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* * *


When she closes her eyes and opens them.




Selena suddenly felt a throbbing headache.


There was an unpleasant feeling, as if something had messed with her brain for a brief moment.


‘What’s wrong?’


She brushed her heavy head.




Lilith was still trapped in a glass tube, looking at Selena with red eyes.


White, Class 6 Dies.


Black, Class 5 Nuveno.


Selena averted her eyes because it made her feel sorry to see the rank of the measuring board rise.




It was then. 


It was then.


A tone notifying the completion of the measurement came sooner than expected.


Selena looked at the measuring board in surprise. 


Green, Class 4 Octava.


! Measurement done !


Mana reserve: 124455


Rank: Class 4, Octava


Selena stiffened.


“W, what is this?” 


She couldn’t believe it even though she was seeing it with her own eyes.


What does it mean by Class 4? 


This kid? 


In Selena’s dazed vision, she saw Lilith snooping over the measuring board. 


Soon, their eyes met.


“I… what is it?”


“Oh, wait. Kid.”


Selena grabbed her confused head and approached to check the mana formal. 


Mana Formal is a magic tool that is said to be the most perfect made in the Wizard Tower.


There have been no errors so far.


So Selena realized that the rank of Lilith, which she couldn’t believe, was true.


“I can’t believe it.” 


Children of high-powered people are not necessarily high-powered.


However, the probability of matching the actual rank with the expected rank based on the parents’ ability is 99%.


Lilith’s rank came through a 1% chance.


It’s not even Class 2, but Class 4. 


How did a Class 4 come out of a child whose parents are both Class 1? 


It was an unprecedented situation.


“There is nothing wrong with Mana Formal. It’s Octava. Class 4.”




“Yeah, really. “


Selena was surprised at the reality she couldn’t believe, but she was also relieved.


There will be no satisfaction like this for the child and for the father.




Selena murmured softly, as she still stared at the screen of the wondrous measuring board.


“That’s a relief…” 


* * *




A green rank slit and an ability badge.


I swallowed a sigh as I walked out of the measurement room wearing the mark of a person with power clearly engraved with Octava.


‘I didn’t expect my mother.’


I already knew that ranks were measured with magic tools.


It was easy for me, the Primera, to manipulate magic tools.


So I went in with a light heart.


However, the moment I saw my mother.


‘Phew, my personality is really weird.’


I wanted to whine impulsively.


I wondered if my mother would really turn away from me like in the original story, or if she would care a little bit about her.


Mother’s shaking eyes, obviously, they felt sorry for me, but—.


“Your father will protect you. You don’t have to worry about anything…  You can stay alive.” 



It’s enough to leave the heavy burden on Dad, like that.


And she said it casually. 


‘What did I expect? Stupid.’


Not knowing that her memories were manipulated, her mother was relieved to see the mana formal measured at Class 4.


I laughed like an idiot again at that happy expression.




At that time.


Someone blocked my way as I trudged through the hallway.


I slowly raised my head.


“What is it? Is it you again?”


It was Bruce.


A red badge was worn on his chest.




Class 2, Quarto.


So, for me, the situation was reversed in an instant.






Bruce looked at my badge and opened his mouth in amazement, then started laughing as he left the building. 


“Hahahaha! Puahahaha!” 




As I tried to get out of the way, Bruce immediately blocked me.


“I’m depressed right now, so don’t pick a fight and go—” 


“You knew, didn’t you?”




“What do you mean by what? Your mana is low.”




He seems excited at the thought of teasing me.


“You felt it roughly when you came in here and used magic, didn’t you? You’re not Dos. That’s why you went with the commoners.” 




“Because you’re on the same level as the bugs!”


I quietly looked around.


Children who have already received ranks, children who are waiting to receive ranks—.


All of them were laughing while pointing at my Class 4 badge.


“And then, do you bother me by pretending to be Dos?”


“When did I bother you? You’re the one who bullied my friends, you idiot… Ack.” 


Bruce shoved me on the shoulder.


I just rolled backwards and hit my butt.


“What are you doing!”


As I was about to get up, Bruce reached out and pressed his foot gently on my shoulder.


“Don’t get up. Stay right there.”




“Now you and I, this is exactly what we look like.”


I sat down helplessly.


And Bruce and the kids giggling down at me like that.


‘Yeah, it was this kind of world here.’


Having experienced it myself, I could definitely understand.


The meaning of ‘class’ in this crazy world.


“For some reason, during the exam, you didn’t do anything and just hid behind. You knew that using magic would run out of your mana in no time, you.”




“You gasped inside while using magic to pretend to be Dos on the subject of Octava, right? Do you have the strength to get up now?”


“Stop it. I’m going.”


 “Who says so? It’s just the beginning. I’ll pay you back for everything you’ve done so far, so look forward to it.”


Bruce looked around and grabbed the back of an empty chair and lifted it up.


He was about to throw it at me.


“Don’t do it!”


“Don’t do it? What can’t I do?”


“In the training center, when sparring, violence is prohibited!”


“Puhahaha, what are you saying?”


Bruce laughed.


“Classes are everything here. You are now a bug!”


“I’m Octava, but not with my Dad, right? Do you know who my Dad is?” 


Even though I was sad, I had no choice but to mention my father’s name.


However, Bruce, who I thought would be scared, put down his chair and held his stomach and laughed.


“Hey, aren’t you stupid? So what if I know who your father is? What does that matter in this country?”


A country where there is class above status.


It was understandable that Bruce was talking fearlessly.


“Do you know what will happen when you go home? Will your Dad look at you like a bug? Don’t you know if he can throw you away?”


“No, it’s not?” 


“Until now, you would have lived like a princess, but not anymore.  Because you’re a shameful child. All of your families are Dos, but you are the only Octava.”


“My Dad doesn’t. Someone who will love me no matter how powerless I am.” 


I laughed at Bruce for putting it down and added.


“Then you are fortunate to have received the rank well. From what you say, I guess your parents don’t love you if you’re not in a good class and treat you like a bug?”




“Why? Am I wrong?”


Bruce looked at me quietly. I glared at him without losing.


Bruce’s face, which had been slowly turning brown, soon took on a horrifying look that was neither smiling nor angry.


“You try to block this.”




Bruce picked up the chair again. And with mana in his hand, he began to crumple it.


The iron chair crumpled up easily like a can.


‘Wow, oh my. The guys in the martial arts department have so much power…’


I, who had been watching it blankly, belatedly backed away with my butt.


“H, hey… Don’t do that?” 


“How fearless. On the subject of bugs.”


Bruce’s forehead was covered with sweat.


He began to pour mana on the crumpled chair.


I realized that Bruce was going to put all his mana into that weapon.


‘Then I can’t stop it…?’


The attack that the Class 2 Quarto puts out with his mana can’t be blocked by the Class 4 Octava.


Of course, I’m not really Class 4, but I have to pretend to be a Class 4.


There are many eyes to see here.


That means if he really throws that thing, it should hit me without a hitch.


“D, don’t do it”


“Let’s see if you can still keep that mouth open after getting hit by this!”


Bruce threw the chair without hesitation.


‘That crazy guy!’


I closed my eyes tightly, protecting my head with my arms as much as possible.




It will hurt a lot I thought so in an instant, but—.




No matter how long I waited, there was no pain.


I slowly opened my closed eyes.


‘What, what is it?’


The weapon stopped in midair.


It was soon engulfed in black fire and fell to the ground in a handful of ashes.


I gulped and swallowed my saliva.


Then I saw Bruce. 


Unlike before when he looked down at me confidently, his face turned pale without any color.


He was staring behind me, trembling for some reason.


I turned around quickly.


‘Oh, Cheshire…’


A peculiar expressionless face.


However, there was a creepy intense anger in Bruce’s eyes.


I lowered my gaze.


Cheshire’s left arm was visible.




A golden rank slit on the wrist.


His rank was clearly engraved.








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  1. Ick, Bruce is so gross. She’s gonna have a tough time in this society… I hope she can change things.

  2. Bruce can go kick rocks until his toes are broken. But he’s also just a product of the system and probably comes from either an unloving home or a home without any consequences, too.