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Kaien Duchy has been in commotion since dawn. Of course, the commotion was caused by the one and only Layla.


“No! That’s not enough! Is there anything fancier?”


“But, Lady, the weather looks hot today, so wouldn’t it be better to wear simple clothes? You will be outdoors.”


Her maid, Leni, was appeasing Layla.


Women who watched the hunting competition had to watch it outdoors, not indoors. There was a high probability of getting in trouble if you wore clothes that didn’t suit the weather.


But Layla didn’t care about it. The more she thought about the shame at the last banquet, the more she shuddered. Today, she had to stand out more than anyone in the hunting ground.


“Has the Viscount family finally gone bankrupt? You’re just a country bumpkin who is bragging about living in the capital!”


After running out of the banquet, she immediately ordered dresses from every boutique in the capital. Among them, she was trying on the dresses that arrived first. She didn’t like all of them because they were made in a hurry. As she regretted it, she thought of wearing the best dress and decorating her body with jewels.


“It was a good idea to buy the parasol and gloves first. They can’t laugh at this because it’s top-notch.”


Ignoring Leni, who was worried, Layla dressed up to stand out as much as possible. There was a saying that too much was as bad as too little, but Layla was blinded by her ego.


At the same time, Arianne was leisurely checking her gun.


“Lady! Do you know what I found in the newspaper?”


The newspaper’s front page, which Madrenne brought and unfolded, contained the article about the hunting competition.


“What with this?”


After seeing my sour reaction, Madrenne said sorry and turned over the page of the newspaper.


“The orphanage. The director was arrested for human trafficking!”


Orphanage? Aah.


“Really? That’s good.”


Still giving a sour reaction, Madrenne, who felt strange about it, asked, “By any chance, did Lady do it?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Only then did the corners of my lips stretch out.


Then she continued, “No way! Was that from the envelope Lady gave to the staff at the Royal Shooting Range?”


Madrenne whispered slowly, covering her mouth in surprise when a loud sound came out without realizing it. It was as if she was afraid someone might listen. “What if the Count knew!”


“What’s the point?”




“It’s only a shame.”


I sighed lowly.


“Why are you saying it’s a shame?”


“If you look at the article here, it says it was concluded as a sole crime. My father avoids it easily like a snake.”




Madrenne looked at me with a pale face. Please stop shortening my life, this young lady! But what about this? She hasn’t even started yet?


I hummed and arranged the guns in order.


Shall I go down now?


After getting all dressed up and ready to head to the hunting ground, Layla was surprised to see me coming down the central stairs.


“Oh my God! What is that!”


Charter noticed Arianne was coming down from Layla’s reaction, turned around, and hardened.


“Good morning to you all.”


Coming down with a bright smile, she was dressed in pants.




Charter looked at Arianne without saying a word. He had a lot to say, but he didn’t think he should say it. Instead of him, Layla said something.


“Lady Arianne! What kind of outfit is that? Oh my gosh~ I want it because it looks so manly.”


Layla said with a breathtaking look on her face, fanning herself with a fan that was designed as decoration rather than for its function.


Women wore no pants except for underpants. It was no different, even for a commoner who worked in the fields. But for a noble lady to appear wearing pants? He was afraid that anyone would see her like that.


No way. Is she going there dressed like that? Charter was in trouble. Arianne was his fiancée. But if she went out dressed like that, the prestige of the Kaien family would be…


Arianne approached him as he pondered what to do.


“Charter, Lady Layla, have you been waiting for a long time? I’m sorry. I was late thinking about which gun to bring.”


At Arianne’s words, Layla was on the verge of faint.


“Gun? What do you mean by gun? What are you talking about?”


Arianne then replied with a bright expression, “It’s just a gun I will use for the hunting competition.”


In the end, Charter couldn’t hold back and opened his mouth. He had to confirm this. “For the hunting competition… Did you say you were going to participate?”


Arianne looked at Charter with a look that she understood how he felt, then said, “Yes. I’m also qualified to participate as a noble of the Empire.”




Where should I start pointing this out? Charter frowned his brows in embarrassment.


“I know what you’re worried about, Charter. But I want you to trust me and watch me. I will prove my worth today.”


Her worth. The nobles of the Empire didn’t have to prove their worth. Because the position they inherited and gained was the value of their worth.


But Arianne was a woman. She was right that those with no position to inherit had to prove their worth. It was a moment when he realized a fundamental problem that everyone had forgotten about. However, her plan was too unconventional. Clearly, he should stop her from doing that for this Empire.


Then should I stop her? Seeing the look in Arianne’s eyes, he couldn’t stop her. It felt like he had to trust her.


Pfft. Charter laughed.


That’s right. Who dares to say anything about the Kaien family? She was confident that I would stop all the accusations against her.


“I’m looking forward to it. That moment when you prove your worth.”


Charter decided to support Arianne.


Arianne smiled with satisfaction at Charter’s words. She thought he might object, but even so, she had no intention of giving up her will. But she felt grateful that he accepted it willingly and sorry on the other hand.


“I will give you the honor of the victory.”


“Ahaha. I’m looking forward to it. Shall we go?”


Charter’s laughter almost surprised everyone there except for Arianne. A person who never showed a reaction to anything, was always cold and made everyone wonder if he had any emotions, was smiling so broadly.


Leaving them behind, Charter and Arianne left the Duchy together.


“Oh my gosh… what just happened?”


Even Korel, the talkative head maid, was speechless at this moment and only stared blankly at her master’s back. The mansion’s servants were just staring blankly at their departure. Layla, whose expression changed from astonishment to anger, followed them with angry steps.


“There’s nothing more disgraceful than that. She will regret what will happen today!”


The servants thought Layla’s murmuring words made sense, but they were all silent because they couldn’t dare to argue with their master’s affairs. An ominous feeling that there wouldn’t be any good days in the mansion swept through them.


* * *


An enormous crowd gathered at the forest entrance owned by the Imperial family where the hunting competition would be held. Excluding the participants, many male nobles of the Empire came to cheer and watch, and the number of women who watched it was also formidable. Both men and women were excited. The hunting competition this time was like a festival.


“Who will win this time?”


“Maybe Sir Robin from Marquis Hood will win?”


“If not, Sir Glock of the Colt family is also a strong candidate.”


Women were busy chatting about the candidates for the winner. Robin Hood was a genius at archery, and Glock Colt was famous for his shooting skills. When they were busy predicting which of the two would become the winner.


“Oh my gosh! What is that!”


“Oh gosh! What’s wrong with her!”


“Look! A woman wearing pants! What’s happening!”


“No matter how powerful Duke Kaien is, we can’t let go of this problem!”


It was because of the appearance of Arianne.


Charter said with his usual expressionless face at the stinging glances pouring from around him, “So noisy.”


Half of the nobles turned their eyes because of Charter’s words.


“Ahem, Duke Kaien. The way Lady Arianne is dressed right now is completely unacceptable. Why did you leave her alone?”


Charter looked down at him with a frown on his eyebrow. Count Proud.


“If we don’t correct this disrespectful behavior, the reputation of Duke Kaien will fall to the ground. It’s a disgrace to the family!”


No words of excuse came out of Charter’s mouth. He just looked at him with indifferent, cool eyes. Sometimes, a glance can have a greater effect than a hundred words.


“Eh… that’s… it’s not like your reputation barely falls into this level.”


“Huh! Duke Kaien! That’s not it, but there is no case where a woman wears pants. This is the law of the Empire!”


Marquis Hood, who was watching from the side, shouted in amazement at Count Proud’s conduct. Charter, who had been looking at him, opened his mouth.


“As far as I know, there is no law forbidding a woman to wear trousers.”


“Aren’t there customs and etiquettes that we must follow, even if they weren’t laws?”


Marquis Hood couldn’t understand what Charter had thought. He even becomes speechless at Charter’s next words.


“In addition, there is no law forbidding women from participating in hunting competitions. Today, my fiancée is participating in the hunting competition as the representative of the Bornes family. She has dressed accordingly, so there shouldn’t be any further problem with that.”


Those who were nearby shouted in astonishment at Charter’s words.


“What! That’s ridiculous! What do you mean, a woman participating in a hunting competition? What nonsense is that?”


“That’s right! What kind of woman participated in hunting? And the hunting competition is for men!”


“What if a woman win the competition?”


Charter, who didn’t budge despite people’s complaints, responded to the last words. “Are you worried about losing to a woman? If you’re blocking them because you’re worried about it, that’s a shame indeed. Isn’t it a disgrace to the family?”


“What? That’s not it! That—”


The face of the man who hit the nail on the head reddened. When the indignant man shouted because of Charter’s words that attacked him, a shout announcing the emperor’s appearance was heard.


“His Majesty the Emperor has arrived. Everyone, please set your example.”

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  1. This author really loves giving those side side characters fun names. Glock Colt, Robin Hood… what’s next? I’m looking forward to it ^-^