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I finally arrived in the Capital townhouse. As soon as I saw my dad’s original house, I exclaimed with admiration. 


“Whoa, it’s really, really big.”


The first thing I see beyond the grand gate is a full green garden with a marble fountain and an angel statue holding a water bottle. Beautifully maintained landscape along the arch decorated with spring flowers.


And after that, a magnificently built white mansion in a D(ㄷ)-shape—. 


‘Does this make sense? A mansion of this size on a small capital?’


I have a feeling that it will be amazing, but the majesty of Duke Rubinstein was much beyond anything that I could have imagined. Anyway, I was curious as to whether or not my dad, who had lived in the countryside for 7 years, would also be surprised; however, his expression said nothing to me.


Dad immediately pulled the rope on the gate to announce the arrival.


“Huh? D, dad! Wait!”


“Hmm? What’s wrong?” 


“I need to prepare my heart—!” 


“Ahaha! Hey, there’s nothing to be nervous about, princess.”


Doesn’t Dad tremble? Because he probably hasn’t seen his family members in 7 years. It didn’t appear a few times in the original, but there are definitely people who exist here. 


The butler uncle who was really nice to my dad’s adopted son Cheshire, the cheerful soldier who sparred with Cheshire every day, and—.




Nordic Rubinstein, Enoch Rubinstein’s father, whose force was no joke every time he appeared. Grandfather, who was noble to the bone and a powerful person with a Dos Class, gave off such a sense of dignity that I could see it in the type. 


The reason why I am worried about meeting such a grandfather is that he was a very good person for Cheshire in the original story. 


Why? Because he pretends to be indifferent on the outside, but he takes care of everything


‘I wish he would also be nice to me. It must be hard, right?’


I was a little nervous.


I think I waited for about three minutes? 


The butler uncle, accompanied by about ten maids in maid clothes, rushed in and opened the gate.


“Y—Y, Young Lord. R, r, really… you’re really back.”


“Yeah, Rem. It’s been a while.”


Yeah! The butler, Rem Uncle! 


Rem, who made a good impression, looked at my dad for a long time, even with tears in his eyes. Then he found me and jumped.


“Oh. Oh my gosh! T, t, this person is the Young Lord’s—! Oh, no way!”


I swallowed my nervousness, unfolded the skirt of my priest’s uniform, and greeted like a lady. 


“H, hello. My name is Lilith.”


“Oh! H, hello. Lady Lilith. My name is Remion Santos. Please feel free to call me Rem.” 


Rem shook his hands like he had tremors, then turned around and looked at the maids behind him. 


Some were covering their mouths, and others held their heads. Everyone had a similar expression. 


“Oh my. Y, you are like an angel.” 


“I think she looks just like the Young Lord?” 


“S, she’s so cute—hmph!”


I looked into their eyes and felt relieved. I was a little worried, but it seems I got a more favorable reaction than I thought.


“How long are you going to keep us outside?”


“Ah, look at my mind! I’m sorry Young Lord. I’m sorry, Lady Lilith. I’ve never seen such an emotional moment in my 50 years of life.”


“Don’t make a fuss.”


My dad smiled, took my hand, and then followed where Rem led us. 


It took a full five minutes to walk through the huge garden. 


“We received the news that the Holy Knights had gone to meet their Young Lord, but to be honest, neither of us, nor the Great Lord, were expecting much.”


“Then my father would be shocked to see my face.” 


“Of course. He will be very happy. Uh, I…I never thought I would be able to see my Young Lord before I die, really.”


Rem tightened his lips and snorted as if he were crying.


“That’s right. Lady Ordia is also here.” 


“Nunim too?” (t/n: the formal way to call older sister. I will just use Nunim in dialogue) 


My head went blank at my dad’s surprising question. If it’s Nunim, it must be Dad’s older sister. 


She was my aunt.


“Yes. Just in case the Young Lord is back. She has been staying with the Young Masters for two weeks already.”


I knew that my dad was the second child of a family with one daughter and one son. 


But his sister never appeared separately in the original story, so this is the first time I’ve heard her name. 


‘Ugh, so this is reality.’


Those who have been mentioned in a flash before are now appeared in front of me as “real” people, not as print types.


As soon as I heard my aunt’s name, whom I didn’t know, that sense of reality touched my skin. 


“I’ll order the kitchen to prepare dinner grander than ever before. This, my will rose up.” 


Rem clenched his fists and said, bringing my dad and me into the grand mansion.


‘Oh my.’


This time I didn’t want to look like a fool, so I only let out an exclamation inwardly. 


‘I, it’s a palace. It’s a palace.’


It was incredible. There was no other way to express it other than that. 


The white exterior of the mansion made it look a little cold, but the warm wood tones inside made it feel cozy. A luxurious-looking carpet was laid in the spacious interior, and wide stairs on both sides drew a round curve and boasted a majestic figure. 


As I raised my head until my neck was bent, I could see each floor, and each hallway was decorated with expensive tapestries, paintings, and jewelry frames. 


Even the golden candlesticks hung between them looked expensive.


‘I, is that really gold? Is it real gold?’


For some reason, I felt a little intimidated because I felt like I was in a place that didn’t fit me.


When I gave strength to the hand that was holding me, Dad looked down at me.


“Why, Princess?”


“I, it’s nothing.”


James Brown, who hid not only his strength but also his wealth—.


“We will go to the Great Lord first—” 


“Ah, enough. I’ll be there on my own. He is in his room, right?” 




“Okay. Go do your work. Good job.” 


My dad took my hand and went up the stairs on the right without hesitation.


‘I’m nervous! Help me!’


I bit my dry lips.


When we arrived in the first room on the right side of the second floor, my dad simply opened the door. 


“D, dad! Wait—!” 


I didn’t even have time to prepare myself when the door opened wide.


Grandfather sitting in front of a luxurious mahogany desk and a woman standing next to him and talking for a while.


Their heads turned towards us.


“Oh, no way. Oh my. Enoch.” 


The startled woman covered her mouth with her wide-open eyes. 


Her silver hair and blue eyes were raised like a lady. No matter who sees it, it’s obvious that she’s my dad’s sister. And it’s clear that she’s my aunt.


“I am here, Father.” 


My dad talked as if he had left home yesterday and come back today. 


To that absurd greeting, Grandfather responded with an expressionless expression.


‘T, the force is no joke.’


Even though he was sixty years old, the grandfather, who looks just like my dad, had a strong look. His neat appearance, not even a single strand of hair, exuded the dignity of aristocrats even when he was just sitting. 


‘I’m scared.’


My grandfather was scary because he didn’t show any emotion, unlike my aunt, who covered her mouth and looked at me with tears in her eyes. 


He got up slowly and walked over to my dad and me. 


As I got closer, I could see my grandfather’s expression more clearly, and I realized.


His trembling jaw and eyes stared as if to kill him.


And he doesn’t even look at me.


Only grandfather didn’t seem happy with us, unlike the people of the Duke family.


“You punk, now—” 


I’m sure he’ll be angry. Of course, there will be joy, but there will also be anger.


Whatever the reason, my dad forgot where he was and irresponsibly left the house without contact for 7 years.


“You are very old. It hurts.”


“This punk!”


“Father, there’s a kid next to him!”


The moment my grandfather’s hand went up as if it were going to hit my father, my aunt behind me shouted.


Then the grandfather stopped with his arms up in the air.


Soon, the gaze of my grandfather, who had never touched me, came down.


As soon as I made eye contact with my grandfather, I instinctively lowered my head and held my dad’s pants tightly as I trembled.


It—was just like a tiger.


If a tiger turns into a human, maybe this is what it feels like.


“Is this your daughter?”


“What do you mean ‘this’? To my princess.”


“You raised her well by yourself for seven years without contacting me if she lived or died.”


I could feel it in a cold tone. 


Grandfather— was blaming me, just as I was causing him to worry.


‘As expected… He thinks he’s been away from his son for seven years because of me.’


Wealth, power, aristocratic life— it was not difficult to predict Enoch Rubinstein’s intentions, who had abandoned all of them and disappeared suddenly.


Because he disappeared with his newborn daughter. 


He doesn’t want to raise his daughter as people with power. So it’s just for the sake of his daughter.


‘Even if I am a grandfather, I would hate a child like me. Well, to be honest, I expected a little bit of this reaction, right?’


A granddaughter who made his son, who was in his prime, live alone for seven years and cut him off from his family. 


To my grandfather, of course, my existence wouldn’t be pleasant.


‘Lilith, you idiot. Don’t be disappointed. It’s natural. It’s natural. Even though I don’t want to be hated.’


I felt like I had to say something, so I just opened my trembling lips and muttered.


“I… I, I’m sorry… .”


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