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I was startled and blank. 


My uncle, who went around looking for all sorts of ways to save Theo.


Of course, he must have also learned about disuse magic.


Just like Cheshire found Oscar in the original story and asked for it.


“L, Life? If you need a life, then… In return for Brother Theo coming back to life, Aunt and Uncle will die?” 


“It will be like that.”


I was stunned, and I grabbed my Uncle by the collar. 


“T, then! You can’t do that!”




Even though he knew the conditions for resurrection, Uncle seemed to have thought of saving Theo if there was no way to fix it. 


Even at the cost of his own life. 


‘What am I going to do with this tearful child’s love?’


Uncle hugged me tightly with a shocked look.


“I’m going crazy. But it’s okay now. Because you healed Theo.” 


“S, still… It’s so strange that Uncle thought that way. Theo wouldn’t have been happy at all if Uncle died…” 


“But that’s how parents feel.”


As expected, parents are amazing. Somehow I was moved and hugged my uncle’s neck.


‘It didn’t appear, but in the original work, because of Uncle’s personality, he must have gone to the Wizard Tower after Theo died. It seems that he couldn’t save him after all because Oscar didn’t tell him about the magic formula…’


While thinking that, I—.


“If my brother-in-law was in the same situation as me, he probably wouldn’t have worried. What can I do for such an angelic daughter?” 


I was dumbfounded by my uncle’s words.




At that moment, I remembered my Dad’s words that had sunk my heart many times so far.


“The fact that the princess didn’t die immediately when he thought she was dead, he barely survived because he had to get revenge.”


“Maybe he meant to die along when the revenge was over.”


“Dad can never live without a princess.”


“Dad can do anything for our princess.”


I was curious.


What would happen to my Dad who loves me so much after the original story ended?


Really, I hoped he didn’t just follow me to death. 


‘I’m curious. I don’t know…’


In the original work, after that. 


What would this world be like after I died?


* * *


Returning to the Wizard Tower, Oscar was recalling the time that had already disappeared.


Lilith, after she died.


The Empire became peaceful.


The total extinction of the Primera.


Now there will be no people with power, and ranks will become meaningless.


People were happy.


It’s just one person. 


Except for Enoch Rubinstein, the man who created the peaceful Empire.


“Why did you fight for my daughter?”


The face he asked was as pale as that of a corpse.


The man had gone mad, and Oscar could understand his mind.


Now that he finds out that the daughter he thought was dead is still alive and that she has been locked up her whole life and has been suffering—.


There will be no one who won’t go crazy.


“I raised her. Instead of you.”




“The emperor took your daughter’s ego. Because that side is easy to brainwash. She has been an idiot ever since she was locked up at the top of the tower.”


The Emperor spared his life force and instead took care of Enoch’s daughter to his heart’s content. 


She grew old instead of the Emperor. 


“The first thing the Emperor ordered the child was to put restrictions on me to obey. Her lifespan was shortened by about thirty years.”


That was the reason why the Wizard Tower didn’t help Enoch and Oscar couldn’t tell him the secret of his daughter. 


“I secretly taught her many things. Even though it wasn’t easy because she didn’t have her ego anymore.” 




“The girl who couldn’t even remember her own name never forgot one. There was something she said to me every day.”


Oscar said even though he knew Enoch would fall apart.


“Dad’s coming to pick me up.”


The man’s expression was distorted.


“She was as precious to me as you were. He only had me.”


Oscar’s expression was no different. Even though his eyes were red, he smiled with a miserable face.


“But there was nothing I could do. As long as the Emperor lives.”


There was a providence of power among the Primera.


While the older generation could dominate the younger Primera, the reverse was not possible.


So, from the moment the Emperor discovered her true identity, the child’s fate was determined as a puppet.


“Why was it so stupidly taken away? You’re to blame for making her suffer for life.”



“Let me know. The name of the child.” 


Oscar gave dozens or hundreds of names to a child who couldn’t even remember her own name.


But the child never answered.


So he was curious.






It was a name he learned only after she died.


“Help me.”




“My daughter…”


Enoch’s eyes were lifeless.


The eyes of a person who has already decided to die.


The moment he saw it.


Even though he knew he shouldn’t, a terrible desire rose in Oscar’s mind.


“You want to save her? Primera, again?”




“It’s really hard… Didn’t you create the country you so longed for? You saved people who were suffering. Everyone is happy now because of you.”




“You probably know that the fundamental problem is Primera. When Primera comes into existence again, this country will rot again, no matter what.”


There is an unbreakable wall between those who have power and those who don’t. 


The people without power become no different from an ant that can be easily stepped on and killed by those who have power. 


Those with power will belittle those without power, and soon the disappearing class will be resurrected. 


“And yet?”


“Help me, please…” 


No one was constantly making sacrifices for the cause.


Without any worries, there was only a selfish father who would revive his daughter’s remains.


“Then I will ask. For that child…” 


But it was Oscar who was selfish, and so was he.


“Could you die instead?”


There was not a second of hesitation in the answer that followed.


“As much as you want.”


* * *


“Wahaha! Lilith, look at this! I’m running out of mana from the gauntlet now!” 


At the training center ground in the late evening.


Jem swung her fist excitedly.


My first-class math tutoring and Cheshire’s special training allowed Jem to put mana into her weapon.


“Oh, oh, oh! Our Jem, good job!” 


I sat on the pergola and watched Cheshire and Jem train. 


“Yeah, but Cheshire, you are really great. You’re in the same Grade 6 as me, so why are you so good at it?” 


When Cheshire demonstrated the flying sword, Jem stuck out her tongue. 


Cheshire improves really fast. 


It seemed that four or five monsters could easily be eliminated at once.


‘As expected, he’s getting stronger day by day.’


Suddenly, she got confused while looking at Cheshire.


“What’s wrong with your expression?”


Cheshire, who came next to me, asked as he pulled on his clothes and wiped the sweat from the tip of his chin.


“Huh? Expression? What’s with my expression?”


“You look like you’re going to cry.” 


Whoa. I was forcing myself to smile and pretend to be as bright as possible, but it’s a ghost. 


He was the main character.




Without looking away, I met Cheshire’s gaze. 




The main character that kills me.


‘Can I live?’


Suddenly I was curious about it.


We need time to kill the Emperor.


Time for a reasonable cause for Dad.


Time for Cheshire to become strong enough to kill the Emperor.


‘How long can I avoid the Emperor’s eyes?’


I can hide my identity right now, but—.


Sometimes the Emperor will feel strange. Because the next Primera won’t come out.


‘Then I could get caught, right? If I get caught, it will turn out the way it was in the original story.’


The feeling of playing a game with a time limit.


I also had to keep in mind the situation in case my identity was discovered.


“Cheshire. You know, can I ask you something?”


“What is it?”


I don’t want to die, and I shouldn’t die either.


When I die, my Dad—.


I can’t tell what my Dad will think.


“You know, if I…Really, really, what if.”




“I’ve become a completely terrifying devil.”


I looked nervously into Cheshire’s eyes.


He just looked at me with a face that made me wonder what he was thinking.


“I just kill innocent people. But you’re the only one who can stop me like that.”




“You can kill me… . Then what are you going to do?”


After asking, I was afraid to hear the answer.


So I grabbed Cheshire’s arm and added.


“D, don’t kill me! Don’t kill me… N, never kill me. Can you find another way? I will try…” 




Before I knew it, I was trembling.


Cheshire said as he grabbed my hand. 


“I’m sorry, but I’m not as nice as you.”




At the cold reply, I was dazed.


“Don’t be afraid.”


Cheshire added and sat down next to me, grabbing my shaking hand.


And he started talking.


“Uncle did that. A person’s life cannot be weighed. But when there was a moment when I had to choose one side when there were a hundred lives and one life, he said to save a hundred people even if it was painful.”


It was Dad’s teaching.


“I replied yes. Uncle gives me rice and puts me to sleep. But I couldn’t understand. I’m not as good as you or Uncle.”




“One person I know is more important than a hundred people whose faces I don’t even know. I won’t worry when that happens.”


Cheshire turned to me.


“Lilith, you.”




“Can you stay by my side?”




“Can you not abandon me?”


Cheshire’s eyes were shaking.


He, who had always been abandoned, was now trembling as he waited for my answer.


I wiped my eyes wide open and nodded vigorously.


“Yes, I’ll never abandon you. I’m going to stick to your side.”




Cheshire laughed lightly.


“Me too.”




“I will never throw you away first.”


He raised his hand and showed it.


“If you become a devil…” 


His gripped hand was strong.


“Together, I will go to hell with you.”


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