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Dale quickly regained his composure, benefiting a cool-headed knight. And he decided to dismiss the situation a while ago as it never happened.


Dale carefully opened the door and called Madrenne. “Let’s go.”


“The men seem to have disappeared, so let’s look for the Viscount Girol again.”




Madrenne’s mouth popped out. As she was quick-witted, she could clearly see what Dale was thinking. He’s going to pretend it never happened, right? But Dale picked the wrong opponent.


There were two categories of people in a situation like this. The first one, they gave up on things they couldn’t get and moved on. The second one, this situation would burn up their will. Madrenne was the latter. It could be predicted that Dale’s future would be tough.


Walking down the hallway following Dale, they stopped in front of a room.


“I can feel the presence here.”


Madrenne said that she couldn’t even hear ants crawling and had no idea how he could feel it. Then she cautiously opened the door and peeped inside.


“Now you have appeared!”




Madrenne and Viscount Girol’s eyes met as she pepped the door.


“Uh… Hello? Damn… No, are you Viscount Girol?”


Viscount Girol immediately yelled at Madrenne’s question. “It’s been a while since lunch, but you still haven’t served my meal? Do the servants of Count Bornes not even know how to serve guests properly?”


Madrenne narrowed her eyes.


“What are you staring at? Can’t you hurry up and bring me a meal?”


Although Count Bornes was vicious, he didn’t neglect to serve his guests. But now, what on earth is this situation?


“Yes. Please wait for a moment.”


Madrenne closed the door and tilted her head for a moment outside the door before speaking to Dale. “First of all, he’s really Viscount Girol. What should we do?”


At Madrenne’s words, Dale said with his eyes shining. “I will take care of it from here. Please keep watch for a moment.”


Madrenne nodded. But how are we supposed to get Viscount Girol out of the mansion?


Judging from his short-tempered personality, he was never a great means to follow on his own. It was a situation where she was worried that he would cause a fuss if they forcefully dragged him out.


As Dale opened the door and entered the room, Viscount Girol was staring at him with his eyes wide open.


“You! You bastard!”


Dale bluntly greeted him. “It’s been a while, Viscount Girol.”


Viscount Girol knew Dale. It was also because Dale is a famous knight who is the right-hand man of the iron-blooded duke. Dale always accompanied Duke Kaien on external events; most nobles knew his face.


“H-how could you…?”


Viscount Girol’s jaw was shaking. The fact that that knight came here meant that Duke Kain knew he was hiding there. And there was only one reason why he searched for him.


“Don’t tell me…”


Viscount Girol thought he only needed to avoid Duke Krow. Duke Kaien was far away on the border. And he assumed that Duke Kaien wouldn’t know he was involved, just until now.


Dale approached him slowly without answering. Viscount Girol’s eyes, engulfed in fear, were stained with despair. He, who couldn’t fight and already lost his fighting spirit, only stared at Dale as he approached.


“Let’s sleep for a moment.”


Thud. With a dull sound, Viscount Girol fell forward. Dale lightly picked him up as he fell unconscious, then threw him onto the bed.


“Let’s see.”


Dale, who was looking around the room, grabbed the carpet from under the table to the bed. He spread the carpet beside the bed, threw Viscount Girol on it, and rolled him up until the end. Not a single strand of Viscount Girol’s hair was visible from the rolled-up carpet.


“It’s done.” Dale slung Viscount Girol over his shoulder and opened the door.


Madrenne put her ear to the door, feeling strange that it was quieter than expected. Then she stumbled forward when the door suddenly opened. Tuk. Dale supported Madrenne.


“Oh my, thank you, Sir Dale.”


Madrenne leaned gently into his arms. Despite knowing late that she almost fell, she didn’t stop going straight to Dale. Dale’s face was stained with bewilderment. He pretended not to know once, but the second time was difficult.


“That… It looks like you have to move.”


At Dale’s words, Madrenne backed away obediently. Behind him, who hurried across the hallway, she followed him with a meaningful smile.


At the same time.


I sat at the command tent table, writing down with a quill pen, and sighed worriedly. “Is Madrenne doing well?”


I tapped a quill pen on the table. As I continued to tap the table, Bein replied.


“I don’t think you have to worry. Isn’t she someone who never lets go of her target?”


“That’s true, but…”


I couldn’t quite put it into words, and I couldn’t shake off a nasty feeling. I’m afraid she’ll be distracted.


And Arianne’s intuition was exactly right. Right now, at this moment, Madrenne’s target wasn’t Viscount Girol but Sir Dale.


* * *

Madrenne pepped outside the building and said, “It’s strange that there’s no one. Sir Dale! Move fast!”


The door opened, and Madrenne and Dale quickly moved.


Something’s wrong…Even as Madrenne moved, she couldn’t shake her uneasy feeling for some reason. Not a single ant was seen, let alone a guard, in the residence of Count Bornes, which was famous for its tight security.


But so what? It’s just a little bit more to escape!


Madrenne, who found the side door leading to the garden under the high wall, breathed a sigh of relief. The moment when she felt like the kidnapping was so easy.


“Not that way, but this way.”




When Madrenne looked in the direction of the sound of surprise, Dale drew his sword and confronted the opponent.


“Hung~ Why would you be scared like this?”


Somewhat languid yet mischievous in tone, Madrenne called out the opponent with round eyes. “Young Master?”


The opponent hidden behind Dale’s broad figure was none other than Navier Develun. He’s Arianne’s cousin.


“What young Master is doing here?” When Madrenne asked as he moved closer, Dale stood before her as if to protect her.


“If you just stay there, you won’t get hurt,” Dale warned Navier.


“Well, it’s going to be a headache if you treat me like that.” Navier said with a face asking, ‘Are you sure you’re going to be like that?’


Then Madrenne asked him. “Are you going to help us?”


Navier’s eyes turned to Madrenne. “Why do you think no one is here?”


Only then did Madrenne notice that Navier had driven out the guards.


“Come this way.”


Navier turned and walked. When Madrenne stepped to follow him, Dale blocked her with his hand.


“Can we trust him?”


Madrenne said, looking up at Dale’s anxious eyes. “He’s more trustworthy than Baroness Devit.”




It was true.


* * *

“Do you have any reason to be sure that Viscount Girol is at Count Bornes’s mansion?”


I took my eyes off the papers and looked at Bein. “Um…”


Should I say this or not? Well, if it’s Bein, it will be fine.


“Yes. Have you ever heard of Killieon Bess?”


“Is there anyone who doesn’t know him? Isn’t he a famous criminal?”


“Where is he now?”


“Of course I don’t know. The imperial investigation unit said he had completely disappeared before his arrest.”


“I see.”


Bein looked puzzled as to why I was asking about the missing criminal.


“Then, have you heard of Rango Filch?”


“Isn’t he also a well-known criminal? The madman of the count family who killed his brother and ran away.”


“Where is he now?”


“Also unknown. He also disappeared just before the investigation unit came…”


Bein’s eyes widened to the point where I could see his pale sky-blue eyes through the hazy glasses at first glance.


“…No way.”


“Who else was there? Lorean, Vidal, Elastion, Kundarun, Dr. Gruton…”


The names that came out of my mouth were those of criminals who once stirred up the empire. And they had another thing in common. All of them disappeared without even a mouse or bird knowing about it right before they got arrested by the imperial investigation unit.


Rumors circulated that the imperial investigators had taken them and subjected them to all sorts of illegal torture and physical punishment, but it was unknown. After that, they never appeared again.


“No way. Were they all died at the hands of Count Bornes?”


Twitch. My body staggered momentarily as I looked at Bein. And immediately angry voice resounded through the tent.


“You idiot! Why would that person kill for nothing?”


So, are you saying he’ll kill if he gets the money? Bein decided to pretend he hadn’t heard what she just said. He didn’t even know how his master’s moral concept came about.


“They’re in debt…”


“If they have debt, he’ll do anything to collect them. Even if they’re taken to the imperial investigation unit, he can find a way to collect their debt.”


“Then…” Bein still didn’t seem to know.


What? You said you’re smart with your own mouth. Was it all bluffing? I sighed with frustration. “They fled to another country with someone’s help.”




Only then did Bein know the whole story of the incident. It meant that someone was Count Bornes and that he had helped the criminals off to another country. Perhaps the rumor that the imperial investigator had taken criminals behind them was also from him. It was the perfect way to catch people’s attention and divert suspicion. He’s a clever person.


My lips curled up. “That human being. He won’t care if they’re heinous criminals. As long as they pay the right price.”


First of all, he wouldn’t be impressed because he’s the most heinous criminal. And…


I smiled and said, “He’s the most untrustworthy person, but sometimes he’s the most trustworthy person.”


Of course, I didn’t believe it.

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