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Chapter 1 part 2


Whether it was life or death, it actually doesn’t matter to Xu Turan, but it’s always good to have one more wish. 


Besides, coming here, living once more, looking for something exciting to do, how boring ah. 


Xu Turan corrected her attitude and was extremely engrossed in her agreement after the system left. She mulled over accumulating death value. Since she didn’t receive any of the original owner’s memories, she had to spend some time getting information and adapting to her identity first. When she finally had time to study the novel information the system had given her, she finally discovered something very bad —— 


The system gave her information, but it wasn’t about the original novel. 


It only contained a detailed character biographies of the male and female leads, some supporting characters’ information, some information about the worldbuilding, the book 《Rules for Newcomers in Transmigrating》, and a set of crash course material called 《Transmigrating: From the Basics to Becoming a Big Shot》…. 


Xu Turan fell into silence.


If she remembers correctly, the original body is currently a loner, with an inheritance and a back card containing several zeroes. She didn’t know what the system was trying to do when it slipped the last book to her. 


Thankfully, she found a part of the story line from the original owner’s character information. In the original plot, the woman courting death, as an arrogant person brought upon by her coming from a wealthy family, came to like the male lead who resembles her white moonlight. She then became hostile to the female lead, desperately trying to make trouble between the two, and adding twists and turns to the love between the male and female lead. 


… But the crossover Xu Turan, staring in empty air, didn’t see where this plot had given her a room to die. 


It was also because she had read less novels like this, she didn’t quite understand the point of other people’s work. 


In the end, she had no choice but to play with herself. And in just three days, she tried such things as ‘microwaving raw chicken egg’, ‘stabbing metal fork to an outlet’, and other acts of death that good kids don’t do —— However, her death value didn’t increase at all! 


Xu Turan can only change her mind. She remembered that the system told her to try to ‘blend in the story’s atmosphere’. So she wondered, was her way of courting death not in line with the original owner’s character design in the story? 


The question is, what is the distinguishing characteristic of this story? 


The system told her, this was a thriller romance. 


Xu Turan decided to ignore the word ‘romance’ and earnestly thought of the word ‘thriller’. 


Then she finally realized. She should go scam some ghost instead. But the question is, where would she find one? 


Xu Turan turned the only available information to study over and over again, and once again enlightened. 


Why did the original owner like the male lead? Because he resembled her white moonlight. Why did she not go to her white moonlight? Because her white moonlight was dead. 


Her white moonlight named ‘Gu Chenfeng,’ died in a class reunion. 


Seven high school graduates went to a suburban guesthouse, and they were all found dead the next day, all in a horrible condition. 


As soon as you hear this description, it is awfully mysterious. 


Xu Turan got up from her spot and rubbed off those awful thoughts. 


In the original owner’s character design plot, it was mentioned that the original owner actually received an invitation to Gu Chenfeng’s party but didn’t go. From then on, she was regretful her entire life with her eternal separation to her white moonlight. Xu Turan was busy flipping through the original owner’s cellphone, and she then found the party invitation sent by Gu Chenfeng. The time was just a day later, so she quickly replied, saying that she changed her mind and was willing to go. 


The white moonlight seems to be reluctant, but he still honestly sent her the party address and time —— a guesthouse in the mountains where it is hard to travel to. It was brimming with the smell of courting death. 


Xu Turan also wondered whether she should warn Gu Chenfeng and the others not to go and court their death. But whenever she wanted to send a message, her phone always went out of order. Soon after, she thought of the 《Rules for Newcomers》 knowing that this was set up as a ban by the system —— her movements are more or less restricted as a transmigrator. 


The rules were stated there, so Xu Turan had to give up. Though her thoughts of riding in someone else’s car are still resolute. 


It turns out that her judgment wasn’t wrong. As soon as she arrived at the party today, her death-accumulating value increased by five points. She raised her eyebrows. 


Her gains didn’t stop there. 


She arrived a little late, and those people were already playing board games by the time she got there. The original owner was obviously not very close to these people, and only the girl named Gu Xiaoya, who was very active, dragged her to the table. 


Xu Turan wanted to resist, but she silently changed her mind after she noticed the name of the board game. She cooperated by selecting the pieces, and before the first round was finished, a ding sounded in her head. 


Xu Turan immediately heard it. It was the sound of another death-accumulating value adding in her account. 


The name of the board game is very interesting. It is called 《Guesthouse Horror》. 


The fact that Xu Turan just joined in and had three points of death value shows that it is not simple. 


She was very blessed that not playing for a few games and deliberately eliminated made her gain another three points of death-accumulating value. 


In a short span of time, six death-accumulating points were added to her account, and happiness came to her a bit suddenly. 


As the only person currently eliminated from the field, Xu Turan held the six points of death-accumulating value and a bag of rainbow candies that had just arrived, and quietly walked to the side. 


The storm is approaching, and the time is still young. While there was still time, she didn’t forget to observe the surroundings again. 


The guest house they rented had three floors, which they included in the package. Everyone was gathered in the lobby on the first floor at the moment, with the door of the guesthouse across the corridor behind them. 


She already knew the twins Gu Xiaoya and Gu Chenfeng, her ‘white moonlight’. The brown-haired girl diagonally across her was called ‘Xiaomi’, Gu Xiaoya’s best friend and wearing an elegant dress. 


In addition, ‘sports representative’ is the tallest one, ‘academic representative’ is the young girl wearing glasses, and the other boy wearing glasses, who others call him ‘class monitor.’ 


Man, they formed the class committee. 


It was strange —— counting the people in the room at this moment including her, there were seven people. But in the original plot, the original ‘Xu Turan’ didn’t participate in this party. 


But the bodies found afterwards are still seven. 


What is happening? There are still people who have not arrived yet? 


Xu Turan’s eyes moved slightly, and she glanced at Gu Xiaoya walking towards her from her peripheral vision. It immediately interrupted her thoughts, thinking about how she should deal with her. 


Who would have thought that Gu Xiaoya had not yet reached her, something unexpected happened. 


There seems to be a dark cloud outside the window, the room was dark for a moment, and the only light source was coming from the direction of the table —— 


A few seconds later, there was a shriek and the sound of something heavy falling to the ground next to the table. 


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