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It’s a pity that the empty eyes seemed to have died, but the boy had a beauty that could be described as special.


‘I’m sure! Obviously, the impression is getting clearer as you go up to the lead role!’


That’s how I naturally realized the laws of the world. 


I’m also too cute to be an extra, so didn’t Aunt Susan compliment me so much that her saliva dried up in her mouth? 


‘It turned out that I wasn’t an extra either. What the hell is extra. I’m—’


Suddenly, my head hurt because of my existence. I tried not to think about it on purpose.


‘Ah. First, let’s set my worries aside.’


That’s right. My feelings were saying that this child is Cheshire.


Black hair and red eyes.


First of all, this child’s appearance was like the description of Cheshire’s appearance. If I look for a child with black hair and red eyes, of course, there will be other kids like him. 


However—it was the situation in which ‘Enoch Rubinstein’, the ‘main character’, found a ‘handsome child’ with ‘black hair’ and ‘red eyes’. 


This is no coincidence.


It must have followed the progress of the original story 100%. 


“W, what’s your name?”




The boy didn’t answer the question that I had asked him so suddenly.


Well. He seems to be on guard, so there’s no way he will open his mouth easily. 


“Kid, does it hurt a lot? Can you get up?”


When Dad reached out his hand, the boy watched it for a moment and woke up alone. Then he limped past us.


“Wait a minute. You.”




My dad’s hand, which was trying to hold the boy’s hand, flew out.


The boy took turns looking at me and my dad once more, then slowly disappeared with empty eyes. 


“Hey, wait!”




The boy took turns looking at me and his father once more, then slowly disappeared with empty eyes. Dad smiled bitterly and said.


“You know, princess. There are many people who don’t like aristocrats.”


“Ah, ung.”


“He’s uncomfortable, so let’s just help out until here.”


Even as he said that my dad kept looking at the boy’s back as he came out of the alley, I laughed to myself as I looked at my dad, who seemed to be attracted to him for some reason.


‘This is inside of the novel, for sure. The original work is progressing well, step by step.’


Perhaps this was the first meeting between Enoch Rubinstein and Cheshire, who met by chance. 


“Let’s go, princess.”




Dad was silent as he grabbed my hand and started walking again. My dad’s head, which seemed to have a lot of thoughts, could be seen for some reason. 


Even though it’s been 7 years since he returned, the truth about this rotten country is still not pleasant. Moreover, he was worried about his daughter, who would eventually have to get used to living here. 


And his heart is strangely drawn to the boy I saw a while ago.


Well, he must…be thinking about things like that.




I used strength on my dad’s hand, which I held carefully.


“Ung. Princess. Why?”


“You know, can’t I make friends as I want?”


“What do you mean?”


“I’m an aristocrat. Then… I can’t make friends with commoners, right?”


My dad was silent for a moment when I asked him.


Enoch Rubinstein. A righteous revolutionary who was skeptical of this insane imperial hierarchy. Perhaps it was a question that was boiling in the blood of the revolution, which had already been filled in him even before he lost his daughter. 


“That’s not true. Lilith.”


As expected, my dad had firm eyes.


“It doesn’t matter who you want it to be. Noble or commoner, powerful or powerless. As long as you like it, you can be friends with anyone.” 




“Of course.”


My dad smiled and pinched my cheek slightly.


“Dad, Dad. You know that kid from before. Are you sure he’s gonna be okay? Can I leave it as it is?” 




“He was injured a lot, but would he get proper treatment? No, more than that… I don’t think he even says hello because he doesn’t like nobles. What if he gets hit again?” 


“…I know.”


“Where did he go…” 


“Does it bother you that much when it’s the first time you meet him?”


“Yes!” I looked up at my dad. “I don’t know why, but I keep thinking about it. I think…I want to be friends.” 


My dad looked a little surprised.


That’s right. He must have thought of that boy with a strange feeling, but his daughter suddenly says the same thing.


“Can’t Daddy find him again later and help him? I wonder if he got treated, and I’d like to talk to him, but….”


“Ha, haha.”


Dad stared blankly at me and soon began to laugh.




Then he held me up and murmured, rubbing his forehead against my cheek.


“…I gave birth to an angel.” 


“Are you going to find him and help him?”


“Yes, let’s do that. Of course I should. Has Daddy ever not listened to my Princess?” 


“Hahaha. Dad is the best. Thank you.” 


I hid my bitter expression as I dug into my dad’s arms.


‘According to the original story, Cheshire must be living in the Marquis of Onyx by now.’


According to Cheshire Rubinstein’s setting number 6—


  1. Originally, he was abused as an illegitimate child of a certain noble family, and by chance, he caught Enoch Rubinstein’s eye and was adopted as an adopted child. 


– He is an illegitimate child of a noble family, and he must have had a very poor childhood.


Of course, the unhappy childhood wasn’t described in the book.


<Rebellion of Dos> starts with a scene where 13-year-old Cheshire, who has already become my dad’s adopted son, is practicing swordsmanship. 


It is explained later that he was the illegitimate son of the Marquis of Onyx. 


‘I know where you are now, because I know….’


The story of Cheshire’s abuse, which was meant to make him rebel against the nobility, was too sad to bear. Not like a child, anyone who saw Cheshire’s empty expression must have the same feelings as me. 


‘Wait, Cheshire. I’ll find you as soon as possible.’




There was no last name, but the first name was Cheshire.


After living with his mother, who was a maid for 11 years, he was abandoned in front of the Marquis of Onyx half a year ago.


His father, Marquis Onyx, who he didn’t even know existed, was a great man.


A noble of the Quarto class. 


He was second only to Dos.


“Jonathan, have you finally lost your mind? What are you doing by leaving him outside?” 


Cheshire stared blankly at his father, Marquis Onyx, and his half-brother Jonathan, arguing. 


His half-brother Jonathan greatly despised his father’s illegitimate son, Cheshire. 


Today, he secretly dragged Cheshire out like a dog, left it in the middle of the capital, and went home alone.


“I can’t see that insect in this house!”


“Shut up! Then you tell me what to do! What will you do if I throw him away and get a sudden inspection of a people with power by the Imperial Army!”


The Marquis Onyx breathed heavily.


“If they find out that he’s a person with power, they will question his parents. It’s only a matter of time before the bloodline is revealed and then I’ll not only have an illegitimate child, but I’ll also be a person who threw him outside like trash.”


“But you’re not even going to let the world know about that illegitimate child! That insect is mixed with low blood!” 


“That’s why I just lock it up and raise him without anyone knowing!” 


“If you’re going to do that, just kill him without them knowing it. I hate just being in the same space with him!” 




The Marquis Onyx was silent at Jonathan’s words.


What that silence meant was hesitation.


Even though it makes him look dirty and hurts his reputation, he can’t kill him because his own blood is still flowing.


The hesitation that comes from good conscience and self-blame.


“Don’t ever do anything like today again. Don’t meddle in anything else.” 


Marquis Onyx looked at Cheshire, who was sitting on his knees and left the room coldly. 


“Hey, insect bastard.”


Jonathan’s fists were stretched over Cheshire’s head as if he were waiting.


Instinctively, Cheshire blinked once.


Then the world slowed down. Very slowly, as if someone had done some magic. 


He’ll probably have to wait 10 minutes for that fist to touch his cheek.


Is he making time go slowly, or is he tricking his own eyes? 


Cheshire didn’t quite know what kind of strange ability this was. He was only vaguely guessing that it was the ability he had because he was a person with power. 


“W, what’s your name?”


Suddenly, he remembered a little girl in a priest’s uniform that he encountered in an alley.


If it were a young priest, of course, she would be a high-ranking person with ability. He doesn’t know such people. The lives of countless powerless people and low-class people under their feet—.


‘I’m sick of it.’


Cheshire thought.


The nobles are both arrogant and cruel. Like his father and half brother.




At last, his head returned to his fist. The world has slowed down, and the punches are slow, but the pain is still there. The reason why he could avoid it but didn’t do it was that he shouldn’t raise his brother’s anger. 


Because that’s right.


The people in the lower class shouldn’t dare to look up to the people in the higher class, and they shouldn’t go against their mood. 


‘Just get it over with and get lost!’


Cheshire closed his eyes.


Then the world found its time again. 


He quickly got used to the fists and kicks that were now being used. 


‘It would be easier if I died. Is that scary again?’


Chesir crouched down and endured the kicking in the air, helping himself. 


Even if he knows how to die, he can’t do it. But, as he was hungry, he didn’t run away and just returned to the Marquis. 


He felt so disgusted with himself.


He doesn’t have the courage to kill himself, so it would be nice if everything would disappear naturally.


“Cough! Cough!”


Cheshire, who was left alone, slowly blinked while looking up at the ceiling. Then, suddenly, his hand went into his pants pocket.


A handkerchief was handed over by a noble girl.


“I, I’m sorry… I’m sorry I suddenly touched you. I’ll leave it here.”


Cheshire couldn’t understand why he brought this.


He looked at the handkerchief with the rabbit on it, then grabbed it tightly in his hand and muttered in a dry voice. 


“I want to die….” 


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  1. i’m glad this treatment eventually turns him into someone who changes the world instead of breaking him, but it really is hard to watch a kid going through all of this

  2. I hate to agree with Jonathan but it would be merciful if the father killed Cheshire instead of imprisoning him in his own house. But, the father is a coward. What can be done.

  3. 😅 with the child ML black hair and red eyes now confirmed, I feel like I’m reading a fanfic of Daddy I Don’t Want to Get Married with Regis, Jubelian and Max.

    (Enoch looking like Regis’s twin bro is now living rent free in my head)