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Something fell to the ground from the arms of Paku, who was being forcibly raised by the soldiers. The soldiers inadvertently picked up the item, and his field of view turned 180 degrees soon. The soldier had to die without knowing what had just happened.




The remaining soldiers hurriedly tried to subdue Paku but had already lost their necks at Paku’s hands. Thud. Paku, who overpowered the two huge soldiers in an instant, inadvertently picked up something that had fallen on the ground.


White lace handkerchief. It was something that didn’t suit him at all. The emperor, who had been watching this quietly, stood up from her seat and said, (What are you doing?)


Paku didn’t even look at the emperor or answer her question. He just stared at the lace handkerchief in his hand.


The emperor widened her bright yellow eyes and shook the bell again. Ring, ring...


The emperor immediately noticed the extraordinary situation. Soldiers who had to rush in immediately after the bell rang didn’t even show their noses. Uurgh. The emperor grimly contorted her face and gnashed her teeth.




It’s treason…


Paku had no intention of committing treason. In fact, he just wanted to evade and run away from his mother and siblings, even more, from that bloody throne. Treason means usurping the throne soon. He didn’t want to sit on the throne. Because he knew what kind of place it was as he knew it too well.


The day his mother slaughtered the Kelteman Kingdom. Ten-year-old Paku watched all of her mother’s massacre. He had no regret at the death of his father, who was the king. Because he had no contact with him. However, in front of the death of his maternal grandfather and uncles, he collapsed.


“Please! Help me. Mother. Why would you kill your grandfather and uncle?”


Paku begged, clinging to his mother’s feet. But his mother didn’t bat an eye.


“If you interfere with me, I will kill you.”


Even the young boy knew that his mother didn’t like his father and his wives. His mother, who was the ninth wife, had no strength compared to other wives and wasn’t favored by the king. But didn’t her maternal grandfather and uncle always cherish and take care of them? To Paku, they were like a father. But his mother killed them mercilessly just because they stopped him.


Pfft. Paku laughed.


What is an empire, and what is an emperor? Paku, who just wanted a peaceful life with his family, found this situation funny.


Paku, who just wanted a safe life with his family, was only funny about the current situation. Are you angry and afraid of killing so many people and only losing your place? It was funny. Both the emperor and himself lived under her wing.


After seeing such a reaction from Paku, the emperor was convinced that he had returned for treason. (How dare. How dare you betray me, who gave you an undeserved position and honor!)


What kind of future does the prince of the king’s ninth wife have? The only thing he could do was die in another prince’s rebellion or marry the tribe chief’s daughter and become the tribal chief at best. Thanks to whom did he become a prince? Didn’t she even say that she would pass her throne to him?


At the emperor’s shout, Paku raised his eyes and looked at her. (As you said, it was an undeserved position and honor. But I’m going to put it down now.)


So, let’s go. If I’m with you, I think I can laugh even if I burn forever in hell. In other words, hell would welcome those sinful souls with open arms.


Paku took a step toward the emperor.


(Don’t come! Don’t come near me!)


Ring, ring. The emperor, who was frantically shaking the bell, threw the bell, found a dagger, and held it in his hand. (I should have gotten rid of you.)


Paku approached without saying a word. As soon as the emperor tried to rush toward Paku, holding a dagger, Dondon appeared.


(Mother! Come this way!)




The emperor’s face turned bright at the welcome appearance of her daughter.


(Paku! Are you crazy? What are you doing?)


The emperor was relieved by Dondon’s shout that threatened Paku. Dondon, who strode forward and blocked Paku’s front, ordered her men. (Seize Paku right now!)


When Dondon’s subordinates rushed at him, Paku quietly gave up his body. Dondon, who was glaring at Paku, who was quietly being subdued, turned around and supported the emperor. (Mother, are you okay?)


The emperor put her hand on Dondon’s arm, suppressed her anger, and said in a bitter voice. (Arrest Paku immediately. Show him the consequences of speaking as a traitorous criminal who caused the rebellion.)


Dondon quietly embraced the emperor. Patting her on the back as if to soothe her, Dondon quietly whispered in her ear. (Don’t worry, Mother. I’ll take care of everything. Mother just needs to get a good night’s sleep. Never… open your eyes again.)




The emperor’s body stiffened. Dondon, who inserted an anesthetic needle into the emperor’s back, smiled brightly with her eyes bent. Thud.


Paku captured the image of the emperor, who couldn’t close her eyes even the moment she collapsed on the floor. Bright yellow eyes like his were widening in disbelief.


(What are you doing? Won’t you release him right now?)


At Dondon’s instruction, the men released Paku and stepped back.


(Oh my. You don’t know that I would start a rebellion…?)


Paku was silent. Dondon glanced at Paku like that and clicked her tongue. Because his heart is weak, he’s falling into it.


Dondon decided from the moment he accompanied Paku that he would rebel.


Paku, whose body is only large but has a weak heart, would offer his neck to the emperor without a fight. Paku had to stay alive. He had to survive to be her shield. That way, she could live comfortably and well without taking any responsibility.


Once she made up her mind, everything went smoothly. As the emperor’s closest aide, she could easily station her troops within close proximity of the emperor and deal with the emperor’s aides and soldiers. Because she knew when and where they were.


(Isn’t it funny? To receive the same treatment as you did. Humans are unbelievably foolish. They should know they could also receive the same treatment if they expose their full power. Don’t you think so?)


Of course, the emperor never thought that Dondon would betray her, but she was the one who misjudged this.


(If you want to keep your position, you can’t trust anyone. What’s so special about your child? You should have been more cautious and suspicious if you had given birth to a child who strongly resembles you. How foolish.)


Dondon jumped over the fallen emperor and leaned on the throne. (What is so good about this? My sofa is fancier and more comfortable.)


She then continued with a sour face. (So, you take this.)


Paku was still silent. Dondon’s eyes narrowed as she watched him. What’s wrong with him? Don’t tell me…


At that moment.


“Three! What? It’s over?”


Dondon only turned her eyes to identify the intruder who stormed in. Beanpole and iceman.


Arianne excitedly advanced to the emperor’s residence. Still, when she saw the situation that had already been resolved, she became embarrassed for a moment. After rolling her eyes momentarily, she slowly put away the gun she had nowhere to aim at, straightened up, and spoke.


“Hmm. Then, I will formally greet you. As commander-in-chief and commander of the Harpion Empire, I request negotiations.”






Charter’s eyes grew unusually large. It was the first time in his life that he saw a change of attitude without context like this.


Isn’t this a situation where children attack their parents and rebel against them? At least for those with common sense, wouldn’t it be a priority to use euphemisms such as condolences or regrets? But here, out of the blue, negotiation?


What kind of person…


He was scared because he didn’t know what would come out of the princess, who wasn’t as patient as Arianne. Charter hastily opened his mouth to calm the situation. No, he tried to open it.


“What will yu give me in return?”


Until Dondon said it.




Charter was speechless. He is a common-sense man who is caught between people who don’t have common sense.


“What do you want?”


The two didn’t speak in a roundabout way or use all kinds of rhetoric to make it seem like they were talking about it. It was straightforward and direct. They talked about how much they would give in return for making peace, what they wanted, and how much.


“It’s gold. Everything dhat touches my eyes must be gold. I need enugh gold to spend until the moment I die.”


“Alright.” Arianne readily accepted.


Needless to say, she couldn’t be dissatisfied with the idea of ending this war with only gold. If it was gold that the only princess of the entire Kelteman Empire would spend until her death, then it wasn’t impossible.


Arianne and Dondon looked satisfied ahead of a reasonable negotiation. On the other hand, Charter couldn’t even think of his absurd expression. This… is it going to end in vain like this?


At the moment when negotiation was about to be concluded to the satisfaction of everyone except Charter, an unexpected person appeared, kicking the negotiation table.


“I will pretend that there was no mention of gold.”


It was Paku.


He surprised everyone because everyone thought of him as nothing more than a decoration until a little while ago.


“No. I think gold would be good.”


What’s wrong with you? Why are you sprinkling ashes on the finished stew? Just say quietly in the corner like you’ve always done! Arianne flashed her purple eyes and urged him to shut his mouth immediately.


However, Paku didn’t break his will despite her intense gaze. He said as he stuffed something in his hand into his chest. “In that case, we will send the gold from our Kelteman Empire. I hope you accept this as an apology for causing trouble.”


Charter replied. “You mean you’re going to pay compensation?”




It was Paku and Charter who suddenly became natural at speaking informally, whether it was mutual recognition or pride.


Arianne was taken aback by Paku’s sudden proposal but quickly accepted it. No… well, I didn’t expect any compensation… If you’re giving it, I shouldn’t refuse it, right? Why should I refuse when he gave it to me? Since I’m receiving it, why not shake Kelteman’s foundations a bit?


As Arianne was about to nod in agreement, Dondon’s sharp scream echoed through the tent.


“Absulutely not!!!”


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