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She would repeat her terrible life so much that she thinks she’d rather die.


‘It can’t be all right!’


Things have changed. I knew it was the consequence, but I couldn’t stay still.


It was because I remembered Radiata that I ran into in the village two days ago. She helped me in a situation where everyone was turning a blind eye to.


In a situation where it’s hard to take care of yourself like me.


Radiata said, ‘She didn’t want others to go through the misfortune she had gone through.’


It was a sentence from the novel. Radiata prayed earnestly before her return.


Whoever it may be, please save me.


But in the end, no one saves her, and she jumps into the lake, resenting God. Therefore, Radiata, who returned to the past, lives thinking that she was the only one who could save herself.


But she, by nature, could not leave the suffering alone. I was reminded of myself in the past.


I was not as good as Radiata. Even if I know that my safety comes before other people, even if I know that other people are suffering, I didn’t try to save and help anyone.


But Radiata had a light. The one that helped me in the village.


I could say it wasn’t a big deal, but I couldn’t ignore this guilt that her first meeting went wrong because of me, and the sympathy for the misery she was going through.


‘Yes, a woman should help a woman.’


I clenched my fists and decided to help her.


‘Ellex and her contract marriage have failed and she would soon be sold to be the mistress of an old man.’


Count Ricoris would have already received money from his uncle.


I couldn’t leave the palace recklessly. Even if I went out, I couldn’t attack the carriage by myself. And the biggest problem was that I didn’t know the departure date.


‘I just said that she doesn’t have much time left to go back and be sold.’


I remembered the scene in the novel. At first, there was no description of the departure time when Radiata recalled the situation before the regression.


‘The worst was when she had already left.’


Count Ricoris was humiliated because of Radiata, and their families could have tried to clean up sooner than expected.


There was no time. I was nervous and went down the stairs tearing my hair out.


‘There’s only one way.’


To ask Grandiel for help, the wizard of Cinderella. But there was no justification. There was a reason for me to save Radiata.


Currently, I and Radiata have no connection whatsoever. If I ask Grandiel to help Radiata, I’m sure it’ll be strange.


I was upset. There’s one more thing I need, along with a reasonable excuse to convince him.


‘I need something to trade with Grandiel.’


He wouldn’t readily accept my request. There was a price to pay to move Grandiel.


Like holy water, something he could be tempted with.  There was nothing I could pay for. I did not have divine power like Radiata, nor did it have magical abilities. I wasn’t that smart. I didn’t even have a lot of money.


‘Knowing the future was the only buff I have.’


The story that went wrong from the first meeting would unfold completely differently from the story I used to know. Most of what I know has become obsolete.


‘…Regardless of the actions of the main characters, events that happen would happen as they are. A plague such as God’s wrath, natural disasters, the rampant destruction of the Archmage, the things Nepenthes are looking for…’


Recalling the big scenes in the novel, I was walking down the stairs to sort out what would happen regardless of the main character’s move and stopped for a while, and a maid in the lobby called me.


“You’re the new maid today, aren’t you? You don’t seem to have anything to do, so come with me.”


I had to come up with a plan to help Radiata escape, but I couldn’t refuse because of the maid’s overbearing tone. I had to live in Stella Palace for a while anyway, but I couldn’t end up being a small villain maid.


I followed the other maid, pondering in my head the excuses and the price to pay Grandiel. She entered the room at the end of the hallway on the first floor.


The room, where curtains were closed to prevent sunlight from entering, was covered with a white cloth on top to prevent dust from accumulating.


At first glance, a statue or a frame could be seen through the white cloth, whether it was a room where decorations were kept.


It smelled like an old library. While I was looking around the room, she pointed to the vase piled up on one side and said.


“Help me move this. The maid told me to bring ten, but if I do it alone, I have to go back and forth five times.”


The size of the vase was not very large, but it was a little heavy because it was made of porcelain.


‘It would be better to carry it all at once than to go back and forth.’


However, it was well stacked, so there was no inconvenience in carrying it. The maid with two vases looked at me with a surprised expression.


She seemed surprised because I was holding four stacked vases in one hand each.


“You’re… strong.”


That’s the last thing she said, and she didn’t say any more words. There was silence between us as we moved to the greenhouse, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.


Many workers in the glass greenhouse arrived with a vase. Servants are moving the table, gardeners planting new flowers in the greenhouses, and maids who come with lace and white cloth to decorate the space.


And from the center, the head maid was leading them. The way they moved in unison at her command was quite well-organized.


“What are you standing blankly for?”


As soon as I put the vase down, I got a new task. It was to tie the white cloth with a ribbon and fasten it to the glass wall.


“If you use force ignorantly, the shape would be ruined! Look carefully. If you tie it like this, the knot would be neat.”


The maid who carried the vase with me showed a demonstration by untying the ribbon I had tied.


Even after tying the ribbon, I got a hectic task, and if there was something wrong with what I did, she came running like a sword to correct me and disappeared.


‘I’ll have to say thank you later.’


The common maids I work with weren’t friendly to me, but they weren’t hostile. I just feel like they don’t want to get involved. I was a little relieved that it wasn’t just people like Erica.




After dinner, we finally had free time.


I was tired from working hard during the day, but I couldn’t fall asleep right away.


Because I had to meet Grandiel. I couldn’t think of a way to contact him, so I went to Makia. If it were her, I think she would have a way to contact Sedum.


When I went to the annex where the maids were staying and looked for Makia, a girl younger than I expected came out.


“What’s the matter?”


The girl, who would be a middle school student even if she played a lot, asked in a voice that contained no feelings at all.


“Hi, I’m Mayerie. so maybe um.. can meet Mr. Sedum?”


I was afraid she would say no if I said that I wanted to meet Grandiel, so instead asked if I could meet with Sedum.




Makia’s dull mint eyes stared at me. Even Sedum, whom I met during the day, was also expressionless, but this little girl had another expressionless face.


If Sedum had an expressionless look on his face, Makia seemed really emotionless.


“Can’t I?”


“No, follow me.”


I thought you’d ask me a few more questions. Makia, who unexpectedly readily accepted, began to walk ahead.


Contrary to my expectations of going to the Crown Prince’s Palace, she went deeper than that.


After walking for a long time, the wall came out, and Makia slipped into the wall without hesitation.


“Inside the wall just now…”


When I put my hand into the wall where Makia disappeared, I felt the empty air, not the hard wall. The walls also swayed like stones had been thrown into the lake.


Makia said as she grabbed my hand from the inside of the wall as I was waving my outstretched hand.


“We’ve arrived.”


It was a secret place hidden by magic. Behind was a building that looked like a two-story country house. There was no garden, but it was neatly organized and I could feel that people were living there.


“Makia, what’s going on?”, Sedum came out of the building and asked.


He found me behind Makia and frowned slightly. It looked like he didn’t like me coming here.


“I brought Mayerie here.”


“Outsiders must be prohibited from entering here.”


“Grandiel gave permission.”


Sedum let out a tenuous sigh at Grandiel’s permission and asked me with a still distorted face.


“So what brings you here, lady Mayerie?”


His voice was full of dissatisfaction. I laughed shamelessly, turning a blind eye to his irritation.


“I have something to report to the Crown Prince.”


“You could report it to me.”


“I have something to tell him in person.”


“Please wait. I’ll ask his highness Grandiel and come back.”


Sedum now entered the building with a crumpled expression on his face.


Would Grandiel allow it? You told me to tell you if anything happens, so I won’t be rude.


I relaxed as I took a breath while Sedum came out. To deceive Grandiel, who could read emotions, I had to remain calm.


“He gave permission.”


After returning soon, Sedum led me back into the building with an expressionless face.


Passing through the empty hallway without any luxury items, I went up to the second floor and entered the room that Sedum guided me to.


Then I saw Grandiel, who was trapped in a mountain of paper and was reviewing the documents.


Maybe it was because of the winter air, the moonlight coming through the window felt cold. Grandiel’s silver hair shone like a diamond in the blue moonlight, and his originally white skin looked even paler.


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