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Cheshire, who jumped out as if running away, immediately went to hide. 


He hid by the wall behind the stable.


‘Like a fool…’


He was completely mistaken.


Lilith’s words, ‘Let’s be a family.’


One day, when she kept asking him to become the son of this family, and said he didn’t need a family. 


Lilith once said. 


“Ah, yes. Not that. Your own family, made by you, by your own will.”


“Imagine that you meet the person you love later. Then you’ll get married, right?”


“Honey, Cheshire. I love you. I’m so happy. I want my family to be happy like this for the rest of my life.”


“…How is it? What I said is, this is a family.”


Really, he thought it wasn’t bad. 


If he can meet someone he loves later, have children, and live happily together—.


“Let’s make sure to love. Cheshire.”


He still remembers being embarrassed to see Lilith talking with serious eyes.




‘Why was I mistaken? Stupidly.’


When Lilith comes to the training ground out of nowhere and talks about family, yeah. 


It’s embarrassing, but to tell the truth, he misunderstood it as the family she was talking about at the time. 


“Honey, Cheshire. I love you—” 






Cheshire shook his head violently and threw his fist up the wall. 


His face was hot.


If he thinks about it, Lilith was the same as the first day she brought him into this house. 


She said, ‘Be my father’s son’—


—and ‘I’ll be your family.’



Cheshire, who turned around and leaned against the wall, collapsed and sat down.


Lilith likely feels the same way about him as she did about Leon and Theo—those kids.


He left Lilith, who would have really wanted him to be her real brother, and he became a fool by himself for mistaking it.


‘Still, it’s a relief.’


Rejecting Enoch’s offer.


That was fortunate.


If Lilith becomes his sister—.


‘Ah, that’s strange.’


Yes, because even if something is strange, it will be strange for a long time. 


Let’s not get caught. Cheshire vowed to hide what he was mistaken for.


In case he gets caught—.


His eyes darkened as he imagined Lilith, who would be surprised and disgusted.




“The family… Were you talking about this kind of family?” 


Cheshire bit his lip, remembering what he had said.


“Damn it.” 


He shouldn’t have said that.


Since Lilith was quick-witted, she might have guessed enough on those words.




Cheshire swept his face roughly with his head turned to the side. 


Then, all of a sudden, he got confused.


These days, when he was given a rank he had never imagined and was happier than ever. 


Even in this house, he was less noticeable than before, and even when he was with Lilith, he was much more at ease.


It was the first time in his life that he felt at peace—.


“My son.”


His father, who had never called him by name or gave him a warm look during the six months they were under the same roof.


The father now pretends to be friendly and calls his son.


He was right to bring Cheshire into this world. He can claim his own child—.


Also, even if he goes back, he won’t be living the same life as before.


He is no longer an illegitimate child his father wants to hide, but a Dos that will bring glory to the family.


‘I hate it.’


But he hates it.


He wanted to be here.


Nice and kind Enoch—.


Although it would be nice if he could call him father.


‘I can’t, it’s strange.’




Again, the agony has returned to the starting point.


He thought the conclusion would be the same if he kept thinking about it.


Cheshire let out a long sigh.






I chased Cheshire hard with my short legs.


He jumped out as soon as he saw me.


‘No, I think there was a similar situation before…’


Was it on my birthday?


Anyway, after Cheshire said he didn’t want to be my father’s son or my brother, he ran away.


I pondered.


“The family… Were you talking about this kind of family?” 


What is the other family?


Then I remembered.


The words I tried to use to add romance to Cheshire before.


‘Really. There’s no way. Perhaps. Isn’t Cheshire doing it because he doesn’t like being a sibling with me?’


If Master Oscar saw me expecting a little bit, he would say, ‘Wow, I think you really like it.’ And laughed at it.


‘What does that matter! Let’s ask him first!’


I had to catch Cheshire quickly and ask what family he was thinking of.


“Ah, really! Look there… Uh-uh!”




This damn little leg.


The moment the step twisted once, I fell without a doubt.


“U, uh.”


I got up brushing my sore knees—


“Are you okay?”


—and Cheshire, who had fled so far, came before me with surprised eyes.


‘Wow. From now on, I’ll pretend to fall if he runs away from me.’


Then it’ll be easy to catch. I got up thinking so.


“Let’s talk!”




Cheshire looked at me with shaky eyes.




Why am I so nervous?


I swallowed my saliva and asked.


“When I asked you to be a family, you said you would, right…?”




“W, what kind of family were you thinking about then?”


Cheshire immediately asked back.


“Is there another kind of family?”




“Family is family, what do you mean by what kind of  family?”


“H, huh?”


“Didn’t you tell me to be Uncle’s son? You always said that.”


“Uh, yes! That’s right. That’s what I say, right? But you…”


“That’s what I understood.”




I heard something disappear inside me.


Probably an insidious piece of anticipation—.


“I, I see.”


I got awkward and scratched my cheek, and immediately shouted.




Then why?


“Why do you say you don’t want to do it when you said you were going to be my family earlier?”


“You just said that like a habit, so I answered that I understand. But Uncle— I didn’t expect that.”


“A, ah.”


My body has lost all its strength.


“Then what to do. Cheshire…”




“There’s no other way… Do you want to go back to the house you lived in before? Are you going to call the Marquis a father with a conscience?” 


When I held Cheshire’s arm helplessly and asked, he was silent for a while.


Then he said with a dark expression.


“I don’t know. I… don’t know, either.”






Axion, who came to deliver the documents of joining the child soldier, frowned at Enoch, who was drooping like a corpse.


His handsome face was dark.


“You’re so ugly.”


Even if he tried to argue, it seemed that Enoch couldn’t even hear it.


“What’s wrong with you?”


Axion asked, slumping down on the sofa.


“Hey, Axion.”




“Cheshire’s father came to visit.”


“The Marquis of Onyx? I saw it, too. The crazy guy with no conscience.”


“How can I see that punk taking the child? So I tried to put Cheshire in our family.”


“Oh. That’s a good way.”


Axion nodded.


“But Cheshire doesn’t want it.” 




“I don’t want to be Uncle’s son— and then he left.”




“It’s not me.”


“Did you beat the kid?”


“Are you crazy?”


Enoch frowned at once.


“Then what is the problem? It’s probably not because there are parts of you that he doesn’t like.” 


Enoch was seriously troubled by Axion’s question.


The part he doesn’t like—.


Soon, Enoch’s eyes shook like an earthquake.


Seeing that, Axion laughed.


“What is it?”


“Is it because I… rolled the child a little?”’’


Enoch grabbed his head.


It reminded him of the days when he was teaching Cheshire the sword.


He was a wonderfully gifted child.


He followed along well and taught without rest because he was proud to show interest.


Cheshire was the one who wanted to learn more, even when he was told to rest—.


‘Did he just say that he wouldn’t rest and keep learning?!’


Suddenly, Enoch’s heart sank, and his legs trembled under his desk.


He may have unintentionally been abusing the child—.


He was only 11 years old, and he made him hold the sword every day—.


“Damn it! I’m trash!”


“I’m glad you know.”


“What should I do?”


“What do you mean by what should I do? You can’t force the kid when he says he doesn’t want to.” 


“Then is it okay to send the child back to the biological father who is shameless?” 


“I can’t help it if there’s no way.”


“Ha, damn it.”


It was then.


Knock, knock.


“Uncle, this is Cheshire. Are you inside?”


“Y, yeah!” 


Enoch jumped to his feet.


“Come in!”


Cheshire opened the door carefully, walked in, and found Axion. He stopped for a moment and then quietly bowed. 


Then he said


“I’m sorry for leaving so suddenly. I am confused.” 


“Oh, no. Of course, you will be confused. I said it out of the blue. So.” 


Enoch swallowed his saliva and asked. 


“Why don’t you think about it by yourself? Have you made up your mind?”




“Yeah, as expected….” 


“I’m so sorry. I don’t think I can.”




Cheshire bit his lips and chose his words for a while.


“It’s just… I’ve never thought about it. It’s also awkward to call you a father.”


“Ah, yes.”


Enoch pressed his brows gently.


“I understand your feeling. It must be so sudden. But you will gradually get used to it. I want to wait until you get used to it, but we don’t have time. First, just fill out the registration form—” 


“No. I’m sorry.” 



Enoch’s shoulders drooped.


Axion sat on the sofa and watched the two, rolling his eyes on both sides.


“Then, you… Is it okay if you go back to the house you lived in before?” 


“If there is no other way.”




Enoch shouted. 


“Don’t tell me, is it because of your father? Still, he is your real father, so do you want to live with him?”


“No. It’s really not.”


“Then what on earth…!”

Enoch was frustrated.


Of course, Cheshire, who couldn’t tell the truth about the reason, was equally frustrated.


Eventually, Cheshire closed his eyes and said.


“I’m really sorry. Only Uncle, I think it will be okay if it is not only Uncle.”




Enoch’s mouth opened wide.




Axion burst into laughter.


Cheshire looked at the shocked Enoch and was at a loss—.


“I’m sorry.” 


—then he ran away again.


“Ahahaha! Ah, damn it. I see something good today.”


Axion burst out laughing.


Only Enoch was serious.


“It’s okay if it’s not me….?”


“How many times have you rolled a child to say such a thing?”


“Why, only me…?” 


Enoch’s eyes narrowed.


After thinking over Cheshire’s words for a long time, he said, “Ah.” Then he nodded his head.


Then, after thinking about something for a long time, he quietly went to Axion’s side and sat down.




“Haha. Why?” 


“Are you not getting married?”


“All of a sudden?” 


“Aren’t you doing it?”


“I’m not doing it.”




“Because I don’t want to have a baby.”


“You’re not giving birth.”


“What? Are you stupid? I mean, I don’t want to have children.”


Axion added, shaking his head.


“I thought I would quit the army like someone else.”


“Hmm, yeah. I understand that.”


“But what is it all of a sudden?”


Axion looked back at Enoch and hesitated.


Why was his expression so evil?

“What is it?”


“You adopt Cheshire.”




Axion opened his eyes wide.


“How is that?”


Enoch’s face brightened.


“What do you think? That’s a good idea, isn’t it? He says it’s okay if it’s not me.” 


“Wow, really.”






Before long, Axion’s smiling face hardened, and he became serious. 


“…Are you crazy, really?”


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  1. could no one see him crushing on our baby Lilith?
    But this is a great alternative, as long as he doesn’t go back to that damnable Marquise house