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One day in mid-August, when the cicadas were crying painfully.


The midsummer weather was a rat poison to me who gets hot easily.


“Huk. Ugh.”


I wore a sleeveless dress and hung on a wooden swing and fanned out.


“Lilith! Are you okay?”


“What are you doing, kid? Have you become a dried jellyfish?”


“G, give it to me quickly, push the swing…!”


The twin brothers held fruit juice with cool ice in their hands.


Leon quickly handed me the juice and pushed the swing.




“What do you think! Do you think you’ll live a little?”


“Eung! Brother is the best!”


Theo quickly climbed next to me and wiped the sweat off my forehead.


“You get really hot, don’t you? It must be hard.”


“Eung. I’m dying…”


I ended up lying on Theo’s lap.


With the shadow of the trees and the occasional wind blowing, it seemed that I could survive at least.


‘Wow, I want to get some air conditioning.’


I don’t know if that’s because it’s a body that has not experienced the 21st century’s global newspaper, where science has developed—.


It was so hot that I naturally thought of the air conditioner.


“By the way, where did Uncle go?”


“Dad? Dad is busy these days.”


The main character is busy working on the original.


He also does his main job, subjugating demons—.


‘I’m sure he’s doing his business(?).’


That business that starts with ‘Rebel’ and ends with ‘lion’.


Dad will do well on his own, but the daughter gave strength to her head and thought of the original work for the first time in a while.


‘By this time, it would have been time to reach out to the temple. Dad, are you already working on it?’


The temple is the place where the main character prepared the rebellion before the original work even started.


Well, it’s natural.


In this country, the will of the emperor is the will of God, and the dictatorship is based on a deranged theocracy.


To kill the power of the imperial family, you must kill the power of the temple.


For your reference, the white-haired Grandpa High Priest of the ‘Pavil Temple, whom I met as soon as I came to the capital, is a villain.


He is an old man who greases his stomach with a generous donation and is busy chanting, ‘His Majesty the Emperor, Primera, is like a God!’


And, what Enoch Rubinstein chose as the opponent of the Pavil Temple is—.


‘How old is High Priest Zadkiel now? He seems to have been a year or two older than Cheshire…’




Seraph Temple.


The temple, located on Seraph Street outside the capital where poor commoners live, looked disastrous at first glance.


The worn out one-story building looked as if it would collapse at any moment, and under the aid barracks made outside, the sounds of sick people were constantly heard every day.


“Priest Zadkiel! I got a reply to the letter I sent to Viscount Gertel!”


The boy priest of Seraph, 14-year-old Zadkiel Therot, stopped looking at the sick under the barracks and ran out with a bright smile.


His pink hair, like spring flowers, glistened under the summer sun.


‘Please, I hope he sends me good news!’


Wiping the sweat from under his chin, Zadkiel hurriedly opened the letter.


[Look at the Seraph Temple.


It was a shameless request not worth answering, but I am replying in case you bother me by saying the same thing again.


Donations? What kind of crazy institutional aristocrat makes donations to them?


God will be angry just to exchange letters with you.


If you don’t plan to call the person a sinner and burn him at the stake, don’t call me again!]




Zadkiel scratched his cheek with a troubled smile.


There was no positive answer from the several aristocrats he asked for donations.


“Priest! Are you busy?”


“Ah! No, I’m not.”


A call to Zadkiel was heard in the aid barracks. The boy ran back to the barracks with no sign of difficulty. 


The dozens of sick people are all commoners.


They were suffering from internal injuries of unknown cause, but could not receive any special treatment.




Zadkiel was surprised when the middle-aged woman, who was obviously sick, threw up blood. 


“Are you okay?”


“Y, yes. Priest…” 


Zadkiel, who wiped her blood and put a new wet towel on her forehead, massaged the woman’s stiff arm.


“Cheer up. You will be well soon. All I can do is pray…” 


“No, priest. Cough. I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for the priest. Thank you so much.” 


Zadkiel smiled bitterly at the woman’s words. 


This boy priest, Zadkiel, was born with an extraordinary amount of holy power. He was also good at healing magic through long studies.


Zadkiel believed that God created him to help the poor and the sick, so he worked hard to heal and care for the sick. 


“I wish I had been a little more useful…” 


However, healing magic is basically only traumatic. It was useless for internal injuries whose exact cause was unknown.


All those lying ill in the aid barracks were internally injured.


“That’s not true, priest.”


The middle-aged woman tried to smile through her dry lips and took Zadkiel’s hand.


“It is an honor just to be taken care of by a priest like this before I die… There is no greater blessing than a precious person protecting people like us…” 




Zadkiel held back the urge to cry.


There are dozens of sick people like this woman in the aid barracks.


If there were enough watery porridge for them to swallow, if there were more manpower to take care of them together—.


However, the temple’s finances were tight enough to meet the priests’ food, clothing, and shelter.


Zadkiel gave his food to people who were sick and made medicine for them while he was repairing old priest clothes.


‘Oh, God.’


The reality is too heavy for a boy who is only fourteen.


However, Zadkiel didn’t lose his smile.


Love everyone, even the lowest ones.


Because he had no doubt that it was God’s will.


* * *


‘The High Priest Zadkiel first appeared in the original work when he was an adult, so I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing now.’


If he had been in the temple life since he was a child, he would be in the Seraph Temple now.


There are two temples in the Capital.


One is the Pavil Temple, where the High Priest Grandpa is located. 


Another is the Seraph Temple.


The two temples serve the same God but pursue different doctrines.


Pavil always worships the Emperor like a God.


Of course, since they followed the will of the Emperor, they didn’t treat the commoners as human beings.


On the other hand, For Seraph, an Emperor is an Emperor, and a God is a God. 


It is said that one of God’s teaching is also to pay attention to the commoners.


‘The beginning of this crazy dictatorship was to separate the two.’


The imperial family started a dictatorship by dividing those who worshiped the emperor like a god into the ‘New Church’ and the rest into the ‘Old Church.’


Of course, the Old Church is excluded.


In addition to the system, there are temples and believers in each region—.


‘They don’t openly reveal what doctrine they follow.’


Why can’t there be believers who think it’s normal to think commoners are human too?  


But what if you let that meaning out?


Completely isolated.


Just like the Seraph Temple.


‘To see the Emperor openly attacking commoners in a Capital where both eyes are open….’


I shook my head, imagining the situation at the Seraph Temple, which seemed gloomy even without seeing it.


“Oh, my stomach hurts…” 


I was lost in thought for a while when I heard Leon’s pain.


I stopped putting pressure on my head and asked.


“Brother, why? Does your stomach hurt?”


“That’s why I told you not to eat ice cubes.”


Theo said as he looked at Leon’s juice glass, which had been completely emptied to the point of ice.


“He had a hard time for a week because he kept eating cold food because it was hot at home. He always went in and out of the bathroom. You’re a fool, such a fool.” 


Aha. He must have an upset stomach.


Leon, who was sitting next to me, rubbed his stomach and frowned.


Theo, who couldn’t see it, said.


“Go and have a cup of tea with Salvacion.”


“Ah, I don’t want to. It’s troublesome. Why is there no magic to cure a stomachache?”


Leon grumbled.


‘Hmm, that’s right. The most frustrating thing about this worldview is that there is no cure for internal injuries.’


I clicked my tongue inwardly.


The world in my previous life, where science and medicine developed, was very comfortable.


If you get sick, you can go to the hospital, get a checkup, take medicine, or have surgery.


However, medicine was barely developed here.


Fortunately, the external wound can be resolved with magic, but internal injuries are not.


Treatment can only be performed if it is clear what caused the problem.


That’s all drug treatment.


They say there is an all-around treatment, Salvacion, but as we know, the imperial family is blind to it and blocking its distribution.


“Leon, you want to stay together with Lilith, don’t you?”


“Yeah, that’s right.”


Leon hugged me and rubbed my cheek weakly against her shoulder. 


“It’s been a while since I came to see this kid, and it’s only been two hours. There’s no time to go take medicine.”


After a long period of free time, the twin brothers said they would train at the imperial family. 


It seems that the subjugation team has been formed to go to the Central Territory subjugation next month.




I sighed because I felt sorry for Leon and Theo, who are struggling at only 12 years old.


This crazy world—.


“My brother, please get better soon.” 




I gently stroked Leon’s stomach.


Of course, it’s really getting better.


External wound and internal injury, I’m a Primera who can heal anything.


Is it because it’s a level that’s okay if you poop once?


Oscar’s bracelet, which I always wear on the right, only showed up for a second.


‘Whoops. If it’s this much, I’ll do it a hundred times more.’


Leon suddenly got up after being stroked by me.




“What’s the matter?”


“I feel really fine.”


“Wow, really?”




“Uahaha. My hand is healing hand!”


“Puhaha! I know, right?”


Leon giggled and hugged me again. 


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