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Mayerie couldn’t think of any other way. ‘If I had known that I would die like this, I would have played harder.’ 


It was a good thing I saved Radiata before I died, and on second thought, it was a great experience shouting, ‘I’m against this marriage!’ in my life.


‘Even the dark history feels like a good memory before I die.’


Giving up on everything, I closed my eyes calmly and waited for death. Because I thought that I’d be swallowed up in darkness like the things that disappeared from the room.


However, nothing has changed over time. When I opened my eyes, feeling puzzled, the darkness that seemed to devour everything at any moment didn’t harm me, but strangely, it was only hovering around me.


As an experiment, I lightly stepped on the darkness that was circling near me.


Then it dispersed like a mist and gathered again when I lifted my feet. The fear disappeared when I realized it was harmless to me.


‘I thought it was a double-edged sword-like ability that swallows life as stated in the original.’


Could it be that the darkness that came out unconsciously didn’t cause any harm to people?


Mayerie agonized, but couldn’t figure out the principles of Ellex’s ability because it wasn’t dealt with in depth even in the novel.


‘Well, as long as I don’t die.’


She decided to think positively. Mayerie sighed in relief thinking that she could survive. Ellex was still spreading darkness.


‘Did I offend you?’


Did my words shock him? I don’t think so. I couldn’t understand Ellex. I have no idea why he suddenly couldn’t control his abilities, or why he was so engrossed in his thoughts.


Mayerie first decided to wake up Ellex to end this situation. The ability seems to leak out unconsciously, so if he comes to his senses, the darkness might disappear.


I approached Ellex, who was sitting on the sofa, and carefully grabbed his shoulder and shook him.


“Duke, wake up.”




For a moment I thought about whether he would come to his senses if I slapped him, but it might be difficult to handle the situation if I did that. 


“Duke!” Mayerie said as she pinched his cheek a little.




As Ellex let out a short groan, the darkness quickly disappeared.


The warm afternoon sunlight came back again to the room. It was such a peaceful landscape that I thought what I saw was just my imagination.


“Are you all right?”


Ellex holding his head, only blinking in front of me like a loading video. And when he realized that he had used his powers, he had a face in disbelief.


“So— sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to threaten you… it wasn’t—” 


Ellex gibberish, it was a strange thing to hear from him that he sincerely apologized.


“Are you really okay?” (Ellex)


“Yes, everything’s fine.” (Mayerie)


Why…? Are you worried about me?


There was an unknown uneasiness in his eyes. I said that I’m fine and went back to the other side of the table and tried to sit down. But Ellex grabbed my wrist and wouldn’t let go.


‘What the hell are you doing?’ (Mayerie)


As I looked at Ellex in confusion, he avoided my gaze.






There was an uncomfortable silence in the peaceful room.


The first person to speak was Ellex. In a low gloomy voice, “You saw something you shouldn’t have seen.” (Ellex)


What? Why does it sound familiar?


The day I met Grandiel in the village suddenly came to mind. It was such a strange development back then.


When I heard the lines that caused a sense of deja vu, I felt uneasy.


“The Duke was in a daze?” Mayerie decided to take action and spoke first.


I brazenly went out with an iron plate on my face. As if nothing had happened.


“…The room must have become dark.”


“No. The room was still bright.” Mayerie spoke calmly. 


With the expression asking, ‘Are daydreaming?’


When I reacted so casually, Ellex was rather embarrassed.


“Don’t lie. The darkness…”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. So could you let go of my wrist now?” Mayerie pretended to be ignored until the end.


At times like this, I thought it was best to change the subject and pull out my wrist. Ellex was confused, but he didn’t let go of his tight grip.


“Was it an… illusion?”


Oh, you easily believe it.  He was more innocent than expected or maybe my acting skills are excellent.


Ellex couldn’t properly grasp what had just happened. I didn’t miss the opportunity and nailed it.


“During the conversation, the Duke’s complexion turned pale, so I asked if you were okay. Did your vision turn dark? Maybe you have anemia? You should visit a priest for a check-up as soon as possible.”




‘A sword master with anemia?’


Of course, it’s all nonsense. I beat around the bush telling Ellex to go to the hospital or the temple.


Ellex, staring intently at me for a long time, took a deep breath and apologized again, “I’m sorry.” (Ellex)


“It’s okay. If we’re done, could I leave now?” (Mayerie)


Time to run away! Mayerie expressed her intention to leave without hesitation, but Ellex still didn’t let her go.


Then he mumbled in a weak voice like self-talk, “I need you…”


Ellex clenches his fist. He looked precarious like a lamp in the wind. It was an unfamiliar appearance.


‘I thought he was strong and unshakable.’


Mayerie tried to have a conversation for now.


“Why do you need me?”


“I couldn’t say that.”


“If you explain your situation, I’m willing to help you as much as I can.”


“I couldn’t…”


Well, it seems like you don’t want to communicate with me either.


It’s annoying. I tried to help out of favor, but I felt offended by his attitude and didn’t want to bother him anymore.


‘I don’t hate it. And I have no regrets.’


Ellex needed me, I didn’t need him. I was just trying to help him because I felt guilty for Ellex.


After neatly folding some sympathy, I said firmly, “Then I couldn’t help either.”




Ellex looked up at me without saying a word. Darkness was mixed in his red eyes that were said to be as beautiful as ruby.


Mayerie knew why he stubbornly kept his mouth shut. It was because this ability was a secret that was passed on to the royal family and the Duke.


I also didn’t want to know deep secrets of Ellex.


“I’m not curious about your secret. Please at least explain how and where you need me.”


After hesitating, Ellex answered, “…Touching you calms me down.”


‘Wow!‘ The lines are also romantic because it was the male lead of a romance novel.


If it weren’t for the missing subject. ‘You mean touching me calms you down?’


Mayerie understood it roughly.


However, I couldn’t understand at all what this ability had to do with me. All I knew was that ‘Mayerie’ was just an extra character in this novel.


She has neither divine power nor magical abilities. Does it have something to do with finding my memories from a previous life?


To understand the relationship between me and this ability, I asked Ellex, “Why me?” (Mayerie)


“I don’t know either.” (Ellex)


“Then how long do you have to touch me to get better?” (M)


“I also don’t know.” (E)


The Duke doesn’t know anything. Mayerie chuckled inwardly, contemplating.


Surely the darkness that swallowed even the light from him was harmless to me. And the darkness that covered the room disappeared when I pinched Ellex’s cheeks.


There was no lie in his words. That’s why you desperately want to take me to Duke Castle. He needs me to calm his unstable abilities.


After organizing everything in my head, I made a new suggestion to Ellex.


“Let’s make a deal.”


“A deal?”


“Yes, I don’t know why, but you said you need me?”




“I’ll help you when you need me. But I’m not going to follow you to the north. As I said before, I already belong to the palace. Come here whenever you need me.”


How a thirsty man digs a well!  Ellex needed me, and I needed money.


“Instead, 5 gold per month regardless of the number of times,” Mayerie said with her palm wide open.


To be honest, I would like to count it according to the number of times, but in the long run, it was more beneficial to do it with a period.


If he goes back to the North, he won’t come back for at least six months, so I’ll do nothing and would be able to get 5 gold a month.


‘Why don’t we fill out a contract without a fixed period and receive it steadily like a pension?’


I wondered if Grandiel’s trick on Radiata would also work on Ellex.


“…I see.”


It was then that Ellex released my hand that he was tightly holding. He must have judged that it was the best way.


“It’s a deal.”


Mayerie smiled brightly. Helping Radiata was a pure favor that resulted from the guilt that I had changed her fate and compassion that she might go through a terrible future again.


And I made a contract with Grandiel in order to live. I knew his weakness, but I had no power, so the secret was a great poison, so it was a choice I had to make.


Ellex, on the other hand, was different.


‘What a situation! I’m the best!’


Unlike Grandiel, Ellex needs me so he wouldn’t kill me. It was a win-win deal that guaranteed my safety, and money while doing nothing.


‘You’re always welcome.’


The original was already messed up anyway, so getting some money from Ellex won’t be a big deal. We could gradually find out the relationship between his ability and my memories.


Investigating things that even Ellex doesn’t know won’t give me an answer.


‘Would Grandiel react if I touch him?’


As I was thinking about my abilities, I thought of Grandiel. 


Like Ellex, he also has the power given to him by God. I thought I’d have to find out if I had an effect on their whole ability or if it was only limited to Ellex, but then I heard a knock.


Knock, knock~


“E— excuse me?”


The man who opened the door was Grandiel, who played the clumsy crown prince character.


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