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“That’s a question that’s not worth answering,” Erica replied, crossing her arms, and glancing at me.


‘She’s professional at scratching people’s nerves and irritating them.’


Erica seemed deliberately choose only words that aroused my anger.


Still, I was patient and kept a smile.


“So, what are you doing away from work? According to the answer, I will tell Stella and punish her.”


‘By the way, I overheard you talking to Lisian.’


I was being sarcastic on the inside, but I smiled brightly on the outside and answered steadily.


“My clothes were messed up, so I came here. Of course, I came with permission from the Princess.”


In case Erica nitpicked me again through Stella to get scolded, I emphasize that I got her permission.


“Is that so? However, it is not something you should do as the Princess’s maid and be away for too long. Please be careful next time.” Erica responded, without any awkwardness.


It was a great performance.


If I hadn’t listened to the conversation she had with Lisian with my ears, I would have thought that Erica was still bothering me because she didn’t like me.


“Yes. I’ll be careful.” (Mayerie)


“Then let’s go back quickly. Stella is over there.” (Erica)


But Erica, who said ‘let’s go back,’  didn’t move a step.


I also stood in place staring at her.


Then Erica scolded in a sharp tone, “What are you doing? Are you going to keep standing here?”


Her reaction was awkward this time, like someone trying to put something in my pocket.


“Hurry up and take the lead.”


Wow, I felt something… I immediately felt what Erica was trying to put in my pocket.


‘It’s earrings.’


The moment I turned back, she was already trying to put the earrings in my pocket. This time I won’t have to suffer from her apparent tricks.


“No, Miss Erica is my senior. As a junior maid, I have to follow after you.” (Mayerie)


“What’s important about seniors and juniors? You might do something weird, so I’ll keep an eye on you from behind.” (Erica)


Oh man, this was like spreading rumors that I’m going to do something weird behind the scenes.


‘Are you stupid? Or do you think I’m stupid?’


Erica’s nonsense was ridiculous, but I calmly refuted, “You don’t trust me at all.  I know that when it comes to moving among maids, a senior with a higher rank or age takes precedence.”


Before getting on the carriage, Daphne taught me the basics of being a maid, which helped just in time.


“I have not yet been recognized by the Princess. So I will follow in Miss Erica’s footsteps.”


Erica seemed to be in conflict shutting her lips, whether there’s no logical reason she could retort.


‘I’m not in a hurry, so let’s not rush and wait slowly.’


Since she’s of the majority of the maids, I decided to wait for Erica’s concerns.


While Erica and I had a subtle squabble, Lupinus was shedding tears and performing enthusiastically.


“My precious earrings! Anyone? If you turn yourself in now, I’ll forgive you mercifully.” (Lupinus)


The other young noble girls simply seemed to sympathize with the tears of Lupinus.


Unlike Lupinus, who’s convinced that there was a thief, Iris was purely worried about the lost earrings.


“Lady Lupinus, I’m looking for your earrings. Could you wait a little bit?” (Iris)


During the commotion, Iris tried to calm the situation. While Erica was silent, I listened to Lupinus and Iris’ conversation.


“Lady Iris, I’ve already looked around the table, but I didn’t find it. Unless someone took it…” (Lupinus)


“I know that Lady Lupinus is disheartened that her precious earrings are gone, but there are people here who are higher than the Lady, so please speak carefully.”  Iris pointed to Lupinus calmly.


Oh, that’s rational…


‘Doesn’t Iris know what Lisian is planning?’


If she had known, Iris would have rather escalated the situation without pointing out her opinion to Lady Lupinus.


In conclusion, only Lisian, Lupinus, and Erica were involved in this plan.


I wondered if Lupinus would calm down a little at Iris’ cold rebuke, but Lupinus shouted again more loudly.


“But if we can’t find it after looking everywhere, someone must have taken it!” (Lupinus)


Only adding fuel to the situation that Iris tried to calm.


Even though she lacks power, Stella is still royal. To say that there’s a thief in this place was a statement that could send Lupinus to jail for contempt of the imperial family.


According to Lupinus’ remarks, it includes the Princess as a candidate for stealing the earrings.


‘Woah, she truly believes in Lisian and acted arrogantly.’


Their goal in the first place was to drive Stella into a thief. Except for Stella, Iris was the only one who cared about Lupinus’ remarks.


Because most of the people who participated in this tea party were aristocrats.


She may not know how to end it, but even if she accuses Stella as a thief, it will be wrapped up as a brief accident.


Lisian had the power to make that happen


Iris frowned faintly and said, “Lady Lupinus, I repeat…”


“What’s going on?”


Iris was trying to stop Lupinus, but Risian intervened.


As Lisian, the host of the tea party, approached Lupinus, all the nobles in attendance watched curiously.


“Marquis! My precious earrings have disappeared. My ears hurt, so I took them off for a while. At first, I thought I had just dropped it, but I couldn’t find it no matter how hard I tried…” Lupinus blurted out the end of her words.


“So you mean to say there’s a thief? In the presence of the Princess, those remarks crossed the line. Are you aware of that?” (Lisian)


At first glance, it looked like Lisian was scolding Lupinus. But I grasped the intent hidden within it.


Lisian hits before Stella chimed in on Lupinus’ remarks. It makes it difficult for Stella to step forward.


Lupinus said pitifully, “I’m sorry. I’ve lost something so precious that I’ve lost control of myself. However, I would like to at least do a body search on the maids.”


It’s all for this moment that she’s been tearfully crying and acting all this time.


Now that it has attracted so much attention, they will start driving Stella as a thief in earnest.


‘There is no need to watch this drama any further.’


Still, there were a lot of things I suffered because of Erica.


I decided to use this situation in reverse, I slowly took my pace against Erica who was still in agony.


“Erica, if you’re so worried that I might cause an accident, I’ll go first.” (Mayerie)


“Okay.” (Erica)


When I said I would take the lead, she exhaled lightly and accepted quickly.


I turned back from Erica and walked toward Stella.


One step, two steps…


Just as I was about to take three steps, I turned my head sharply.


As expected, the moment I turned my back, Erica must have planned to put the earrings in my pocket.


As Erica tried to pull something out of her arms, I hurriedly turned around and she faltered and froze on the spot.


‘That’s perfect!’


Acting startled, I shouted so that the aristocrats around us could hear, “Erica! Aren’t those Lady Lupinus missing earrings in your arms right now?”


“What— what are you talking about?” (Erica)


“I just saw it twinkle with my own eyes!” (Mayerie)


Actually, I didn’t see it, but the attention that had been focused on Lupinus and Lisian was drawn to me at once.


I set fire to a situation where Lupinus and Lisian have already poured oil.


‘Go burn yourselves now.’


Lupinus, who was supposed to respond more than anyone else, was only watching blankly.


Perhaps, because the plans and circumstances have changed, they’re perplexed.


‘They can’t do ad-libs this time.’ Then I’ll help you.


“Lady Lupinus? I think the earrings you’ve been looking for are here, can you check them?” Mayerie said hastily, asking them to search Erica’s body.


“I see. If you’re right, we’ll have to search right away. But she’s the exclusive maid of the Princess. Can you take responsibility for that?”


However, the answer came not from Lupinus, but Lisian.


First of all, I am also Stella’s exclusive maid.


Even though he knew that he deliberately mentioned it to distract attention from Erica.


“Yes? Responsibility? It’s not me who took it, it’s Miss Erica. If she’s confident, Miss Erica can show what she’s hiding in her arms as soon as I shouted earlier.”


Of course, I didn’t play nice. Sure enough, when I finished talking, all the aristocrats’ gazes were on Erica.


In this state, Erica wouldn’t be able to throw away the earrings unless she uses magic. There was a fine crack on Lisian’s calm expression.


It’s probably because Lisian knows that he’ll only be at a disadvantage if he tries to criticize me here.


‘Now, how are you going to wrap up this situation?’ 


I stared at him with curiosity. Whatever choice he made, it was Lisian’s loss.


“Search…the maid’s body.” (Lisian)


“Well, wait a minute! Please wait!” (Erica)


Erika, who was holding her breath watching the situation, was startled by Lisian’s order and tried to defend herself, but she was one step late.


Because something was taken from the hands of the maid who searched Erica’s body.


“It’s the earrings.”


The aristocrats who were watching exclaimed.


“That maid was really holding it.”


A little chattering spread in an instant.


“Quiet. I know you are the Princess’ exclusive maid, so why did you steal the earrings?”


Lisian, who calmed down the noise at once, asked looking at Erica stiffly.


“It’s unfair. I didn’t steal the earrings.” (Erica)


There’s clear evidence, but you’re still making excuses?


If I were the one caught holding the earrings, I would go straight to prison without any further explanation, but Lisian gave Erica time to make an excuse.




“These earrings belonged to Miss Mayerie, who just pointed the fault at me.”


Wow, you’re driving the situation against me now?


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