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The man was wearing a uniform and gloves and holding a chart like the other researchers.


It was a face I didn’t know, but there was one thing for sure.


‘At least it’s a supporting role.’


It was a rare handsome face.


It’s funny to judge the importance based on appearance, but I’ve never been wrong so far—.


“It’s not enough to make a fuss during training, and you don’t hesitate to say something that disturbs the old order here.”




“It seems that blood can’t be fooled. Seeing that you look exactly like your father.”


The man laughed and looked at me with cold eyes.


“Who are you?”


I asked, wary.


The man laughed again.


Then, Jem came next to me and whispered in my ear.


“This person is the martial arts department’s education officer. He’s here for the first time today. The person in charge has changed since today.”


“What’s his name?”


“I don’t know. He hasn’t introduced himself yet.”


I whispered with Jem and looked up at the man again.


I don’t know, but he was a high-ranking aristocrat with a very arrogant look and a noble dignity in his gestures.


And judging from my actions as being very rude—.


‘A high-ranking powerful man with a tight grip. Then are you roughly a villain?’


Who is the supporting villain who will appear in the training center at this point?


I couldn’t think of anything. I asked one more time because I was frustrated.


“Who are you—”


“Oh, right. Introduction.”


The man took his eyes off me and turned to the children.


“My name is Alexei Antrace, who will be in charge of the martial arts training starting today. Temporarily for about a month.”


What? I blinked blankly when I heard the man’s name—.


“U, U, Uncle?!”

I was soon astonished.


The man, no, my Uncle grinned at me.


‘Why is my Uncle suddenly here?’


The children started to mumble.


Uncle opened her mouth and looked down at me for a long time in surprise, then raised his hand and covered his eyes.


His tightly pursed lips trembled. For some reason, he seemed to be holding back a laugh.


“I’m really going crazy…” 


The expression of my Uncle who removed his hand from covering his eyes again and looked at me was softer than before. 


“Lilith Rubinstein.” 


“H, Hello…” 


My Uncle clenched his lips when he saw me bowing.


Whoo, He took a deep breath and opened his arms to me. 




“…No? Just once.”


Is it a hug?


Well, it’s my Uncle so there’s nothing difficult about it.


‘But the expressions and lines were so villainous…’


My Uncle lowered his arm, perhaps recognizing that I was wary.


“So you don’t want to…” 


“I, it’s not like that?!” 


I gave my Uncle a quick hug for now.


Then my Uncle hugged me lightly and got up. His arms were trembling.


I’m light, so the reason he’s trembling is not because I’m heavy, as expected—.


‘He seems to be very fond of me.’


Putting aside my worries that he might be a villain for a while, I hugged my uncle’s neck and clung to him.


“Nice to meet you, Uncle!”




My Uncle couldn’t take his eyes off me. I also carefully examined my uncle’s handsome face.


‘Somehow, it’s the first time I’ve seen this face, but he’s a bit familiar. He look just like my twin brothers!’


Alexei Antrace


  1. Rank, DOS.


  1. Duke of Antrace.


  1. The leader of the ‘Dos Bookmakers Division’.


  1. Executive of the Revolutionary Army led by Enoch Rubinstein.


  1. The father of my twin brothers and my uncle!←(New!)


Originally, his character would come out a long time later, but—.


‘Brother Theo got better, so he came back to the Capital a little sooner. At this rate, isn’t it possible to make a revolution at high speed?’ 


I laughed inwardly.


“But what was the commotion? It must have been a one-on-one free sparring session.”


My Uncle looked down at Bruce and said.


Bruce looked pale, perhaps frightened, at me cherished in my uncle’s arms.


I feel sorry for Bruce like that—.


“Bruce hit Jem so badly in sparring! I tried to stop it, but he attacked me too, so Jem blocked it, and it hit her again, and she even got a nosebleed!” 


I told him right away.




Uncle looked at Jem.


She was covered in dirt and had many scratches, and even had a nosebleed.


In practice training, everyone basically had to be careful not to hurt each other. Everyone’s body is precious.


However, the situation was different when the opponent had a white name tag.


‘They’re just commoner, so they’ll be so excited.’


Teachers won’t even punish them. 


But my Uncle would be different, right? Please!


“Bruce Chamber…” 


My Uncle opened the chart he was holding while hugging me.


“Did you only get 950 points for graduation despite staying with the class for a year? Even though you’re expected to be in the 2nd class, your skills aren’t great.”


Bruce’s grades were revealed in public.


“The basics of the sparring is to put the safety of the other person first. And since there is a difference in skill, I would have told you to pair up with people with the same name tag color.”




“It wasn’t practice sparring to improve your skills, but you were wasting mana meaninglessly by using people as punching bags.”


Bruce’s cheeks blushed as if he were embarrassed by my uncle.


“Because you broke safety rules and didn’t do what I told you as the officer in charge of education. Bruce Chambers, 100 penalty points.” 


“Y, yes?!” 


Bruce, who had been listening silently, raised his head.


The moment when 100 out of 950 points that have been collected for more than a year are blown away at once.


Whether Bruce was surprised or not, Uncle continued talking to the children.


“Everyone who was arbitrarily engaged in sparring with an opponent with a difference in skill is also subject to 50 penalty points.”


Some of the children who were bullying the white name tag were shocked. 




My Uncle hugged me right away and made eye contact.


“Commoner is people too.” 




Then he spoke to the children again.


“So, please don’t do such a disgraceful thing again during my training class.”


* * *


My Uncle said that he wanted to see me so much that he couldn’t wait until the day I was discharged and came to the training center.


Even applying as a temporary training center for the martial arts department—.


‘No wonder. Brother Theo said in his letter that he would come to see me.’


In fact, it was the power of someone who left his family and even traveled around the world to heal Theo.


“By the way, Uncle.”




“Can you please drop me off? I’m heavy…” 


As soon as class was over, my Uncle carried me around the training center in his arms. 


All the children he encountered were startled and whispered, but he seemed to notice a little. 


‘Is this okay?’


From the Emperor to the Lord of the Wizard Tower, to the Duke of Antrace.


Before I knew it, my position at the training center was that of a princess who was loved by those in power—.


“What’s heavy? I don’t even know if you’re in my arms. Why, do you not like it?”


“N, no! It’s not that I don’t like it! I’m afraid my Uncle will have a hard time…” 




My Uncle held back a laugh and pinched my cheek gently so that it wouldn’t hurt.


“This is why everyone wants to have daughters.” 


“Hehe, uncle! You’re not going anywhere now, are you? My brothers always said they wanted to see uncle… So don’t go anywhere!”


“Yeah. I was going to talk about that, too. Thank you. Thanks to you, Theo has completely recovered. Ordia and I felt less worried.” 


“What do you mean? I am very, very happy that my brother Theo is well.”




My Uncle was busy taking a look at my face as he walked.


“Why are you so pretty?”




I’m embarrassed—.


“I understand why my brother-in-law is dying. It was hard to believe when he told his daughter that he was going to be a very different person.” 


“Ah! Come to think of it, Uncle knows what Dad was like in the past, right?” 


“I know him well. I went to the battlefield with him dozens of times more. First of all, my brother-in-law was a person who was so quiet that it was hard to get close to him.” 


As expected, I can’t even imagine it. A dad who rarely talk.


Of course, the original Enoch Rubinstein did just that.


“Will he be able to get married? Ordia was very worried.” 


My uncle smiled and touched the tip of my nose. 


“I’ve even seen such an angelic daughter.” 




“It’s not just words, it’s a real angel. You didn’t just save Theo, you saved me.”



“Hmm. Ever since I found out about Theo’s illness, I’ve been looking for a way to make him better.”


Uncle added, raising his eyebrows.


“When I went on an expedition this time, I was thinking of going into the Wizard Tower and setting fire to it if there was no outcome.” 


“Yes? Why the Wizard Tower?”


“Because I know the magic that the Wizard Tower can use. If Theo went wrong, I was going to ask for a magic formula.”


I realized right away.


That the ‘magic formula’ that my uncle said was disuse magic that ordinary people with special abilities shouldn’t use. 


“D, don’t tell me it’s magic that revived the dead…?” 


“Ah, that’s right.”

“Can you use it if you know the magic formula?”


“If it’s that easy, all the dead will come to life.”


My uncle smiled and said. 


“There is disuse magic formula that only the Lord of the Wizard Tower knows… maybe a thousand? I need it.” 




“It costs a lot of mana. Among the first-class Dos, there are only a handful of people who can use that magic…. Like the Lord ot the Wizard Tower and brother-in-law.” 


“What about Uncle?”


“Yes, I can too.”


“Wow! Then, if the Lord ot the Wizard Tower teaches you the magic formula, can even the dead be revived?”


“No, if it were that easy, all the dead would come back to life.”


Uncle smiled as if I were cute and touched the tip of my nose, then hesitantly added:


“…Lastly, we need a price.”


“What price?”




Uncle stared at me without answering.


He thought about whether or not he should say this.


‘I think it was a huge price?’ 


I urged Uncle nervously.


“L, let me know. I’m curious…” 


“Hmm, yeah. Because thanks to you, I won’t have to use that magic anyway.”


“Y, yes!” 


“It’s an absolute secret. You can’t tell the twins, you can’t tell your aunt. That I was looking into this magic.”


“Yes! I will keep quiet! Keep quiet!”

I covered my mouth with my hand and nodded vigorously.


Uncle laughed and said,


“The caster’s life…” 




“Resurrection requires an equivalent exchange.”




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