Author: Bunny

Chapter 3 part 1


This time, it came from a girl – it was passing and there was no subsequent complicated phenomenon. 


Xu Turan once again grabbed a handful of rainbow candies. The class monitor nervously rushed to her, “What happened?” 


“That’s exactly the event card Xiaomi just drew!” Someone immediately replied, and with uncertainty in their tone, “She… she seems to be frightened by the pattern on it.” 


“What?” The class monitor hurriedly ran beside Xiaomi, only to see that the other party had fear written all over her face. And in front of her was a card facing downwards. There was only a picture of a half-opened cabinet on it. 


“Just this? It couldn’t be that scary, right?” Gu Chenfeng who was on the side, said. 


“No, no….” Xiaomi was shocked. “Just now, when I turned it over… there was a woman inside….” 


“… Huh?” 


“I said when I just turned it over, there was a woman inside the cabinet!!” Xiaomi raised her voice. “Her hands were on the cabinet door; her fingers were gray. Just when I was about to probe and look… who knows that in a blink of an eye, she was gone!”


Her voice was still slightly trembling as she said this, and it didn’t look like she was lying. However, no matter how long the others stared at the card, they could only see the cabinet. 


The students around the table looked at each other, and except for the class monitor, no one took this too seriously: “It should just be a mistake. Weren’t we using that flashlight? It must have only dazzled your eyes for a moment.” 


(T/N: Maybe the light of the flashlight made a trick on Xiaomi’s eyes and was just imagining things.)


“Yes, yes, it should be that.” 


“Speaking of which, what was on the card?” 


Everyone’s attention turned back to Xiaomi’s event card on her hand at those words. 


The sports representative next to her smoothly picked up the event card, flicked open the flashlight and read it word by word. 


“Event: You have accidentally discovered the closet where the female ghost was sealed in. Soon, she will leave the cabinet, wander around the guest house in the next three minutes…and take one of you away….”


With a noticeably odd tone, the sports representative reads the remaining part, “You will have five minutes after the cabinet appears. Are you a fortunate child? Or an unfortunate child? The female ghost favors the child with the lowest grades.” 


There was silence when the words fell. 


The sports representative laughed awkwardly after a few seconds and said, “This seems to be the first time that an event like this has been drawn, right? It should be just like playing hide-and-seek….” 


Before he could even finish his words, there was suddenly a ‘bang!’ ringing in the air. The room suddenly turned to complete darkness, and there was a scream once again. 


Only the flashlight of the sports representative was still glowing in the darkness. Everyone instinctively turned towards him and at the next moment, there was another ‘pop’一一 the light inside the room automatically turned on, and it was bright again. 


But no one was happy about this. Outside the window was still dark. Heaven knows, it’s just after three in the afternoon, can the sky have turned dark like that? 


Another reason was because of the cabinet. 


In the originally empty corner of the room, there was suddenly a huge cabinet. It was dark in color and made of iron, while the surface was covered with marks of rusting. Chains after chains were wrapped around the cabinet. There were also a lot of talisman papers pasted on the chains either vertically or horizontally, and a big lock hanging in the middle. 


No one knows how this huge thing appeared out of nowhere. The sports rep., who was the closest to it, cautiously approached it but was pulled back by the class monitor. He gulped: “What is this thing?” 


“…” No one answered his question. But almost the same answer came to their mind一一


It was the cabinet with the female ghost sealed inside. 


There was a brief, eerie silence inside the room. Immediately afterwards, there was a commotion once again, not knowing who started it first: 


“S**t, so what is this situation now? Is this really haunted?!” 


“Don’t panic, everyone don’t panic! The world is materialistic, don’t be afraid! Don’t run around the place!” 


“Is this a prank? Who was it? Admit it and I won’t hit you!” 


“Where’s the owner of this guesthouse? He should be nearby, right? Call him!” 


“Let’s get out of here. I don’t want to stay here anymore一一”


Someone rushed to the door and turned the handle several times, but the door still didn’t move. The window could be opened, but when they pushed to open it, there was a black wall like a block of concrete – extremely solid. 


Their phones were simply dead, turning into useless electronic bricks which couldn’t even be opened. 


They can still enter the other rooms in the guesthouse, but it was all empty and the windows were blocked by black walls. There was an extra-large metal cabinet of the same style in each room. 


Now that things have come to this, no matter how much they couldn’t believe it, they can no longer deceive themselves. Pranks can’t be like this. 

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