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As a result, she was called a witch outside the mansion and became notorious. Usually, it’s not a crime for a noble to kill a commoner in his or her territory, but it seems to have gone too far. The Holy Knights came to arrest me, so I admitted everything.


I killed everything I wanted to kill in my last life and did everything I wanted to do. What else should I do with this life? Can’t I just die?


I searched and searched for a way to stop my return from my past lives, but I couldn’t find anything. Old books, Bibles handled in the temple, and even foreign magic books. It would have been nice if I could find a single clue, but there was nothing.


Although there are only two places she hasn’t looked. The hidden library of the Imperial family and the original Bible of the temple.


It is said that the hidden underground library of the Imperial family contains very old historical records that haven’t been beautified or altered, and that the Bible we are seeing has also been modified and transformed. It was a fact that she came to know from seeing numerous records in the past.


It isn’t entirely non-existent because it was written in a book banned by the empire found in a foreign country. Wouldn’t it be possible to find something hidden in the history books and the original Bible? She sincerely wanted to end her own life.


But how can I access those two things? In the case of the library, I may be able to see it if I marry someone from the Imperial family and become one of them, and in the case of the original Bible, he should be a high-ranking official belonging to the temple, but unfortunately, only men were selected.


That’s when someone’s voice pierced through my thoughts.


“It’s cold.”




I think I was too deep in my thoughts. Seeing that I didn’t notice the presence of the priest who was just around the corner.


A man wearing an official white priest’s uniform is a high-ranking priest who is quite famous even in the Imperial Capital, and the one who visits the Duke’s house once a week. It was Theodore Delman, a faithful servant of God.


“Are you worried?”


“Do you think people in the world live without worries?”


“That’s true, but…”


There’s an embarrassed smile on his well-groomed face and white blonde hair. Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since we talked like this.


Of course, it’s only a story of a previous life, but it’s the first time in this life that started again. Now he sees her as just an illegitimate child of the Duke’s family. Even at the age of 18, I must be known as a shy girl who hasn’t entered society.


He knelt quietly on one knee in front of her feet.


“There aren’t many people who are so worried that they’re barefoot on a cold day like this.”


“I just couldn’t find the slippers the maids hid.”


Theodore furrowed his brows in confusion.


“The maids hid your slippers?”


“It must be somewhere. It looks like you’re done with your work with the Duchess.”


It means that you shouldn’t mind it and go back if you’re done with your work, but the priest probably didn’t know what I meant or pretended not to know my intention, but he just looked at my face and immediately took off his shoes. As he watched silently, he carefully grabbed my pale feet and tucked his shoes in.


Unlike the girls of other noble families, Beatrice is tall, and has big hands and big feet. It’s loose, but it fits her feet enough so that it doesn’t get taken off.


“Do all servants of God interfere too much with others?”


“I would appreciate it if you could call it kindness rather than interference.”


Even with her dry and rude remarks, his smiling face is the epitome of a priest. Beatrice’s empty, golden eyes peer into the other person’s blue eyes meaninglessly.


After seeing the priest’s face, she decided to solve her curiosity and opened her mouth. She has nothing to lose, so there is no reason for her to be hesitant or harsh.


“I heard that the original Bible was kept in the temple.”


“Yes, it is kept in a room that only high-ranking officials can enter.”


“I heard it’s different from the Bible manuscripts that circulate around the empire.”


A slight frown intervened his lips that were previously smiling brightly.


“Because it’s written in ancient language, it may be slightly different from the original,  but it’s not entirely different.”


Lies. Beatrice is certain. However, without any answer, she blinked slowly and nodded in response.


It’s not known that the contents of the Bible manuscript and the original Bible are different anyway. It means that there is no way to answer “Yes, that’s right”, so I pretended to be convinced.


“Did you solve the Duchess’ troubles well?”


“All I can do is give advice. No matter what the problem is, no one else can solve it.”


“What are the Duchess’ troubles?”


“I can’t tell anyone for the sake of the Duchess who believed in me and told me.”


“Trust me.”


“So, if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to tell me.”


“You speak well.”


Beatrice, who had no way of resolving her situation anyway, began to think about telling this priest about her affairs.


It didn’t matter if I was treated like a crazy woman, and even if something goes wrong, I just had to die again. However, it was troublesome to explain the long story, so I explained the situation very briefly.


“I won’t die.”




“No matter how many times I try to die, I don’t die.”


A bewildered light flashed across Theodore’s face, but Beatrice didn’t mind at all and began to spit out her own words.


“I want to die, but I can’t.”


Beatrice was a person who had so many worries and hypotheses about why she returned after dying. First of all, She was punished by the gods for killing a priest in her very first life.


“Is it because of my sin? Could it have provoked the wrath of God?”


However, the priest was not a member of the temple, but a person who evaded taxes under the pretext of running an orphanage in a local temple. Would such a person be loved by God? If not, the second reason was because she was cursed by someone.


“Is it because there are so many people  who are unhappy because of me?”


Beatrice was so crazy about her repeated life and killed more than two hundred people in her previous life. She was just that kind of person. She did not accept that human beings were the same as herself, and as a result, she did it without hesitation even if taking their lives was necessary.


Because of her nature, Duke Amber was quite enthusiastic about her education when he was alive, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to have much effect. If it’s not a curse, number three. I have a mission that I’m unaware of.


“Am I still alive because I have something to do? But I couldn’t find anything like that. There’s no way I’ll ever need anything.”


Like any other novel, there is a great danger to the world or to the empire, and she was born with a great mission. I’ve imagined that, but even when I lived for more than seventy, there was no such threat to the empire and the world.


Therefore, the fourth one. She’s actually a devil. The devil is a creature that only appears in the Bible and hasn’t appeared on human land for a very long time on record.


According to the Bible, the devil does not die by the hands of humans, but is destroyed only by the divine power handled by the priests. He said that they would not die in any other way, and that if they died, they would come back to life.


Of course, it is one of the hypotheses that I made just in case because it was very far from regression, but I think it’s similar to immortality. Come to think of it, she has never died because of divine power.


Beatrice immediately remembered a thought, and grabbed Theodore’s hand with both of her own and held them tightly.


“By the way, wasn’t there a way to save lives without suffering among the powers of the priests?”


Of course, it wasn’t an overused force. It is a power that is carefully used only for those with an incurable disease who cannot die for a very long time. The process of obtaining permission is very tricky and can only be used by high-ranking officials, so if it has been used three times a year throughout the empire, it belongs to one of many pillars


“I don’t want to be sick anymore.”


I still got goosebumps thinking about how I was hit five times because my neck was not cut off by the guillotine. Of course, it goes without saying that it hurts to death.


“Can you use that power on me? Of course the case is…”


“No, no. My lady, calm down. Please.”


Beatrice closed her mouth shut and looked at Theodore who interrupted her words. That straight, shiny face was stained with an unknown embarrassment, sadness, and anger, and I couldn’t figure out why.


Did I talk too much about myself? The priests are kind, but on the other hand, I decided to listen to him for a while because I thought it might be because of his high pride.


“First of all… I can’t use that power personally, and you won’t be allowed to use it unless you’re really terminally ill.”


“Does that mean you can’t use it for me?”


“Yes, so don’t think about it.”


Yeah, I knew it. Beatrice stood up from her seat without hiding her disappointed look.


I didn’t expect him to really listen, but it’s disappointing to be disappointed. Should I try and get terminally ill?


“I see. Thank you for listening. Since we wasted a lot of time, you’d better leave now. I’ll return your shoes on your next visit.”


She left Theodore behind, who said nothing for some reason, and walked a little uncomfortable because of his big shoes. Beatrice didn’t know that Theodore’s gaze was stuck behind her back and didn’t drop.


The Duchess, Agatha Amber of the Amber family, had a small problem. Of course, her two sons have grown wonderfully, and the eldest has safely inherited the title of the Duke and is running the estate with a stable business, and the second son joined the Imperial Order because he was recognized for his skills at a young age, so you might ask what she was worried about, but she had another child. The youngest daughter who is not her own blood.


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