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Curious about what it was referring to, but the material needed for the next work came to my eyes. It was a white clothes covering the table. I pulled it over, turned to the side and asked.


“Well, what do you want to know?”


“Where the goods are hidden and who trades them.”


“Is it a thing?”


“It’s a mana stone that’s illegally distributed.”


Inside the illegal slave trading even there is an illegal mana stone trading. This ship appears to be an illegal smuggling ship specialist. 


When their identity was revealed, those who were kneeling jumped to their feet. Then the man standing behind Seth rushed in an instant and wielded the sword sleeve. The two fainted without shouting. 




I was trying to clap reflexively, but I realized it wasn’t the time to do this. I lowered my hands awkwardly.


“Just in case, you are not doing anything illegal, are you?”


No matter how hard it is to make a living, I didn’t want to help crime.


Seth’s men flinched and expressed anger at my question. Seth, on the other hand, feels interesting, said.


“I’m the one who punishes people who do that.”


“Sor, sorry.”


“It’s fine. You must have doubted it.”


But I think the men in the back don’t think so.


I turned to the merchant, pretending not to know at the stinging glare. Just focus on my work.


Taking my gloves off, I slapped the merchant who pretended to be dead on the cheek. It wouldn’t hurt much as I was starved for three days, but I did it to make him angry. My ability works better when the opponent loses his cool.




I could see his thick lips quivering with the clapping sound. I asked, pressing down his neck with both hands.


“Where’s the stuff?”


“Thi, this wench!”


The merchant who couldn’t hold back his anger, opened his eyes and stared at me. At that moment, something black came out of his body and began to stick to my hand. I slapped him on the other cheek and said again.


“Where’s the hidden stuff? Say it!”


A black thing from his body came to my arm. I felt nauseous as my eyes were spinning, but I forced myself to hold in.


These black things are an illusion that only I can see. It makes the feeling dirty but can’t kill.


I reached out a hand and grabbed the cloth on the floor. Then the thing that crawled on my body quickly moved to the cloth. After a while it turned into unruly scrawled black letters.


Sucking in the thought of the person you came into contact with and transferring it to the cloth or paper.


This was my ability. There are some restrictions, but it was quite useful to extract information.


I looked at the clothes with keen eyes. Most of it was useless, but there was also necessary information. I read it slowly.


“Secret space under the pier? How do you open the secret space?”


“… What, what?”


The merchant stared at me with eyes as big as beans. The more embarrassed he was, the faster his thoughts flowed. I deliberately lifted the clothes and showed it to him. Seeing his thoughts written all over the cloth, he struggled with fear.


“You witch! A wicked devil! Let me go!”


“Who are you dealing with?”


“No! No! Aaack!”


The merchant, who saw the name engraved on the cloth, tried to bite his tongue to death. But the man standing next to me slapped his chin and pushed a bunch of cloth into his mouth.




I asked carefully, where they met and how they traded. Then, I read each fact that I found out to see if there was anything missing. At the end of the work, the merchant drooped with a face that gave up his everything.


‘Why did you commit a crime in the first place…’


I turned away from him and got up with the cloth. Turning to Seth’s side, I saw the men who kept their guard at me. I felt the reality when I saw their outburst of hostility. I felt a chill in my heart.


‘It’s a sure thing. What kind of reaction did you expect?’


The nanny who washed me after I was born threw me away because she was surprised by the letters engraved on the cloth. If I hadn’t fallen on the bed, I would have died by then.


My parents thought the demon would come from me. They didn’t kill me because they were afraid the demon would spread to them. In the end, they locked me in the basement to be forgotten.


The family by blood did that, so there was no way anyone would look at me well.


I couldn’t bear to look at Seth. Strangely enough, I was scared to check his reaction. After a moment of hesitation, I finally put the cloth on the floor and stepped back.


“The information written here is real. I’m sure it will help.”


“Stop right there.”


A low voice made me stop.


No, even if he told me to stop, should I really stop? While I was dumbfounded by myself, Seth was approaching. He asked, staring at me with unshakable eyes.


“What’s wrong with you all of sudden? Did I do something wrong?”


My head got complicated by the unexpected reaction. Is he hiding his displeasure? Why? Because he wants my ability? Or because of his pride?




I felt a hand approaching my cheek then I avoided it in surprise. I could feel Seth flinched when he looked into my condition. I blinked in shock.


‘Is he really not afraid of me? Doesn’t he hate it?’


The eyes that were staring at me, and the hand that was about to touch me, told so.


It felt strange. He was the first person who knew my ability but wasn’t afraid. I bit my lips to suppress the agitation.


“Tell me what the problem is.”


The low voice that whispered into my ear, tickled. I bowed my head avoiding his eyes and confessed.


“I thought you would feel bad about my ability.”


“Why? I’m the one who told you to do it.”


“Normally everyone hates it.”


I murmured timidly.


Seth, who has been silent for a while, turns his head. He seemed to have grasped the situation by looking at his helpless men.


“I think I need to talk to you all separately.”




Screaming reflexively, I grabbed Seth.


“Come on! That makes me look like a snitch!”


It is natural to be afraid of my abilities, but if you scold them for that, their hatred will get bigger.


A new employee who tells on her senior’s fault on the first day of joining the company. Sure it will remain a legend in the industry.


Seth, who was looking at me crying as if saying ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it’, smiled quietly.


“I’ll let it slide this time because you want it.”


“Really? Really?”


“Yeah, I can’t make someone who’s suffered because of me become a snitch.”


Having received a definite answer, I could only be relieved. However, I suddenly felt dizzy because I was relaxed. Seth picked me up lightly as I stumbled. Surprised, I shivered.


“Stay still. You’re so clumsy, no wonder you’re dizzy now.”


For one who made me like this.


Seth carefully comforted me as I stared at him with a pouty mouth. The moment he touched me, I felt something like a cool breeze. My body, which was struggling with no energy, seemed to come back to life.


“Huh? This is…”




Seth stopped me who was muttering in surprise. I immediately shut up my mouth. Apparently it was his ability that made my body recover.


‘Is it a superpower?’


He didn’t look smart just because of his handsome face.


Looking at him astonishingly, Seth’s men suddenly popped out.


“Lo, Lord, I will hold her instead.”


He reached out his restlessly. He looked as if he had seen the boss cleaning the office. He was shocked to find me in the arms of his boss.


“I, I can walk alone!”


Seth, who fixed me on his arms, glared at his subordinate.


“For someone who is scared to come near, don’t bother.”


The flinched subordinate bowed his head.


‘No, why are you angry? The one who’ll get hate is me then!’


I looked at Seth grudgingly, but he turned a blind eye. It seemed that he had no intention of dropping me off. Disappointed, I leaned on him more comfortably. As it came this way, I’m just going to take care of my body.


“Maurice, take the responsibility and clean up this place.”


The man who beat up the merchant with me, paid respect at Seth’s command.


I looked at Maurice. I felt a strange sense of familiarity to a fate that made us hit the merchant together. I wanted to greet him when my eyes met, unfortunately, I failed.


Seth, who noticed my gaze, narrowed his forehead.


“Do you have anything to say to Maurice?”


“No. He is a senior at work, so I was going to greet him.”


I whispered in a whisper. Seth, who gestured at him, moved straight outside. 


“I’m hired, right?”


“Why? Do you regret it?”


“Ah, no.”


I have no regrets, but I am worried. Can I do a good job of catching criminals? Everyone seemed to have good physical strength and I thought I would be a burden.


I became more anxious when I saw Seth lifting me lightly with one arm to open the door. I saw that the iron was ripped off with his bare hands, that’s not the average standard here, right? I will pray to get a job like an office assistant.


“My Lord.”


Seth, who came out of the room, was welcomed by men in black. Seth, who comforted me that shrank reflexively, asked.


“Are you done cleaning?”


“Yes, I cleaned it up neatly.”


The men who answered obediently glanced at me. As if asking ‘What is that thing in my Lord’s arms?’ with such eyes.


I am sorry. I am a new employee. Please let me be because I collapsed after finishing my work.


I lowered my head in dismay. Seth, who turned to cover me, ordered.


“Help Maurice collect the evidence and organize the rest. I’ll go back first.”

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  1. Author-nim, arnlian, many thanks for picking up this intriguing story! Love your work ✿♥‿♥✿