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Ah~ I’m in a hurry! It’s urgent! I hurried to the bathroom.


It was close. Because of that shit fly… things could go wrong.


Fortunately, I could avoid the unfortunate incident of an adult trying to rape me. Then, as if nothing had happened, I enjoyed the rest of the second part of the performance.


Looking at the carefree Arianne, Charter couldn’t concentrate on the performance due to his confusion. Annoyed that he had to send her alone a while ago, he opened the door to the VIP room to escort her. And when he leaned out halfway, he saw Arianne appear from the far end room. Charter hid without realizing it.


…Why am I hiding? Without realizing it, he checked Arianne’s presence again as he passed the door and headed towards the room where she came from as if drawn to her by something. And the sight that greeted him when he opened the door confused him.


Fortunately, the man was still breathing. Charter stared silently at the crystal ashtray that was lying on the red carpet. He pretended not to see it, closed the door, and called the manager to quietly find out the whole story of the case.


“It was a perfect performance!”


“…is that so?”


Arianne repeatedly expressed her joy, and Charter couldn’t say that he would bring her here often, even out of courtesy. Fortunately, Arianne didn’t mind his lukewarm response at all. Because her feelings right now were more important than other people’s feelings or reactions.


After the second part of the performance ended successfully, Charter and I left the room. There was some noise in the middle, but there was no problem at all in enjoying the performance.


I had a smile on my face, completely forgetting what had happened before. It was such a perfect day.


“Wait a minute, I have something to tell the manager.”


“Yes, do your business.”


While Charter briefly talked to the manager, I looked down at the first floor. I wondered if people would pay attention to me again, but luckily no one was there. After a while, Charter approached me, saw me checking the first floor, and then said,


“After the performance, the VIPs leave first, and then other customers will leave.”


It was like he was saying don’t worry.


“Yes, I know.”


I didn’t know anything about it, but I didn’t want to admit it, so I answered back coyly. This man seemed blunt, but he acted as if he knew what I was worried about without having me say it. Is he born to be this caring? Although it wasn’t long since we met, I thought the meeting with him wasn’t that bad.


Following the manager’s guidance, I took his hand and went down the stairs. After getting out of the theater’s main entrance, Charter’s carriage was already waiting. He naturally led me to the carriage.


“It’s getting dark, so I will take you back to your home.”


He thought this would be enough for the deal. However, there was still one more thing left for my perfect day.


“No, I still have one more place to stop by.”


He asked with a quizzical expression.


“At this hour?”


Of course, it’s a place I can’t go there without this hour. I replied, smiling broadly at him.


“Yes, the night market.”


“The night market… you mean…”


Night market. It was the number one place I wanted to visit the most. I only had heard about it through conversations with the maids. Of course, I know it is a place enjoyed by the commoners rather than nobles. Still, I have heard that other nobles secretly enjoy the night market while being escorted by only one or two escorts.


The night market has also been a forbidden place for me to visit until now- saying that the night roads are dangerous or something. In fact, I was in danger day and night, but anyway, the night market is a must place to visit today.


There was no guarantee that I would be able to drink the night away. So I have to seize the opportunity when it comes.


And I’ve already been kidnapped once; how could I possibly be kidnapped again overnight?


As I vowed to visit the night market today, Charter was not happy with this, but he didn’t reject my request.


“To the night market.”


The carriage began to move when Charter ordered the horseman. Arianne was busy looking out the window with her sparkling purple eyes. Charter looked at her and was lost in thought.


From what he heard from the manager a while ago, the man who had collapsed earlier said to be owed a large debt to Count Bornes and was on the verge of divorce. It was concluded that he must have had malicious thoughts while drunk when he saw Arianne. He shut his mouth as to why he had collapsed, but it was obvious what had happened under the circumstances.


How can you use alcohol as an excuse? Being drunk doesn’t absolve you. Charter intended to punish him accordingly. However, he remembered that he had been told that the man wouldn’t be able to be a worker again as he had symptoms of a mild concussion.


Giggle. He giggled.


What kind of innocent lady is she after crippling a man? Charter was interested in Arianne.


She even hit him in his head to finish him off. As he recalled the ashtray lying on the floor, he wondered about the nature hidden in that beautiful face.


Charter was a person who didn’t judge people from their appearance. How many people come up to him with a friendly face and stab him in the back? So he concluded that he should watch her a little more.


“We’re here.”


The carriage stopped at the night market entrance, and the two got off the carriage and began to see the night market. The night market was really bright and lively. Despite the night, the whole place was lit up with lights, and the sounds of laughter, socializing, and price bargaining.


It’s chaotic. Charter hated such a crowded and noisy place. That’s why he avoided all outdoor activities, including the ball.


The imperial palace where he worked, and the Duchy where he lived, were always quiet and rarely made a loud noise. However, the night market distracted him with the screaming and chattering from here and there. He felt like his head was throbbing.


Not knowing the fact, Arianne exclaimed excitedly with a joyful expression.


“Hey! Let’s go over there!”


I pulled him with excitement and went to the front of a stall. There was a delicious meat skewer dish. I had the simple refreshment at the theater but hadn’t eaten any meal yet, so I winked at him because I was starving.


Buy me this.


Unfortunately, I had no choice but to be shameful because I didn’t have a single coin with me. Charter stared at me, took his wallet, paid for it, and received two skewers. I took the skewer from his hand and took a big bite immediately.


“Wow~ It’s delicious!”


It was really delicious, not empty words. What is it? It tastes like chicken, but why is it so delicious? The salty and sweet seasoning really melted in my mouth.


Seeing Arianne’s fuss, Charter quietly stared at the skewer. He had no intention of putting food made in this unsanitary environment into his mouth. Still, he had no choice but to close his eyes and take a bite.


It’s delicious. Unexpectedly, the skewer tasted good. The sweet and salty taste he had never tasted before raised his eyebrows. For him, who had always eaten healthy food, the sweet and salty seasoning was a strong stimulus that stuck in his mind.


Look at that. It’s good, right? Wait, this guy has freedom, but he’s never tasted anything like this before? I looked up at him with a triumphant face. After a while, I was looking for something else with my twinkling eyes again.


What else is she trying to do… Charter was worried. He thought she would just look around for a while, but she looked very determined.


I’m sure it must be here… Where is it? Ah! I found it! In the diagonal direction where I was, there was a place I had been looking for. I grabbed Charter and headed there. Charter was dragged along without resistance as if he had given up, and I gave him another look.


Buy me this too.


Of course, I thought he would open his wallet with ease, but Charter was immovable.


“What’s wrong?”


I asked him, looking at him in wonder.  


“I can’t. Because you’re still underage.”




Charter had no intention of buying Arianne, an underage, a drink. His upright character was shown there as well.


“It’s my birthday in two weeks! It’s like coming of age!”


I shouted unjustly, but Charter only shook his head without saying a word. In the end, I had iced tea in my hand instead of beer.


“So cheap. It’s only two weeks before my birthday, and your cheapness is killing me.”


“Are you feeling unfair?”


“Yes. Do you know how excited I am about tasting it? I really wanted to try beer too!”


“I’ll buy it for you when your come of age.”


“You’re so cheap when it’s only two weeks later…”


I murmured, dissatisfied.


The corners of Charter’s lips loosened as he looked at her. He couldn’t understand how dissatisfied she was, but when he saw Arianne’s sulky lips, he burst into laughter.


Is he laughing?


My eyebrows soared. 


Charter hurriedly hardened his expression and changed the subject.


“But why did you want to come to the night market?”


“I just wanted to come. I wanted to try something that everyone else tried.”


I said that, tilted my head, looking at the passerby.


Charter discovered the identity of the discomfort she had felt earlier. That’s because there are too few things she did at her age. Today is the day she did many things for the first time. He wondered why, but he didn’t bother to ask because she didn’t seem to want to talk about it.


The two stood silently for a long time, leaning against the building wall and watching people passing by.


“Can I have another drink?”


“As long as it’s not alcohol.”


“Heung. I got it. Please buy it for me.”


“Then, would you like to go with me? It’s dangerous to be alone.”


“No. You see the line over there? I hate standing in line. I will stay here, so please.”


I raised my shoulder and said it sarcastically.


“Sir Dale is here too.”


I pointed at Sir Dale standing at a distance.


Charter looked at her for a moment, asked her to stay here, and moved to buy her a drink. He gave Dale, who was watching from afar, a signal to keep his eyes on her.


While Charter was in line, I looked around the street.


Everyone looked so happy. They’re free to walk the streets day and night, right? They won’t have to worry about being threatened with their life, not like me.


At that moment, I felt miserable again.


“What’s the point of being the only daughter from a rich family? I can’t go out nor gain freedom. I don’t even have money…”


Father never gave me money. If I needed anything, the servants would buy it for me, but I had never had my own money. In that way, I couldn’t even dare to leave my father. It was all his plan.


A woman who was accustomed to adorning herself with precious jewels and dresses couldn’t leave him without a penny. It was difficult for a woman to live alone without any wealth. Because society doesn’t even let women do chores. Of course, I don’t have the slightest intention of working hard.


Women with money were extremely rare in society, and most women in this empire were forced to live tied to men. Looking back at my situation, I only bothered Charter with mixed feelings.


Charter kept looking back because he was worried about me being alone. Whenever that happened, I smiled and waved as if to reassure him, but strangely, the appearance of him made me feel tickled.


“By the way, there is no sign that his line is shortened.”


My brows wrinkled as I looked at the line in front of Charter.


There’s still a long line. I’m glad I didn’t follow him.


As I saw the line and thought he still had a long way to go, I suddenly saw a crowd of people gathered around me. Suddenly, someone grabbed my arm and pulled me strongly.




“Follow me quietly! If you don’t want to die.”


The knife he held in front of me gleamed in the light.


Haa. I’m really unlucky today.


It was my second time being kidnapped in one day. 

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  1. Ela é muito chata. Garota, você mesma disse que não quer dificuldades mas entra em ciladas com as próprias pernas 🙄🙄 Realmente espero que não aconteça a mesma coisa sempre que ela sair

    Obrigada pelo capítulo ♥️♥️