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I grew tired of Dale’s repeated apologies.


How can a person be this stubborn?


Even though I said I was okay several times, he was ready to give up his head. In the end, I punished him for his foolish stubbornness beyond honesty.


“Then, how about granting me a favor later? No matter how difficult my favor is, you will do it unconditionally. Of course, I will not ask a favor that goes against chivalry.”


Dale gave the impression that it wasn’t hard enough, but I also held on to the attitude that it couldn’t be more than that. In the end,


“I swear on my honor.”


That’s how I reached an agreement with Dale.


The night market became livelier as the night went on. I held my craving for the beer and dragged Charter with the motivation to see all the stalls in the night market. Then, I stopped at a place selling miscellaneous accessories. Hairpins, rings, and necklaces were neatly displayed on the stall.  


When Arianne, looking around here and there, stopped her feet, Charter looked at her to see what was going on. He saw her slightly swollen cheeks were like his nephew who wouldn’t leave before getting a candy.


I knew it. Following her gaze, there was a hairpin studded with a coarse purple gemstone in the shape of a wing.


“Do you want that?”


“Um, I don’t really want it, but… if you buy it for me, I won’t refuse.”


“You don’t really want it, but if I buy it for you, you won’t refuse?”


Charter had to hold his laugh when the image of his five-year-old nephew overlapped with Arianne. From his instinct, something very big would happen if he laughed there.


“Hoho, aren’t you a good-looking couple? Sir Husband~ At times like this, you should buy it as if you can’t win from her.”


The Lady who sold those goods was good with her words, and I was a woman who knew opportunities. Seeing Charter pull out his wallet, I hurriedly picked up one more hairpin.


“This one too.”


We walked around for a long time, with me carrying a small bag of hairpins. As a result, my feet started to ache. We walked from end to end of the night market, so no wonder my feet began to hurt.


“Let’s sit down and rest for a while.”


“There’s a bench over there.”


We decided to sit on a bench under a street lamp and rest for a while. I stretched out my legs and sat against the back. Even Charter let out low sighs as he leaned his back in a loose posture as if he were tired of the tight schedule.


“Hey, did you hear that? About The Kelteman Empire story.”


“You must have heard it too. Another war, right? I heard they came all the way to our Harpion Empire.”


“Are you sure they won’t come this far?”


“Of course. This man! Where are we now? How dare those barbarians to invade us?”


It was a common drinking conversation between men, but Charter and I hardened our faces.


Kelteman came all the way here? Among the news the maids were talking about, I had heard about the Kelteman Empire, but I only heard that they were in the middle of a war, not that they had come all the way to here.


No way. Did they subjugate all those tribes and kingdoms? A vein popped up in the middle of Charter’s forehead.


Kelteman Empire. The far eastern country that recently called themselves an empire and continued to expand their power. Their current emperor’s identity, including his origin and age, was completely unknown. What was only known was his cruel personality and merciless hands.


Between the Harpion Empire and Kelteman Empire, there were countless tribes and two kingdoms. Although the two kingdoms have also been neglected because they were barbarians, they have been living regardless of what happens beyond the border, but they have also been subjugated?


Charter suddenly recalled the envoy of the Chewin Kingdom who had recently visited the Harpion Empire. Duke Crow was dealing with them, so he didn’t know what was going on, but they probably came to ask for help in the invasion of the Kelteman Empire. However, even though Duke Crow knew about it, he hid the information from Charter as well as from the emperor. If the emperor had known, of course, Charter would have known too.


Duke Crow… What else are you up to? Few people knew his cruelty and meticulousness, hidden by his good manners and laughter. He was a beast that hid his teeth without anyone knowing, to the extent that Charter noticed this only after he got the advice from the emperor.  


This was an issue that couldn’t be overlooked. The Kelteman Empire, which rose like a tidal wave, was not targeting the Harpion Empire.


I’ve been too relaxed.


As he was dealing with only the internal affairs that were right in front of him, he had no idea that the external threat to the Harpion Empire was just around the corner. Basically, rumors related to the safety of the people’s well-being begin to spread from the lowest point. He might have noticed it a long time later, or too late, if he hadn’t come here today.


I must convene an imperial meeting right away. Charter wiped his eyes from the rushing fatigue and shame.


“There used to be Grand Duke Federut, but not we don’t even know if he’s still alive, right?”


Federut? My face stiffened. The name that was mentioned was not pleasant at all.


Federut. My mother’s surname, the family who abandoned me.


“But isn’t there Duke Kaien now? An iron-blooded knight who has neither blood nor tears.”


Charter’s left eyebrow went up. Unaware of the fact the subject they talked about was right next to them, the man continued talking about Charter.


“Ehei. Even so, he’s still not as good as Grand Duke Federut.”


Charter’s face hardened coldly.


“That’s true. If only he had a son…”


In a different sense, Arianne and Charter had no choice but to swallow their words. For a while, the men regretted the absence of Grand Duke Gederut and moved when the alcohol ran out. Regardless of the mixed feelings of those, the night market was lively as the night went on.


Charter looked away quietly. At first, he felt like he was dying in this place, but now that he had gotten used to it, he didn’t completely dislike the hustle and bustle of it. Unlike the imperial meeting, where there were always sharp disputes and abusive remarks, it was rather relaxing to see the human side of people who get along without being vigilant.


A custom who haggled over the price of goods, a merchant who was not easy to deal with, a good lover, a man who was lying around drunk, a man who was caught by the ear of the woman who appeared to be his wife. And the men on the bench who keep laughing about what’s good. This unfamiliar sight somehow lifted his heart. Arianne’s heart also felt the same, which had been blocked by the sense of freedom for the first time opened.


It was so bright, warm, and noisy even at night… The mansion where I lived was so quiet that even during the day, she could hardly hear people’s voices, and at night it became so quiet that you couldn’t even hear the footsteps of ants. It was to the point where I thought a haunted mansion would be louder than that. Maybe that’s why sometimes I wondered if I was alive.


Today, I could fully feel that I was alive. People greeted me warmly, laughed and talked to me, and shared the warmth of life.


And… I fiddle with the hairpins bought from the stand a while ago. A purple gemstone was studded at the end of the pin in the shape of a silver wing. I was attracted to it because it had the same color as my eyes, and Charter bought it for me.


I carefully put it in my head and showed it to Charter.


“What do you think?”


“It’s beautiful.”


There was no need to think. In fact, he just said the fact.


“Pft. What was that? Didn’t you answer it too soullessly?”


Laughing shyly under the street lamp’s light, she was like the goddess of the moon.


“I mean it.”


“Yes, let’s say so.”


Arianne smiled and passed it as if she thought it was empty words, and Charter felt slightly unfair. He showed a look of unfairness that she didn’t believe his words.


Seeing him like that, she smiled at him. It was a bright, fresh smile. When Charter saw it, he thought that the rumor that Arianne was an angel was circulating not for nothing. Her appearance looked really like an angel.


I thought I shouldn’t judge someone from the rumors. Like me, this guy showed a different side from the rumors. He was a caring person who expressed his emotions and knew how to understand others’ feelings.


Where the hell can you find his bloody and coldness?


If anyone got to know this guy, they would say the same thing as me.


Suddenly the surroundings became noisy. As the instrument began to play, people around began to gather. They started the dance, asking the person next to them to join, regardless of who was first. It was neither formal nor choreographed. It was just a free and exciting dance, running and spinning at their will.


At that moment, I jumped up from my seat and reached out to Charter, thinking I wanted to be like them.


“Charter, shall we dance?”




Charter’s eyes blinked very slowly. She asked him to dance. It looked like Arianne didn’t know Charter wasn’t even dancing at the imperial ball. But to dance with this street music?


A smirk came out. And the unexpected words came out of Charter’s mouth.


“As much as you like.”


Today was a strange day. He was swayed by the strange woman helplessly. But what’s the big deal? He rationalized himself by saying he had as much fun as she did.


Arianne rose from her seat, holding their hands together. Above their head was a warm, yellow streetlight, and the stars were shining in the distance. Charter and Arianne joined the crow to dance. Of course, Charter only did that to match Arianne.


My heart pounded at the sound of people’s laughter and the realization that I was enjoying my first freedom. For some reason, I felt like I was about to cry.


Charter smiled lightly, looking at her excitedly, running like a puppy who saw snow for the first time. At first glance, her sparkling eyes looked at him as if asking, ‘You’re excited about it too, right?’ She looked so cute.


Cute? Something must be wrong today. Charter couldn’t believe he thought a grown-up woman to be cute. He erased that feeling right away.


How long has it been? After a dance, the night market was slowly closing, and the streets were empty as people disappeared one by one. Dawn was breaking in the distance.


Arianne fell asleep as soon as she got on Charter’s carriage, perhaps because she felt tired. Looking at her shaky head, Charter moved to her side. Then he carefully moved her shaky head and leaned it on his shoulder.




“Oh my god. She snores. Looks like it will last all night.”


Charter already thought he wouldn’t be able to sleep well after marrying her since he was sensitive. But he didn’t even have to share a bed with her.


“We’re here.”


The coachman announced the arrival.


“Oh my God! Lady!”


He couldn’t take his eyes off her until her figure disappeared into the mansion as he watched the servants carry her, who was deeply asleep and didn’t wake up easily.


“Let’s go now.”


At his direction, the coachman moved the carriage away from Bornes County. Suddenly, he recalled what he had been going through since yesterday and said it as if he was dumbfounded.


“What a strange woman.”


There was a smirk on the corner of Charter’s lips as he spoke like that. 

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Comments (3)

  1. Although I am super enjoying the story… the transitions between first person point of view to third person makes it super confusing. Also…. Half the time I can’t figure who it thinking/speaking between ML and FL. Translator and editor should make it 3rd pov only. Ex. Using persons name instead of the ‘I’s so as not confuse reader who’s perspective is currently thinking/speaking/acting. Thanks for the hard work!

    1. It’s not that we don’t concern about it too. However, when it came to Arianne’s POV, we thought it was fitter to use the first person POV rather than the third person POV as Arianne’s POV mainly contains what she thoughts rather than using actions to describe what she did. We also tried before to notify the change POV, but it did not come to our satisfaction, which made the chapters look messy as there are so many change POVs in the novel. We will try our best to translate it. Hopefully, you can understand our intention.

      1. It takes some getting used to, but it’s not impossible. Plus from how it reads, I think it’s correct to keep first and third person POV rather than making it the same- otherwise I’d totally think they’re the same person.