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Madrenne murmured as she picked out some jewelry worth selling from Arianne’s jewelry box.


“But… the soon-to-be Duchess has to sell the jewelry…”


Arianne was irritated by Madrenne’s words. She glanced at Madrenne and said, “Then will you lend me money?”


“Yes? Lady, I don’t have any money~”


Unless I’m crazy, why would I lend Lady money? Contrary to her innermost thoughts, Madrenne lowered her eyebrows, pretending to be sorry.


I had no intention of borrowing money from her either. I was already full of seeing people who owed money without being able to pay it back. I hated debt. Although I had no intention of borrowing money, I had thought of stealing Madrenne’s money and running away with it not long ago.


“Here you go, Lady. I think we can sell these.”


I sighed as she looked through the jewelry Madrenne had picked out. All of my truly valuable luxury items were returned to my father’s safe, and all I had in my possession were mere trinkets.  


I ordered Madrenne to set aside diamonds and pearls.


Diamonds and pearls are necessities.


Then, Madrenne brought another jewelry box and said, “Lady, there is another jewelry box here. Shall we sell this too?”


It was a jewelry box given by Madam Irene before leaving Bornes County. I, who looked at the jewelry box, turned my head and said, “They were so cheap that they won’t be worth much. Just put it back.”


“It’s so cheap that it doesn’t cost much. Just put it back.”


“No. It looks old, but some are in good condition,” Madrenne rummaged through the jewelry box.


I yelled at her, who responded back to my words.


“I told you to put it back!”


Anyway, I feel angry…


At my command, Madrenne began to organize the jewelry without saying a word,


“That’s right. It’s not worth that much…”


For some reason, I didn’t want to touch Madam Irene’s jewelry. She was someone who had nothing to do with me, but she was also the person who took care of me. There was such a feeling in the corner of my heart, but I stubbornly refused to admit it.


I turned my gaze away and looked out of the window. The outside scenery I saw from the duchy was dark and silent. The quiet night seemed to immerse me. The night went on like that.


* * *

Inside the dining room where everyone left.


“Lady, please go up to your bedroom now.”


The butler, Sebastian, quietly called out Layla, who had been sitting in her seat for a long time. But Layla didn’t answer and showed no sign of getting up.


Sebastian nodded, telling the servants to clean up the dining room, leaving the lights intact.


Layla’s face reflected in the light was simply a form of the devil. Her wide eyes were bright red as if her veins had burst, and blood could be found on her lower lips.


Why on earth can that girl do that, and I can’t!


Layla, who thought Arianne had taken what was her until the end, decided that she would get rid of Arianne somehow.


I will get my seat back at any cost!


It wasn’t until dawn that she returned to her bedroom. Only a shredded handkerchief remained where she was sitting.


* * *

It was dawn. I had a lot of work to do today, so I decided to move early.


“Then, I will be back.”


I spoke to Sebastian, who was seeing me off.


“Please be careful. Sir Dale will guard you safely.”


Sir Dale was a knight that Charter had ordered for my escort. He was a big, straight-faced man who had no flexibility at all.


A good person to be teased.


It was what Madrenne and I had in our minds. 


We arrived in the town about an hour in the luxurious carriage.


“Let’s exchange money first.”


At my word, Madrenne looked at Dale and said in a small voice, “By the way, Lady, the place I know… it’s not legal.”


Ah, it would be difficult to take Sir Dale with us.


There was no way Sir Dale would leave Madrenne and me. I had to make a plan to get rid of Sir Dale. Just in time, I saw a boutique nearby. I winked at Madrenne and talked to Sir Dale.


“We’re going to see the banquet dress in that boutique. It will take a while, but if you have something to do, you can go and get back after that.”


At my words, Sir Dale resolutely said that it would never happen.


“That’s all right. I will be waiting in front of the boutique.”


He really doesn’t have flexibility… Well, it doesn’t matter.


“All right.”


I stepped into the boutique with Madrenne. There were customers from the early hours of the business.


“Madrenne, ask where the back door is.”


“Yes, Lady.”


Madrenne approached the man who appeared to be the store clerk, exchanged a few words, and returned.


“There’s a door behind the checkout counter that leads to the alley.”


Confirming that Sir Dale, standing in front of the boutique on his back, I said, “Let’s go.”


I, who came out of the alley, hurried away with Madrenne. There was a chance that Sir Dale would find us, so I thought we better go as soon as possible.”


“Lady, it’s a bit far from here. Would you be okay?”


“There’s no time. Let’s go.”


I thought the jeweler Madrenne knew wouldn’t be easy to find as it was illegal, but we continued to keep going further inside than I thought. Only after entering the dark, stinky alley did Madrenne open her mouth.


“Lady, we’re almost there.”


Well, I’m glad to hear that.


I thought as I walked, clinched my nose, and made frowns. It was the first disgusting smell I had ever smelled in my life. No, it seemed like I had smelled it for once.


Would a noble lady who grew up beautifully go to the smelly back alley? If I walked a little more, I might hit Madrenne on the back of her head, whether we reached the jeweler or something else happened.


“Huh? Lady, someone is lying in front of us.”




I was already annoyed by the smell, but someone was blocking the way?


I nervously pushed Madrenne aside and looked ahead to see what the hell was going on. In front of us, a man lying with his legs outstretched, leaning against the wall.


“Ugh. The smell of alcohol…”


How much alcohol did he drink? It was morning, but the man was still drunk and fell asleep. Or he died.  Looking at the bloodstains and torn clothes, it looked like he was drunk and had a fight.


“Lady, what should I do? Shall I call someone?”


Madrenne asked me out of courtesy. Of course, I had no intention of wasting my precious time because of such a pathetic human being.


“For what? Just leave him alone. And get that leg out away.”


“Yes? Me?”


Madrenne jumped. Even Madrenne had no intention of touching the unknown man, who was dead or alive. However, seeing my fierce expression, Madrenne was forced to walk toward the man.


‘Ah! Really! Did I stick next to this grumpy lady to do this?!’


Madrenne, gritting her teeth and glanced at the man, made eye contact with his bright yellow eyes and shouted in horror.


“Kyaa! Lady! This man is alive!”


Arianne’s annoyed voice came from behind her.


“So what? Get his legs out of the way!”


“No, we just made eye contact!”


A little while ago, the man was sleeping like he had died. It was questionable how he could sleep well in such a smelly alley, but he grew up looking at all the ugly things. Even this gutter-like alley was as comfortable as his own house.


Anyway, the people of the Harpion Empire…


They were narrow-minded people who pretended to be noble and polite in the front but ignored others and judged people only by their appearance and status.


The man thought the women who talked around him were nothing special. In particular, the tone of a woman who seemed to be a noble seemed to have respect for human beings at all.


My head is throbbing.


Thinking about what happened last night, he laughed.


Paku, the third prince of the Kelteman Empire, had just arrived in the Harpion Empire yesterday, leading the envoys under the emperor’s orders. It was told that they would arrive in the Harpion Empire in three days, but in fact, he had arrived three days earlier to inspect the Harpion Empire.


Since they were nomadic people who loved to drink, they came to the bar first, regardless of the emperor’s orders. So, he and his men were drinking alcohol at the bar. Then something happened when another group of people entered the bar.


“Who are these guys? Hey! This is our area, so get out of here!”


“Huh? Didn’t we come first? That’s rude.”


Prince Paku responded by raising one corner of his mouth to a group of people picking a quarrel.


This kind of fuss is always welcome.


The crowd shouted in anger at Prince Paku’s relaxed attitude.


“You barbarians! How dare you attack the Haripion Empire!”


At his words, Prince Paku’s men rose from their seats. Prince Paku beckoned his men to be still, and he rose from his seat alone and went to stand in front of the man.


“Oh my… you shouldn’t have said something like that.”


“Hmph! You seem to believe in your number, but we’re also people who rule out in the capital!”


Prince Paku smiled and said, “No, I’m alone. Me alone was enough to deal with you guys.”


Realizing that their words were ignored by Prince Paku, the crowd rushed toward him.


“Step on it!”


Moments later, six men passed out on the floor of the bar. Prince Paku’s clothes were slightly torn, but there were no wounds. The blood splattered on his body was not his.


“Owner, bring me more drinks!”


He casually ordered alcohol as if nothing had happened and was busy continuing to drink. But after a while, another group of men came in. They were guards of the capital. Perhaps someone who saw the commotion at the bar reported it.


“What’s going on? Foreigners there, I need you to come with me for a while.”


Prince Paku looked at the guard and smacked his lips with regret.


There’s still alcohol left…


They shouldn’t reveal their identity to the Harpion Empire yet.


Prince Paku glanced at his men, signaling to split up and gather at the promised place. The men who understood the signal nodded and escaped through the back door. Prince Paku rose from his seat and rushed to the guards.


No matter how crazy he was in the fighting, he had the judgment to distinguish the time and place. He hadn’t yet revealed himself in order to obey the emperor’s orders. Prince Paku, who had dealt with the guards moderately, hid deep in the alley. Then he took a breather for a while and fell asleep until Arianne’s party arrived.


No matter how crazy he was in the fight, he had a judgment that could tell the time from the place. He should not have revealed himself yet to accept the emperor’s orders. Prince Paku, who had dealt with the guards moderately and then left them out, hid deep in the alley.


“Madrenne, get out of the way!”


Arianne pushed Madrenne, who was stamping her feet in frustration and approached the man intending to step on him. The moment she stepped between his legs, the man grabbed Arianne’s wrist.


“Wait a minute…”


“What’s this?”

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