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I shivered.


“You grew up! Are you going to expose your true identity here and there?”


“T, then what should I do? Am I just watching the Lord of the Wizard Tower die?”


“Don’t tell me. Do you think I will die?” 


“I don’t know… How can I be so sure….”


“Sigh, damn it.”


Oscar, who sat down with his legs open, swept his hair.


“Come here.”


I nodded gracefully and went to stand in front of him.


Oscar flipped my bangs and looked around at my face.


“How much did you spend?”


“I would have grown six months.”


“It doesn’t really show. That’s a relief.”


“Yes. It’s okay because I have to grow up to be seven years old anyway.”


He smiled and stroked my hair. Then my silver hair was cut off, fell to the floor, and disappeared. 


My vision, which had been slightly covered by my bangs, opened as before. 


“Wow… Thank you for cutting my hair….” 


“I don’t know your body, but your hair is the most obvious, so if you use it for something big, cut it at the right time. Don’t use your ability to cut it because it’s annoying. Carry scissors and cut with scissors. Okay?” 


“Yes I will.”


Oscar and I stared at each other in silence.


There were many things I wanted to ask.


But I couldn’t ask.


It was because I realized something from Oscar’s words a moment ago.


“Because this is ‘forbidden.’”


It means that he can’t tell me how he knows my identity.


By already saying the word “forbidden,” he gave me some hints.


Perhaps because of that reflex, he came to see Hell’s door a moment ago.


‘I’ll have to guess the rest.’


Thinking about it, I lifted my sleeve and wiped the blood from Oscar’s mouth that hadn’t dried yet.


“To do something useless.”


Oscar groaned, grabbed my wrist, and used magic to get the blood off my white uniform.


“But why did you come?”




Oscar leaned his head back with a tired look and sighed.


“The Emperor personally called me today. I was told not to take you to the Wizard Tower.”


“Ah, I see…” 


It wasn’t very surprising.


Oscar probably thought that even the Emperor wouldn’t be able to wield himself as the Lord of the Wizard Tower—.


‘Isn’t the Emperor a man whose dream is to put the title of King of Conqueror in front of his name before he dies?’


For that reason, it was actually much more beneficial to hold on to Dad’s leash than to maintain a good relationship with the Wizard Tower while thinking about future generations. 


‘He’s going to choose my Dad between the Lord of the Wizard Tower and my Dad. I knew it a long time ago.’


So it was already expected.


“But I said I wouldn’t go to the Wizard Tower anyway, right?”


“Hey, were you serious? Do you mind if your father goes to war?”


Oscar wriggled his eyebrows.


“Well, if it’s me, I don’t care what your father is doing.”


I just stared at the grunting Oscar.


He was worried about me.


He even knew my identity and hid it.


Taking me to the Wizard Tower and trying to stop the Emperor from grabbing my Dad’s leash. 


“I’m okay. Don’t worry. I have an idea.”


“What’s your idea?”




I didn’t answer, and I just stared at Oscar. Oscar looked into my eyes for a long time.


Eventually, he smiled.


“Yeah, well. You’re not a fool, so you must have a way. I believe in you.” 


“Of course.”


“No, by the way. You’re so funny. Strangely, I think I remember everything, but why me….” 


Oscar, who was talking, shut his mouth. 


“…Butterflyyy. Look, there. Butterflies fly.”




Seeing that he was looking for a butterfly out of the blue, he seemed to want to cover his mouth for fear of breaking the forbidden again.




Oscar nervously scratched his head and jumped up. 


“I don’t want to vomit again. Then I will leave.” 


“T, Teacher!” 


Oscar turned around.


I pursed my lips and said.


“T, there is something I want to say… but, I can’t because I’m afraid that if I say something wrong, Teacher will vomit blood like before…”




“Instead, I will think a lot on my own…” 


I held up the bracelet.


“Thank you so much for this. It’s not childish at all and it’s really pretty.”


Oscar laughed.




I continued to look at him until he disappeared, waving my hand. 


* * *




It’s a word I remember seeing in the original.


When I see Oscar spilling blood while trying to say something he shouldn’t—.


It seems that bringing up the word “forbidden” itself has become a violation of the forbidden. 


‘What is it really?’


I remembered Oscar from the original story.


To be exact, when Cheshire went to visit Oscar.


‘It was them time to frantically find a way to make Theo better.’


「Oscar snorted at the young guy’s spirit to come and find a way to cure Theo Antrace’s illness. 


“How can I help you? No one can cure his disease. Except for Primera. Although the Emperor will not cut off his own lifespan to save your brother.” 


“I know that the Wizard Tower has been studying disuse magic for a long time.” 


“What, this madman?”


Disuse magic. (t/n : The korean is 불용(不用) 마법.) 


It was a magic that invaded the realm of the Gods, and ordinary people with abilities weren’t allowed to use it.


Because it was something that only the Emperor, Primera, who was like a god in this world, had the authority to do. 


“You’re crazy punk. Yeah, what do you need? Resurrection? Regression? Creation?”




“All useless. If you revive him after dying, the innate disease will remain the same, and if you turn back time, it will only hurt once more as it has been until now.”




“And do you think the disuse magic can be used just because you do it? Then all of them are Gods?”




“It requires a huge price, but using it creates a ‘forbidden’ on me. If I break the forbidden by mistake, I will lose my life. Why should I do that?” 


Oscar clicked his tongue and tossed a worn-out ancient book in front of Cheshire.


“As you said, this is a book left by my ancestors who were dangerously studying disuse magic. There’s a line or two about the disease, so you can look it up or not.”」


I frowned and put all my strength to my head.


There are three things that can be known from the contents of the original work.


  1. Disuse magic has resurrection, regression, and creation.


  1. It requires a huge price to use the disuse magic.


  1. I don’t know what it is for the person who used the disuse magic, but it’s forbidden (if you break this, you lose your lifel). 


‘And now Oscar is under the forbidden. He used some kind of disuse magic.’


Oscar knows my identity.


Then, did he come back after seeing the end of the original story?




I’m thinking about it seriously—.


“Shouldn’t that be stopped?”


“Leave it alone, just… It’s just a commoner…”

“What if she die?” 


“What does that have to do with us?”


I heard the dangerous conversation of the children, so I raised my head.


[Martial Arts department – Hand-to-hand combats] 


Hand-to-hand combats sharing the outdoor practical training ground today.


I saw children engaged in 1-on-1 sparring for a while, and among them, I found Bruce and Jem.






Bruce excitedly threw his fist into the air. Wind pressure erupted incessantly from his gauntlets.


Jem, who couldn’t use magic yet, was beaten helplessly.




I shouted and stood in front of Jem. Bruce was startled.


“Are you crazy?” 


In an instant, I saw Bruce’s expression as if he was thinking the same thing as me.


So that’s—.


The expression of ‘Is it you again?’




Blue mana extended like a fist from Bruce’s gauntlets.


“I, it’s dangerous, Lilith!”


At the same time, Jem pushed me and got hit instead. Her body rolled and flew about 2 meters away.


“J, Jem! Are you okay?”


“Yeah! I’m fine. What about you? You’re not hurt, are you?”


Even though her face hurt, Jem was busy worrying about me. Blood dripped from her nose, I was surprise. 




I ran to Bruce in a fit of anger.


“Hey! What is your problem?”


“Ugh, sorry. I was going to hit her, but you suddenly interrupted and I didn’t see it.”


Lies. Bruce obviously made eye contact with me and then attacked.


He must have wanted to take the opportunity to hit me.


“Are you going to kill your friend?”


“Hmm? Friends, who? That kid?”


Bruce snorted.


“I’m not a friend with her, though?” 


“Ah, yeah. I’ll say it again. Are you going to kill a person?” 




Bruce laughed again.


“She’s not even a person—” 




“How can a commoner be a person?”




I was speechless at Bruce’s confident statement.


Bruce came closer as if he wanted to say something to me, who was just blankly opening his mouth.


“Hey, I’ve been suffering until now, but now I’m going to tell you.”


Bruce pointed to the children around him. All the children were watching us.


“There are so many kids who hate you. Didn’t you know?”




“Since you came, the white name tags have not listened to us. They don’t do what they’re told, and if I say something, they rebel.”


“Did you hire commoners as servants? Otherwise, the white name tag kids don’t have to listen to you.”


“No, you are wrong.”


Bruce shook his head.


“Commoners are not people. It’s like a domestic cow, horse, or pig. They’re just a talking stock.”




Wow, he really got some fantastic home education.


“No. Commoners are people too. Just because you’re low in rank and can’t use magic, don’t think of them as cows, horses, or pigs.”


I continued, turning to the children watching us.


“The same goes for you guys. Wake up. You can’t swear, beat, or treated them like a slave! Is this difficult?”


The children averted my eyes and grumbled. Even if they couldn’t refute it openly, they all seemed dissatisfied.


Noble. People with ability.


For these children, what they saw and learned as soon as they were born was class.


If I suddenly say something like this, it will only confuse them.


‘I’m really at a loss….’


If it’s the same as the original, it’s a revolution that will take another 10 years.


There was nothing I could do right now unless I killed the Emperor and rooted out the hierarchy.


Ironically, the only thing they could do was intimidate by borrowing the power of that class. 


“Never mind, you have to listen to me, right? Don’t pick a fight with your white name tag friends from now on. Don’t even hit them like this while pretending to fight. If I catch you one more time, I’ll burn your hair! Do you understand? 




Bruce didn’t answer and gritted his teeth frighteningly, lowering his eyes.


It was then.


“Commoners are people too…It sounds funny.”


Someone who came up to me and Bruce.


A large shadow cast over me, and when I looked up, it was a man in a white uniform.


‘What? Who is it?’


Gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes.


As if laughing at me, the corners of his mouth twisted up.



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