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At the emperor’s appearance, everyone immediately closed their mouths and fell silent. However, the emperor couldn’t be unaware of the commotion.


Apparently, the woman was at the center of the disturbance. Arianne Bornes. It’s that woman. Did they say that she is the most famous woman these days?


A smile hung over the emperor’s mouth as he looked at Arianne Bornes, a silver-haired beauty among the nobles who bowed before him. Emperor Beirut, in fact, was happy with her unexpected move.


The emperor originally had progressive tendencies. During his time as a prince, he lived according to his will, but from the moment he became the emperor, he had to give up those tendencies. As the contributors and main pillars of the empire, the nobles didn’t want the current system to change. They could even replace the emperor if it was for their own safety.


In the end, the young and weak emperor had no choice but to bend his will. However, the will hide deep in his heart remained as an ember and was still burning quietly.


“Raise your head.”


The nobles raised their heads at the emperor’s words.


“There was a commotion. Tell me what the reason it happened was.”


When the emperor asked Duke Kaien and Marquis Hood, who were at the center of the commotion, Marquis replied as if he had been waiting, “Yes, Your Majesty. We were just talking about Lady Arianne’s problem here.”




At the emperor’s question, the Marquis began to say that the emperor was right.


“Yes. Lady Arianne here shows up in pants with a woman’s body. As if it wasn’t enough, she even said she would participate in the hunting competition. Does that even make sense?”


At the words of Marquis Hood, the emperor turned his head and looked at Arianne, then asked, “Is that true?”

I didn’t expect this situation. At the same time as the announcement of the start of the hunting competition, I submitted the participation documents and tried to participate secretly.


I glanced at Charter, who stood next to me.


Thanks to someone, it became very noisy.  


What can I do? It’s already happened.


I confidently made eye contact with the emperor, and the emperor looked at me with interest. I noticed that there was no negative emotion in the emperor’s gaze. No, rather, I had the odd feeling that he was expecting something.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“Are you going to participate in the hunting competition?”


“Yes. The official letter clearly states that any nobles of the Empire can participate.”


A faint smile hung around the emperor’s mouth. Look at this clever lady. It seems she managed to find that loophole. Really, this was interesting. Really interesting.


The emperor pretended to be serious, put his chin on his hand, and took thoughtful action.


“So that’s it. I see… that’s right. It states that any noble of the Empire can participate.”


“Your Majesty! What do you mean by that? A woman participating in a hunting competition? There is no such law!”


“That’s right, Your Majesty! We can’t allow that!”


Marquis Hood and other nobles shouted emotionally.


In the history of the empire, no woman had ever participated in a hunting competition as if they weren’t allowed to participate. It likely won’t happen, but what if a woman won the competition? What to do with the aftermath?


However, the emperor saw this as an opportunity. Hopefully… I can change the Empire in my generation.


If only he could change this empire on the verge of collapsing. He wanted to give his children, the younger generations who would lead the empire’s future, a stepping stone to further develop and grow. He wished to make it a place where talented people could receive proper treatment regardless of women, men, or social status.


He thought it was just a dream… but to meet such an opportunity, wasn’t it him who didn’t yet prove that he was a useful emperor?


“There’s no law against women participating.”


“Your Majesty.”


“Stop. I can’t allow you to be against me anymore. Let’s stop talking about this.”




The emperor’s clear statement made the nobles mute themselves.  The glaring eyes of nobles showed that this was unacceptable, but no one dared to go against the emperor. Because the present emperor was never a gentle person.


The emperor approached Arianne and said in a low voice that only she could hear. “I’ll be rooting for you. I hope you live up to my expectations.”

I was quite embarrassed by the emperor’s words. Is it a whim of a moment?


Whoever this emperor was, he was a person who had strengthened the current system. It seemed he had gained the support of the commoners by holding the leash on the nobles by tightening the punishment laws. Still, he also took the lead in the laws about who would inherit the title of nobles. Even the commoners who once cheered for him knew that fact well.


I, who didn’t know the emperor’s back story, couldn’t understand his intentions. However, one thing was certain. That the emperor allowed my participation. He was even rooting for me, so all I had to do was show my skills to my heart’s content.


I told the emperor with a bright smile, “Of course, Your Majesty. I wouldn’t have participated if I didn’t intend to win.”

The emperor was greatly pleased by my words.




The nobles looked at the emperor with discontented eyes, but that was all. No one dared to say anything to the emperor.


The emperor, who must have laughed to the point of bringing tears to his eyes, went up to the podium at the hunting competition as if nothing had happened. Next to him were the empress, the crown prince, the crown princess, and the second prince. Prince Paku was also standing next to him.


“It seems all the participants have gathered, so I will start the hunting competition. As you all know, today’s hunting competition is to welcome Prince Paku of the Kelteman Empire, so I hope you do your best. I expect a fair game. The time limit is 5 p.m. The bell rings five times in the end. Then, let’s begin.”




The crown prince suddenly stepped up as soon as the emperor finished speaking. Looking at the emperor’s mysterious expression, it seemed to be the crown prince’s sole action.


“Your Majesty, I have prepared a special event to spice up today’s hunting competition. Would it be okay?”


The emperor frowned at his sudden remarks. However, it was an ambiguous situation to refuse his remarks in front of many people, so he reluctantly allowed it.


When the emperor nodded, the crown prince continued his words with a triumphant face. “The way it had been done every time was very boring. So, we decided on a special animal to win the hunting competition.”


“What is he talking about?”


“I know, right?”


What is he trying to do this time? Everyone looked up at the crown prince with that question.


The crown prince continued calmly as if their eyes were not on him.


“It’s a secret what animal is that. The animal is wearing a golden ribbon. The one who catches that beast is the winner of today’s hunting competition.”


The crown prince glanced at Luiden next to him as he continued. Luiden was somewhat uncomfortable, but he couldn’t figure out why.


“If the special animal is not caught by the end of the hunting competition, points will be scored according to the original rules, but please do your best. Enough then, let’s begin!”


At the instruction of the crown prince, the bell rang to announce the start of the hunting competition. Even after the bell rang, people didn’t know how to move from their seats for a while.“Golden ribbon? If you catch that, you will win, right?”


“You don’t have to go around hunting other animals. You just need to look for the golden ribbon.”


Everyone burned their will to catch the animal wearing the golden ribbon. The idea of hunting other animals seemed to have been blown away.


“You did something useless. To make such a shallow rule when a prince from another empire participates. Hasn’t the meaning of the hunting competition faded?”


Despite the emperor’s criticism, the crown prince had no qualms.


“Isn’t it fun to play a game that decides who will win? Prince Paku will think so too, don’t you?”

Paku glanced at the crown prince, who was asking for his opinion with a poisonous expression.


I don’t know what you’re up to, but I know you look down on me. Paku thought he would have to take care of this cheeky prince sooner or later.


The crown prince glared at Prince Paku, who laughed at him but dismissed him as a barbarian with no manners.


The emperor sighed as he looked at his immature eldest son. Can such an immature man rule this Empire? Although Luiden is better in many ways… the Empress and Duke Krou won’t stand still.


Whether or not he knew the emperor’s worries, the crown prince had a delighted expression. There seemed to be something very pleasant that only he knew.

Luiden, who was watching him like that, frowned for some reason. There were only two things that made the crown prince delighted like that.  One was when he bothered Luiden, and the other was when Luiden suffered. Knowing that only his misfortunes pleased the crown prince, Luiden became uneasy.


What else have you been up to?… No way. Don’t tell me… that’s not it. He wouldn’t be that crazy to do that. Even if Luiden tried to deny it, he couldn’t shake his anxiety. He had to check it out right away.


“Your Majesty, I forgot something, so I think I will have to return to the Imperial Palace for a while.”


“Do that.”


Luiden, who asked the emperor for his understanding, immediately headed to his close friend, Charter.


“Charter, I need your help. Can you come with me to the Imperial Palace right now?”


Charter was taken aback by Luiden’s sudden request. His close friend was never flustered or impatient, so his behavior didn’t make sense now.


“What is it?”


Luiden was in a hurry and didn’t have time to explain. “Come with me first. I will explain later. Please.”

Charter was flustered. Today he was thinking of watching Arianne’s hunting safely, so he couldn’t readily answer Luiden’s earnest request.


I saw through Charter’s attitude. As soon as the announcement of the hunting competition was started, the second prince, who came to Charter with a contemplated face, seemed to be in a hurry. Charter seemed to be unwilling to follow him to protect me, his fiancée.


“I’m fine, so take care of the urgent matters first.”


“No, I can’t leave you alone.”


Charter couldn’t leave her alone. He believed in her shooting skills, but the wild animals in the deep forest were a problem that couldn’t be helped by her shooting skills alone. He was thinking of supporting her.


As expected, he intends to help me. “I will only hunt near the entrance, so don’t worry and go. If you are really worried, you can come back quickly.”


I, worried that Charter would stick to me, began to persuade him as I had waited for a chance to be alone. Looking at my sparkling innocent eyes, Charter sighed softly and left his words.


“You must never leave more than the entrance zone. In particular, you should never pass the red line deep in the forest. Do you understand?”


I said with a nod, “Never. I won’t go through the red line.”


Luiden quietly said to Charter, who couldn’t take his eyes off Arianne, as if he wasn’t relieved enough.


“Wouldn’t it be better to leave sooner? Your fiancée also promised so nothing dangerous will happen.”


Charter still didn’t forget to ask me once again. It was only after I had repeatedly promised that he had moved his steps.


“Fyuu. But thanks to the prince, I’m finally alone.”


It was a relief. If I had him on my back, others wouldn’t acknowledge my skills, citing justification.


As I sat in the participant’s seats, Madrenne approached with equipment to help get ready for the hunt. Others were also preparing with the help of their servants.


The two participants sitting next to me exchanged words in wonder.


“But don’t you see Sir Glock? He bragged a while ago that the winner of the hunting competition had already been decided, but where did he disappear?”


“He must have gone after the woman again.”


“Still, no! I don’t like it when he insists on participating in the hunting competition even though he will inherit the title of Marquis even if he stays still! What’s more, Sir Robin is also participating!”


“That’s right. Such an opportunity should be only for second sons like us. What kind of woman is participating in this too?”


My eyebrows went up. Glock came here too? I’m sure he must have run away freaking out when he saw me. A pathetic human being who didn’t dare to sincerely apologize and had no confidence to face it.


I shook my head and thrust the dagger into its scabbard at my ankle. At that time, a white handkerchief was put out in front of my eyes.


“Oh my goodness!” An exclamation came out of Madrenne’s mouth.


A man with drooping eyes stood with a smile in front of my eyes as I raised my head quietly.


“Why are you here?”


“This caring older brother came to wish my little Sister a victory.”


It was Navier Develun.

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