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And the second interesting thing about Mayerie was that she’s inconsistent with the information I knew.


He was memorizing every little noble.  From descriptions to family secrets and weaknesses.


The woman in front of him was also a noble from his memory.


Mayerie Syringa.


At one time, there was an excellent swordsman from their family to the extent that he became the head of the Knights of the Imperial Palace, but his family gradually began to lean to ‘third generations‘ ago, and the current ruler was so fragile that he was only in charge of administrative duties at the Imperial Palace.


Although his eldest son stood out at the Knights Academy, I heard that the eldest daughter likes to be extravagant and conspicuous to fill her excessive vanity.


When I first met her she said, “I see the Crown Prince, a descendant of the Guardian. I apologize for the confusion to the Prince because I did not close the curtain.”


It was completely different from the information I knew about her. The purple eyes were straight without any negative emotions being mixed. Even knowing that he was a pathetic prince, she had a small favor for him.


“…You know me.”


“Of course. Where in this Empire is a noble who does not know the Prince?”


She would have been on the assassination list if it was another noble who said that, but seeing her spitting out the words, I saw her eyes looking anxious as if she had realized something, she was holding back her laughter.


The fresh response was interesting. I even forgot to act unintentionally…


Realizing his mistake, Grandiel hurriedly left the scene, wearing the pathetic prince’s mask again.


But his gaze still lingered on the terrace. I was worried about the reported information about her, different from Mayerie herself.


That’s why I followed her carefully as she walked out of the party. To see if she was simply hiding her feelings and acting like himself or if the investigator did not investigate it properly.


I was measuring the timing to approach her naturally, but an uninvited guest stepped in.


It was Duke of Ellex Kolnuta. It turned out that Mayerie Syringa was one of the followers of the Duke, even though she had a fiancé.


Contrary to the information that she was most aggressive in chasing, she was filled with fear when she met the Duke.


‘Is that information wrong too?’


If she had been an avid follower of the Duke, she would have felt happy or in love after meeting the Duke.


Anyway, what was important to Grandiel was confirmation of the information. He naturally intervened between the two, judging that it was a waste of time to wait until the conversation between Ellex and Mayerie was over.


“Du-Duke, I’ve been looking for you.”


“I greet the Prince, descendant of the Guardian.”


Ellex, who was always insensitive, was rarely annoyed.


It was strange that it was the first time I felt such a strong feeling from him, but now I have something to do with Mayerie. 


When I deliberately brought up a topic that would bother him, he would step down as expected.


Mayerie took a slight backward step when the Duke glared fiercely to warn her. Then Grandiel simply put his hand on her shoulder to prevent her from hitting him.


Since she wasn’t looking behind her back, he thought she would step on his feet if she kept stepping backward.


But something strange happened. The blood circulating in his body became hot.


Expansion of the senses. It was a feeling like the first Emperor received from the gods and the ability to lead blood to become stronger.


“Then, excuse me.”


—I would never leave you alone if I see you next time. Ellex’s thoughts could be heard clearly.


Grandiel immediately noticed. That the power has become stronger.


When I saw Ellex returning after his greeting, it seemed that he couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t believe I’m the only one who had suddenly become stronger. I had to find out why.




Then there was a loud noise from Mayerie’s stomach. Grandiel, who had lost his mind at the sound, noticed that his hand was still on Mayerie’s shoulder.




One hypothesis came to mind.


“Thank you for your help, but I’m fine now…”


As expected, I also heard Mayerie’s thoughts. In the beginning, God’s gift to the first Emperor was not just reading one’s emotions.


It gave the world the ability to deal with light and the existence that creates life and color in the world.


Reading the truth behind it was just a few of the characteristics of light, an attribute that penetrates everything.


However, three generations ago, the Emperor suddenly died in the Continental War.


Political battles took place among those with royal blood to reach the peak, and the result was that the former Emperor’s cousin became the new Emperor.


It was a power struggle that would take place everywhere.


The problem was that the blood of the Imperial family had faded. Only those who originally inherited golden eyes could become the Emperor, but the new Emperor did not inherit the golden eyes.


Legends passed down only to the immediate royal family have also been lost.


Likewise, since the current Emperor didn’t inherit the blood, he didn’t know the powers that came down to the royal family.


When Grandiel was born with a golden eye, the shadow of the royal family hiding in the dark came to him.


The power to protect the light. They were in charge of protecting the descendants of the Guardians.


They told Grandiel a hidden story told to his immediate family. It was from then on.


Grandiel’s goal was to conceal himself, increase the power of the world behind him, and strengthen the Emperor’s power.


“You’re very funny Lady Mayerie.”


”Thank you for your help.”


When I pulled out my hand, I couldn’t hear her thoughts anymore. The conditions under which his power felt stronger probably had to be in contact with Mayerie


“Oh, you’ve forgiven me for my mistake earlier. I’m just returning the favor.”


Grandiel inherited the Golden Eyes, but his strength was weak due to the fading blood. To the degree to which he could barely read one’s emotions


However, when I touched Mayerie, my abilities temporarily became stronger.


I didn’t understand what principle it was, but it didn’t matter. I need Mayerie Syringa. Grandiel smiled at his thoughts. I’ll keep her in my hands somehow.



In contrast to the clear sky without a single cloud, my face was hazy.


It was because of the paper in my hand. Just looking at it, it was a slave contract that made me sigh.


‘No. Let’s think good. It’s a job with a salary and guaranteed safety.


The hand holding the paper had a lot of strength, but the paper containing mana did not wrinkle a little. It was a contract that could never be torn physically.




  1. B  must keep the secret of A.


If there are additional secrets to be learned, include them (Even if someone else knows, you should practice the contract, if A commanded you to do so).


  1. You must do what you are told to do.


No veto. (Except for life-threatening matters)


(N: VETO-a constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body.)


  1. A shall pay 5 golds to B each month.


Addition: A must ensure the safety of B. (Except for situations that cannot be helped by A’s judgment.)


※This contract remains valid until the A achieves its purpose.」


Of course, A is Grandiel and has a silver lining, and I’m the slave B.


‘I didn’t expect you to use the magic contract there of course.’


The magic of contracting is that you have to pay for it. The scary thing about contract magic is that you have to pay a price.


If you don’t break the terms of the contract, you won’t have to pay for it, but even if the other party doesn’t know, magic would be activated on the spot.


The price is equal.


If the other person bet 10 gold, I have to bet 10 gold, and if the other person bets his right hand, I have to bet my right hand, too.


‘My Heart. What the hell are you thinking?’


Grandiel, who used a magic contract, suddenly bet his heart out of the blue.


I thought he was a real psychopath when he smiled refreshingly and said, “I have to protect my heart so that it doesn’t burst.”


Super all-in! I had to nod my head while swallowing tears in fear.


‘But I still haven’t forgotten the contents of the original. That’s a good thing!’


I remembered an episode in which Radiata, who signed a contract with Nepenthes, where almost suffered from him all her life because she didn’t set a contract period.


‘Of course, the male lead, Ellex, would break the contract for her.’


There would be no one to help me, so I had to do well on my own.


Based on my previous life’s education that signing should never be done, I checked the details of the contract several times.


I was a college student who had never signed a paper with lengthy terms and conditions other than when opening a bankbook or changing a phone number, but I think he was good at coordination.


‘Honestly, it was surprising to guarantee my safety.’


Actually, I didn’t have a choice.


To live, I have to sign a contract unconditionally. I didn’t expect to receive a salary, but I was somewhat convinced to some extent that simply keeping a secret was not everything.


Suddenly, while signing the contract, he proposed a deal that would benefit each other. What a mutual benefit.


I couldn’t figure out what Grandiel was up to, so I didn’t accept it easily. But he poked at me, offering me a nasty amount of money, he knew I was in debt.


A whopping 5 gold I realized the most important thing when I was about to sign a contract because it was an opportunity for me to receive a lot of money without ability or skill.


There’s a possibility that he, who has neither blood nor tears, could use me as a long-term item to use and throw away.


My creed is safety first. If the five golds included a risk allowance, I would rather do something safe for low wages.


‘I just said that my life was the most important thing.’


Grandiel, who contemplated for a moment, readily accepted.


‘I guarantee the safety of Lady Mayerie.’


When he smiled and said, “I cherish my people,” the man behind him became contemplative again.


As I looked down at the contract and wondered how to accept what happened yesterday, I heard a knock.


“My lady, you have a letter.”




I don’t have a close enough friend to send me a letter. It was a heartbreaking truth, but I knew that the same group of young aristocrats didn’t like me.


The letter Ronnie gave me had a name I had never seen before.


‘Punica Granatum? But I think there was a Baron.’


I recalled that Granatum and I were not acquainted anyway after searching for a vague memory.


‘No, whether it’s a Baron in Granatum or a Viscount, I wouldn’t have any acquaintances with them.’


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