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You damn bitch! Count Bornes’s clenched jaw was shaking.


Oh my~ Did he get angry? I felt refreshed. I promised myself someday I would see your collapsed face. I smiled at him and turned my head away. Since ancient times, being ignored has been the most upsetting thing.


“If anyone else has something to say, say it.”


Despite the emperor’s words, the nobles were wary and couldn’t open their mouths hastily. At that time, a man jumped up and said, “I’m in the same opinion as Count Proud. How can we protect the territory if we transfer so many war supplies and troops in a situation where it is difficult to operate the territory right now?”


Luiden looked at the man and nodded as if he understood. “You’re right, Count Mustang. I also believe protecting your own territory is very important.”


Count Mustang’s hardened face was quickly relaxed by Luiden’s response.


“But, if the empire perishes, will you defend your territory alone? Do you think you can stop the enemy that even the imperial army couldn’t stop?”


In response, Count Mustang said as if it was impossible. “How can this Harpion Empire perish? I don’t know how Prince can say such a thing without hesitation.”


Luiden opened his mouth. “If you don’t cooperate, the Harpion Empire will lose this war.”


Silence settled in the meeting room.


“Haha. I guess our Prince doesn’t know something. This Harpion Empire has never allowed any enemy invasion for 200 years.”


Wasn’t the border of the Harpion Empire firm even during the war with the Chewin Kingdom 50 years ago? Count Mustang spoke as if he was trying to change the mood, but some nobles didn’t agree with his words, as if they thought Luiden had a point.


“Didn’t Count Mustang hear from a  moment ago?”


“What do you mean?”


Luiden sighed and said, “The news that the front life has been cut off.”


Only then did Count Mustang’s face crack.


“The front line has been broken. In fact, the last return procession of the envoys was to establish a front line, but it seems that the power of the Kelteman Empire is stronger than we thought.”


“No way!”


A nobleman who felt puzzled by Luiden’s words asked. “Your Highness, it sounds like you already knew there would be a war soon. Did you happen to know that?”


Luiden stared at the nobleman who asked the question. “Yes, that’s right, Marquis Hood.”


“If so, why didn’t you tell us beforehand? If we had prepared together, the front line wouldn’t have been broken so easily.”


Marquis Hood’s question was valid but contradictory.


“Do you still say that after you look at today’s situation? Even if a war broke out immediately, we couldn’t unite like now.”


“I see. I understand.” Marquis Hood agreed without hesitation.


On the other hand, the crown prince felt as if his insides were being scratched. Why is he leading this place? He didn’t like what Luiden did, but he was also angry at the emperor for leaving Luiden alone.


What on earth is Duke Krow doing? The crown prince only glared at Duke Aemon Krow without thinking of doing anything on his own.


It was then. Count Bornes opened his mouth. “Come to think of it, it might be a good idea to give Baroness Devit, who has just received the title of Baroness this time, a right to speak. You never know whether her suggestion may be an unexpected way for a new perspective.”


The words of Count Bornes were welcomed by some nobles.


“That’s a good thing to say. Baroness Devit, do you have any suggestions?”


“Since you’re smart enough to rise to this position with the body of a woman, you must have some insight, right?”


I snorted at Count Bornes’s provocation and said, “Well, it’s true that I’m smart, but I’m not particularly wise.”


“Tsk, tsk. Then why are you here? You should just keep your mouth shut at home,” said Viscount Girol sarcastically.


“Then, Viscount Girol, why are you coming here instead of steaming your knees in your house?”


“What! You cheeky! How dare you mock me!”


When Viscount Girol called out to me angrily, I spoke as if warning him. “Be careful with your words. Everyone here is sitting on an equal footing.”


“How dare you talk about qualifications when you’re still young? How on earth did you get an education at your home? Count Bornes!”


Suddenly, a spark sprang upon Count Bornes. Oh? I didn’t expect this.


A smile spread across Arianne’s face, and at the same time, Count Bornes’s face frowned. He still hates his daughter’s smiling face, but he even got criticized for raising his child wrong… A bitch like a snake.


What’s the matter between a father and his daughter? I realized a new fact. The fact that if a child did something that would be criticized, the parents would also be criticized. What is this… I could’ve gotten him into trouble so easily? Being criticized because of me was as easy as eating and drinking tea. Therefore, I decided to actively use this opportunity.


“What’s wrong with everyone? Wouldn’t it be okay to have just one meat meal out of three meals a day, avoid going to balls, buy some jewelry, and spend less on luxuries?”


Viscount Girol, angry at my carefree words, shouted, “A ball is a place for nobles to socialize!”


I replied, staring straight at him. “Is socializing important in this situation? Our imperial army is dying on the battlefield right now. Why is it so important to match your children under social pretexts?”


“What? What the…”


Viscount Girol was puffing up with a reddened face. Inside of him, he must be swearing to me that he couldn’t bear to say out of his mouth. When I saw him like that, I added another word.


“Of course, Viscount Girol wouldn’t have gotten married if it wasn’t for society.”


“Hiik! Let’s get that bitch out right now!” Viscount Girol, who could not control his anger, jumped up and shouted. But soon, he had to shut up and sit right down.


“Viscount Girol, be quiet and sit down. Don’t you have something to talk about with me?”


At the emperor’s heavy warning, Viscount Girol sat down with a pale face as if he had grasped the reality only then.


I didn’t like the nobles’ behavior much. 1,000 rifles and 50 carts of food would be enough for them to obtain with their own money. And the same goes for the troops. Do they think it would be theirs forever if they held onto what they have and didn’t let it go? Even on the verge of the Empire perishing? The Kelteman would take everything from them anyway.


It was said that human beings were the ones who try not to let go of something until the end, but I couldn’t help but feel frustrated.


“If you sell a glass window in the house, you’ll get 50 rifles.”


Count Proud asked me who was talking to myself.


“What did you just say?”


I spoke a little louder. “If you don’t have money right now, tear down the windows of your mansion and sell them.”


“That’s too much! What on earth do you think of nobles to saying something like that!”


Really? Then, what on earth do you think of nobles? Idiots who believed only their existence was superior to commoners when the only thing they had better was for having noble parents.


“In this case, it would be the nobles who have to defend the empire and take the lead on the battlefield to protect the people of the Empire.”




It was a statement that couldn’t be denied. However, it was impossible to be dragged along like this. The nobles grumbled. With a grumble, they rolled their heads, trying to somehow get out of this situation.


“By the way, as your duty in this war, what will you do, Baroness Devit? You don’t have to protect the territory like we do… You’re not trying to hide behind the duke and play hostess in the mansion, right?”


I glanced at the one who spoke it. That old snake. It was coming from Count Bornes.


“Shouldn’t you play your role as a baroness? If you don’t have any troops to offer, shouldn’t you at least fill them with your own body?”


I could see what he wanted with a smile on his lips. He’s saying that If I don’t want to participate, I should keep my mouth shut and stay put.


I thought if only I could hit that goddamn face, I would have no more wishes. Fortunately, I had already decided to participate in the war. That means I can do whatever I want.


“Ah, Of course, I have to use my body, right? That’s why I’m going to participate in this war.”






Seeing everyone opening their mouths blankly as if they had been hit was nice. I heard a trembling voice as if he didn’t want to believe it.


“Baroness Devit, are you saying you will join the war now?”


It was coming from Luiden.


“That’s right, Your Highness. I came to this meeting to speak about that.”




Charter doesn’t want you to join the war. And me too… Frustrated, Luiden was speechless. It wasn’t the plan to have Arianne participate in the war. The fact that Charter stood on the front line was for the empire and the same to protect her. But she wanted to join the war in person?


“That’s not possible.”


“Why not?”


“How dare you say that a woman will stand on the battlefield? Do you think a battlefield is a place where such opportunities can be found?”


The answer came from a completely different person.


“Marquis Hood.”


I stared straight at him.


“I’m not sitting here as a woman but as a baroness of the Harpion Empire. I don’t want you to talk about women anymore.”


Marquis Hood’s eyes widened slightly at my glance.


“I apologize for that. However, the battlefield is a place where it is difficult for a woman to endure. I’m advising you as a senior, so stop saying that.”


I looked at Marquis Hood again. He apologized to me, but he also had concerns about me in his words. I thought you were resenting me?


It seemed that he accepted the result of the hunting competition. Surprisingly, he didn’t talk about honor, just like he always did.


“Hmm. If a woman dares to go to the battlefield, we will be looked down upon by our enemies.”


“That’s right. Isn’t that disgracing our empire? There will be a talk that we got no troops to fight in the Harpion Empire as we sent a woman.”


“Then, you should participate in the war yourself.”






At my words, the nobles were glaring at me. If it wasn’t for the emperor, they would have kicked me out of here at any moment.


“You don’t even want to participate in the war yourself. You also don’t want to give up your troops and supplies. I don’t know why you’re sitting here for.”






Since they were greedy and cowards, I should have become villainess for them.


“You decide. Whether to participate in the war or provide supplies. I choose to participate in the war.”




Duke Krow was genuinely impressed. That’s amazing.


Despite the emperor’s pressure, she attacked the nobles who wouldn’t budge in an instant. Even though she herself would be criticized, she ended up giving a big blow to those nobles. Whether it was intended or natural, she’s an amazing woman anyway.


While Duke Krow was admiring her, Arianne smiled beautifully at someone and said, “Join me, Your Highness Crown Prince.”


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