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Seeing Oscar’s mouth wide open, I laughed helplessly.


“But now I’m going to try not to look at Cheshire with strange eyes…”




“Yes, really. I will put my heart aside and won’t tell anyone until I die. This is just the fledgling mind of a passing seven-year-old Lilith…”


I wiped my nose and looked out the window with a bitter heart.


I think I’m quite emotional.


“You sound like an adult.”


Because I’m an adult…


“But do you really need to put it aside?”




Oscar shrugged his shoulders.


“His father or something. If it bothers you, you can just kill it. There’s nothing you can’t do.”




I slapped Oscar on the thigh in surprise.




“There’s really nothing you can’t say to a child!”


“Are you a child?”


“It’s a child, of course! I’m seven years old!”


“I can’t believe it.”


“Master, from now on please say only educational things.”


I added with a sigh.


“And do you think it’s that easy? My life force decreases when I use my abilities. I want to live with my Dad for a long, long time.”


“I like the one who has the will to live.”


“To be honest, my ability is really useless. No matter what I try, it’s full of life force.”


“What are you doing that requires so much life force?”


“Uhm, that’s.”


I asked, holding up Oscar’s bracelet on the right.


“But this is really good. How did you make it?”


“It originally exists, but it was slightly modified so that you can use it. Originally, it is a magic tool that responds to the core of the wearer. It tells you how much mana is draining from the core when using abilities.”


“Aha! Then, then. Can you see this floating here, Master?”


“No. I don’t see it either.”


“I see.”


I sighed and thought.


‘How to break Oscar’s ban?’



There was only one stick on the bracelet.


It was a question that I’ve already tried many times because I wanted to break poor Oscar’s ban.


“Right now, only one pairing appears… It probably means that I can’t use up all my life force…”


“What kind of magic is it?”


“I can’t say it, but Master is smart, so guess it. I thought of something about you.”




As if he had noticed it, Oscar smiled.


“That’s not even Primera’s grandfather can come.”


“I’m sorry. I’m such a useless person.”


“What are you talking about?”




After being sullen, I immediately shouted Hurray.


“What I can’t do is that His Majesty the Emperor can’t do the same!”


I laughed insidiously.


I have realized a lot by experimenting with bracelets.


“Oh, I have a question.”


Just then, Oscar asked.


“How much life force does it take to cast a subordinate spell on your father? What the hell does it take so much that the emperor can’t lift a hand even though he’s staring at it….”




That’s exactly the one.


I saw the bracelet.


282 years


“282 years.”




Oscar opened his mouth.


“So, are you going to grow old in 141 years? Wow, almost instant death.”


“Yes! No one can touch my dad anymore. I am the strongest in the world!”


Hurray! Seeing me excited, Oscar laughed.


* * *


After class — I really did trigonometric functions — Master Oscar walked away giggling. 


“Hahaha! If you don’t want to end up in the newspapers because of your forbidden love, get your head right! Congratulations in advance on having a brother!”


I wonder if that’s an advice.


He was, as expected, the second most annoying person.




Lilith Rubinstein, 7 years old.


I have to give up my heart that I haven’t even opened up—.




Then I froze when I heard Cheshire’s voice sitting next to me.


We were waiting for Dad in Dad’s office right now—.




When I turned my stiff neck, Cheshire was staring at me.


“W, why?”


Thump, thump.


Is it more conscious?


My heart felt like it was about to jump out of my mouth.




Cheshire suddenly reached out to me.


“W, what is it?”


I freaked out. 


Cheshire stretched out his hand in the air and blinked his eyes. 


“W, what’s wrong?”


“You ate your hair.”




I look at the corners of my mouth.


It’s a malicious baby hair. 


Then I pulled out my hair and sat down right away.


I could feel Cheshire’s gaze as if he was still looking at me. 


Thump, thump.


‘No, why is this really happening?’


It seemed that even Cheshire could hear the beating heart.


I had no choice but to jump up and sit down on the sofa across from Cheshire.


Cheshire was still staring at me like that.





“Are you mad at me?”




“But why?”


“About what?”


“You just avoided me.”


“It’s not?”




“Not really…I just moved because it was cramped.”


Of course, Cheshire didn’t believe it. But he didn’t ask more. 


‘Uh-huh. Sorry. I can’t help it either. You said you wanted to have a family with me…’


That’s how I blamed Cheshire in my heart.


I’ve thought about it before, but it would have been nice if the mental age was adjusted as it is while remembering the previous life.


Then there was no way I was conscious of Cheshire, who was 11 years old. 


‘I hate being seven… It’s annoying…’


However, if I focus my mind and don’t recall my previous life, my body will look like a seven years old. 


I was helpless against my older brother, who flirted unknowingly with a handsome face—.




I sighed.


I could see Cheshire’s side face as he turned his head, perhaps feeling the burden of my gaze.


He’s handsome—.


‘Why did the writer make the faces of the main characters handsome even though there is no romance at all?’


I’m thinking about such crazy things.




Dad came just in time.


“You’ve waited a long time, haven’t you? I’ve been going to Grandfather for a while.”


Dad patted my cheek and sat down next to me.


Nothing caught my eye.


Except for a piece of paper that Dad held in his hand.


That’s a registered document.


Now, just the name of the Cheshire will go up and take effect—.




I held my cheeks with both hands and screamed inwardly.


Lilith Rubinstein, 10 minutes before becomes a sibling of the main character. 


“Cheshire, the reason why Uncle ask you to come is, hmm.”


Dad picked his words for a moment.


“Actually, your father came to visit earlier.”


“Yes, I know.”


“Eung? You know?” 


“Eung, Dad. The Marquis came to the training ground earlier. He said he was going to take Cheshire.”


When I told him to, Dad immediately frowned.


“Are you kidding me?”


Dad gently closed his eyes and held back his anger, then looked back at Cheshire and said, 


“Yeah. He went to see your face in person, let’s ask.” 




“Do you ever want to go home?” 




Dad laughed at Cheshire’s answer, which came out immediately as if he had been waiting.


“Yeah. Then let’s continue living with Uncle and Lilith. It’s good, right?”


Cheshire looked at me for a moment.


Then he nodded.






Dad smiled and placed the registration documents he was holding on the table.




I turned my eyes away.


How did this happen?


Obviously, when I brought Cheshire for the first time, I was going to be a brother and sister!


I promised to be a good family to Cheshire, who is lonely and hurt! 


“This… What is this?” 


Cheshire asked, looking blankly at the registration papers. 


“Uncle is your guardian now. So if your biological father claims custody of you, I can’t help. I have to send you back home.” 


Cheshire’s gaze, which was stuck on the paperwork, flashed.


To me


I was startled.


‘What is it? Why do you look so surprised? Didn’t you notice earlier when I said we were going to have a family?’


Did he ever think that he would go through the adoption process so quickly?


“You are not yet old enough to receive a title, but you need a family name and a legal guardian.”


“…Does Uncle mean he’s going to give me your last name? You want me to be your son?” 


For some reason, Dad hesitated at Cheshire’s reaction, which didn’t seem to be happy at all. 


And he looked at me.


I also looked at Dad.


‘What? What about our house?’


‘I don’t know either?’


We talked with our eyes.


Dad smiled awkwardly and looked back at Cheshire, and asked.


“What’s wrong with your expression? Do you hate it?”




Cheshire was silent.


He just stared at one place.


It’s me.


Dad looked at us alternately, probably feeling Cheshire’s burning gaze.




When Dad urged an answer, Cheshire finally opened his mouth.


Looking at me.


“The family…” 




“The family… Were you talking about this kind of family?” 




So family is family, is there this family and that family?




Cheshire covered his eyes and lowered his head while taking a deep breath. He seemed confused.


And after a while, he got up. 


“Thank you for your concern, Uncle. But I don’t think I can.”




“I don’t want to be Uncle’s son. I don’t want to be Lilith’s brother either.”




Dad’s mouth opened slowly.


He seemed quite shocked by Cheshire’s firm answer.


The expression I showed when I once shouted, ‘I’m not Dad’s daughter!’—.


Of course, I was stunned and dazed.


“I’m sorry.”

“Wait, Cheshire!” 


Cheshire left those words and ran away.






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  1. Awww Chesire, child marriages must be illegal there too 😅