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I was nervous and looked at my Uncle. 


A face that looks displeased just by looking at it.


Perhaps Cheshire recognized it because he grabbed my trembling hand and stared at my Uncle in horror. 




Uncle looked at Cheshire for a while, and she was surprised to find me shrinking.


“D, did I do something wrong…?” 




“But Uncle’s expression….” 


“Expression? My expression.”


When Uncle stopped, he wiped his face.


“Sorry. Did you misunderstand something?”


“I think you are angry….” 


“No. I’m surprised.” 


“But you didn’t look surprised….” 


“I’m sorry. I’ll practice.”


Uncle rubbed his forehead and turned the corners of his mouth to make an impression.


Then he stretched out his arm. I hesitated and walked slowly, and Uncle hugged me.


“I’m really sorry if you misunderstood.” 


“No…But why are you surprised? Because of my class?”


“That’s right. I heard it during the day, but I couldn’t believe it, so I came to see it myself. Is that true?”


“Yes. Really.” 




Uncle sighed.


I misunderstood the expression, but it was clear that he was still displeased with my class.


“W, why? Are you bothered by my low class?” 


“Yeah, that’s right. Because there are a lot of guys who are not afraid to fight only for rank here.”


Uncle asked, stroking my cheek as if to comfort me.


“Who didn’t bother you?”


I thought of Bruce, but I just shook my head.


“No one bothered me! Cheshire was always next to me.”




Uncle looked down at Cheshire and smiled. 


Then he sighed.


“Oh, right. My brother-in-law is supposed to take off his clothes and dance in the middle of the capital….” 




“I’m worried.”


I understood my Uncle’s heart.


I had no choice but to free my Dad from the hands of the Emperor.




‘Actually, after receiving the 4th grade and being beaten by Bruce once, my life was expected to be a bit harsh.’ 


But what is a big deal?


I can protect my Dad by being ignored a little.


“I’m fine. I have Dad, Cheshire, and my Uncle.”


I smiled and hugged my Uncle’s neck.




My Uncle stroked my hair and said.


“Let’s go home now.”


* * *


The next day. 


There was a discharge ceremony for 21 people who received a badge of people with power. 


We gathered in the auditorium just like when we entered.


My Uncle, who had finished his temporary work period, went out with me—.


“U, Uncle. Please drop me off.”


“No. Just stay.”


My Uncle, who had been running since early morning, openly held me in front of everyone and wouldn’t let me go. 


He said he couldn’t sleep and was worried about me—.


He looks sternly at the researchers, training center managers, and even the children.


It was a kind of warning performance, telling people not to treat me carelessly because of my low class.


While embarrassedly waiting in the arms of my Uncle—.


“Notify the discharged people.”


The manager I saw at the time of admission said.


“Due to the schedule change, His Majesty will be absent from the discharge ceremony today.”


The surroundings were humming.


I swallowed my laughter inside.


That’s too bad. I expected the rotten look of the Emperor at the discharge ceremony today—.


‘Did he even fall ill?’


It serves you right.


“Oh, that’s good. I didn’t want to see his face.” 


Uncle muttered quietly.


“Oh. why? Everyone wants to see the Emperor’s face at least once. There are still a lot of kids who are completely disappointed….” 


“Yeah, I hate it. I hate it very much.”


“I see.” 


Anyway, how can you say it out loud?


However, it is characteristic of the revolutionary army in the original work.


Everyone gets fed up with the Emperor.


“…Unit 1026, Dos Gerard Schmidt. Unit 1025, Quarto Bruce Chamber. Unit 1026, Dos Cheshire. Unit 1024, Dies Jem…” 


The manager called out the names of those who were leaving.


“…Unit 1026, Octava Lilith Rubinstein.”


Finally, my name was called.


“Congratulations on the discharge of 21 talented people. May you grow into a glorious worker of the Empire. May all the protection of the Primera.” 


* * *


<Cradle for Defending the Country.> 


The entrance to the training center still reminds me of the K-military training center.


All of the discharged people dressed in plain clothes and waited for their families to meet them.


“You’re so pretty that I’m going to die. You’re a princess, very much.”




My Uncle held me in my Princess Lara dress and admired me.


“This is the clothes my Brothers gave me as a birthday present! I even have a tiara at home!”


“Really? As expected, my sons. They look just like me.”


Uncle smiled happily.


Then suddenly, he sighed while looking at Jem and Rom, who were waiting next to him.


I asked the two of them to go for a ride in our carriage.


Nobles can ride warp gates, but commoners can’t.


‘Why is Uncle doing this again? Did he not like that I offered to give my friends a ride?


No. I decided not to misunderstand his expression.


‘I’ve been fooled too much. I won’t be fooled anymore.’


Jem, who noticed Uncle’s dissatisfied expression, smiled awkwardly.  


“B, but can I really get a ride in your carriage, Lilith? All we have to do is go downtown and grab a carriage. We’ll pay for the carriage.” 


“E, eung. I, I know h, how to get there.”


“No! Let’s go together!”


“Yeah, that’s right. How can two kids go from the Central to the Capital? It’s dangerous.”

“Uncle just frowned again, so the kids were worried.”




My Uncle was taken aback, then let out a sigh.


“Right. It’s because I’m annoyed with my brother-in-law.”


“What? What’s wrong with you?”


“Yes? What about Dad?”


“No, I thought he’d be out early in the morning, but why is he making people wait like this?”


It was like that!


I thought my Dad would be waiting for me, so I packed in advance yesterday and popped out like a bullet as soon as the discharge ceremony was over!


“Look at that. Originally, high-ranking nobles don’t ride the warp gate and come pick up the kids directly like that.”


Uncle pointed with his chin in the direction of the dazzling line. 


There’s a four-horse carriage at the front. And two small carriages behind it.


‘What’s that?’


My mouth was wide open in surprise when my Uncle said.


“Because it is a place to see off and welcome the heirs, there is a need to show off the strength of the family. Most of the time, they don’t use the warp gate to go back and forth anyway.  Everyone is like that at the admission ceremony.”


“Ah, I see.” 


In other words, they come from the Capital to the central part with a series of carriages to boast of the family’s wealth and power. 


The aristocracy is—.


“It’s Duke Schmidt.”


At my Uncle’s words, Cheshire, Jem, and Rom’s eyes turned to the four-horse carriage.


Duke Schmidt.


So, Gerard’s father and a person who will soon join the revolution of my father.


Duke Schmidt, with his pale purple hair neatly pulled back, opened his arms with a tearful expression as soon as he got out of the carriage. 


I saw Gerard approaching and hugging him.


‘What is it, I’m a little touched…’


I also cried while watching. Does it feel like meeting a son who is discharged from military service? 


I also wanted to see my Dad soon.


At that time. 


Gerard, who had been having a thrilling father-son reunion, looked in our direction and approached.


It was my first time speaking to Gerard since I got Grade 4. 




“Uh, yes!”


“Can I go to Capital and contact you?” 




“…Because there is something I want to apologize for. I kept thinking about what you were saying yesterday.”


Gerard added while looking at Cheshire, Jem, and Rom.


“You guys too.”


Oh my! 


Gerard didn’t seem to care about my class or meeting other friends. 


I was so happy that I held onto my cheek while holding my uncle’s arms and shouted. 


“Of course! Let’s eat something delicious!”


“Okay. I’ll treat you to something delicious.”


This is the taste of rebirth for sure!


I was happy to see Gerard even shaking hands with Cheshire.


It felt like the sweet potato that hadn’t even been put on it was going down.


“See you soon. Bye.”


“Eung! Take care, Gerard! Bye!” 


It feels good. I happily touch my nose as Gerard’s carriage leave—.




I saw a four-horse carriage bearing the magnificent Rubinstein seal.


“Wow. G, Gerard’s father must have been a little frugal…?” 


Jem opened her mouth wide.


That’s right. There were four more carriages in the back beside the wagon that Dad was riding in.


‘Why is Dad exaggerating like that?’


I was a bit puzzled, but it was good. I shook my Uncle.


“U, uncle! Please let me down now!”


“I get it. You’re very impatient to see your Dad.”


My Uncle smiled and dropped me off.


I stomped my feet because I was excited to see my Dad.




Soon a carriage pulled up in front of us, and Grandpa got off first.


“Kid. How have you been?”


After that, twin brothers.


“Little kid! I bought you something nice as a discharge gift!”


“Lilith! I miss you!”


Next is my Aunt.


“Oh, look at our baby. Have you grown a lot since then?”


I kept stomping my feet.


Daddy, Daddy.


However, the carriage door was closed with the Aunt at the end.


What is this? 


I drooped like a raccoon being washed like cotton candy in the water. 


“…What about Dad?”


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