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“Absolutely no.” Paku was adamant.


Meanwhile, I skillfully cut off the rope with the pocket knife. Experience is important. I’m glad I prepared a bigger knife than last time. The last time I was captured by Duke Krow’s spies, I learned that cutting the rope requires a slightly larger knife.


“I’m just trying to have a conversation. You don’t think I’m going to murder the emperor, do you?” I raised my hand without much thought as I said that.


Paku’s eyes naturally turned to the knife in my hand. I followed his gaze and smiled awkwardly when I found the pocketknife in my hand.


“This… It’s for self-defense.”


Of course, it could be used for killing, depending on the individual’s mind. For now, all I have to do is try to look as harmless as possible.


I cut off Charter’s rope and approached Paku. “There is only one condition I will release you. Let me see the emperor.”


Paku looked up at me. But his eyes were subtle. It wasn’t anger that a noble from another empire dared to have an audience with the emperor of his empire or an indomitable will stemming from a sense of responsibility to protect the emperor. Rather, he looked worried about the person right in front of him.


“It’s dangerous.”




What is dangerous… No, who says it’s dangerous? I was confused. His worried eyes and low but determined voice… No matter where I looked at it, wasn’t he worried about me, not the emperor? What on earth is wrong with this man?


Paku’s eyes were directed at her without wavering, whether he knew Arianne’s disquiet. Seeing the two of them, Charter gently bit his mouth.


I opened my mouth. “Even if it’s dangerous, it has to be done. Rather than let everything slip away in vain if we can just bring an end to this war…”


I didn’t have to listen to what the back story would be.


“You don’t have to go. I’ll go.” It was Charter who said it.


Rumors were rife about the kind of person the Kelteman Emperor was, but most said he had ‘no mercy.’ And to what extent is that?


“He… has no mercy, even to his blood relatives.”


Paku’s intentions were obvious. How much more will you, an enemy soldier, die before you even stand before him? He was worried about Arianne’s safety.


I looked down at him quietly and said with a low sigh. “Although I’m your lifesaver, your response is a little burdensome. If you really want to repay the favor, take me to the emperor.”


Paku shook his head. It was true that he owed his life, but it wasn’t the emotion that came from it. Perhaps he had a crush on her from the time she showed her objective attitude toward the Kelteman at the banquet hall. Or maybe, he didn’t even know he had fallen for her from the moment they first met in the alley. He just knew at some point that he loved her. He meant it, even if it was a feeling she couldn’t understand or accept at all.


Paku recalled the emperor. The emperor was a scary person. From the moment he ascended to the throne, Kelteman’s blood never ran dry. Those who threatened him would be captured and killed, even if they were his distant relatives. His own bloodline was no exception. Of the emperor’s lineage, only his children survived.


After clearing his surroundings, the emperor began to invade neighboring tribes. The chiefs and family members of the invading tribes were purged regardless of whether they surrendered or resisted.


After absorbing all the neighboring tribes, he reached out to neighboring kingdoms. He broke the enemy’s will even before the war by instilling fear in his natural resourcefulness, courage, and brutal hands.


“Kill him.”

Tens of thousands of people died at his words. But he had no hesitation or qualms. Like a man with no emotions, he just continued to kill, break, and take away as if it were his mission.


“Paku, go to the Harpion Empire.”


At the emperor’s words, Paku thought that the time had come. All that was left was the Harpion Empire and its allies. Since the Harpion Empire served as a gateway due to its location, it was only natural to invade Harpion first. Even if it was the greatest power on the continent, it was just a goal for Kelteman to crush and devour it. No one could stop the emperor.


Paku thought taking Arianne to the emperor would be tantamount to leading her to death. No matter how smart Arianne was, the emperor would have regarded her as nothing like a fly flying in front of him.


“Never,” said Paku again.


I lowered my posture and made eye contact with Paku. I had a knack for watching my opponent and the skill to turn them to my advantage. Unless I was an idiot, there was no way I didn’t know that he had feelings for me. Whether it was debt, pity, or whatever, he didn’t want me to die. That was also the reason I made this ridiculous demand to the enemy’s prince. I had faith that he would never put me in danger.


“Even if I return to Harpion, I’ll be on the battlefield. I will never run away or hide.”


I dug into Paku’s weakness. As I expected, Paku’s eyes visibly wavered.




Eventually, Paku had no choice but to comply with my request. The corner of my mouth went up as I got the answer I wanted.


“Thank you for your cooperation.”


When I cut off Paku’s rope, Paku pressed his wrist and asked. “But how are we going to get out of here?”


“We have to steal the horse.”


Charter and Paku’s faces were bewildered.


“We were caught stealing horses a little while ago, Arianne.”


I replied, waving the pocket knife at Charter’s words. “That’s why we should do it now. They won’t think that we who had been caught earlier would immediately steal another horse. We’re just looking for a chance to catch them off guard.”


Charter said, making eye contact with me. “We may get caught again. Then…”


I blinked calmly. “Yes, we’ll die if we get caught. In fact, we’d die just sitting here. We’re going to die anyway, so let’s try something else.”


I was calm. My suggestion sounded like we should take a walk for a while because sitting and chatting like this would only hurt my butt.


Only then did Charter’s hardened face loosen up. And he realized his mistake. The anxiety of losing her made him lose his judgment. Rather than thinking of solving the problem right now, he tried to give up without even trying. I’ve shown an ugly side.


First, they had to get out of here. And after that, he vowed to make efforts to protect Arianne.


It was too early to give up. Arianne was always a confident and unflinching person, even in this gloomy situation. And it was he who would stand by her. Not Paku, not anyone else, but himself.


Charter blamed himself for being pathetic but admitted he had learned something from Arianne. The more he spent time with her, the more he didn’t want to let her go.


“You’re right. I also think that this is the right time.”


I noticed a change in Charter’s mood. His black eyes, which had been gloomy, were shining beyond measure. Looking at him like that, I smiled. Then I turned to Paku and asked. “Are you ready?”


The back of Chief Surg’s tent split open. Three figures appeared through the gap and permeated into the darkness. As I expected, the surveillance was loosened. Right now, no human shadow was seen near the fence where the horses were harnessed.


The three of us quietly opened the fence and sneaked between the horses. Charter, Paku, and I each grabbed a horse and climbed up. Fortunately, the horses were equipped with saddles. It was probably the preparation to get on a horse to chase the enemy at any time. After confirming that I was ready, I signaled them with a nod.


“Giddy up!”


Three horses crossed the plain, led by Paku.


(They ran away! Everyone gets on your horse!) shouted by the man of the Surg tribe, who noticed this one step late. The men rushed to the fence and hurriedly spat out abusive language.


(They cut off all the saddles. What should we do?)


Look at this? Upon receiving the report, Moyak’s eyes glistened fiercely. She was caught off guard at the news that they were running away.


(Leave them alone. They will die soon anyway.)


Moyak knew where the three were headed. Are they stupid or naive? Moyak thought they were like fire moths jumping into the fire. Even though they could see the end clearly, they were like a moth rushing to a fire without knowing that it was set on fire because it is attracted by light and didn’t sense the future to come.


Tsk. I was wondering if there was something special about that baroness. Was it just an illusion? Moyak clicked her tongue in disappointment. Then she suddenly realized. The only person who had a lively look in their eyes was none other than that woman.


The two stupid men apparently had dead eyes as if they had no will or hope, like an extinguished fire. And then they came to their senses and ran away? In the meantime, they cut off the saddles and evade the chase? Could it be that they pretended to be like that to fool her?


No way. She was convinced that the mastermind of this absurd runaway must have been that woman.


By the way,


How on earth did she loosen the rope? Obviously, she told them to search her body thoroughly. Ha, this is really.


Moyak’s curiosity began to rise again. She became curious about what that woman would do, whether she did it with her own talent or receiving help from someone else.


Moyak said to her subordinate. (Pack your things.)


(Yes.) The man who was ordered did not raise any questions. Moyak’s words were absolute.


Moyak stared at them, who had turned into dots in the distance. Let’s see. Shall we have some fun and cause trouble after a long time? 


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  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that Moyak is going to end up being Arianne’s mother.