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Ellex’s red eyes gleamed eerily, without a word of greeting he brought up the main point of his visit. It was still a speech that omitted an additional explanation, but this time it was understandable.


‘You’re giving me time to explain why I disappeared?’


In a short moment, several options came to mind.


  1. Should I tell him I suddenly got sick?


  1. Tell him I couldn’t leave after the tea party because I still need to clean up.


  1. Or should I mention Grandiel’s name?


  1. Act like I didn’t expect him to wait for me.


Now, which of these would be the right answer for Ellex to accept?


‘The first one would be a complete failure.’


It was highly likely that Ellex, who came to look for me after the tea party, asked someone where I was.


‘In the same sense, option two would be a wrong excuse to make.’


If he had asked someone where I was, he would surely have asked the cleaning staff.


‘Honestly, number four.’


I never imagined he would come. Because he was a person whose face distorted like a piece of paper just by seeing my face.


“There was a call from the Crown Prince, so I had to leave my post. I’m sorry.”


‘Well, I chose number three.’


Because it was the only name I could use to defeat the Duke.


Fortunately, my choice wasn’t wrong. Ellex, who had expressed his dissatisfaction, has calmed down further.


After a moment’s hesitation, he asked with a complicated expression, “…Are you personally acquainted with the Crown Prince?”


Mayerie was in conflict. If Stella or anyone else had asked, of course, I would have immediately answered ‘No’.


They wouldn’t even believe me in the first place. It’s just a relationship between a maid and the Crown Prince, without any special connection.


But Ellex knew the point of contact between me and the Crown Prince.


‘On the first day of the New Year’s party, Grandiel intervened between me and Ellex.’


After that, I suddenly started working in the Imperial Palace, and I met the Crown Prince yesterday as well.


So if it were Ellex, he would believe it if I say I got acquainted with the Crown Prince.


‘It’s easier for me to say yes.


No matter how much the nobility neglected them, the imperial family was still the royal family.


The pinnacle of status! For a powerless person like me, that alone was a reliable background.


Especially for Ellex, who was called the sword of the Empire, my relationship with the Crown Prince would be the best shield.


Unless he intends to cause treason, Ellex, the head of the Imperial faction, would obey the orders of the Crown Prince.


“Yes, recently we’ve been a little…”


When I tried to say that we were close, I couldn’t remember the reason I became close to Grandiel, so I just mumbled over my words.


We had a conversation at the New Year’s party. Could I say that we got along well?


Later, while thinking of having a separate conversation with Grandiel, Ellex’s eyebrows twitched slightly.


“Was the reason you’re working here because of your close relationship with the Crown Prince?”


“No. I need money.” 


This time I denied it without hesitation. Grandiel and our little friendship were helpful, but too much won’t be good. I have to keep a reasonable distance so that my contract with him would be safe.


Ellex, whose expression slightly softened in response to my answer, made an unexpected suggestion.


“If you need money, come to the Duke’s mansion. I’ll give you ten times your salary now.”


‘Wow, that’s huge!’


The maid’s salary was 1 gold, but if I get additional compensation from Grandiel, I’ll receive about 6 gold.


‘You’re saying that you’ll give me 60 gold?’


It was a tempting amount just hearing it, but unfortunately, I’m currently tied up in a contract.


“I’m sorry…” Mayerie swallowed her sorrow and refused.


“Are you dissatisfied with your salary? If so, tell me the amount you want.”


‘Really? Even a blank check!?’


For a moment, I was about to freak out and lose myself to such an offer. It was the most nerve-racking thing I’ve ever heard in my past and current life, but I came to my senses by pinching my thighs.


Because Ellex’s suggestion was too strange.


‘I don’t think the Duke was short of maids.’


There was no need for him to scout me because by throwing up a blank check. The Duke’s mansion was said to be the most desirable place to work among the employees.


The salary was higher than in other places, and the welfare was good. Even if you want to work there, you won’t be able to enter the heavenly realm!


There was no need for me in such a place without any outstanding ability. If it wasn’t for Ellex, I would have suspected that it was a scam or fraud. I don’t know why he’s making this offer, but I’ve repeatedly declined.


“I already belong to the palace. I am grateful for the offer, but I couldn’t go to the Duke’s mansion.”


“Didn’t you say that you like me?”


‘What does that have to do with this?’


Mayerie held back the words that were about to come out of her lips without filtering the words and stared at Ellex’s expression.


To understand his intentions a little bit. He was still expressionless like in the original, but his face changed slightly while we were talking.


Most of the time it was a bad expression.


‘He seems angry seeing the frown on his face, one of his eyebrows soared high as the sky.’


Mayerie couldn’t understand Ellex’s emotional change. When she refused to work in the Duke’s mansion, he suddenly recalled and brought up her past feelings with an enraged expression.


As I was unable to infer his thoughts and stayed still, Ellex spits out something shocking.


“Do you want the Duchess position?”


Today felt like running on an ending slope. After all, I truly admit my fault for chasing him all this time.


It could be misleading enough. So, when we happened to meet in the Imperial Palace, I deliberately snapped back at him. I didn’t just try to vent my anger, but I just said it so that he wouldn’t misunderstand anymore.


‘Even though I said that do you still think I like you?’


Mayerie sighed and spoke, “I don’t want the Duchess’ position either.”


“Do you want love from me? That’s impossible. I’d rather give you the seat as Duchess.”


‘This was too!’


He was treating me like a pathetic woman begging for his love. If it was the old Mayerie, she would have followed Ellex.


But not now. I didn’t want his love, and I didn’t love him. In addition, Ellex was trying to use the feelings I had for him. That fact was unpleasant.


“I no longer love you, Duke,” Mayerie said, looking straight into Ellex’s red eyes.


His eyes widened at my firm answer.


“…Did it change so easily?”


It was a low voice. The enlarged pupils were shaking violently. The frown on his face was filled with anger and betrayal.


‘What did I do?’


“It changed so easily? It’s easy to say that for Duke.”


But for Mayerie, it was three years. Even though she knew it was an impossible love, the teenage girl loved him.


There was a time when love was everything to me who was a frog in a well.


‘Ellex must have felt awful.’


To be honest, it was three years for me alone, and it wasn’t a very long time for Ellex.


It was only once or twice a year. We only met during the New Year’s party, so the number of times I’ve seen his face in three years has been less than a month.


However, I bothered him every time we met once or twice during those times.


“I don’t know what the Duke was trying to get me to become, but don’t use other people’s feelings as an excuse.”


I spoke a little too much because I felt choked up. No matter how unfair it may be, my opponent was the only Duke of the Empire.


Mayerie bowed her head and apologized, recalling the difference in status, “I’m sorry to go beyond the subject. I reacted violently because my feelings were denied.”




‘Did you feel bad?’


I didn’t want to raise my head or say that it was okay, but I couldn’t hear any words after that, so I became anxious. I was contemplating whether to raise my head or not, but my vision quickly darkened.


‘It didn’t say that it would rain today.’


Until just now, the afternoon sunlight was bright through the large window.


However, the room became dark, as if the sun had been obscured by clouds. As I looked up at the sudden change, I could see the darkness spreading around Ellex.


As the darkness from him slowly swallowed the light in the room, it became dark enough to be mistaken for night.


‘Crazy! Are you using your powers here?’


It was the first time I saw it, but I could tell right away. That this was Ellex’s ability.


‘Are you trying to kill me now? Just because I rejected your offer?’


But Ellex didn’t use this ability on humans. Then why…? I was confused because of the problem that I couldn’t answer.


‘I need to run!’


It wasn’t something I could handle, I can’t prevent such a disaster. The instinct to survive from my nerves ignited a red warning light!


Mayerie tried to open the door behind her back to get out of the room, but the tightly closed door wouldn’t open.


‘Oh no! It doesn’t even budge.’


Mayerie slammed her body against the door, but on the contrary, she stumbled back.


The only way out was blocked. Before I knew it, even the figures of the objects in the drawing room were swallowed by darkness.


It was as if the space was cut off. I bit my lower lip and looked back at Ellex. It seemed as if the focus had disappeared in Ellex’s hazy, sunken eyes. At least he didn’t use his powers on purpose to kill me.


‘Oh, come to think of it, around the end of the conflict, Ellex told Radiata that he couldn’t control his ability.’


The scene where Ellex used his abilities only appeared in the second half of the story.


‘I thought it meant that he was mentally unstable.’


Because of his diverse ability, he felt like he wasn’t human anymore.


‘I thought it was a cliché scene to develop a relationship between the male lead and the heroine by relying on each other.’


A chapter in which Radiata protects and saves Ellex.


Although physically the strongest, I thought it was a way to show the charm of the male lead, who depends mentally on the heroine. But I didn’t know that his real ability was unstable.


‘Are you using your abilities while thinking about something else? Or did the darkness come out unconsciously because you couldn’t control your abilities?’


For whatever reason, it wasn’t good for me. The darkness deepened while I was immersed in my thoughts. 


Heavy darkness crept on the floor. The whole place was surrounded by darkness. Now all I could see was my body and Ellex.




I was afraid to approach Ellex, as he couldn’t come to his senses, so I called him in haste, but there was no response.


‘Am I going to die here?’


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