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Lisian looked confused because he didn’t know things would turn out like this.


“I’m sorry! I didn’t know Miss Erica was so weak. I didn’t expect her nose would bleed at my soft touch catching the bugs…”


Some aristocrats glanced at me dumbfounded.


Their gazes are like, ‘It’s not like a slapping sound, but a soft bat?’.


I couldn’t control my strength, so it wasn’t a slap, it just turned into a bat-like hand slap.


What can I do? I’ve already hit her.


“Are you mocking me now!”


Lisian was furious when I went out shamelessly.


“No way. I’m a person who acts before speaking, I just rushed because I saw a bug on her face.”




I know that… It’s a ridiculous excuse. But there were no lies that came to mind, and it was even worse to point out that Erica was insulting Stella.


I can’t waste time and worry about it, so I just spit out whatever comes to mind!


‘Well, I’ll take the punishment, but maybe Grandiel will do something about it.’


I didn’t hit Lupinus, I only slapped Erica, the same position as a maid, so we can move on to the internal affairs of the Imperial Palace.


If so, then Grandiel will use his hand appropriately to bring it to an end. The presence of Grandiel like an official cheat was reassuring.


I didn’t think about the consequences and talked about them deftly.


“There was a bug on Erica’s cheek just now. I hit her hard to catch it, but I didn’t know Erica was so weak.” (Mayerie)


“Now, that’s…” 


“I also saw it.”


There was a voice cutting in and interrupting Lisian’s words.


It was Stella, who was bowing her head until those words.



【Stella’s POV】


“You are noble.”


The Empress’ face gradually faded in Stella’s memory, but her voice was clear.


“Anytime, anywhere, never forget that you are royalty.”


“Yes. Mother.” (Stella)


Her piercing words, like a sharp awl, settled deep within Stella’s heart.


Since she was young, Stella had been brainwashed by the Empress’ words, and when she came to her senses, Stella had become such a person.


Even though I didn’t want to. At that time, no one would point out my attitude.


It was a sweet world where any action was forgiven.


But Stella, who lost power after the Empress’ died, fell into the abyss in an instant.


What returned to her as a child was contempt, indifference, and ridicule.


‘I’m sick and tired of it.’


When the aristocrats saw her in society, they were busy talking, ignoring Stella, and trying to show off their authority.


But I couldn’t run away.


Because the shadow of the dead Empress’ over her was too dark.


‘Don’t forget that you’re a member of the royal family, wherever and anywhere.’


Those words stuck in her mind and became shackles that bound her.


Therefore, Stella was even more obsessed with the glory of the past.


‘Everyone will come back when I become the noblest again.’


So Stella somehow tried to marry Ellex. Aside from the imperial family, the noblest man in the Empire is the Duke.


However, the reality was not easy. Ellex showed no sign of wanting the engagement with Stella, and the nobles ignored her, regardless of whether she was a Princess or an aristocrat.


Even Erica, who Stella had opened her heart to and relied on, changed in an instant.


“Yes, Her Majesty Stella ordered me to find out about social rumors and trends.”


Stella was surrounded by laughter and ridicule. And couldn’t raise her head.


My blood gushed upturned, and my stomach rumbled. I wanted to run away from this place right now.


“Did you make Meyerie do that while I was away?”


No, that never happened… I didn’t…


‘I– I just want to be happy.’


How did this happen?


Stella couldn’t tell.


‘Please… Somebody save me.’


I closed my eyes and prayed earnestly, praying to God to save me from this terrible situation.




Then I heard the sound of flesh colliding with another. When I raised my head, Mayerie’s expression, who always smiled, hardened and Erica’s head turned.


For a moment, I remembered Mayerie’s words. 


—’ Then shall we look for it together? Someone who truly cares for the Princess.’ 


Stella thought, maybe she might have found it.



“What do you mean, Your Highness?”


When Lisian asked back in an absurd tone, Stella answered without hesitation, “I also saw a bug on Erica’s cheek. Didn’t you understand?”


As Stella pointed out sharply, Lisian bit his lip for a moment before stepping back.


“But, Princess, We haven’t heard the truth about the earrings yet. Both of them are the Princess’ maids, so I understand that you won’t take sides with anyone, but Mayerie’s behavior just now was imprudent.” (Lisian)


“Yes, they’re both my maids.” (Lisian)


As Stella stepped forward, the chattering party hall became quiet.


“So I’ll take responsibility.”


Amid numerous gazes, without shame, Stella proudly declared, “Lupinus Arman. I apologize to you myself. I’m sorry, my maids caused a raucous. Furthermore, I will send the compensation to the Count’s estate.”


No aristocrat opened their mouths, but all of them were astonished to hear Stella’s words.


An apology from the proud Stella’s lips!


“More than that, do you have more to say?”


For the first time, Stella felt the dignity of being a royal. Even the nobles who had ridiculed Stella before could not open their mouths or even smile.


A heavy silence fell on the party hall.


“Is Lady Lupinus fine with that?”


It was Lisian who went out to rectify the situation.


“What? Yes. I’m satisfied just to have found my precious earrings safely. I’m sorry to make a scene at the tea party hosted by the Marquis.” (Lupinus)


“It can’t be helped when a precious thing disappears. I understand everything…” (Lisian)


The heavy atmosphere disappeared through the conversation between the two and the surroundings warmed up again.


“And find the culprit…” (Stella)


“Well, everyone, there was a short disturbance, but I hope you understand it with a broad generosity. Please enjoy the rest of your time.” (Lisian)


Stella tried to comment on the culprit, but Lisian spoke louder to cover her voice.


It made the situation vague so as not to reveal the truth of the case as to who was the culprit that stole the earrings.


Even the nobles seemed to agree. No one cared how Erica, who had been away as he intended, had the earrings.


For them, It was just a moment’s entertainment.


Erica won’t get any special punishment if it passes by like this. It was a rushed conclusion, a fitting end to the overheated situation.


Other aristocrats who were watching turned their attention to a new topic, perhaps losing interest in the lame-ended happening.


Lupinus returned to her seat and talked with the nobles of the same faction as if nothing had happened, and Lisian also went back to his seat and continued the conversation with the middle-aged nobles.


‘Damn it, I should have been patient.’


I had to thoroughly expose the truth of the case without slapping Erica. It’s just that I got angry and ruined the situation.


“Mayerie, are you okay?”


I was blaming myself, and Daphne approached before I knew it. Her eyes were full of concern.




My legs relaxed at the sight of her. I thought I wasn’t nervous, but I guess I was.


“Whew, what’s this fuss about? Why did Erica do that again?


She knew I didn’t steal because I was with her the whole time. However, Daphne didn’t understand why Erica did that.


Unable to speak the truth, I just smiled bitterly and looked around. The commotion was over, but only the table with Stella was engulfed in silence.


‘It’s a loss.’


It was good to stop Lisian’s plan, but I gained nothing. I couldn’t even reveal the identity of Erica, who was the Marquis’ spy and only hurt Stella’s reputation.


Whatever the intention was, Erica has the earrings, that’s why this happened.


Lisian didn’t want to fuss about it, so the other nobles also passed it beating around the bush, but they must be chattering behind.


It’s Stella’s fault for not taking care of the maids properly.


“I want to go back.”


It was Stella’s first words that broke the silence.


When she stood up, the nobles sitting at the same table breathed a sigh of relief, and Daphne set out first, saying she would call the carriage.


“Princess, I’m sorry to put you through something bad.” (Iris)


As we tried to escape the garden, Iris approached.


Among the nobles here, Iris was the only one who treated Stella as a royal. Stella didn’t set boundaries for her, as if she felt it, either.


“It’s not your fault.” (Stella)


“It’s because I couldn’t mediate properly as an organizer. I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen next time.” (Iris)


“Yes, I look forward to the next one.” (Stella)


After sharing brief greetings with Iris, Stella headed to the carriage.


Walking at a certain distance in silence, I carefully spoke, “I’m sorry, Princess.”


“Why are you apologizing?”


Stella’s answer was unexpected. I thought she was going to scold me or something.


What she hated the most was being ignored in society by nobles. But today, because of me and Erica, Stella was ridiculed, I honestly thought that I might get slapped again.


“That… You were humiliated at the tea party because of me…”


When I hesitated, she replied indifferently, “You didn’t do that on purpose.”


Her voice was calm, without a trace of anger.


At the beginning of the tea party, Stella couldn’t hold back her anger feeling a little ignored and left in the middle, but now she looks so calm. I couldn’t see her expression as I was walking behind.


“And you slapped Erica on the face…”


Stella stopped, hesitated for a while, and then continued, “…It was for me!”


Stella shouted nervously, but somehow she seemed to hide her embarrassment.


‘Stella surprisingly has a cute side.’


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