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When the two servants grabbed the handle of the huge door that drew admiration just by looking at it and opened it on both sides, the appearance of the main hall caught my eye.


Not many people in the empire could see the main hall of the main palace. Only nobles with titles were allowed to set foot in this main palace. Excluding the members of the imperial family, I was the first woman allowed to enter the palace.


My heart trembled uncontrollably at the rising tension and anticipation. I am a Baroness now. There’s nothing to be nervous about. I won’t even do this if I’m going to be this shaken. I repeated thinking like that as if casting a spell on myself. If I delayed any longer, it was possible that my feet wouldn’t move, so I grasped my trembling heart and stepped into the hall without hesitation.


A huge hall I entered was supported with subtle yellow round marble pillars, and the gold-rimmed decorations, which began from the ceiling, were luxurious and magnificent, along with the dark red walls. This place seemed to express the nobility of the imperial family by bringing in light through large windows that were taller than people, creating an illusion of being in a warm and cozy God’s paradise.


“Wow.” There was an honest exclamation that needed no other explanation. The main hall was simply showing off its overwhelming presence.


The chamberlain stood by quietly so that Arianne could enjoy it to her heart’s content. Arianne, who had been admiring the hall for a while, found herself belatedly looking at him. Recognizing that Arianne had come to her senses, the chamberlain guided her again.


“Come this way, please. Everyone is waiting.”


About a dozen nobles were waiting for me at the place where I was guided. It seemed that less than half of the nobles with titles in the capital attended. Those who didn’t attend it probably wanted to express their dissatisfaction with the emperor’s decision. Still, they probably didn’t know the emperor firmly supported me.


I saw the faces I knew. The most welcoming face among them was, of course, Charter.


“Charter. It’s a new feeling to see you here. It’s a bit awkward.”


“Your look is also dazzlingly beautiful. I’m amazed every time I see you.”


My tension seemed to ease a little when I faced Charter. His praise also played a part.


“Your mother said the same thing. Do I look alright?”


When I shrugged my shoulders at the shyness, Charter leaned over and whispered in my ear. “You look perfect.”


I flinched at the moment I felt his breath in my ear. It felt like all the nerves in my body were concentrated in one place. I tried to pretend to be calm, but there was no way to hide my slightly blushing face.


Charter, who was staring at Arianne with wide eyes, turned his head as if he felt someone’s gaze. Where his gaze was directed, there was a nobleman with his mouth wide open. It was Viscount Bening, one of the second prince’s supporters.


Luiden felt Charter’s gaze and pressed Viscount Bening’s side with his elbow.




“Viscount Bening, if you want to live, you better look away.”


“Yes? What does that mean…”


When Viscount Bening caressed his side and looked in the direction Luiden was pointing at, what he found was Charter looking at him with a scary face.




Viscount Bening immediately turned his gaze. Charter was an opponent he couldn’t defeat even with the second prince’s protection. He just hoped that there would be no harm from today’s work.


“Charter, what’s wrong? You don’t look good.”


“It’s nothing. I just caught one fly.”




I looked around but didn’t see a single speck of dust, let alone a fly. “There’s no fly in sight…” 


Ah, it wasn’t that fly. At that moment, my eyes widened beyond measure. What? Why is that person here?


A middle-aged man with silver hair that had faded slightly with age but was still attractive. He was a very different person on the outside and inside. It was Count Bornes. He approached slowly through the crowd like a snake that found its prey.


“That’s not a fly. It’s a snake.”


Turning at my words, Charter soon noticed that I had found Count Bornes.


“I see. A snake.”


Charter, who nodded as if he agreed, put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. As if he was trying to protect me. I wondered why he was doing this all of a sudden, but I soon hardened my face as I saw my father walking towards us.


I still have a long way to go. No matter how much I don’t want him to see me, there’s no way he won’t be here. He would make an excuse and attend reluctantly, saying that because I was his daughter. He would also try to put an eye on the second prince and put his legs on both factions.


“I didn’t expect Father to come.”


Count Bornes glanced indifferently at my cold words, and he spoke to Charter as if he didn’t care. “I’m worried that my poor daughter may have put pressure on His Grace.”


For a moment, Charter’s hand was slightly tense. I looked up and saw Charter facing my father with his polite, nonchalant expression, but I could tell he was angry.


Charter was quite angry. Worried that his daughter’s titled ceremony might harm him? Wouldn’t it be right for him to at least say hello, if not congratulate her?


He’s a selfish man to the end. What kind of existence is Arianne to this man? Does he not have any feelings for his only child?


Although Charter had a strict father, he could feel his father loved and acknowledged him. However, the man in front of him now was a person who couldn’t love anyone except himself.


I’m sure Arianne has lived without being loved by anyone and without a place to lean on. Charter turned away from Count Bornes without saying a word. That man ignored her, so that man didn’t deserve to be treated by him either.


Count Bornes’s eyebrows wriggled. This cheeky fellow. We’ll see how long you will be like this. Count Bornes, who went through it with a ferocious look, left. Hmph! Let’s see. 


How many people can humiliate Count Bornes? I knew Charter’s actions were meant for me, and I felt deeply protected in my heart as his large hand wrapped around me. Thank you. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get those words out of my mouth.


After a while, the person I had been waiting for at the banquet hall entrance appeared.


“Your Majesty the Emperor is entering.”


Everyone began to settle down at the sound of announcing the emperor’s arrival. Charter took me to the center and took place in the front row.


“Today’s main character is here. I almost lost my neck while waiting.”


“I’m sorry for daring to keep Your Majesty, the sun of the empire, waiting.”


At my apology, the emperor smiled kindly and said, “It’s a joke. You can relax. By the way… the number of attendees is small.”


The emperor’s fierce eyes noticed that many nobles were absent. In fact, if you have yes, you have no choice but to know. Only half of the 50 invited nobles attended.


The emperor glared at the crown prince, who was turning his head unknowingly next to Duke Krow, then said, “Oh my. I guess I’m already old. This old man seemed to be underestimated by many people. Don’t you think so, Duke Krow?”


The emperor asked Duke Krow with his gaze fixed on the crown prince. Anyway, the crown prince pretended not to know and only blamed others, so he put pressure on Duke Krow.


Duke Krow bowed and apologized. “I apologize, Your Majesty. I couldn’t correct their negligent behavior due to a lack of conviction. Please punish me for my shortcomings.”


Duke Krow, who stands at the peak of all nobles, lowered himself as if he was dealing with an existence that he wouldn’t dare to touch. It was too much to say that their relationship was simply just a brother-in-law.


Only Duke Krow himself knew the reason, but it was a fact that he couldn’t tell anyone. However, even if that was being looked down at him from above with a smile, it was clear that the person had a cold and cruel character more than anyone else.


“It’s not your fault. This is all because I’m lacking.”


Duke Krow bowed as if to apologize again. The emperor didn’t even look at him but took a look at the nobles lined up in front of him one by one as if to remember their faces, and those who were not here now would somehow pay the price.


“Now then, let’s start the title ceremony.”


At the emperor’s words, the chamberlain escorted me to the emperor. Following the advanced instruction, I knelt on one knee on a cushion made of red velvet in front of me.


With the help of the chamberlain, the emperor placed a yellow sash [1] diagonally from my right shoulder and placed a neck order [2] on my left hand. I put my right fist on my left chest and waited for the emperor to continue.


“I, Beirut Forte Harpion, the emperor of the Harpion Empire, command you, Arianne Bornes, to share in the glory and revival of the empire by granting the title of Devit.”


I closed my eyes tightly with overwhelming feelings at the emperor’s sincere voice.  Just three weeks ago, I was on the verge of being sold. But I took my chance and was able to get to where I am now with my own abilities. Finally, now I can live the life I want.


I said in a trembling voice, “I, Arianne Devit, under the command of His Majesty, the sun of the empire, vow to be loyal until the moment of my death, sharing in the glory and revival of the empire.”


The emperor smiled and raised my hand. He then whispered in my ear.


“Baroness Devit. Please become my peacemaker from now on.”




What? Not a troublemaker? I knew that as soon as I received the title, I would emerge as a troublemaker, but to be a peacemaker? What the hell is he thinking?


The emperor, who looked at my confusion with a smile, turned his head and said to the nobles in front of him. “This concludes the title ceremony.”


It was the moment when the first baroness of the Harpion Empire was born. 

  • 1. A narrow, long band worn diagonally from the right shoulder to the left hip. Wear only for formal wear.
  • 2. A kind of pendant, a decoration. Here, it is for Ariane, a woman, and is made so that it can be worn as a necklace on top of a dress.
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