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My Dad, who returned late at night from business preparation, came up on the bed with a gaunt face and hugged me.


“Uh, princess.”




“Shall we go see Uncle Joseph tomorrow?”




Joseph, with me?


I looked at my Dad’s face in bewilderment.


Wasn’t Dad trying to keep his daughter from paying attention to his business—which reads as rebellion—that she had nothing to worry about?


“Huh? My princess, you liked Uncle Joseph quite a lot, right?”


“T, that’s right.”


If he meets Joseph, I’m sure he’ll talk about business, but he’ll take me?


I looked at Dad’s expression carefully because I thought he had an intention, but I don’t know.


‘But it’s not a bad thing for me, is it?’


If only I could hear the conversation between Dad and Joseph.


Perhaps, does he know?


There might be something I can do for you.


“Eung! I want to go too!”


“Yes, my princess! Shall we see the sea after a long time?”


“Eung? Sea?”






The two chose a southern coastal estate as a rendezvous point, probably intending to thoroughly hide their exchanges.


Famous as a tourist destination, this place was full of people who came to enjoy sea bathing.


“D, Dad! I, I can’t reach my feet!”


“Ahaha! It’s okay, it’s okay. Dad is here.”


The sun is shining down on the dazzling sea.


Today, Mr. James Brown, in disguise, stuck close to me as I floated around on a yellow duck tube.


“My princess, now if you go further over there, there’s a shark! It will eat the princess!”


“N, no! Stop!”


Dad chuckled and pushed me deeper.


Even so, it was as deep as my Dad’s stomach.




It’s fun! I put my arms around the duck tube and rolled hard on my short legs.


“Huh? It’s Uncle Joseph!”


After floating for a while, I saw Joseph waving his hand on the sandy beach.


Wearing a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt, Joseph looked like a tourist on vacation.


“Let’s go, let’s go!”


Dad pushed my back to the beach.


As soon as my feet touched the ground, I ran with the duck tube on my stomach.






Joseph lifted me up in his arms as I ran happily.


“Oh my, why have you grown so much?”




Joseph pinched my cheek and laughed with satisfaction.


“Long time no see!”


“How have you been?”


Dad and Joseph were very close while I hadn’t seen them.


“You’ve embraced the lower side a lot. I’m surprised.”


“Don’t say that. I haven’t been able to sleep lately because of that.”


Okay, let’s start talking about business.


‘If it’s the lower side, it looks like they’re persuading the local lords first.’


I pricked up my ears, pretending to watch the sea in Joseph’s arms.


“It’s time to touch the temple.”


“The temple.”


As expected, Joseph. Yes, the temple should come out around this time.


“As you know, as long as the new church faction controls the world, the position of the emperor will be strong. It will take a long time, but we must raise the power of the old church faction. At the last moment, we have to put the old church figure in the position of the high priest.”


Dad listened silently and nodded.


“Currently, the situation of the old church is bleak. It is unclear whether it can survive. Duke, please give me some strength here.”




“For now, please start by putting something in the mouths of the believers. It’s about to starve to death.”


“I’ll do that. There’s no need to move secretly, right? If the old church’s financial situation improves with support from an unknown source, there will surely be suspicious eyes.”


“That’s right. It’s nothing special for aristocrats to donate to the temple, so you can openly provide financial support in the name of donations.”


Joseph laughed and added.


“There are no people who don’t know the Duke’s personality, so there’s nothing strange about helping the old church faction. Just don’t feel like you’re only looking at the old church faction, both sides.”


I thought Dad and Joseph were cool with some difficult words.


‘It’s amazing. I can’t believe I’m watching the main character and the tactician’s conversation in person…’


I wouldn’t understand if I wasn’t a kid who kept a secret.




Dad suddenly smiled.


Then he said,


“So, you mean, go to the old temple where good people are gathered and help? So you’re going to have to make sure that the High Priestess comes out of the old temple later?”




What is this? Why are you explaining all of a sudden?


“Since there is a Seraph Temple in the old church, I can go there! But it looks strange if you only help the Temple of Seraph, so you just have to make the same donation to the Temple of Parvil where the bad people gathered!”


Joseph blinked.


“Ah. Yeah, well. Right?”


He seemed unable to understand Dad, who briefed him about everything he had heard.


But I realized.


‘A, are you saying this for me to hear?’


It was obvious. He was explaining in simple words so I could understand it!


‘No, but why?’


I was nervous for a moment, so I swallowed my saliva and glanced at Dad.


An innocent smile.


I couldn’t guess any intention just by looking at his face.


“Fortunately, ‘divine revelation’ has long since disappeared. Whether the new church is right or the old church is right. Even God doesn’t give a hand to either side.”


Joseph started talking again with a rather evil smile.




“Aha! You mean the revelation that a God appears in a dream? In the old days, a follower who received a revelation used to become a high priest!”


“Ah, yes yes…”


Another explanation robot!


“Yes, that’s right. God doesn’t say anything.”


—Dad threw his eyes at the sea in a distant atmosphere with a sharpened atmosphere.


“That’s why.”


His voice was full of strength.


“Justice is what I believe in.”


I drooled at my handsome Dad’s face.


Fortunately, at the end, the main character’s force was overflowing—.




Dad took me to the Seraph Temple a few days later without delay.


When I got out of the carriage, I opened my mouth at the disastrous temple scenery.


‘Oh my.’


A dilapidated building that looks like it’s about to collapse. 


Under the aid barracks, which were frozen with cloth, there were many dying people lying down and groaning.


‘No, I guessed it, but…’


I knew the situation of the temple caring for the sick commoners.


But I didn’t expect it to be this hopeless.




When I looked up with strength in my hand, Dad’s face seemed to be thinking a lot.






A boy who was wandering around with a large basin found us and ran quickly.


‘Oh! It’s the high priest Zadkiel!’


Fine pink hair and silver eyes.


The moment I met a beautiful boy like a spring flower, I recognized him right away.


High priest of Zadkiel.


#Goodness #Sacrifice #Incarnation of an Angel


—He is the nicest person among the characters in the novel “The Rebellion of Dos,” with keywords such as that.


“A, aren’t you the Duke of Rubinstein by any chance? What did you come here for?”


Zadkiel asked in surprise if he had recognized the seal of our carriage.


“Nice to meet you. I’d like to see Seraph’s chief priest. Can I meet her now?”


“Ah, the chief priest…”


Zadkiel muttered with a darkened face, then smiled like an angel.


“I’ll guide you. Please come this way.”


Zadkiel came out into the collapsed building and said as he led my Dad.


“My name is Priest Zadkiel Therot. I would have prepared something if you had contacted me in advance, but I am sorry that I have nothing to treat such noble people.”


“A temple is a place to come to pray. I’m not here to be treated, so don’t worry about it.”




When Dad answered kindly, Zadkiel smiled shyly.


“This way.”


There is only one old bed in the room that Zadkiel showed me.


On it lay a middle-aged woman as skinny as a corpse.


“Mother, are you awake?”




“Are you the chief priest of Seraph’s Lamisa? I’m Enoch Rubinstein.”


Zadkiel quickly brought a chair to the side of the bed, and Dad introduced himself as he sat there.


“Sit here too, princess!”


“Hehe, thank you.”


Smiling like an angel, Zadkiel brought me a chair.


“Ah, cough. Your Excellency… Duke Rubinstein? What brings you here…”


“Mother, mother! Please wait. I’ll get you up.”


“Uhm, do you have a mother-son relationship with Priest Zadkiel?”


“Ah! No. The chief priest is like a mother to me.”


When Dad asked, Zadkiel smiled and said.


“I was abandoned in front of the temple when I was young, but the chief priest picked me up. She fed me, clothed me, and raised me. She’s not like my mother, she’s my mother.”




Zadkiel’s eyes were full of affection as he looked at the chief priest.


Unfortunately, however, the shadow of death was cast over the face of the chief priest, who was clearly ill.


“Your condition doesn’t look very good.”


“Cough, cough. Ah, yes… I’m not the kind of person to be greeted with such rudeness… Cough. Please forgive my rudeness.”


“No. You don’t have to worry.”


At Dad’s generous answer, the chief priest smiled with parted lips.


‘What should I do…’


The sickness was so deep that I felt sorry for having someone sit down to meet me.


Neither my Dad nor Zadkiel were speechless in pity as they looked at the chief priest.


‘Where does it hurt?’


They can’t examine it.


Because it is a world view of a medically underdeveloped country where even common internal injuries are difficult to diagnose.


‘I can treat it though.’


I bowed my head feeling sorry for no reason.


It’s something I can do with my ability.


But if it’s a deep disease, I’ll have to use a lot of life force.


There were many sick people like the chief priest, and it was impossible to help them all.


So, I can’t help it…


Nevertheless, I was distressed by the reality that I had to pretend not to know who I could save.


‘Let’s just see how much it costs.’


Thinking, I glanced at Oscar’s bracelet.




…Huh? 10sec?


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  1. Hmm??? Ten seconds?!!! Is she faking her illness…???

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