved.




it disappeared soon after.


‘3 seconds? what? No, but was this an electronic bracelet?’


How could science have advanced this far? It was the first time.


I turned the bracelet around.


No matter how I look at it, it wasn’t a machine.


There is no hole to put batteries in.


‘What is this really? Wait, what did I just do, and the numbers going up? Ah!’


I suddenly realized it and lit a small flame on my fingertips.




This time, ‘1 second’ appeared in the heart and then disappeared.




Oh my.


‘Time’ that comes to mind whenever I use magic.


I blankly opened my mouth.


“This is a magic tool.”


“Really? What kind of magic tool is it?”


“You will know when you go to the training center. Use it with care.”


I swallowed my saliva and looked at the bracelet.


‘This, don’t tell me….’


Whenever I use magic, I consume life force.


If my guess is correct, this is what I used to cast magic.


It was a magic tool that showed ‘lifespan’.


Thump, thump, thump.


My heart was beating so fast that I grabbed my chest.


‘N, no, no way.’


A gift that cannot be given without knowing my identity.


The Lord of the Wizard Tower, Oscar Manuel.


He is.


‘He knew everything…?’


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  1. I’ve read K-novel translations before where there seems to be an idiom about riding a bus. It’s cool to read it here since Lilith keeps mentioning it so I kinda get the meaning from the context; it’s like gathering allies or something to complete a goal.

    1. It’s more than that, or rather worse than that. In a bus, you don’t drive, you just sit there and it takes you to where you want to go, so “riding a bus” means you’re being carried, i.e you don’t do anything and let someone else do all the work.