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The light disappeared and the wind calmed down.


As I lowered my arm, a man with pale-colored hair stood out through the fluttering rose petals.


“Who are you?”


The last sub-male character of the original. It was ‘Acker Saccharin,‘ the lord and master of the mage tower.


Gray hair resembling dark clouds and clear blue eyes. And a charming tear mole under the right eye.


An innocent face that reminds me of a rainy day! It looked exactly as it was described in the novel.


But why?


“I felt the magic wave of the contract, so I came here without thinking, what? Did you sign a contract with Nepenthes? What’s the relationship between you two?”


Why was his personality different? Acker Saccharin was the only respectful polite character in the novel.


He helped Radiata with no reward, as sweet as his name, and as generous as a tree. He was in a position to say that he was happy just looking at Radiata and uttering lines like a perfect sub-male.


‘What’s with this question?’


This fantasy of his character in my mind was shattered. When I didn’t answer, Acker put his face closer to mine. I was reflected in his clear blue eyes.


“Don’t you know how to talk?”


I took a step back and said plainly, “You appeared all of a sudden, and I was speechless.”


“Hmmm,” he snorted out, watching me around with curious eyes like a child.


“That’s right, I could definitely feel the waves of the mana.”


Magic Contracts were originally used by wizards. Of course, people could use it as long as they have money.


If you buy a magic contract made and sold by a wizard, even ordinary people without magical powers could do magic contracts.


‘Acker and Grandiel knew each other.’


It was a refreshing shock. It was highly likely that Acker was aware of Grandiel’s identity when he was looking for Nepenthes in the Imperial Palace.


I didn’t know you knew each other even though you seemed strangely close in the novel.


It was not in the novel that Nepenthes was Grandiel, who was hiding his identity to strengthen the imperial power, and that Grandiel and Acker knew each other even before they got involved with Radiata.


‘I should have been aware that novels are no longer absolute.’


I thought there would be a future that would not change even if the novel’s development changed.


Things like the disaster that would happen a year later or the whereabouts of the sword used by the first emperor Grandiel was looking for.


And I believed that the character’s personality and the past of the characters described in the novel were the same.


But it wasn’t.  There were surprisingly many truths that didn’t come out from the original, and I didn’t know that if I believed in the novel, I might have missed something.


I was thinking that I should not rely too much on the content of the novel in the future, but Acker, who was looking at me softly, muttered quietly.


“I didn’t hear that he signed a magic contract when we met yesterday.”


I remembered the two tea cups in Grandiel’s hideout. Was the other guest Acker?


If he could even come to the Imperial Palace hideout, it means that he knows the true identity of Grandiel.


“You signed a contract with Nepenthes, didn’t you?”


Acker asked with certainty that I had signed a contract with Nepenthes.


But I still didn’t know who Nepenthes was. On the surface, all I know was that Grandiel was running a strange organization in the village.


‘Honestly, when we first met, I desperately pretended not to know that Grandiel was Nepenthes in fear of him killing me.’


Now that we’ve signed a contract, it doesn’t matter. He said he would ensure my safety, and he promised not to cheat on me yesterday.


So it would be okay for Acker to hear the facts about Nepenthes.


‘How could I explain to Acker that Nepenthes = Grandiel.’


It would be quickest to reveal Grandiel’s name, but that’s not the case. It was because of the confidentiality clause.


‘I shouldn’t tell anyone else, even if they know.’


If I break it, my heart would explode here.


A terrible imagination passed through my mind. Therefore, it was necessary to hear from Acker’s mouth that Nepenthes and Grandiel were the same.


I chose my answer carefully, but Acker was impatient and couldn’t stand the moment.


“What are you thinking about for so long? I wish I had, or I didn’t. It was a question you need to think about.”


“Because I’m the type to think before I speak.”


“So what’s the answer?”


“It’s not Nepenthes who signed the contract, it’s someone else.”


First of all, I denied what he said. There was another reason besides the confidentiality clause.


Currently, I’m seeing Acker for the first time. It wasn’t a conversation that should be shared without common sense.


‘Come to think of it, this guy doesn’t even introduce himself, he’s just saying what he wanted.’


I reacted calmly because I guessed who he was from the circumstances, and an ordinary person would have immediately shouted or called the guards already.


Suddenly, a person came out of the magic circle, so it was safe to think of it as an assassin or a terrorist.


Acker once again put his face close to me and said, “Don’t lie. This was my magic? It’s my magic no matter how I look at it?”


Why do you keep pushing your face? A handsome face was nice, but such a close distance was burdensome.


I answered, leaning back, “I guess I signed a magic contract with your magic.”


It wasn’t that strange because the wizard sold magic tools.


But Acker said sternly and resolutely, “No, I never sell magic tools that contain my magic.”


“So you’re saying there’s only one person who you gave a magic contract?”




I couldn’t believe you gave Grandiel magic tools that you never sold. Not just acquaintances, but best friends. It doesn’t look like it from your personality.


“I don’t know why you hid your contract with Nepenthes, but my magical powers in your body are proof that you signed a contract with him.”


It was the perfect answer. If you were going to ask and answer alone, why the hell did you ask me? It felt like a wall window in a different sense from Ellex.


“What kind of contract did you make? I’m the type of person who couldn’t stand my curiosity.”


“The person I signed a contract with wasn’t Nepenthes, but I couldn’t even tell you the contents of the contract. Confidentiality was the basis of the contract.”


The confidentiality itself was the content of the contract, but I said with a brazen expression. The raised corners of his lips created a graceful arc.


“Well, then, I guess I’ll have to make you talk by force.”


A blue flame was summoned from Acker’s hand. Despite the distance, I could feel the heat of the flickering flames.


‘I think I learned that blue flames are the hottest in science class.’


Don’t tell me you’re throwing that at me. I distanced myself from Acker. I took a step forward and he took two steps closer.


“Now, what do you think? Do you want to talk now?”


Wow, you bastard. Are you threatening me with this? I think I could do something about it if it’s a physical attack, what should I do?


Magic was cheating. It was impossible to run away. 


Acker didn’t seem to believe anything I said. 


Just as I was about to tell him to ask a man named Nepenthes and ask him if he had a contract with me instead of asking me, there was a person who stood in front of me.


“What are you doing? The use of magic in the palace for personal use was prohibited! Please cancel the spell.”


It was a man in a knightly uniform. He shielded me from Acker’s sight.


“What are you doing?”




Acker and I shouted at the same time.


I couldn’t see his face, but from his voice and back, he was my younger brother, Rendle.


‘Why was Rendle here?’


Ren also looked back in surprise when he heard my voice.


“Sister? What are you doing here?”


“What are you doing here?”


It was a dramatic reunion, but they both looked puzzled about why they were there.


We only looked at each other with absurd faces, but no one spoke first. Then a dagger flew from the back of Acker.


Acker gently avoided it, and the dagger stuck in the place where he was.


“Who are you?”


Rendle shouted in the direction in which the dagger flew.


Ren and I were very wary of the dagger, but Acker, who was attacked, calmly pulled out the dagger on the floor and talked to himself.


“Oh my, you must be angry.”


Acker picked up a dagger and flicked his fingers lightly.


A strong gust of wind engulfed him with a light sound and disappeared as sudden as his appearance.


‘The male lead and the sub male too. There’s nothing normal.’


From the point of view of the female lead, it was cool and heartbreaking, but when a third person saw it, it was just a trio of nonsense people.


No matter how much I think about it, the most normal was Rendle. I was relieved that Rendle showed up at the perfect timing.


Rendle looked at the place where Acker was and asked, “Who was that man I just saw?”


“Well, I met him for the first time today.”


“You didn’t have another strange accident, did you?”


“It’s an accident.”


Rendle reacted the same way our mother did. Sharp lavender eyes stared at me.


“More than that, why are you here, sister? Even wearing a maid outfit.”


“If you’re wearing maid clothes here, there’s only one answer.”


“Don’t even talk nonsense about being a maid.”


Oh, was it the sound of laughter passing from Ren? He frowned and told me to be honest.


“You broke your marriage with Nouner. You don’t think you could get married anymore, and you think you need to earn money, so you applied as a maid.”


“You don’t deserve to be the princess’ maid.”


“Well, I guess I was lucky. I don’t know either. Why are you here? Wasn’t it time for your training?”


I changed the subject evasively saying I didn’t know.




Ren’s expression darkened at my question.


What happened to the knights? There are five Knights in the Empire. Helios Knights, which only the elite could go to.


It was the Emperor’s direct knights and consisted of a small number of elite knights, and was the object of envy that all knights aimed for.


Also called the Emperor’s Sword, the Knights of Eos are at the forefront when war breaks out.


It consists of five units, and I know that it’s the place where talented knights are located after the Helios Knights.


The Knights of Ash and the Knights of Mane are said to be responsible for the security of the capital and to be called the shield of the empire.


The last Knights of Knox was a clandestine group of knights who were rumored to appear when something big happened to the imperial family.


Anyway, recruits must undergo basic training for about three months.


After that, I understand that after taking the placement exam, you apply for the Knights Group that you want to go to first with good grades.


It was strange that Rendle, who was less than three weeks old, let alone three months, was here.


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