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Dad was silent as if he would wait forever for me to open my mouth.




‘Whoa, what should I do?’


My head was spinning non-stop.


I was caught off guard!


I was nervous that Joseph might have grabbed a string other than my Dad, so—.


‘It’s a big deal. Dad seemed suspicious of me before.’ 


Didn’t I make up my mind then?


Don’t go out and get caught by the smart and quick-witted protagonist. Just take a step back.


‘No, by the way. It’s game over from the start if I can’t capture the tactician!’ 


I can’t just leave it alone, right? So I had no choice.


“Uhm,” I tilted my head, trying to be as calm as I could. “What does that mean?”


Let’s pretend not to know for now. 




Dad looked into my eyes again.


I felt embarrassed—.




Soon, Dad just laughed and lay down on the bed.


“It’s nothing. Dad must have been confused.”




I lay down with my hesitant Dad and covered myself with the blanket.


We lay side by side and didn’t speak for a while.


‘I was caught. One hundred percent, this.’


I closed my eyes tightly.


In fact, it wouldn’t have been possible to avoid the sharp protagonist’s pursuit forever.






Dad turned to me and said, resting on his chin.


“A few days after Princess entered the training center, Uncle Joseph came to see Dad.”


“Ah, I see.” 


“He said he would be friends with Dad?”


“Wow, that would have been nice.”


“Eung. But no one else should know that Dad and Uncle Joseph are friends.”


I just realized


‘It must have been Operation Undercover.’


Joseph Lüttmann was already a famous figure in the past.


Numerous nobles who wanted to seize power had kept him by his side.


What if that kind of Joseph openly sticks next to Dad?


It can be known that Enoch Rubinstein had something big on him.


Even the Emperor would be wary of Dad.


“And Uncle Joseph, he decided to pretend to be friends with someone other than Dad.” 




And now the reason Dad is saying all these things to me—.


‘I really got caught. You totally know.’


Duke Enoch Rubinstein, listen!


—From that, it was clear that I was the owner of the letter for Dad’s revolution. 


“Haam. Sleepy. Isn’t my princess sleepy?”


“I’m sleepy too.”


“Then let’s go to sleep.”


Dad hugged me, left a kiss on my cheek, and fell asleep quickly.


Of course, I didn’t sleep a wink.


I’m trying to figure out the main character’s intentions, who notices his suspicious daughter but doesn’t say anything.


* * *


I guessed that Dad would definitely dig my back.


So… about a week?


I lived like a very ordinary seven-year-old aristocratic child.


Eat, sleep, play.


I also temporarily stopped contacting Rico through Jetty and Jun.


Then it was the first outing in a while.


And alone—!




―Of course not.


I smiled and waved at the huge escorts as I looked out the bakery’s window.


The escorts who all adore me. 


I snort and shake my hand.


‘What did Rico think when he asked me to come here? It’s a big deal if I do something suspicious.’


That’s what I thought—.


“Lady, here are your chocolate macaroons and cocoa.”


“Whoa! Thank you— huh!” 


The employee at the bakery who served desserts while wearing a pretty pink apron looked familiar to me.


That’s right, Rico!


On either side of him were two female employees with bright smiles.


“There’s an escort outside, right? Would you take care of your expression and grab me with the feeling of wanting to play with you? With the staff next to me. Don’t worry. They’re guild members.”


“O, oh, I see. Yes.” 


As expected, Rico is smart. 


I sat Rico down naturally and looked out the window.


All right, that was natural.


Rico and the two sisters would look like a bored aristocratic lady sitting with them.


“First of all, congratulations on graduating from the training center.”


“Thank you.”


“It was an unexpected grade.”


“Yes. That’s what happened.”


“Try the macaron. I made it myself.”




I was curious, so I ate it right away, and it tasted good.


Rico is multi-talented—.


“Things got complicated.”


“Is something happened?” 


As I mumbled, Rico let out a sigh.


“Joseph Lüttman. It seems that he caught a different line. He met a man named the Marquis of Arlon Chambers about a month ago.” 




I wiped the chocolate cream off my mouth and shook my head.


“You don’t have to worry about that.”


“Why? Didn’t you intend to take in Joseph Lüttman?” 


Rico wiped my mouth with a tissue, saying, “It’s not cleaned yet.” 


“Because there will be rumors if he sticks around with Dad. He says it’s a trick with the Marquis of Chambers.” 




Rico admired with relief.


“Ohh. Joseph, he’s quite meticulous. He’s already on that alert.” 


Of course, Joseph Lüttman was the best brain among the character. 


“Rico Rico! Do you like candy?”


“Yes? Candy?”


I took out a package of candy from the rabbit bag I was carrying.


Then I fed Rico and the guild members one by one with the candy I took out of the package.


“It’s delicious, right! What does it taste like?” 


“It tastes like strawberries.”


“Hehe. Eat the rest.” 


And I handed the remaining package to Rico. 




Rico glanced inside the package and laughed. 


In fact, the gimmicked package of some candies contained Salvacion.


“Lady is meticulous too.”


“Basic. But does Rico work here?”


“Yes. It is an outside job. I am a surprisingly famous pastry chef.”


“Wow. You’re meticulous….” 


“It’s basic.” 


I chuckled when I saw Rico return my words.


“But did you ask me to meet you because of Uncle Joseph?”


“There’s that, too. There’s something the Lady needs to know.”


“What is it?”


“The illegitimate son of the Marquis of Onyx is Dos, right?” 


“Ah, Cheshire. Yes.” 


“The Marquis Onyx is preparing to take him back.”




“Oh, my. Isn’t it hot?”


I was surprised while drinking cocoa and spilled it.


“What do you mean…?” 


Rico said, wiping the cocoa dripping under my chin.


“It’s true. Dos are rare. If one comes out somehow, it’s a family celebration.”


“I, it doesn’t matter if it’s known that he’s an illegitimate child?”


“Of course. Marquis Onyx has much more to gain than to lose by bringing his child back.”


Rico continued, rolling the candy in his mouth. 


“These days, he argues with the Marchioness every day. Cheshire, he’s thinking of bringing him in and inheriting his family.”


“…? Cheshire didn’t say he was going, so why did he go alone….!” 


Is he going to steal the show? 


Where did he sell his conscience, really?


I was dumbfounded and just blinked my eyes.


“Since the child is still a minor and has no legal guardian, the Marquis will have custody of the child as long as he proves paternity.”




“Now he’s looking for the child’s birth mother, and he’s preparing documents by requesting testimony from employees who knew about the existence of the child.”


What kind of thunderbolt is this?


In the original, this never happened.




While thinking seriously, I realized something.


Unlike the original work, the reason why the Marquis who ate conscience didn’t want to take Cheshire back—.


“G, guardian. Is it because he doesn’t have a guardian?”


“Yes, that’s right. Even though the Lady’s father is the guardian, if the father claims custody, he has to let the child go.”


“Stepdad… If Cheshire has a stepdad, then it doesn’t matter. Right?” 


“Yes. If he has already been registered with another family, there is no way to bring him back even if he proves his paternity.”


Dad brought Cheshire from the original work and registered it without delay.


So, even if Cheshire’s grade was later revealed, the Marquis of Onyx couldn’t come out brazenly. 


However, unlike the original work, Dad is now just a guardian to Cheshire.


‘Yeah, he has to adopt him soon. Cheshire, quickly…’


For some reason, my mind went blank.


* * *


That time. 


Enoch was sitting across from the Marquis of Onyx.


“What brought you here?”


Even as he asked, Enoch wasn’t particularly curious about the Marquis’ business.


Because it’s obvious


“I am going to take the child back.”


As the Marquis spoke, Enoch nodded and murmured.


“Yeah. I thought you only sent your personality to the other world, but you didn’t have a conscience.”


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  1. I’d rather Chesire becomes Lilith’s fiance XD Because if he gets adopted they become siblings o.O