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Chapter 2 part 1 


There were screams and the sound of falling bodies, followed by a commotion. There was already chaos around the table. 


The originally elegant class president was now on the ground, twitching, with his hands on his neck, sweating profusely; his face was red and evidently frightened, then his feet kicked the table with a thud. Gu Chenfeng and another boy were trying to remove his hand from his neck, but they couldn’t. 


“My God! What is going on here? Gu Xiaoya turned her head with a stunned face. Gu Chenfeng still didn’t raise his head and was still trying to remove the class president’s hand: “I don’t know. He suddenly started to choke himself! Don’t just stand still! Quickly make a call!” 


“I can’t type!” Xiaomi said urgently, “Really… why did this crash at this time….” 


“I can’t find my phone! Where is Xiaoya?” 


Gu Xiaoya who just woke up heard that, busy pulling out her phone, and saw the ‘low battery’ pop up on the screen – and then it automatically shut down. 


She was so anxious that she repeatedly pressed the on button, and then she suddenly reacted, “Wait, where’s Xu Turan….” 


She had yet to finish her words when she suddenly felt a figure go past her. Surprised, Gu Xiaoya turned her head and saw Xu Turan’s face filled with worries. 


“Excuse me, please all get out of the way. I’ve studied first aid,” she lied without changing her expression and proceeded to tear a cloth then leaned forward. 


Perhaps her tone seemed to have a plan in advance, the physical education committee member who was pressing the class monitor believed her and subconsciously wanted to let go, but he was stopped by Gu Chenfeng. 


“First aid? You?” he looked at Xu Turan full of distrust, “You… hey, wait a minute! Don’t come over!”


The class monitor looked weak, but his strength now was terribly strong and the two people were unable to press him down. Gu Chenfeng was worried that others would be hurt if they came close, so he thought of knocking him out first. Who knows, Xu Turan strode over just before he finished his words. 


She was carrying a fruit knife in her hand she got from who knows where. 


Gu Chenfeng was dumbfounded on the spot. 


Oh boy — he just wanted to temporarily knock out the class monitor so that he won’t be able to move, but this madman now is trying to not make him not move forever ah! 


So the scene became even more chaotic. Gu Chenfeng and the physical education committee member was struggling to press down a person, while the girls were nervously surrounding Xu Turan, conflicted on whether to stop her or not. Some of them ran outside to the corridor to call the owner of the homestay, who had run away to who knows where. 


In the midst of their confusion, Xu Turan squatted in front of the class monitor, raising the fruit knife in her hand. 


“You got the nerve—” Gu Chenfeng hurriedly stopped, but Xu Turan deftly avoided him, and she forcefully stabbed the fruit knife down. 


Screams rang out while others covered their eyes in fear. 


After waiting for a moment, they didn’t hear anything dreadful. They opened their eyes only to find that the Xu Turan didn’t use the knife to stab the person. 


She stabbed on the floor next to the class monitor’s head, leaving a clear dent on the wooden floor. 


The class monitor who was choking himself just now, woke up as if he was in a dream, his tense muscles gradually relaxing, and the hands on his neck loosened. 


“…” Gu Chenfeng and the physical education committee member looked at each other, and unanimously released their hands, exhaling on the process. 


“B, bulls**t!” he gasped and looked at Xu Turan, “How did you do that?” 


“Scare therapy. It works well in some acute cases.” Xu Turan said nonsense in all seriousness before standing up with the knife. Only then did Gu Chenfeng notice that her pinky finger had an extra tail ring on it at some point. It was silver and shining. 


The lying class monitor on the ground was helped up with a stunned face. He opened his mouth, seemingly wanted to say something, but when his gaze swept across the table, his expression suddenly changed, and he immediately closed his mouth. 


Xu Turan followed his gaze and saw an opened event card. She walked over, picked it up, only to see a clock pattern, its hands pointing at twelve o’clock. 


“This was the card that the class monitor drew,” the girl called Xiaomi approached her and whispered. Maybe it was because of Xu Turan’s ‘first aid,’ their attitude towards her now was much more moderate. The girl that had just spoken felt embarrassed, and quietly apologized to Xu Turan.  


Xu Turan responded. Remembering the light she saw before, her eyes looked around and picked up a flashlight from the table. “He read the event card before the accident?” 


Xiaomi nodded. 


Event cards. Whenever someone walks to a specific grid, they must draw one and complete the above challenge requirements. They will be ‘eliminated’ if they can’t finish it. 


The cards are specially made, and the text can only be seen with the small flashlight that came with the box. Xu Turan found the flashlight, shining towards the card. There was originally only the pattern on the card surface, there was now small but clear text emerging on it. 


Event: You have accepted the challenge of trying your guts from the owner of the homestay. Now, please stand with your legs apart and bend down to look backwards from between your legs. Do not make a sound, do not move, and do not close your eyes during the viewing process. Stay like that for five seconds and consider the challenge complete.


Friendly Reminder: Your line of sight will certainly attract the prying sight of others. If the challenger sees something strange, please do not share it with other players. The violators are responsible for the consequences.


No wonder. 


Xu Turan’s eyebrows moved slightly 


She confirmed with Xiaomi again that as she expected, the scream just now came from the class monitor when he was ‘executing’ the challenge on the card. 


Since he was bending over to look back and the angle, the others couldn’t see his face. They only noticed him when he suddenly screamed in panic and his whole body fell forward. He then pointed at the stairs leading to the second floor incoherently saying something, before starting to choke himself with his hands. 

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