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Stella, who had been crying as if she was about to collapse at any moment, shouted again with spite. I was quite shocked by Stella’s remarks.


‘You weren’t obsessed with Ellex because you loved him?’


It was for a very realistic believable reason. She wanted to be in a position that no one could ignore.


It seems that she hated Radiata, not because of jealousy blind to love, but because of anger that she lost her position as Ellex’s wife, whom everyone envied.


‘I thought it was a terrible love.’


I felt a little betrayed, but I understood her feelings a little.


Stella was only seventeen years old.


In the Magnolia Empire, people are considered adults from the age of 18, and most aristocratic women marry when they come of age.


She’s old enough to get married next year, but in my eyes, she grew up with no attention and looked just like a crooked child with an inferiority complex.


‘She must have thought that when she regained power, she would be loved again.’


Although her status is high but without power, Stella would have always been alone… No one would have taught her how to build a proper relationship.


It wasn’t Stella’s fault that she grew up with a lack of affection. The environment just made her this way.


‘Phew’, I let out a deep sigh.


Knowing her circumstances, I couldn’t bear to hate her like before. I spoke, supporting Stella’s staggering emotions and trying to help her.


Normally she would slap my hand, but she didn’t deny that she didn’t have the strength to stand on her own.


“We have never neglected the Princess. It was our fault for breaking your orders, but it was out of concern for the Princess, we were worried.”




“Yes. No matter how reliable the Marquis’ guards are, the Princess is a member of the Royal Family. How can we let you be alone when some group may be after your Majesty’s life? We just followed because we were worried about what might happen.”


If anything happened to Stella, we could only follow her because a problem would always come out, so I wasn’t wrong.


But Stella looked at me with disbelief, “Don’t lie. No one really cares about me.”


Her answer made my heart ache more. However, I could not find a proper word of comfort. I couldn’t even say blindly that there must be someone who cares about her.


“Then shall we look for it together? Someone who truly cares for the Princess.” (Mayerie)


“How can I find it when there’s no one? Are you a fool?” (Stella)


Wow, her vocabulary reminds me of my cousin who went to kindergarten in my previous life. I reminded myself of Stella’s age once more and was patient.


The stormy adolescence period is sensitive!


“Then you can make a new one!” (Mayerie)


“What?” (Stella)


“Make new friends, or… I think it’s a good idea to have a heart-to-heart talk with your family.”


After a little hesitation, I brought up the family story. The family I was referring to was her younger sister Liliana, not Grandiel or the Emperor.


Unlike Grandiel, who’s her half-brother, it’s her full-blooded sibling. But to Stella, Liliana was a hateful existence. The Queen died giving birth to her.


‘Liliana appeared only once in the novel.’


To stop Stella, who’s on the verge of dying because her rebellion has failed.


Liliana asks Ellex and Radiata to save Stella. The kind-hearted Radiata couldn’t refuse and eventually agreed to imprison Stella at the tower.


Liliana defended Stella, saying, ‘My older sister was bad at relationships.’


From my point of view, at least Liliana was a person who genuinely cared for Stella.


Perhaps there’s a behind-the-scenes story between the two of them that has not appeared in the novel. When Liliana’s story was brought up, Stella, who had calmed down, was silent.




I corrected her image in my mind by looking at Stella. She wasn’t the virulent villain in the novel, she was a teenager who had gone through bad adolescence.


Like a child who broke her shell and gave up going out.


‘As a teenager, she needs to read a lot of recommended books to develop her thinking, but since she only has tea parties every day, she has no choice but to make a habit of comparing herself to others.’


Daphne approached Stella while I was deep in thought about how I Should have her read a lot from now on.


“Princess, I will fix your makeup.” (Stella)


Determining that Stella’s anger had subsided, Daphne intervened without missing a beat.


It was a natural change of subject. As Stella was still, immersed in her thoughts, Daphne fixed her makeup with a skillful touch. Her face, which had been ruined by tears, quickly returned to its original state.


The corners of her eyes were red, but I still couldn’t believe that she was crying profusely earlier.


I looked at Stella and carefully said, “Oh, I’m going to tidy up my messy clothes, I’ll take my leave.”


I said it roughly, but it was actually because of my cheek. It didn’t hurt, but my skin is weak, so the side I got hit by Stella earlier is probably red.


If I went to the party in this state, it was almost certain that only the rumors about Stella would get worse.


Maybe they understood what I meant, so they went back to the party. Having sent the two first, I found a place to cool my cheeks.


‘How can there be no one passing by?’


I tried to wet my handkerchief with cold water, but it was difficult to find. I want to grab and ask any employee passing by, but I can’t even see anyone.


‘There must be someone inside the Mansion I can ask.’


As I was about to enter the building, I heard a conversation from nearby. It was over the corner of the wall.


As I moved forward with a happy heart, I listened to the conversation and froze in place.


“Are you doing your job properly?”


“Yes, the Princess only depends on me. She was isolated from the Palace because she kept her distance from the maids and relationship with other women.”


“What about that job?”


“I’m sorry, I’m not sure about that yet…”


The content of the conversation that led to the voices of Erica and Lisian was unusual. I almost gasped in surprise, but I covered my mouth with both hands and leaned close to the wall.


Fortunately, the two continued their conversation as if they did not feel my presence. 


“Mayerie was very loyal to the Princess.”


“Mayerie? I don’t understand. As I just reported to you, she was serving time in prison until this morning. And the Princess hates Mayerie, so you don’t have to worry.”


Not because you don’t like me, but to isolate Stella.


The ‘that job’ mentioned by Lisian was probably an order to find out in detail the conversation I had with Ellex.


A puzzle was put together in my mind. The reason Erica came to prison…


‘I thought you might have other plans, but you were a spy for the Marquis.’


Come to think of it, it was Erica who suggested that I be imprisoned. So she took me out of Stella’s sight and tried to coax me out of it and steal the information.


“I believe you are. For now, go back to the party and drive the Princess into a thief. I’ve already told Lupinus Young Lady, so all you have to do is wind it up next to her.” (Lisian)


If it was Lupinus, she was the noblewoman who mocked Stella in every way.


I thought she was talking too much, but she was close to Lisian, I believed it because she was being rude. 


To say that Lisian was better than expected was canceled! ‘You’re just like Grandiel!’


“And it would be an interesting scenario if you secretly put it in Mayerie’s pocket.” (Lisian)


“Yes, Sir.” (Erica)


What do you mean, you’re gonna do something to me, too? These tricksters!


I was curious about what ‘this’ thing was mentioned by Lisian, but I suppressed my curiosity because I’m afraid that I might be caught sticking my head out.


I couldn’t move until the presence of the two had completely disappeared.


Lisian plans to rescue Stella from trouble on time. It was a perfect scenario. Stella will be grateful to Lisian and will loosen her guard on him.


‘Are you thinking of making Stella have a debt to you and using it to start a rebellion?’


I scratched my head thinking about it. I had to get back to the party as soon as possible.



“That’s strange. My earrings are gone.”


“Oh my, there’s no way someone stole it… Maybe you dropped it somewhere?”


“That can’t be true. I took off my earrings and left them on the table earlier because my ears hurt. Has anyone seen it?”


When I arrived, the play was already starting. Lupinus drew attention from people around her, saying her earrings had disappeared.


I figured out the location of Stella and Erica first before the commotion grew any bigger.


Stella was sitting at the table next to a group with Lupines, not the table where she first sat. She didn’t even glance at her as she wasn’t interested in Lupines indifferently.


Daphne was waiting behind Stella, and Erica was nowhere to be seen.


‘Why? Didn’t she leave before me?’


Lisian was talking to the middle-aged nobles as if he was not interested in their commotion.


Does he mean that he won’t get involved? Anyway, based on the previous conversation, Erica will approach me.


So, let’s postpone finding her until later, and first stop Lupinus from arguing with Stella. I tried to go to Stella through the noisy atmosphere, but I stopped because of the voice holding me from behind.


“Where the hell have you been?”


That’s what I wanted to ask. Erica, who didn’t come out when I looked for her, was behind me before I knew it.


“I haven’t seen Erica since the tea party started. Where have you been?”


“I have been doing what Stella has instructed me to do.”


It’s Stella’s order. Looking at her confident expression, it didn’t seem like a lie.


In fact, I never looked for Erica who disappeared. I don’t think it’s a separate order to communicate with Lisian, maybe she was instructed by Stella to do something else, so did she take the opportunity to meet Lisian?


Maybe what Stella ordered was also what Erica intended. I glanced at what she was doing.


“Did you finish your job well?”


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