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Mayerie strode forward with a determined expression.


Only looking at Radiata wearing a veil, she was reaching out to the old rich man.


Mayerie removed Radiata’s veil and grabbed her by the wrist. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, but she didn’t resist.


Before taking Radiata, she met eyes with the old man next to her.


Even if he was old, I thought it was the age between her uncle and father, but he was a real old man with wrinkles all over his face and white hair.


“Don’t treat women as objects!”


Originally, I didn’t mean to say anything, but when I saw the face of the old man, I choked up and was moved to tears without realizing it, and said something.


Radiata became his servant and lived a terrible life. He bought her like an object and used her as a tool to satisfy his desires.


Radiata came back as if it was nothing, but it didn’t mean that she got rid of the wounds she had suffered. Even if she thinks it’s okay, her memories would haunt her suddenly and torment her.


‘What were you trying to do to a woman who was like your granddaughter?’


To be honest, I wanted to kick this old man’s crotch, but I was worried that someone would catch me, so I dragged Radiata and ran.


As they left the temple, Grandiel was waiting to open the carriage door for them. My heart still beats hard because of the lingering memory that I did something crazy.


‘It’s over.’


She had awakened to reality as the carriage they rode shook. She covers her face with her palms and takes a deep breath.


As I pondered, silence fell in the carriage.


“Where are we going?”, Radiata who was silent next to her spoke.


She asked Grandiel, clenching her baggy wedding dress, and looking at him with anxious eyes.


‘You knew Nepenthes, so you followed me quietly.’


She only knew the identity of ‘Nepenthes.’ She knew he was the king of the dark world, so he must have been worried that he would be dragged to a strange place.


“We’re on our way to the Imperial Palace.”


“The palace?”


“Yes, I’ll tell you the details later.”


He didn’t mind explaining it here. Grandiel seemed somehow reluctant to speak.


Though, maybe it’s just a feeling. Well, I don’t really care. I couldn’t even put my messed-up thoughts together right now.




It was a complete night when we arrived at Stella’s Palace.


“First, take her to Miss Mayerie’s room. I’ll arrange for her to work here as well. Then, bye.”


After finishing his words, Grandiel returned coldly.


As he said, I took Radiata to the room. Everyone was already asleep, so only the sound of our footsteps could be heard in the quiet palace.


‘I’m glad Erica is out.’


It was a room for two people in the first place, so there was no inconvenience for us to stay together. 


In addition, the room was assigned to an exclusive maid, so it had an attached bathroom. I was pulling out my clothes from the closet for Radiata when I heard her wary voice.


“Who are you?”


“I’m Mayerie Syringa. You saved me near the square before, do you remember?”


Realizing that I hadn’t introduced myself and then I formally greeted her.


“I’m sorry. I don’t remember.”


Radiata couldn’t immediately recall me due to a lack of explanation.


“At that time, I was surrounded by thugs, and you came forward as a priest and helped me…”


As I told the details of what happened that day, Radiata, who was looking at my face, burst out into a small sigh.


“Oh, it’s him then.”


You must have remembered. I took Radiata’s hand and thanked her.


“Thank you for your help then.”


“No, it was nothing special,” Radiata said humbly.


Her face looked serene, but her fingertips were cold. Are you still nervous?


I suggested something to eat for her to relax. Someone feels relaxed and happy when food fills their stomachs!


“Savior, aren’t you hungry?”


“It’s fine. And Miss Mayerie, such a title was a bit burdensome. Rather, I should be the one calling you that.”


She had a serious face. But I didn’t do anything grand enough to be called a savior.


All I did was barge into the wedding hall and bring her along, but all the preparations were done by Grandiel.


“I’ve only returned the favor. You don’t have to feel pressured.”


“No. If it wasn’t for Miss Mayerie, I would have…”


Radiata’s dark green eyes, which swallowed back her words, sank grimly. Mayerie just wanted to lighten the mood.


So I smiled brightly and said to change the atmosphere.


“Then shall we call each other by nicknames?”


“What—, nicknames?”


“Yes, please feel free to call me Merie!”


“Is it okay if someone like me calls Miss Mayerie by your nickname?”


I can’t believe she’s the ‘same’.  What’s wrong with you?


As I was about to say that, I realized that even in the novel, Radiata’s self-esteem was low.


Abused by the Count, and then abused after being sold to the old man like an object. Having never been treated as a human being all her life, let alone loved, she didn’t know the warmth or kindness of people.


The novel mentioned that, ‘Radiata restored her confidence when she became the Duchess.’


The first person to show favor to her was Elex. Although he was tied up with a contract, he took good care of her throughout their trip to the north, saying that a husband should take care of his wife because ‘she was still his wife.’


After that Radiata then follows Ellex to Duke Castle, where she meets many people, builds trust, and is loved.


Our madam is the best! The workers are praising her!


‘Let’s take it easy. Her self-esteem won’t improve just because I’m nice to her.’


Radiata was a person worthy of being loved enough.


Holding her hand tightly, I said, “Yes, you’re my benefactor. So please feel free to call me Merie! What should I call you?”


I hope my warmth was conveyed.


“Oh, I… I don’t have a nickname.”


Oh, I felt something similar recently. The feeling of stepping on a landmine.


Even then, when I asked for Grandiel’s nickname, I regretted it because I thought I had touched his wound for no reason.


Why do humans make the same mistakes over and over again?


“Do you mind if I make one for you?”




“Was that too presumptuous? I’m sorry.”


It was a word that I brought up to brighten the situation, but I apologized quickly after seeing Radiata’s reaction.


In fact, it would look like I was pretending to be too friendly for a woman she had only met twice to give her a nickname.


“No. I never thought that someone would call me by a nickname… If it’s okay with you, would you make one for me?”


‘She’s really an angel.’


Although it might be uncomfortable, I could feel Radiata’s consideration in her words that were passed naturally without showing any discomfort.


I nodded and pondered for a nickname. ‘What was she called in the novel?’ Come to think of it, Radiata was never called by her nickname even in the novel.


Ellex, the child without delicacy. I chose carefully, blaming the innocent Ellex.




Radi-? Radiata was a little different.


‘Dia’ sounds pretty, but it’s similar to Diel, so I don’t like it.


“How about Lara?”




I asked carefully, examining Radiata’s expression. I wanted to give her a pretty nickname, but my naming sense wasn’t good, and I could only think of a nickname that was commonly used.


“You don’t like it? Then I’ll think about it again.”


“No, I’m glad.”


For the first time, she laughed. You’re so pretty! She was so pretty that even a real woman would fall for her. I hope my face won’t turn red.


“Merie, thank you for saving me.”


She bowed her head and thanked me. I waved my hands to stop her.


“No, actually, I didn’t do much, and Diel helped me.”




A question crept into Radiata’s eyes. She looked confused as to whether Nepenthes was an alias or Diel.


‘And how much I know Nepenthes.’


She didn’t know the name of Nepenthes yet, so I couldn’t answer reluctantly. However I couldn’t say that he was the Crown Prince, so I referred to him as Diel.


“Well… What’s your relationship with that guy?”


She hesitated about what to call Grandiel, then Radiata asked, choosing to refer to him as a third person.


When she followed the king of the dark world, she suddenly arrived at the palace and a woman she met by chance in the village called her by a different name.


In addition, there was no proper explanation, so it was understandable.


“I’m in debt to Diel, so I’m helping him with his work.”


It was precisely the relationship between A and B, bound by a contract. I couldn’t say it as it was, so I wrapped it in moderation.


After a moment of thought, Radiata didn’t ask any more deeply. Maybe she thought she was in a similar situation to herself.


“Then you must be tired, so take a rest. I still have work to do.”


“Can I help you?”


“It’s okay. There’s the bathroom, so wash up and go to bed first.”


I handed Radiata my clothes and led her to the bathroom. She must have been tired, so she meekly accepted what I told her.


“Good night, Lara.”




I headed for the wall. I was able to find it easily without wandering because I had been there once.


However, I couldn’t remember the exact location, so I put my hand on the wall and walked along, and found a place where afterimages were moving.


“What brings you here again today?”


Does an alarm sound when someone passes through the door? Sedum came out of the building and welcomed me with a distorted face.


“I have something to say to the Crown Prince.”


“Ha… Follow me.”


Sedum, who looked like he had a lot to say but would not, sighed and guided me instead.


When I entered the room on the second floor, the pile of documents had disappeared. There was a teacup on the table, maybe Diel was relaxing and drinking tea.


Two cups of that, too.


‘Are there any other guests?’


I looked around the room, but I didn’t see anything special.


“Is there something wrong?”


Grandiel looked at me and smiled. Do you want something to go wrong?


Looking at him, I sat across from Grandiel. Because I thought the story was going to be quite long.


“Did you enjoy the play?”


I brought up the main point without any further explanations.



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